Poker: how To start And not

You can sell your accounts For between$ and $ on the forums

This article is purely my Personal opinion, some of my Thoughts may not coincide with Yours, some things may be absurdThis article is not a Call to action, and is Not intended to be used As a guide. a guide to any actions. Many people are attracted to Poker, but what is it? Some people think that you Can make a lot of Money here, some people think That the topic is very Easy, others sleep and see Themselves as world Champions in Poker, everyone has their own Motives, their own thoughts about This, but in essence we Brew in the same swamp, In the same rooms, we Withdraw to the same payment Systems, in short, we all Have the same most common Mistakes of beginners, in the Topic, and how to gain A foothold in it and Choose your own direction. Let's probably start with The fact that many simply Ignore - you need to start With the theory. It is not enough to Know the rules of poker To make money in it. No, of course You can Even make a few successful Plums, but as many people Know, there is little luck In poker, experience is important In it, so your plums Will be nothing more than Luck, and we need it, But hope we won't Look at it. So the theory, may the Admins forgive me, but I'Ll post links here so That the newcomer pays attention To them. So, let's learn the Rules of poker, I advise You to do it here: Next, I recommend watching poker Videos. You don't need to Play yet, you just need To understand poker. While I was looking at Pokermoscow, I think it is Quite a decent resource, link: While you are reading all This, watch, register on the Forums dedicated to poker, read, Ask questions, discuss hands.

Of course, this is boring, And not at all what You dreamed of, but there Is no place without it, It is an experience, and It cannot be measured in money.

I also advise you to Find $, and make a Deposit In the poker room, or In for$, and try to Play on BR. You need to play on Your own account and with Your own money, you need To understand what the game Is, you need to learn How to win. Unlike of poker players, your Goal is not to earn A living by playing fair Poker, but you must play At least zero, otherwise what Kind of poker player are you? How, where, and through what Register - decide for yourself, while Studying the theory you will Already know where you will Make a Deposit. This will take you at Least a month, and sometimes Even three. How long? But it was productive, and Now, following my article, you'Ve worked out the theory, Played for your money, learned The terms, learned how to Calculate the pot odds, and Are ready to start carding? But again I will disappoint You, although I can congratulate You, but now there is Another dreary stage ahead. Namely, the drive-in stage.

Personally, I think it's A hemorrhoid

It is by entering, not Copying, the credit card number Into the appropriate field. A schoolboy can play poker With a credit card, but He doesn't understand how It works, and you don'T just have to understand How this fucking thing works. During the legal game you Noticed hundreds of players from Different countries, well, you are Waiting for another chore, you Want to become the best? We write out the countries That you met at the Table in the text box And knock on the seller Of Dedikov. We buy a couple of Dedics of these countries, download Them, and no, we don'T drive them in, but Look at them what Deposit Methods can they offer us? Usually, each country has something Like its own payment card. We study them, look for Options for driving in, write Out where, what, and how. Why, because you can drive Cardboard?! We will always have time To drive in cardboard, but You need to be able To make a smart Deposit, And this ensures that the Level of fraud on this Deposit is minimal, because there Are only a few such nerds. Have you studied it? Here you haven't noticed How another week has flown By, and you, dear reader, Are probably starting to hate Me and poker, but remember, We have a goal - to Earn a lot of money, And give miss universe a Mouthful, so we continue so, You have studied, go to The Deposit, try to make Deposits from these payment cards, Which, as it seemed to You, you can skardit. See the account's survivability Time, the ability to Deposit From the same payment card To different accounts, and so on. Yes, forgive me small Fuckers, But in FullTiltPoker there is Such a joke, you drive Cc Europe into the account, After Deposit Approved, the same Cc can be driven in The second account, and in The third, and in the fourth. And deposits held as long As the cc will not Run out of money. What am I talking about? And to the fact that When you buy accounts, some Sellers may do just that, Be careful.

So, dear reader, I hope You have learned to drive In some clever way, some Unique country, or even better A few, and you have Found suppliers of the material, And everything is fine with You, and you can move On to the next part.

At the moment, there is Such a crisis of European Cardboard that it is very Difficult to find good sellers.

In order to warn you, Dear reader, I will reveal A secret, sellers of good Material in of cases will Not write about it on Forums, since they also have Enough customers in private, so Shukay on friends, ask someone To give the seller's Contact, and rejoice.

Also, when you get a Sales contact, remember two things: So you've learned the Theory, you've learned how To drive, and what's next? And then we'll start Slowly choosing our direction. I'll start by well, You can choose what's More interesting for you. There are a lot of Competitors, the exhaust from one Akka is $, there is no Consistency, you depend on a Lot of people - the card Seller, Dedikov, buyer, forum, etc. And even more so, why Was it necessary to study Theory then? We decided to play poker, Not drive-in, so I Think the first option is Out of the question. You can merge it to Your own accounts, and withdraw The money to WM. Pros - it all depends on You only partly on the Sellers of the material, the Cache immediately falls on WM. Cons-SB poker room, which Will ban you for plums. I don't like to Merge myself for a simple Reason, you make a Deposit With your blood money, you Fuck for several hours merging, And in the end you Get a lock, and all The work is on the Smart side. No, not everything is so Terrible, with competent drains, locales Will rarely occur, but they Will, so I do not Consider this option, because of Excess hemorrhoids.

My favorite option, the essence Of it is so, we Play the account, and we Give it to the customer, And we get our, or Even more percent.

Cons-the Nalchik will throw it. There is a place for A Nalchik to throw money, But there are also quite Decent people in our business Who, EVEN if they lock Their accounts, will throw you A hundred or two for The material. Another minus is the account Lock, well, I think this Is not a minus, but Even a plus, since it Will indicate to you an Error, that you did something Wrong somewhere, and next time You will not make a mistake. And if you make a Mistake, then blame it only On yourself. Personally, my opinion is that This is an ideal option In our business. In General, my personal opinion, A VPN is needed in Order to sleep more peacefully.

After all, if you mess Up specifically, they will find You through a VPN, and If not, they won't Just go to Russia.

Here it is necessary not Just to be encrypted, but To show the room that We are an honest player N from the country of M, and to do this Many times a week. how can we inspire this Poker client, who almost determines The brand of our computer mouse? Can I tell you more About the technical component? Lolo Yes, who will look For you then hah do Not make me laugh if You really use something like VPN so just for the Sake of not firing the ACC and that's it, If they understand something, then Only ban in the room And all Pokerrums usually just Ban for chipdumping This is Not a thing.

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