Full house-Poker Wiki

In English, it sounds like 'Aces full of Sevens'

A full house is a Poker hand consisting of three Cards of the same value And two cards of a Different valueThis is a fairly strong Poker hand, second only to The square and straight flush. When describing a full house, For example A♠A♣A♦♠♥, it is Customary to say 'Aces supplemented With sevens'.

So, K♠K♣K♦♠♥ is older than J♣J♠J♦Q♠Q♥

So, for example, in the Case of a full house With aces and sevens, you Should say 'aces and sevens', But not 'sevens and aces'. If two or more players Have collected a full house, Seniority will be evaluated according To the value of the Three that make up it. Below are the main chances To collect a full house The phrase different cards means Cards of different values: it Takes into account the situation For players and that there Are no cards of the Suit we need from the Open cards of our opponents. Each time the right card Is opened, the odds will Decrease by, and for each Straight, respectively.

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