All the rules of poker for beginners: how to start playing poker online online for beginners

The most popular types of poker are Texas hold'em and Omaha

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The goal of every game is to win, and poker is no exception in this regard.

The first step to winning this game of chance is to learn and master the rules.

There are many varieties of poker, and each of them has its own distinctive features, both in the course of the game and in its rules. However, some people prefer less common varieties, such as Russian poker or Caribbean poker. This article will be devoted to the topic of how to play poker, regardless of its type.

In other words, there are a number of rules that apply to all types of poker.

They are the ones that should be studied at the first stage of learning this game. Poker can be played simultaneously by two to ten people, as well as a dealer who deals cards.

Participants are located at the poker table opposite each other, and are not allowed to move to other seats during the game.

In order to speed up the game process and motivate participants to take active actions, concepts such as small and big blinds are introduced. The small blind requires the player sitting in this position to place a bet equal to half of the agreed amount, and the player in the big blind position immediately puts up chips equal to the original bet. In poker, there is such a thing as a hand of cards that have been dealt to a player and are not seen by his opponents. the player's cards can either already form a winning combination, or increase the chances of it falling out after opening additional cards on the table. With a weak hand, which usually includes mismatched low-value cards, the chances of catching a winning combination are reduced.

Another definition is showdown, which means showing the cards of each of the participants of the distribution left after the auction is completed.

What is poker? For most people, the definition of poker is associated with a combination of cards, when they fall out, the player wins in a real casino, or in one of the online poker rooms. However, there are actually two ways to win any type of poker: to have the strongest hand after the showdown, or to avoid the showdown by placing the highest bet.

In the latter case, the player may actually have a strong hand, and therefore wants to make the most out of the hand, or he is bluffing, forcing his opponents to believe that he has a strong winning combination.

The rules of poker allow the use of both the first and second methods.

There is a strong and weak hand, i.e

So, let's proceed directly to consideration of winning combinations. To begin with, it should be noted that if after the showdown, none of the players has a combination, the one with the highest card value wins, if two or more participants have the same cards in seniority, they look at the second one, etc. The least powerful hand in poker is a pair, and the smallest pair is a pair of twos. The second strength is a combination of the two pairs in case of loss of its two or more participants, the winner is whoever has the highest pair above. More than two pairs are considered three cards of the same value, this combination is also called a three, or a set. A series of five consecutive cards in order of precedence makes up the fourth most powerful straight combination. However, your straight can easily be beaten by a combination called flush with all five cards of the same suit.

The next most powerful combination is a full house of five cards, three of which make up a set, and two a pair, i.e.

for example, you will collect a full house with three fours and two threes. This full house will be beaten by a higher combination of three cards, i.e, for example, three fives and two deuces. The final three combinations are the most powerful in poker and are extremely rare for players.

In third place in terms of strength is a square of four cards of the same value.

The second place belongs to a straight flush - this same straight, i.e. cards coming in ascending order, but they are also of the same suit. Finally, the strongest and rarest hand that beats all other hands is a Royal flush, or straight flush that ends with an ACE. Stud poker is an interesting type of poker that requires participants to pay extra attention and have a great memory. It has some distinctive features, for example, the participants of the game have cards face down and face up on the table. The goal of the draw poker game is to collect five cards that will make up the smallest combination. This is the same meaning in the Razz game, only here you are dealt not five, but seven cards each. on the hands of each of the participants of the distribution. Badugi is a type of poker game in which players try to collect the least powerful combination of cards. Horseplay requires participants to have extensive knowledge of poker, because it includes the rules of several types of poker at the same time. There are many additional rules of the game of poker, knowledge of which will help you increase your chances of winning.

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