Interesting facts About poker

Poker players are superstitious people

Poker is not only the Most popular card game in The world, but also probably The oldest

Some researchers claim that something Similar was first played in China in the first century Ad, while others call the Persian game the prototype of Poker 'as nas'.

It is well known that Gambling was introduced to American Soil by French colonists at The beginning of the XIX Century, and it was there That it acquired a modern look. Today, the poker industry has Reached an incredible scale - every Year major Championships are held In different parts of the World, the largest one gathers An audience of thousands of Online players, they write about Poker in Newspapers, talk about It on TV But still Few people know that the Game is associated with a Lot of interesting, and sometimes In the us state of New Mexico there is an Unusual law - if candidates for Any post get an equal Number of votes, the winner Is determined by the results Of a randomly selected game. In the mayoral election, Estancia Residents gave votes each to Joanna Carlson and James Farrington. The first one offered to Play dice, but her opponent Insisted on poker. After tossing a coin, they Settled on a game of Sir John Montagu, Duke of Sandwich, England, who was very Fond of playing poker. Even his lunch break wasn'T a reason for him To look up from his maps. And since he was still Hungry, the Duke ordered the Food to be served in Such a way that it Would not interfere with what He loved to do. The servants began to put A piece of meat between Two pieces of bread, which Allowed them to handle the New dish with their free hands. So the first sandwich appeared. In the old days, in American pubs, a successful poker Player could play with it'S easy to get shot In the head. One of these "lucky ones" Was bill Hickok, nicknamed "wild", Who played too much to The point that he forced His opponent to shoot him With a pistol. Death overtook bill when he Was holding a pair of Aces and eights in his hand. Since then, this combination has Been called 'dead man's Hand'. If they see a black Cat or a woman with An empty bucket on the Horizon, they will definitely blame Their failures on them. But the most terrifying sign For a poker player has Always been a dog. If a person's best Friend is present in the Room where the game is Taking place - expect trouble. But dirty clothes will almost Certainly bring success! In, perhaps the most amazing Event in the world of Poker took place - two famous American players, johnny moss and Nick Dandalos, fought for five Months at cards, interrupting only For sleep and food. Moss emerged victorious from the Grandiose confrontation, robbing his counterpart Of $. This game was the predecessor Of the most prestigious poker Championship is the WSOP World Series of poker, which brings Thousands of players to the Las Vegas clubhouse every summer. The author of the record For the longest game without Interruptions was Paul Zimbler, who In spent hours and minutes In the game, giving volunteers The opportunity to try their luck. Each of them made a Donation of pounds sterling to The Fund for helping terminally Ill people.

Thus, Zimbler not only demonstrated Phenomenal self-control, but also Helped to fulfill the wishes Of dozens of unfortunate people.

Despite her popularity, Russian tennis Player Anna Kournikova has never Been able to win a Tournament in women's singles. For such bad luck, the AK ACE-king card combination Was named after her - it Looks attractive, but rarely brings victory.

The highest paid poker tournament Is an event called the Annual WSOP World series.

To take part in it, You need to fork out Exactly for million dollars! Of course, there are not Many people willing to risk Such an amount, and often These are the best game Masters in the world. In, the winner of the Tournament was a young American Daniel Coleman, who received a Prize of $,! However, this phenomenal amount is Not the largest in the History of poker - in, an American of Iranian origin, Antonio Esfandiari, won a record $, in The same event! or log in to the Site under your own name. Registration will take a couple Of minutes and will allow You to take an active Part in the site's Life: comment on news, set Ratings, and communicate with other Site visitors.

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