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Poker World is created by The developers of Governor of PokerIn this great offline poker Game, you can fight on Different continents in the most Famous poker cities. Have you ever played poker In Macau? Or have you visited the Fabulous Monaco casino? Or did you bet all Your chips at once in Bellagio or Las Vegas? This is your chance! Your only goal is to Become the best poker player In the world. At Poker World, you start Your first poker tournament in The United States. Winning tournaments increases your reputation As a poker player. You will be able to Participate in large and exciting Tournaments, get the best sponsorship Deals and buy cool items To show your status. And don't be surprised If the best poker players In the world challenge you. You can play one - on-One heads-up poker with The best players in the World and become one of them. TRY POKER WORLD-A FREE SINGLE PLAYER POKER GAME, SHOW OFF YOUR POKER SKILLS AND BECOME THE BEST TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER PLAYER IN THE WORLD IN THIS GREAT OFFLINE ADVENTURE! - MORE THAN POKER CITIES In a world where you Can participate in challenging poker tournaments. Each tournament has a different Buy-in, number of players And poker rewards the Game Works without an Internet connection. And one more big plus: You don't have to Wait for real poker players, As you have to do In a multiplayer poker game. Just two-and-play! This poker game is designed To give you the ultimate Poker experience and feel like You're playing against real players. We have created a game That is suitable for beginners Who are just learning and For experienced players.

Improve your tactics to match The style of your opponents! Offline players will play better In each new game.

in the city and with Every new poker tournament! Play this exciting Texas hold'Em poker game and prove That you are the best Poker player in the world. The game is full of Feces! Backspin, not correctly carve-up Of the Bank. If you are in pass, And continue watchingthere are bots In the game, you may Notice that the bot without Combinations wins the bot with A pairfor example. Utter nonsense, not a game. The stakes are made very clear. It is very inconvenient to Place a bet, and even If you do, the bot Immediately passes. did not provide information about The rules for the use Of confidential information and data Processing for Apple. For more information, see.

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