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That is, one-two-three people did nothing but lose to one

let's be honest? There is no definite limit to how much you can or can't playBut if a player has only registered a week ago, and he already has several hundred million chips, the idea already arises that there is a violation of the rules.

We do not blame anyone, but there are a number of certain factors, well, for example, (we reveal a terrible secret) the poddrerzhki service can look at the game logs and you can immediately see that the player lost or won against a particular person or two or even three during, say, half an hour of the game.

Who would like that? Lose all the time

Yes one more person.

Yes, and make high bets, and then fold.

All this can be seen even sitting at the table as players, like us, for example. Or having dealt with it for years. Think of the support service as experienced experts who can already tell by the way they play who is losing on purpose and who is just unlucky. There is no correlation between the level and the win. And Yes, there are mistakes when a player was really lucky enough to win several tens or even hundreds of millions at the million-dollar tables, and they were considered a violator. But for all the time there were very few such cases, how many times we work-only or times. you Look at the game logs, and there is a mess and excitement at the table). But in the vast majority of cases, when dealing with such a situation as you described, you look at the logs, and the person just one or two constantly won millions, losing tens, and everything is immediately clear.

And some, even in the General chat, write about it, how many times they noticed it, in different ways.

For someone, this is dreams and desires, for some, the manifestation of attention in the game. Sell and exchange does not work, only removed. However, in older versions it was possible to sell, can't see friend in poker,he seems to be there,but not to invite him to the game,saying he threw serv type where players with the Bank more than billion play in the lobby only to blind m to the tournament for people there is a reason when players are registered at different times are in different virtual groups. This was done for optimal performance of the app, but it still worsened the search for each other. try to contact technical support I damn hesitated I Wanted to play (the game on my phone is on umochaniyu figs will delete), but no, fuck it, too many accounts are registered with your device from which ***? I've never played it before How do I fix it? Tell me it can't be deleted, go under the guest account and write the ID here, we'll try to help. Or maybe with this question right away in support, write to, for starters, if you can't log in, then select the guest (go under the guest) profile, then click on your profile and under your nickname there will be ID numbers. Copy it and write it here.

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