Libratus artificial Intelligence wins $. million in

million worth of chips by The end of the competition

Scientists from the United States Created an artificial intelligence system Libratus, which beat four of The strongest players in Texas Hold'em the most popular Type of game, sciense reports

The championship ended with the Defeat of human players: Libratus Collected $.

The techniques developed by us When creating this artificial intelligence System are not specific to Poker, they can be used In any situation where there Is no complete information for Making decisions. Such tasks are ubiquitous, and We expect that the ideas Embedded in Libratus will play A crucial role in the Further development and dissemination of AI, " said Noah brown of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Brown and his colleague Tuomas Sandholm taught their brainchild to Think 'abstractly - to find similarities In different combinations of cards, Bets and others you can Also choose between different elements Of the process and count Them as approximately the same Scenario, which makes it possible To find simple solutions for The most obvious combinations of Cards and options for the Opponent's moves. If the opponent's move Is unexpected, the AI calculates Its consequences separately and looks For safe continuation options that Would help to win or At least minimize losses. Successful versions of these new Moves are recorded in a Special strategy book, which Libratus Uses in subsequent rounds of The game.

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