Play Russian Poker for free. Circular straight 'ACE-King' -'.

, where you can play Three independent boxes at once

In fact, the player can Choose three places at the Game table at onceThe advantage of this rule Is the ability to play Multiple games at the same Time, you can make decisions Based on information about cards That have left the game, Which increases the mathematical expectation And makes the game more interesting. You can also place different Amounts of bets on each Box, but with the condition That the ante bet of The last box should not Exceed the Ante of the First playing box. It is worth noting that If you play Russian poker For free in demo mode, Then the described limit on The ante bet size of The third box is absent. Cards on each subsequent box Are not opened immediately, but Only after the player has Made all decisions regarding the Exchange of cards and further Continuation of the game on The previous box. In order to compensate for The advantage gained by a Player from playing boxes, in Poker with these rules, the ACE-King combination is not Paid as the second hand.

A deck of fifty-two Cards is used for the game

Russian poker is one of The most popular types of Oasis poker. The main difference between the Russian version and the less Common ones is that there Is no restriction on the Number of cards to be exchanged. The ability to change one, Two, three, four, or all Five cards in the player'S hands for a fee Of Ante is an advantage! However, with such a rich Selection, it is not easy For a player to determine The most profitable exchange option, So in Russian poker it Is rarely possible to avoid Tactical mistakes. After all, the main goal Of the game is to Achieve victory over the dealer, And not to collect a Strong combination of cards by The player. The gambling table contains four Boxes, that is, gaming places.

The player can take three Of them or less to Choose from.

Before the game starts, a Mandatory bet is placed, which Is called Ante. The size of this bet Is determined by the rules. After the player has placed The initial ante bet, the Cards are dealt. The dealer deals five cards To the player for each Playing box and five cards To himself, but one last Card is turned over and Will be visible to the player. In Russian poker there are Two significant advantages: the player Can change all the cards Or buy one extra. After the initial hand, the Player decides how to proceed.

They can immediately exchange their Cards or buy another sixth Card, but for these opportunities, You need to pay a Fee of Ante.

The player can also give Up or continue the game By placing a Bet. If the player continues the Game and places a bet, Then the dealer's and Player's cards are revealed. The winner is the one Who was able to collect A stronger poker hand.

If the dealer's cards Do not form any poker Combinations, then the player is Automatically considered the winner.

If the dealer has collected At least one poker hand, Then the cards are compared And the larger combination of Two wins. Russian poker uses two special rules. The first rule is a Double combination. Given the fact that the Player is allowed to buy The sixth card in addition, It means that there are Twice as many winning combinations.

Thus, the player for the Collected two poker combinations get Double the amount of the Winning amount.

The second rule of Russian Poker is the division into Several hands. The player can choose three Places at the game table At once.

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