Libratus artificial Intelligence system Has won Another big

An artificial intelligence system developed At the University of Carnegie Malone has won another big Victory over humans in the Game of pokerIn total, artificial intelligence held Games with six of the Most famous players for five Days, playing thousand rounds and Winning, us dollars in the Form of virtual chips, according To DailyTechInfo. The tournament, which involved an Artificial intelligence system, was held In Hainan, China, and the Last game of this tournament Was held on April. The opponent of the artificial Intelligence system was a Chinese Team called Team Dragons. At the head of this Team was Alan Du, a Shanghai-based entrepreneur who won The World Series of Poker Prize bracelet. The Chinese tournament featured an Artificial intelligence program called Lengpudashi, Which is a new and Improved version of the Libratus Program developed at Carnegie Malone University, and which recently beat Four leading American players in Texas hold'em without restrictions A type of poker during A -day tournament held in January this year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In conclusion, it should be Noted that the poker tournament With the Lengpudashi AI project Was organized by Kai-Fu Lee, a graduate and former Professor at Carnegie Malone University. This person has worked in Senior positions in such famous Companies as Apple, Microsoft and Google, and now he is The founder and head of Sinovation Ventures, a company that Has a huge impact on Everything that happens in the Chinese Internet sector.

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