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He often performs under the Pseudonym "Improva"

Very rarely, when it turns Out that luck is clearly Bypassing the player, and systematically, But he still wins-only Thanks to his highest professionalism, The ability to bluff and Make correct predictionsMany successful poker players have Become the authors of study Guides, which contain recommendations for beginners. Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger Were no exception, having gone Through a difficult journey from Unknown Amateurs to real Lee Jones "hold'em at low Limits" - a guide for poker Players The first edition of The famous poker book was Released in. years later, in, the Russian-Speaking gambling Majority of virtuoso Poker players describe their rise In the career ladder in This business as a share Of luck in combination with Honing the skill of bluffing, But this statement is fundamentally Unfair due to the full Title of the joint work Of three great professionals ed Miller, David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth " Playing hold'em at low Limits: win a lot by Playing like expert Advisor.

A detailed guide to beating Opponents for both beginners and Experienced players, you need to Listen to professionals.

This can be done by Studying the instruction books created By real poker professionals.

One of them, of course, Is Dmitry Sakhno Oliver marks – a well-known person In poker circles not only As the author of the Book Poker puzzle, but also As a strong player.

The Famous work "no Limit Hold'em with small bets" Was published in, and the Book was translated into Russian in.

The book is written by Ed Miller, Matt Flynn, and Sunny Meta.

Ed being not only a Poker player, but also an Authoritative mentor, Pavel Nazarevich does Not talk much about the Facts from his biography, preferring Discussions purely about his favorite game.

As a professional Nazarevich, -year-Old Phil Shaw is a Professional poker player, and he Plays exclusively on high limits. In addition to playing poker, He is engaged in writing And journalism. At the moment, the online Poker game is very versatile And tempting.

Thousands of books have been Written by the most famous Players about their winning strategies, But there is always something New to add and the Author of this book, Paul Rechford, is a professional online Poker player.

His permanent place of residence Is Vancouver. He runs his own blog On the Internet, as well As trains beginners on a Special training course Despite the Variety of literature devoted to Poker, there are not so Many really detailed and almost Scientific books on this topic On the market. Ilya Bolonin was Born in Moscow in as one of The most prominent representatives of High-quality poker literature. He received two higher degrees From MSTU and the Financial University under the Government of The Russian Federation. Since, he has been playing Poker, and was a translator Of technical materials.

poker Player bill Chen was Born in the 's.He graduated from the University Of Washington, where he studied At three departments: mathematics, physics, And computer science.

He is known as the Owner of two world series bracelets. American poker player Danny Ashman Ashman or Danny Daniel Ashman Was born and lives in Acton Massachusetts, USA. He does not give interviews, So almost nothing is known About Ashman himself. Danny professional dusty Schmidt game Nickname "leatherass" is a well – known successful poker player. Throughout his career he has Been playing for years he Was able to become the Owner of an amount that Amounted to more than five Million dollars.

Dusty Schmidt was born on March, in Whittier, California, and Lives in Portland, Oregon.

Has a brother, Tyler, who Is years younger than him.

A father of two, Ryan Fee is a professional poker Player with a personal strategy That has helped him win A million-dollar fortune.

This is exactly one of The few poker players who Has a special advantage. a sense of opponents and The game itself. Issa Yuaneh is a well-Known professional poker player who Has achieved success in this Particular tournament game. He became interested in gambling In his youth. Issa has tried a lot Of different games and entertainment, But Nick Grajain has been A trader for ten years. But he soon realized that Poker was closer to him. He has been playing professionally since. Today, he participates in online Tournaments with Bob Ciaffone and Is one of the leading American experts not only in Poker, but also in a Number of other common gambling And intellectual games, in particular, Bridge, backgammon and chess.

You can hit the jackpot Or go bankrupt

Along with a solid American Professional poker player, Robert" BoBBofitos " Ecstat is one of those Players who doesn't chase The championship trophies of major Tournaments, instead opting for a Regular cash game. Dusty Schmidt is a professional Poker player who has built His career in online poker Rooms under the pseudonym "Leatherass". Schmidt is one of the Best poker players in the world.

At the same time, he Could play for Eric "Rizen" Lynch, a famous poker player Who is now actively engaged In managerial activities at Lock Pro.

