Lord of Poker in Russian

But let's talk about Everything in order

Play ruler of poker online, You can right now to Do this, you just need To find this gameIt is available as a Flash game or as a Downloadable program. The first option is basically Suitable for those who do Not like to install anything, Wait and do not really Appreciate it graphics. At the same time, the Flash version excludes some settings, Such as graphics, game speed Control and sound effects. In the case of the Downloaded program, you get the Lord of poker in excellent Quality with excellent graphics and Many options that significantly diversify The gameplay. Texas hold'em is probably One of the simplest types Of poker, which is why It is the most popular. It is quite easy to Play it even for a Real beginner who does not Understand the essence of the Matter at all. It is at this moment That the developers of the Game Lord of poker have Made the main bet. By the way, this game Has many names, such as King of Poker, Governor of Poker and Lord of poker. Also note that the game Has two parts.

The first part is very Good and absolutely everyone will Like it, but the second Part clearly interrupted it and Is the absolute leader.

In fact, both parts are The same in idea and Graphic terms, but the second Part is more interesting. We will talk about the Second part, as it is Newer and if you want To download a game from These series, then you need To choose the Lord of poker.

Governor of poker can hardly Be considered a full-fledged Poker simulator.

This is due to the Fact that in addition to The card game itself, the Player needs to do not Very interesting things, such as Buying property, traveling between cities, And so on. Otherwise, you simply won't Be able to complete the game. On the other hand, it Is very interesting that buying Various real estate, you can Already play not just in Tournaments, but in cash games, Where if you do not Have enough money, you can Bet in the form of Your real estate. You can also win real Estate from other players in The same cash game. In any case, you need To collect all the keys To the buildings or simply Buy them, otherwise you will Not be able to get To another city. This adds some spice to The game and makes it More fun and less monotonous. But let's go back To the beginning of the game. It all starts with one City, El Paso. Here, the houses already belong To one player, so they Bring him a certain amount Of cash per day. In all other cities, you Need to move independently, using Different means of transportation that Appear in the game as You progress. Vehicles you win as you Win at home. To do this, you play One - on-one with the Owner of a carriage, train, And so on. Beat the Governor of Texas Himself at the poker table. For you, it's a Matter of principle, as he Wants to ban gambling and That's exactly what the State is all about.

To whom it is convenient, He calls it so

At the same time, it Is quite comical that the Governor is one of the Top ten players. Let's just say that The rest of the players On this list are very Difficult, especially compared to those With whom you played before, So be careful. To challenge one of the Representatives of the list to A duel, you need to Get special stars, they are Given for winnings tournaments. You do not need to Take the first place, just Take one of the prizes, As a rule, these are The first, second and third places. These tournaments will be your Main earnings. Also keep in mind one Point: even if you lost All your capital, you have The opportunity to take out A loan from a Bank, Which of course will need To be returned. Keep in mind that until You pay back all your Debt, you will not be Able to buy real estate, Which means you will not Be able to play productively. All these points turn this Game not into a simulator, But into an economic strategy That is mixed with gambling. This is not to say That the game becomes even, Rather, on the contrary, there Is some element of diversity.

The fact that there are Only a few proposed algorithms Of actions for characters also Makes the game extremely sad.

They don't really bluff, Although there are some options When they try, but it Happens on the river and Sometimes they don't do It that way on the flop. it is so high-quality That it is very difficult Not to understand this. If one of the opponents Raises the bet sharply, it Most likely means that they Are bluffing. If the next one also Raises again, it is most Likely that you need to Discard the cards, because the Second one has something. This is just one example Out of many. If you have nothing to Spend your time on and You like to periodically switch Hands, then the game is Quite suitable for you.

The ability to speed up The game process will allow You not to delay the Hands in which you do Not participate and not wait For the decisions of your opponents.

But if you want to Download this game in order To learn how to play Poker at an above-average Or professional level, then this Is not a good idea. The intelligence of your opponents Is very stingy and after A few games you can Easily read them, thereby realizing That the game is starting To bore you, since you Have already studied it. In this case, it is Better to download a client For any of the modern And popular poker rooms that Offer you to play both For your own pleasure on Virtual chips, and earn money. Remember that playing with real Opponents, rather than virtual ones, Will always be more productive For you in terms of Learning.

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