Hello everyone Has anyone

Hello everyone Has anyone Calculated spin Gold math Is it Really possible To beat These spins? What are Your impressions Of the game? Where you Can view The amount Of rake Charged in These spinsAnother question: In which Rooms of The GGpoker Network can I upload Statistics to xm? Pokerok, for Example, does Not provide For such uploading. I found That unloading Hands on PokerOK is Possible, but The truth Is that You need To do It manually And for One spin N gold Tournament, this Is of Course extremely inconvenient. To be Honest, these Spins completely Suck in Most cases, The spin Game starts Immediately from The push Fold stage, The second Network in Terms of Ratings could Have come Up with Something normal, As a Result, we Have a Lottery, let'S sum Up spin Gold is-UG.

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