A team Of poker Professionals from PokerStars.

Now they are regional players Like Mikhail Shalamov

The attitude of our own Team of pros is ambiguous And has changed many timesInitially, the room did not Make a big bet on The pros, although immediately after The amazing success at the Main WSOP tournament in, which Gave rise to a boom Around online poker, and several Other well-known players. True, while most of the Top pros were captured by FullTilt, the Stars didn't Make big bets on Pro players. However, they invited those who Were well-known, for example. The former took second place And earned $ million in the WSOP main event, the latter Took a pair of bracelets And also made a lot Of money on the the Biggest poker tournament.

Then FullTilt failed and began To build up its team Of players quite actively.

But soon the pendulum swung In the other direction-professional Poker players were dispersed, they Began to cooperate with athletes. Tennis players Boris Becker and Rafael Nadal, football players Andriy Shevchenko, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo Were among the faces of The room. Now this stage is over, The room is slowly assembling A team of players again.

However, now you need to Be not just a well-Known Pro, but also preferably Be present in social networks, Promoting the room there.

Players are recruited not only Offline, but also based on The results of the game Itself at the Stars.

The room also aims to Recruit players all over the World, so that no region Of its presence is left out.

Unfortunately, there are no really Famous and well-known pros Left in the room. born in in Leningrad and In Russian citizenship is usually Indicated at tournaments. However, it is a stretch To call him a Russian, Since he lived in Germany From the age of. At the age of, he Entered the University of Munich, And apparently started playing there.

As a result, the game Dragged on, and Igor did Not finish his studies.

He moved to London in, Where there are many casinos And an active poker game. At the same time, Igor Was first exposed to money In poker tournaments. The first major success came In: first place in the High roller tournament in Monte Carlo, where Igor won a Million euros although a year Earlier there was a second Place and almost $ thousand in Prize money.

Since then, Igor has repeatedly Won various tournaments or reached The final table.

The rest of the pros Described below left the room in

Since he prefers to play High roller tournaments, he has More than one million winnings In his piggy Bank although He did not collect more Than $. million at a time. Career earnings are close to $ Million, which puts Igor on The th place in the List of the most earning Players, but these results will Certainly be improved. By the way, Igor also Has a WSOP bracelet, which He earned in the doubles Tournament in. Do you know who Igor Played with? With his girlfriend, Liv Boeri. He is also a member Of the stars team and More on that below. By the way, despite the Fact that almost all his Life was spent abroad, Igor Speaks excellent Russian and is Not averse to communicating with Former compatriots. Igor is also known as The organizer of the charity Fund Raising for Effective Giving REG, where he and other Poker pros contribute at least Of their winnings. In, he graduated from Ural State University with a degree In programming, but started working In the family business. Around the same time, he Became interested in poker - first At gatherings with friends, and Then received a free $ and Started his career. Claims that he didn't Invest his own money in The game. Within a few months, the Amount was increased many times, So Mikhail left the business And began playing professionally. it has always been the Main place of the game For Mikhail, better known under The nickname "InnerSpy". In he scored the highest Level of Supernova Elite there And maintained it until the Program closed, at the same Time setting the then record For the number of hands Played per day. in hours of play.

InnerSpy specializes in high-limit Hold'em cash games, starting From NL.

Since, Mikhail has been a Member of the PokerStars online team.

But the offline career did Not go well, earnings in Tournaments - only a couple of Hundred thousand dollars.

Mikhail is very fond of Traveling, says that he has Visited most countries of the world. He also spends a lot Of time with his family Wife and two children.

Mikhail has always been quite Open to online communication on Forums, now he streams his Game quite a lot and Publishes videos about his travels As a representative of Stars.

Mikhail also tries his hand As a poker commentator. born in in Kent, United Kingdom. She graduated from the University Of Manchester with a degree In astrophysics. I was introduced to poker In, when I signed up To participate in a poker Show Ultimatepoker Showdown. In it, leading poker pros Taught newcomers poker and Liv Became one of the five participants. She devoted a lot of Time to learning the game, Including outside the set, and The following year went to Conquer the WSOP. The first notable success came In, when Liv won a Tournament in the European women'S championship series, although the Prize money was a relatively Modest $ thousand. The same success secured her Contract with. For several years, Olivia won Only a few dozen dollars At a time, but in, She was seriously talked about When she won the main EPT tournament, taking. million.! Such a large monetary success Has not yet been repeated, Although there are still a Number of victories in smaller Tournaments in the piggy Bank. The total win is approaching $ Million, which is only the Fourth hundred in the total List of players, but the Fifth result among women! Liv tries to get everywhere In time. Combines poker, a career as A model and presenter, and Does not forget about science. Sometimes he speaks at scientific Forums and writes for example, At the intersection of science And TV, she led the Actual science show. Leads comments on poker tournaments As well. We've already talked about Her success in poker, and Let me remind you that She has a WSOP bracelet In her piggy Bank, paired With her boyfriend Igor Kurganov.

Together with him, she is Also a co-founder of The REG charitable Foundation.

born in Toronto, Canada in In a family of immigrants From Romania. I started playing cards at The age of, and already At I tried to earn Extra money playing Billiards, playing Cards, and betting. I dropped out of high School, a little short of My degree, to become a Professional gambler. At the age of, I Tried to conquer Vegas, but The first attempt was unsuccessful, I had to return home And restore my bankroll. However, in, his first participation At the WSOP, immediately in The money, moreover, immediately participated In a $ pot limit hold'Em tournament $ thousand in prize money. This made him the youngest Ever owner of the bracelet And earned him the nickname Kid Poker.

To date, Daniel has WSOP Bracelets one each.

European and Australian, as well As a couple of wins In major WPT tournaments, which Brought in over a million each. The biggest "drift" of Daniel Took place in, when he Received over $ million for the Second place in the tournament With a million-dollar buy-in. Numerous wins and prizes earned Him about $ million during his Career, which puts Daniel in Second place in total tournament winnings. Daniel has long been inducted Into the poker Hall of Fame, and in he was Named the best player of The decade.

At the peak of the Popularity of online poker, Daniel Opened his own room, but Then closed it the poker Site and forum remained, and In joined the team.

In recent years, Daniel has Been the main representative and Defender of the poker room In the poker world. Daniel is also quite active In writing about poker and Doing charity work. And, of course, does not Stop playing both offline and Online under the nickname, of Course, KidPoker.

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