Multi-table tournament (MTT) strategy in poker

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Multi-table poker tournaments (the abbreviation is used for brevity MTT) of all sizes and with all kinds of buy-ins can be found on the Internet hours a dayThis article will cover the basic strategy of playing multi-table tournaments at the various stages in which the tournament takes place before you reach the final table. We will start with the next key factor - how the prize pool is distributed in multi-table online poker tournaments, as it has a big impact on your game strategy, in order to maximize your poker winnings over a long period of time. Next, we'll move on to the early, middle (including bubble), and later stages of the tournament to show what factors influence your game strategy at each stage, while those who reach the prize spots first will often win an amount that exceeds the initial contribution by less than twice. Even at the final table, the first places receive a disproportionately larger payout than the players who took the other places. This makes a big difference influence on the strategy of playing in tournaments for those players who want to maximize their profits in the long run.

Aggressive, strong play is rewarded at all stages of the tournament - you rush to the final table.

Playing passively in the late stages can help you get into the prize pool, but a few extra final tables won't increase your profit at the end of the month or year if you play passively. In the earliest stages of poker tournaments, the game is played similarly to cash games. This is because the stack sizes are many times larger than the blinds, which allows you to bet on the flop, turn, and river in many hands. The game with deep stacks is slightly adjusted, and hidden "monsters" can be added to the range of starting hands, such as small pairs and suited connectors. Hands that can easily be dominated, such as ACE-Ten And king-Jack, should generally be avoided at this stage. Your goal for the first few levels the idea behind the blinds is that you must collect chips from weaker opponents who are still participating in the tournament at this stage. At the same time, you should avoid spending your own chips too much if you think that your skill is a big advantage and you are trying to take part in drawing a large number of small pots. The strategy of playing in the early stages of multi-table tournaments can be expressed in one phrase:" you must take chips from weak players before someone else does", as it will be more difficult for you to get them from stronger opponents in later stages.

The final table brings another factor to your strategy

When the size of the blinds and antes becomes larger compared to the average stack, you must adapt to the new conditions. Since you will have to invest more chips to see the flop, you should stop playing speculative hands as you did in the early stages. High cards should become more valuable when you are the first to enter the Bank. If the calls and raises are in if the middle stages require investing most of your stack, then you should avoid such situations whenever possible. Your opponents will often be in the same situation - meaning that you can reduce the requirements for hands that you will style the blinds with when you are in the late stage. Bubble is a stage of a tournament where only a few players need to be eliminated from the tournament in order to win prizes.

At this stage, the most important factor influencing strategy is the size of the stacks - both your own and your opponents'.

A large stack on the bubble will allow you to collect a lot of undisputed banks, as players will be less likely to enter into a confrontation with a large stack, as they risk flying out to the prize zone. You should avoid other large stacks and very short stacks, as they are more likely to call your bets. If you have an average bubble stack, then you can use your knowledge of poker strategy, since large stacks are more likely to be used as a bonus. If you have a strong enough hand, then you can expect activity from players with a large stack, wait for the raise to get a EV situation to re-raise. Of course, you will not always be lucky, but your strategy for the entire tournament will often help you reach the final table and doubling can give you a chance to compensate for small losses with large cash payments. On bubble, players often play looser in an attempt to accumulate enough chips to reach the final table. At this stage, you need to choose your starting hands especially carefully. As with all types of poker, it's better to be a raiser than a caller. Stack sizes are still very important, but now the pay structure and strategy of your opponent come to the fore. Having a player with a very small stack is a good example of how this affects the dynamics of the final table.

Players with average stacks will see that one of the players has a single stack.

the player has only big blind stack left, and they will stall for time, waiting for this player to be eliminated. This can lead to you getting great opportunities to pick up chips without taking too much risk. Aggressive and strong poker is again a key element for success at this stage of the poker tournament. The first three places will get paid proportionally more than all the others, so set yourself high goals and try to beat those opponents who also intend to take the top place.

You should again avoid large and small stacks, but medium stacks will drop cards much more often, and you can put pressure on them at this stage.

Thus, the tournament strategy involves adapting to different stages of the poker tournament. At the same time, your goal in each tournament is to reach the final table. A bubble crash will never be pleasant, however, if you try to get to the final table on each bubble, then your long-term goal will be to reach the final table. the profit will be higher than that of opponents who started playing tighter just to get into the money. onlinepokerigra is one of the most well-known analytical resources about poker. Our authors are active players with many years of experience who explain in an accessible way how to successfully play for real money in plus.

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