Player stats In Pokerdom Like to Introduce you To

It takes a lot of Time and effort

The behavior of opponents at A poker slot is useful Information for an experienced poker playerIf you carefully observe the Actions of other players, you Can draw a conclusion about The skill, style of playing With certain cards. Statistics of Pokerdom players allow You to predict how the User will act in the Next turn in response to The player's actions. Having the knowledge of how To Using pokerdom, you can View your game history, opponent Statistics, and improve your game performance. You can collect all the Necessary information in a few Minutes, which significantly speeds up The gameplay. And by analyzing your own Game, you can eliminate costly mistakes. Experienced players, for whom poker Is not just a pleasant Pastime, but also a decent Income, can not follow their Opponents "manually". Observed complexity in data collection And in the case where The user uses the mode Multiplying when playing multiple tables.

For example, there is such An indicator as VPIP

The basis of statistics in Poker is a set of Data that characterizes the user At the table for a Certain the more, the better Number of hands. Most of the information is Provided in percentages, while less Information is provided in numbers. Statistics are provided by specialized Software programs that accumulate and Independently analyze the actions of Online players at poker tables. They themselves they count how Many times the opponent has Called or raised the hand, How often they have won, And so on. Please understand that statistics do Not allow you to create A complete portrait of the user. It is important to learn How to correctly "read" the Numbers that a special program Gives out. It shows the number of Hands in which the poker Player entered a trade. Let's assume that the Value is. This indicates that we are Looking at a loose user Who is involved in the Gameplay with an extensive range Of pocket elements. When the VPIP is less Than, it means that the Opponent starts the game with A strong combination. You can find out the Statistics of another player at PokerDom on the website SharkScope Service is completely free for everyone.

Only indicators for multi-table Tournament competitions are generated there.

But it's better than Nothing at all. Information about cash games is Not available. The data obtained through the SharkScope portal allows you to Quickly determine opponent's skill By the number of tournaments played.

The site also provides information About the average income of Users and the total amount Of winnings per Poker House.

You need to go to The official portal SharkScope. On the main page, click On the "search for players" tab. In the field that opens, Enter the nickname of the Opponent of interest for the tournament. Click on the one opposite Which is written PokerDom.

Once selected, statistics are immediately Displayed – the number of Tournaments played, their format and Qualification, total and average profit.

Unregistered users of the SharkScope Resource can make requests per day. For more detailed information, you Can purchase a paid subscription.

Alternatively, you can use a VPN to make an unlimited Number of requests without paying.

The standard PokerDom client has An option that allows you To rate your own game. Based on your personal statistics, You can independently analyze how Many tournaments and cash games Were played during a certain Period of time, find out The profit. To get acquainted with your Personal information, open the Pokerdom Client, click "Settings" in the Lobby of the room, go To the "game History"tab. After that, the statistics section opens. The PokerDom gambling portal is Very popular. Of course, many players want Not only to have a Good time, but also to Earn money. It is for this reason That they collect and analyze Statistics on opponents in order To predict their game tactics. Unlike other poker rooms, Pokerdom Prohibits the use of special Software to collect information on opponents.

This rule is valid from The moment the resource is created.

The management of the portal Believes that everyone should be On an equal footing, no One has the right to Receive an unfair advantage. The use of programs such As Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, Tournament Shark and other converters is prohibited. If the security service detects Their use, it will lead To the blocking of the Player's profile and confiscation Of funds on the account. So, for collecting tournament statistics You can use the SharkScope Portal this is legal within Pokerdom and analyze your game To improve your skills. Use of additional software is At your own risk. In of cases, the player'S" trick " is revealed in A few hours.

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