-card poker Rules: the Main nuances

This duty moves clockwise from Player to player

Probably every gambler knows that A -card playing deck from Twos to Aces is traditional For playing pokerBut some players use a "Cut-down" deck of cards During the gameplay. Inexperienced poker players may misinterpret The search term "-card poker". This can be explained by The fact that the first Results of search engines refer To reviews of Russian or Painted poker, although they have Almost nothing to do with The rules of classic -card poker.

Moreover, Texas Holdem can be Played even with the help Of an "inferior" deck.

However, when it comes to Hold'em using a -card Deck, there are similar rules Of this popular gambling discipline.

There are no significant differences Between the -card poker rules And the traditional ones varieties, Except for the number of Players at the table and Some features in the seniority Of winning combinations. Up to people can play -Card poker at the same Table at the same time.

The beginning of the game Involves so-called "blind bets "Small and big blinds, which Make up the prize pool.

The right to make these Contributions belongs to two poker Players located on the dealer'S left hand. Then starts the first round Preflop where each player hands, The dealer deals pocket cards Face down. After evaluating the initial combination, Participants can either increase raise, Equal the previous bet call, Leave the game fold, or Skip a move check. However, the last action is Available only before the first Bet is placed by one Of the poker players. Bets in poker on cards Are placed in turn clockwise, The right to start belongs To the participant who is In the position immediately behind The big blind. The second stage of trading Is called a Flop, which Involves the appearance of three Community cards on the game Table and all players place Bets again. Further, all actions follow the Same principle as on the preflop. If there are only a Few players left in a -Card poker game, the Turn Starts the next playing street. At this stage of bidding, Another community card is placed Face down on the poker Table, and the bidding is resumed. At their end, it is The turn of the final Fourth in a row round Of trading-the river, on Which another common open card appears.

Then the final showdown shoudan Takes place and the winner Of the game session is determined.

If two or more poker Players have reached the "river", Then the combinations are compared And the only winner of The prize pool is announced.

In case of absolute identity Of the formed combinations – The size of the game Pot is divided between these Participants according to the scheme.

The main difference in poker With The difference between cards And a classic -card playing Deck is in the hierarchy Of combinations. As a rule, all of Them are relevant, but the System of precedence by seniority Looks somewhat different: When playing Poker with cards, the probability Of forming matching combinations is Much lower than the formation Of "Pairs and Threes", and The loss of three equivalent Cards for example, three Nines Occurs less often than consecutive ones. Poker players who prefer to Play card games with a Deck of cards from Sixes To Aces have their own Advantages: Regarding the restrictions here, Everything is standard. The game process can be Played in three formats: pot-Limit, fixed pot, and unlimited.  The first option will Be optimal for poker players Who are most sensitive to Their personal bankroll, the second-For beginners, and the third – for professionals. Therefore, before choosing the limit Of a poker game with Cards, you need to correctly Evaluate own skills. Poker with a -card deck Can be an excellent alternative For a large number of Poker players who are constantly Looking for some variety, but At the same time do Not want to fight with Their heads about the fundamental Difference in the rules of Other poker disciplines. This type of poker is Able to "give" new emotions From an aggressive, but at The same time dynamic game.

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