Bots in the Poker Assistant. An investigation is underway

All bots have a contbet of more than in two opponents

and all because a meticulous forumchanin awakening, tired of the long downstreak in this room, found mining in a few months, a Converter and in a couple of days uploaded it all to XM(we remind you that any third-party software is prohibited in this room, and as it turned out, for a reason).

How as soon as awakening analyzed the database, it immediately identified a group of players playing according to similar statistics.

For example, he writes about such evidence: Statistics and continuation bet in multipole: the most distinctive feature of bots.

For comparison, regs have this indicator of about - on average.Further.

The features described above are fully applicable to Chico network bots, it is absolutely the same algorithm, possibly with small corrections!A total of bots were found.And this is only for the last - months, who has the most hands After this post immediately found people who agree with his opinion. It's just that they couldn't confirm their suspicions so clearly without software. And when such Pro-mastodons as hiNt and Gump spoke out, the image of the Poker Assistant in the eyes of poker readers fell below the baseboard. Moreover, no responses from official representatives have yet been received. Bots in the room are obvious.

Unusual sizing of isolates bets Etc

Non-involvement the best Assistant To this-IMHO, too.Most likely, the bots were actually sent by the same people who sent them to other networks.

Especially if they are identical in stats.I am sure that bots will destroy people at a distance.

Especially such experienced bots as in the description. Personally, I periodically played on the PD in November. But this topic was the final straw for my decision to withdraw money from there. What I successfully did in the past daprela Ripsimia to remove all the PPC Poker Assistant until, until a clear answer from the representative of Ruma on the investigation results, action taken and compensation to players. The algorithm of sledge Guntver's game is as solid as a granite rock: at first, He thoughtfully and disciplined rides on a sober head, earns hundreds of dollars, and attracts backers And then he stocks up on whiskey, invites his bosom friend Kostya, dreamily lights a cigar, gets into a rage and drains the bankroll.

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