Libratus artificial Intelligence won Almost $ million From

Scientists have trained Libratus to Think "abstractly"

Artificial intelligence Libratus, created by Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University In Pittsburgh USA, was able To beat professional players in "Texas hold'em" one of The most popular types of pokerIn recent years, scientists have Made a breakthrough in creating Artificial intelligence systems that can Defeat people in games such As checkers and chess. Last year, AlphaGo, an artificial Intelligence developed in Alphabet's DeepMind research division, defeated the World's strongest go player.

At the same time, the Bots had to do this effectively

Noah brown of Carnegie Mellon University writes that Texas hold'Em is fundamentally different from All of these games.

On the one hand, it Is easier for the algorithm To play poker than go: The card game has fewer options. On the other hand, poker Players don't have complete Information for decision-making: they Don't know what cards Are in the hands of The enemy and what he Knows about the combination, which Has got to them. Thus, they only see their Own cards, as well as Other players emotions and gestures.

Recognizing and analyzing human emotions And gestures is still an Extremely difficult task for the Algorithm, so when learning Libratus, The emphasis was placed on Analyzing card combinations, bets, and Other poker elements.

The system considers them to Be approximately the same scenario And predicts the most obvious Moves of the enemy. If a move turns out To be unexpected for Libratus, It analyzes it and calculates Its consequences separately. The algorithm then looks for Options that will help it Win or minimize losses. The system records successful versions Of its own moves in Order to use them in Subsequent rounds. Scientists decided to organize a Championship and invited Jason Les, Don Kim, Daniel McAuley and Jimmy Chow to play with Libratus top Texas hold'em players. The prize pool of the Tournament was $ thousand, of which Was guaranteed for each player. By the end of the Championship, artificial intelligence beat humans, Earning a huge number of chips.

Their total cost was $.

If the championship was held According to all the rules, This amount would go to Libratus, the article notes. on poker between bots.

Participants wrote bots that were Trained to play Texas hold'Em in real time.

The winner was Dmitry Ganin And his algorithm fcll-he Received thousand rubles. use artificial intelligence skills in Poker for business: he explained That the skills used by AI during the game can Be useful in working with The organization's clients.

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