Poker bot WASM

so the most obvious thing is to reverse up from recv\send

recently made for PokerStars, only there qt is screwed with sshand by the way, archeology will not help here. It's still a question of which is better. The protocols change, but the appearance of the table does not. So, IMHO, it's better to make a table Recognizer and a clicker. clients are updated very frequently, and therefore I have an assumption that the Protocol is also regularly changed to counter attempts at unauthorized interception of information. After updates, often the entire range of related programs (allowed by the room, such as calculators, statistics collectors) is also updated together. It can be assumed that this is a reaction to the changed Protocol. In this connection, there are doubts about the feasibility of reversing the Protocol. It will have to be reversed again after each update. I did something else: I read information from the table by recognizing cards. All the subtleties of the Protocol were left out. Of course, there is a disadvantage - the table should be visible and not blocked by other Windows.

I think it's easier to poke buttons than constantly redoing the program.

recently I did it for PokerStars, only there qt is screwed with ssh. so the most obvious thing is to reverse up from recv\send. in General, the one who needed it-disappeared, and I scored. and by the way, archeology will not help here. if memory serves, PrintWindow sends WM_PRINT to the window and receives the contents of the device context in response. It is unlikely that Wm_print in the client is left to its own devices (DefWindowProc). In any case, I would process WM_PRINT myself and return some crap (in the client's place). I made (for simplicity) tables of a certain size (so that tables fit on the screen), put them on the topmost, recognized pictures, bets, moves, etc.

I robbed the hand drawing data from the text window by recognizing text from the screen (because the text window is a non-standard control and it did not respond to WM_GETTEXT, GetWindowText etc).

This is for PokerStars. By the way, many calculators do this: they change the font in the text box to monospaced (usually System) and recognize it from the screen. On full tilt, card recognition also worked well, but there it was necessary to analyze moves as well as cards from the table, and I gave up on this.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that no matter what bot you build, it has no chance against the RNG room.

The room will try you on with any bot. After viewing a large number of graphs of different players (on PokerStrategy), it is clear that the life of the vast majority of players consists of clearly defined bands of upstreaks and downstreaks alternating with a certain period. In the end, people stupidly drive loot from one player to another and back, and the rake slowly drips. It is possible that with the bot you can just sit in the room for a long and tedious time without flying completely, and make money on rakeback, but IMHO, the time spent on getting rakeback can be spent more profitably. That's why I gave up on these bots. Minor fluctuations are present, but they do not disturb the overall picture. HoldemManager showed (my) saw with a period of about thousand hands. A pronounced saw with a minimum of about - dollars and a maximum of about. After passing the fifth peak, I realized that it would be infinite, and I withdrew the money. There will be all sorts of statistics of games in which you took part.

Each room sends you the handhistories for all hands that you played, and the program analyzes them, bringing cloud any information about you, and the rivals encountered at the grave the way of replenishment of the cash room, players Can search online players, but that's not allowed rooms and their affiliates.

It is equal to the use of prohibited programs. play for an extended period of time on PokerStars, and then switch to full tilt. Immediately catches the eye of the difference in the laid out dealer's cards, more precisely in their tendency to form certain combinations. In other words, the flop texture.

in General, the one who needed it-disappeared, and I scored

On PokerStars, in a large percentage of cases, the flop structure is terribly wood-burning, provoking wild cuts and moves, but on tilt, on the contrary, it is dry. But after all, both there and there are RNGS. It would seem what a difference. the more players, the more rake, therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain minimum number of players, which will ensure the profitability of the room. Players are different in their level, in their goals, etc. If left to their own devices, strong players will overwhelmingly dominate, while weak players will regularly lose (with slight variations).

A weak player, after losing a certain amount (critical for him), will draw conclusions for himself and simply leave the room, depriving him of the opportunity to cut rake.

And the majority of weak players are there, anyway. What can the room do so that most of the fish do not run away, (realizing their failure) taking with them potential rake? Putting myself in the room's shoes, I would periodically intervene in the game, helping a weak player with the right card. So that he does not lose faith in luck and continues to play. I'd put him on the needle of hope and give him a little bit of luck from time to time. To help the fish, it is enough to help them once for - hands. One hand is not knocked out of the overall picture (you never know, you could just be lucky, why not). As a result, the weaker player stays afloat longer and earns rake longer. there Is another auxiliary way to help a weak player - a huge number of courses, literature, and training videos. This is naturally sponsored by rooms, and naturally not for the sake of raising the level of the player's thinking abilities. Abilities certainly develop, but this is not the goal, but a means, the goal in this case, again, is that the player, having increased his solvency, can butt heads with other players longer and bring rake longer. At the same time, the need to interfere too often in the process is reduced. games that help the weak and arouse the suspicions of other players. at small limits, where the majority of weak players play, there are significantly more provocative situations that develop into moves than at high limits, where more advanced players play. At high limits, people don't waste money and don't leave the room, so here the room's interference is minimal, in any case, it was much easier for me to play at medium levels among more advanced opponents than at small limits with beginners. All this is my IMHO, which does not claim to be the ultimate truth, but if I were a pokerroom Manager, I would act in this direction to make a steady profit. the fact that the RNG program was tested by someone and received some kind of certificate does not convince me of anything, rather the opposite (there is no smoke without fire). And it is not a fact that the exact code that was tested is used. No one put a seal on it, but I'm thinking, dial thousands of - hands, and check the RNG, but here's how) it's not as simple as it sounds. You can certainly start from the average win, but IMHO it may be a reality I myself (as a beginner) can say that at this level you are trying not to win a lot, but to achieve a stable game. thousand is not enough. This may be enough for you, but to play against real opponents, you need to have statistics on your opponents, and they are more important than your statistics. Given the number of opponents, in order to have a minimum of reliable information on most of them, you will have to play more than ten thousand hands.

Install PokerTracker (it's a trial Version) and collect statistics.

Parameters that can be analyzed-the sea, the main thing is not to drown in them Make a separate section, clean piggy, only with the client, avoid using prohibited programs on this section (there is information on the network that clients monitor processes, later there may be problems with withdrawing money from the room). Full statistics can only be collected in real money games, on wrappers is a completely different game, you won't get any useful information from the stats. Give your real data to the room, if there is the slightest suspicion that you registered in the wrong name, or you have two accounts, or you specified other inaccurate data - you will not be able to withdraw money. Moreover, while you will fill in the money - they will be silent, and if you want to take it away-then problems will begin.

If you use WebMoney, do not lose your wallet, the wallet that you specified for the first time is also the last one, there are almost zero options to change the input output channel.

In any case, I couldn't change the wallet number in the room.

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