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Simply put, AI can help Military commanders make decisions

Two years ago, an artificial Intelligence, namely the Libratus bot, Easily beat four well-known NLHE professionals over a distance Of, hands, winning them $, in Game moneyToday, the us military is Interested in AI helping them In the field of weapons. According to an article in Wired magazine, the US Army Has signed a contract with The Creator of the same Technology that was used to Develop Libratus, in order to Support the Pentagon's defense program. Most likely, military leaders aren'T too worried about beating Other countries in the poker Arena, but there are plenty Of other features that Libratus Core technology can help with In war situations where each Side has incomplete information. Libratus was created by a Team of Carnegie Mellon University Researchers led by Professor Tuomas Sandholm. In, Sandholm created the startup Strategy Robot, which adapted Libratus For military use, for example, In simulations and in war games. Apparently, the military took an Interest in Sandholm's company. According to Wired, which analyzed Public financial reports, Strategy Robot Received a two-year contract From the US Army worth $.

the best solutions, despite the Fog of war

the US Army did not Comment on Wired's article. Sandholm himself believes that the Technology that enabled Libratus to Succeed in poker can also Help in military exercises, where The current standard is such That analysts consider only a Small number of strategies for Both sides. According to Sandholm for Wired, This scenario opens up a Lot of opportunities for exploitation, Because the real enemy may Not act in accordance with Your requirements. Two years ago, an artificial Intelligence bot, Libratus, easily beat Four well-known NLHE professionals Over a distance of, hands, Winning them $, in game money.

Today, the us military is Interested in AI helping them In the field of weapons.

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