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The vehicle fell to me to buy K lokomoko POISON

I'm already tired of watching all sorts of dealers trying to sell a poker theme.Roughly speaking, make money out of thin air.Today is the end of you! Hi!In this article, I will tell you in detail how to get a no Deposit bonus in poker rooms (Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt Poker, Titan Poker, Absolute Poker).To do this, you need to be able to register new accounts in poker rooms,accept SMS messages, scans, and naturally direct hands.And so let's go! Consider getting a bonus in the Titan poker room,while in other rooms everything is done according to anologyWear socks or incorporated Dedic or VPN.As it is more convenient for anyone, I personally used SOx and everything was OK!We take a scanned passport and enter the data from it further Go to the yourpokercash website, click Sign Up and see the following: Next, go to the phone number confirmation page, select the country where we accept SMS and check the box for confirmation in the form of SMS.An example is shown in the photo: Click Verify Now and wait for the SMS to be received.It arrives within - minutes.Next, enter the code that you received and confirm it.After that,we go to the personal data verification page. to do this, you need to print out a scanned pass and put it on the table. You can insert it in your passport cover and put a piece of paper with the ID code next to it,take a picture,upload and send it all.After that, I would recommend that you wait - days.So that the verification process passes and only then you can order the bonus.It's just safer that way.To order a bonus in the poker room, you need to log in to your account on the yourpokercash website and click on the icon on the left where you want the bonus,in our case it is a Titan.

Logs are available.So consider accessing it or not

Next, we do everything point by point, as it will be written. We are waiting for you for days (this is the maximum period) and if you did everything correctly, you will receive your bonus!!! As for the withdrawal of these bonuses. Let's take an example: you made shares and received bonuses for$.

Next, we need to either merge this money to the upgraded ACC in the poker room where we have a bonus, or sell these accounts with bonuses on the forum.

It's a cheap shame.Let me show you a really working topic with all this forum,and you give me $ ?with the guarantors, with everyone.NO WAY ASSOCIATED with besedami and other dregs.Ugh, that's disgusting. I suggested that he work through a guarantor, to which he replied that he is a guarantor on one of the portals and will not work through another guarantor.

According to the agreement, I had to give him the wallet, and he transferred the money to me.after I gave him the wallet, he said that the payment should wait for days.

we had a fight for an hour, and in the end he said that he would pay in another hour, as soon as the business was over.but the payment was not received even during the night.In ICQ silent in the morning.

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