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This is an exciting card Game that originated in Russia During the reign of Nicholas IIThey say it appeared after The noble gentlemen became addicted To the French game called "Barbu", after which they created A light version of it, Called in the common people As a ladies preference. So, its rules are quite Simple, as in principle, and Scoring points for each con.

The game takes place in Two stages, the first of Which is called a Penalty, Because each bribe brings only Negative points.

Each hand has its own Rules, and now we will List them to you:Do not Take the king – in This hand it is forbidden To go to hearts, and Also if you have a King in your hands, you Need to discard it if You do not have the Suit that your opponent entered Immediately - points. jumble – the apogee of The whole game, with this Hand all the rules listed Above apply at once, that Is, - points are played at Once for one con. The second stage of the Game is called Wagering, or Khvalenki, but the essence of It is one to win Back your minus points before Reaching the plus. All hands are made according To the same rules as In the first stage, only Now all points are positive. quite interesting fun, with simple Rules, and addictive gameplay. By the way you can Download the full version on Our website a version with No annoying ads, and no Time limits. If you are the developer Of this app and believe That your copyright is violated, Please contact us through Many Of us liked to sit In the evening at the Entrance, click seeds,and play cards. So, this time has long Passed, but the craving for Pleasant things still remains. Therefore, in order to stir Up the blood in your Veins, we want to offer You a unique collection of Card games, in which you Can find any game from Your childhood.

In the s, a new Card game appeared on the Expanses of the former USSR.

It has absorbed all the Best from Preference, Thousand, and The Dummy, and the name Is Painted Poker. So until today, there was Not a single digital version Of this exciting game on The Internet, and now Ellerium Soft has decided to fix This error. The whole world is going To hell, an unknown epidemic Turns all people into crazed Bloodthirsty zombies. And you're the only One who can do anything To prevent this madness? But remember, time is running out. On a distant planet in The depths of space, there Is a huge planet, five Times larger than our own. So there lives a wonderful Alien with an irresistible craving For business. And when he once flew Past our Land and saw An abundance of fields with Wheat and herds of animals, He immediately realized where to Get supplies for his diner. An entertaining pet shop simulator In which you will not Only raise and sell your Pets, but also breed completely New breeds of dogs and cats.

A mod for the Easter Holiday has been added to This version.

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