Download the Painted poker

Otherwise, the app display will Be buggy

Painted poker originated in the Soviet Union, as an imitation Of the Western fashion for Gambling gamesAlthough entertainment has nothing to Do with real poker, it Attracts with its originality and Unconventional approach. It can be called a Symbiosis of thousand and preference, But with more simplified rules, And from that fascinating and interesting. But in commercial rooms, the Discipline is not found, it Is also impossible to download It to a computer, in Fact, this is a "home" Game at a real table. However, you should not be Upset, because you can download Painted poker for Android for Free and enjoy your favorite Game directly from your mobile phone. This option is convenient because You can run entertainment anywhere, Not just at home on Your computer. First of all, the user Needs to contact the official Market for Android devices Play Market. In the search engine, type "Painted poker", as a result, You will see links to Various applications, but only one Will be relevant to the Desired entertainment-a product from Ellerium Soft.

All the others will be Completely different games, or too "Raw" and abandoned.

At the moment, you can Download the game painted poker For Android only from one Developer – Ellerium Soft. It can not be called Perfect, the creators have a Lot to work on, but The quality of execution and Functionality of the software are excellent. The program supports online mode With real opponents, although it Can sometimes be difficult to Find them. But you can always play Against computer opponents, but this Is unlikely to bring much pleasure. The developers warn that the User's device must have A resolution of at least by. Painted poker by Ellerium Soft Is completely free, but for A small fee, you can Purchase the premium version. It doesn't have ads, It has more extensive functionality, But it doesn't affect The overall gameplay. This is the basic mechanics Of the game, and you Can learn more about the Nuances by installing painted poker On Android from the developer.

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