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The property is a two-Hour drive from Johannesburg

Our life is a gameFor centuries, people have tried To unravel the secrets of Success and power, to catch Their luck and control their fate.

A selection of of the Most elite, interesting and exotic Casinos in the world, which You can visit and prove In practice that fortune chooses Worthy ones.

Go on a Safari or A nature Park and play An exclusive card club all In one day? Anything is possible at the SunCity entertainment oasis in South Africa.

The level of comfort of The Paradise city is impressive There is an artificial lake With clear water, waves and An adjacent beach, a waterfall And even an hourly erupting Decorative volcano. Sun City will be interesting For everyone: during the day You can feed crocodiles here, Have fun at the water Park, relax at the luxury Spa, or enjoy the wildlife In the adjacent nature reserve.

The complex has two five-Star hotels

There is also a large Golf club, cinema and extreme Sports facilities. In the late afternoon, we Recommend taking measured walks through The numerous gardens and alleys, Always passing through the Bridge Of time, decorated with full-Length elephant figures. After a sumptuous dinner at One of restaurants, make sure To try your luck at One of the world's Best casinos. And if you are ready To raise your bets and Make useful acquaintances, then premium Gaming halls are at your service.

it is distinguished by a Deluxe level of comfort, its Interiors are decorated in a Luxurious African style.

And for those who like A more restrained and modern Interior, the Cascades Hotel with Colonial-bourgeois interiors will suit. Pilanesberg international airport, South Africa. Flight to the place of Departure: business jet: Moscow-Pilanesberg Airport-Moscow regular flight: Moscow-Johannesburg-Moscow with a stopover In Paris or Doha. Then-transfer by car or helicopter. If you are not very Good at gambling yet, but Would really like to learn, Then you should go to Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Free daily gambling courses are Held here, and the acquired Skills can be immediately put Into practice, because the complex Has the largest casino in The entire Caribbean.

In addition to the game, There are many other activities On the island.

White beaches and clear sea, Numerous pools and spas, a Yacht club and Golf courses Are always at your service. You will also enjoy the Choice of restaurants and bars-There are more than of Them, from the famous Nobu To the affordable Starbucks and Ben Jerry's ice cream parlor. In addition, you will have The opportunity to personally explore The marine flora and fauna More than thousand marine life From more than species, including Sharks and piranhas, swim in Underwater tunnels and aquariums. On the island the largest Water Park in the region Has also been created. Atlantis Paradise Island is considered One of the best resorts And casinos in the world, Regularly appearing in the world Rankings of the best resorts. For accommodation, you can choose From seven hotel complexes, including Apartments and individual villas. And the Royal Towers complex Has one of the most Expensive suites in the world The Bridge Suite. Paradise island was built by The same hotelier who built Sun City in South Africa Saul Kerzner. By the way, the complex Was first called Trump Plaza, Since the us President-elect Donald trump once had a Share in this business. Nassau international airport, Bahamas. Flight to the place of Departure: business jet: Moscow-Nassau Moscow regular flight: Moscow-Nassau-Moscow with a transfer in London or new York. The Ritz hotel in London Was opened in by Caesar Ritz, who was called the "King of hoteliers and hotelier Of kings". Each of his hotels was Unique and different high level Of service and luxury decoration.

The Ritz was a favorite Haunt of the English nobility, Film stars, and the art world.

During the Second world war, Churchill, de Gaulle and Eisenhower Met here.

In, the Ritz Club casino Opened in the hotel's ballroom.

Today it is one of The most elite English clubs, A symbol of style and luxury. The club is closed, it Is said that it includes Members of the Royal families, Big businessmen, show business stars, Influential politicians.

Visitors will enjoy a fascinating Game, magnificent eclectic interiors that Combine classic style and Oriental exoticism.

The club's award-winning Restaurant offers modern and authentic European, Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine. The club has an Amber Hall, the interior of which Echoes the "Amber room" in Tsarskoye Selo. The hall is decorated with Hand-woven carpets from the Philippines, crystal Turkish chandeliers and Furniture from exclusive workshops in Paris.

Working on the design interior Work of hundreds of artists From dozens of countries around The world.

Luton international airport, London, United Kingdom. Flight to the place of Departure: business jet: Moscow-London-Moscow regular flight: Moscow-London-Moscow. For almost years, the Baden-Baden casino has been one Of the symbols of the city. It flourished in the second Half of the th century.

The famous phrase of Eugene Guignot, a publicist of that Time: "in Europe there are Two capitals: in winter Paris, And in summer-Baden-Baden." And indeed it was - In this place all the World's elite gathered.

In, Jacques Benazet, co-owner And Director of many Parisian Gambling houses, drew attention to Baden-Baden, where he eventually Created a real gambling Empire.

Then the interiors of the Gaming halls were decorated, they Had romantic motifs, and with A theatrical touch, because the Famous theater artist Charles Cicery Was invited from Paris to Design them.

Today, the casino halls illustrate The indescribable charm of that Era and are the most Popular places in the world. The Baden-Baden casino also Preserves the spirit of fatalism, Where incredible passions have been Simmering for centuries. A person could lose everything Overnight or become a millionaire, Find their own happiness or Lose it forever. The atmosphere of all-consuming Excitement and psychologism is conveyed In the famous novel "the Gambler"by Fyodor Dostoevsky. By the way, it was In Baden-Baden that the Famous writer once again lost All his savings, after which He gave his wife an Oath never to play again, Which he kept and did Not play for the last Ten years of his life. Karlsruhe Baden-Baden international airport, Germany. Flight to the place of Departure: business jet: Moscow-Karlsruhe-Moscow regular flight: Moscow-Frankfurt Am main or Moscow Stuttgart, Then transfer by car or helicopter. There is also a direct Train from Moscow to Karlsruhe Station.

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