Limit hold'Em or No limit Hold'em?

And only a few are Equally successful in these two types

Experts say that no-limit Hold'em NL and fixed-Bet hold'em FL, or Limit hold'em, have as Many differences as, for example, Hockey and footballNo wonder the vast majority Of professionals prefer either No Limit Holdem or Fixed Limit Holdem.

In no-limit hold'em, Your bets are limited only By the size of the Big blind BB and the Stack of money that you Took to play at the table.

You can Deposit any amount Within these limits to the Bank on any street. BB – the minimum bid. The maximum bet is your Entire stack, in addition to The blinds, there is a Concept of "big bet" BS.

On the preflop and flop, Bets and their increases are Placed in the amount of BB, and on the last Two streets in the amount Of BS.

In Fixed Limit Holdem, the Number of raises allowed on Each street has a cap limit. In most poker rooms, the Cap is equal to three, Sometimes four raises. The main differences between the Strategy no limit hold'em With small bets, no limit Hold'em one-on-one, Full tables, etc.

BB is equal to ? BS, and MB is equal To ? BB

In both No Limit Holdem And Fixed Limit Holdem, the Strength of pocket cards and Position are of great importance, But when playing limit hold'Em at micro-limits, players Are often less likely to Win the game.

they are demanding about starting Hands and position, so more Players view the flop than In no-limit E. This is due to the Lack of risk in Fixed Limit to lose the entire Stack in one hand. Moreover, many players who watch The flop without even getting An improvement are willing to Call to the turn. On the turn, the bet Doubles, so it is on This street that most players Seriously think about folding. In fixed-limit hold'em, There are often three or More players in showdown, it Is very difficult to protect Your hand, raising to "clear The field" is ineffective, and Bluffing is often impossible due To the large number of Opponents in the game. The pot often grows so Much that it gives a Positive mathematical expectation of a Call to many opponents, even With questionable buy-in hands. If you play no-limit Hold'em with a pair Of aces and your pot-Sized bet makes it unprofitable For most opponents to call, Then the opposite is true In FL. Your bet may not to Scare away competitors, and increase The pot odds and make Them stay in the game.

Therefore, in limit hold'em, Instead of knocking your opponents Out of the game with Bets, it is sometimes more Profitable not to bet at All on the early streets, But to postpone protecting your Hand until the turn.

If the pot is small, Then your bet on the Turn twice the flop bet Will often make your opponents Call unprofitable in terms of Pot odds and expectation, and They will be more willing To fold their buy-in hand. In limit Texas hold'em, Players must constantly calculate outs And pot odds. This is the basis of A winning strategy in FL Hold'em. In no-limit hold'em, It's harder to calculate The pot odds. More often, you will decide Whether to respond to your Opponent's bet or not Based on the pot's Potential odds rather than on The real odds of the pot. For calculating potential odds, the Size of your opponents stacks And understanding their style of Play are very important. Example: On the turn, you Have a NATs flush draw. There is $ in the pot, And the opponent places a Bet in the size of The Bank. Now there is $ in the Bank. The odds of improvement are, And the pot odds are. it would Seem that according To mathematics, it is not Profitable for you to buy A river card. But you and your opponent Each have stacks of $. If you get a card Of the right suit on The river, you can claim Not only the pot, but Also the entire opponent's stack. If you pay $, you can Win $! In this case, the pot'S potential odds are: ! the only Question is, will The opponent agree to answer Your or even a small Bet if there are three Cards of the same suit On the Board? Will it reset or respond? In this example, you can Only buy a river card If you are sure that Your opponent will continue to Invest in the pot. This example illustrates not only What the pot's potential Odds are, but also how Important it is in NL To understand the opponent's Psychology and read their hand.

You must anticipate your opponents Actions in advance.

To do this, you need To be able to determine The style of play of Your opponents and read them hands.

In no-limit hold'em, The size of your opponents Stacks and the size of Your stack not just the Money you put in the Pot influence your decision. In no-limit hold'em, The correct way to calculate A win or loss is Not by the number of Bbs, but by the number Of stacks won or lost.

In no limit hold'em, You can quickly lose not Only the stack, but also The entire bankroll, but No Limit Holdem is more profitable Than Fixed Limit.

In Fixed Limit Holdem, the Concept of opponent psychology is Also important, but in FL, The math of the game Is more important than the psychology. The ability to correctly calculate The pot odds and the Chances of improving your hand Guarantees you a profit over A long distance. No-limit Texas hold'em Is the most popular and Considered the main type of poker. All major events of the Most prestigious Championships are held In No-Limit hold'em. However, the strategy of tournament No-limit hold'em has Huge differences from no-limit Ring games.

Even if you reach if You want to master nl Cash games, you will need To learn how to play Tournament games almost from scratch.

Start your poker career with Fixed limits. By playing with fixed bets, You can gain relatively safe Experience, learn to understand the Psychology of your opponents and Manipulate them. After that, go to unlimited mode. If you don't feel Comfortable playing hold'em with No limits, go back to The fixed limits. Many professionals have made their Fortune playing limit hold'em. No-limit hold'em tournaments Are a completely different topic.

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