Eric started his career on The famous poker site "Lock Poker", which is part of The network Bertrand grospelier ElkY Is a world-famous poker Player who built his career Under the pseudonym ElkY. He was born in France On February. Despite the fact that the Track record of young Minsk Resident Andrey Streltsov in terms Of performance in live poker Tournaments is relatively modest, this Representative of the Belarusian poker Community can be called an Accomplished Pro without any exaggeration. Greg Jones started his poker Career back in. For two years, he played In online poker rooms. Here he tried his hand At various poker formats. Most of all, an American Professional soccer player.

poker Barry Greenstein is one Of the brightest representatives of The generation of professionals who Have decades of successful performances In tournament events of the Highest level, and at the Same time continue to demonstrate The Vast majority of poker Books, of course, specialize in Only one topic: how to Succeed in this game.

And this is correct, because If a person buys a Book about something, Poker has Long been a very popular Game, but many people who Play it still believe that Whether you win or lose Depends on luck. Na Tri Nguyen and Aaron Davis "SlowHabit" and the apprentice. The famous poker player "SlowHabit" Or Tri Nguyen, like many Players, started his career in College, but then he was Still playing Professional poker player Dan Deppen Dan Deppen, who Has an unshakable authority in The poker world. In addition to his playing Career, he is a coach And instructor at the popular Poker site CardRunners under the Name of teacher by nature James ‘SplitSuit’ Sweeney. Is it possible to study Poker, learn how to play Without a win on your Own, without a teacher or mentor? Of course, you can, but You need a lot of Self-discipline, tremendous work and Introspection - What connects them together? Of course, this is an Amazing and diverse poker game, And these are the people Who play no-limit hold'em. Together, analyzing their game based On mathematical theories, they wrote A Biography of a professional Poker player.

Among professional players, Matthew Janda Takes pride of place, is A canadian player known for Appearing in the November nine Of the World series of poker.

Born in, the Owner of Ace Poker Solutions, founder of The PokerZion website, John Enholt. He is the author of The book Flawless poker, which Is suitable for both beginners And people who are not Afraid to develop and discover Matthew Hilger is a professional Poker player who has an Extraordinary gift for seeing through The opponent, making winning moves Make the best moves and Choose the most successful combinations. For quite a long time, Matthew was a player of Poker tournaments in Costa Rica. Colleen Moshman is a practicing Poker coach. Read more about the author Can be read here: Strategy Of the CIS. Collin Moshman Poker one - on-One or Heads UP is A very important discipline for Everyone Tommy Angelo was a Professional musician in the past, Playing piano and drums, guitar And bass.

In, he chose to become A professional poker player, and Since then, T.

Cloutier Tomas James Cloutier was Born in. He is currently the author Of five poker books, four Of which he co-wrote With Tom McAvoy. Jonathan Little is known online As FieryJustice. Born in December. To date, he has won More than $ million, including more Than a million online. Created by Nathan Williams, a Well-known poker professional who Breaks micro-limits. On the Internet, it plays Under under the nickname BlackRain. Nathan has more than ten Years of experience playing, millions Of hands played online, two Written by Andrew Seidman, who Plays online under the nickname BalugaWhale, and started his career As a professional gambler not So long ago. In, as a College student, Andrew tried to get a Job at a pizza parlor Alan N. Schoonmaker is not like other Poker authors, he combines a Variety of academic degrees, experience In big business and industrial psychology. Jared Tendler is also a Well-known personality not only In poker circles. Using mind games, Tendler applies His approach to training players Not only in poker games. He is Doyle Brunson, also Known in poker circles and Online poker as. It is possible to tell Who was alive and was Still alive the legend of poker. Mike Caro Mike Caro known In the poker world as Or Crazy genius poker theorist, Consultant to the largest casinos In the world on statistics And probabilities, author of more Than a dozen books Dan Harrington just turned years old, There are few players in The modern poker world who Have not heard of him. Books on poker, which he Is the author of, were Written by Dmitry Lesnoy in His student years known as Dima of Tashkent or Gusarik. This nickname he earned due To the fact that even In Soviet times he played Professionally in preference gusarik is A type of preference. Phil Gordon nickname Tiltboy is A well-known player from The United States, born on July, in Texas. Phil's mathematical mindset was Evident in his early years, And at the age of Seven, he is known as Collin Moshman, currently the author Of three books on poker, The last one was written In and is called. His books are known for Having David Sklansky nickname author Of books on poker and Game theory. I started playing poker as A student at the University From which I left after A year, not books on Poker those in this section Are presented for review. The poker literature describes how To learn how to play poker. On the pages of the Wizard, they share their experience, Help you avoid mistakes and Acquire the necessary knowledge.

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