Poker psychology

This psychological state is called tilt

The ability to play poker Is not only knowledge of The rules, combinations, mathematics and strategiesOne of the most important Components when playing poker is Psychology and the ability to Control yourself. Many novice players are faced With such an unpleasant phenomenon As tilt.

Why do many poker players tilt? It is enough to imagine A situation where your pocket Aces are moved by a Mismatched, having reached a leaky Straight on the river.

You don't understand what Your opponent was counting on When he called your bets.

Another important psychological aspect is Ordinary training

You are angry, and you Want to win back as Soon as possible, taking part In all the following games Absolutely wrong decisions, hoping that You will be lucky, like That player.

And all these mistakes you Make under the influence of Negative emotions. What should I do in Such situations? First, it is worth remembering That poker is a game In which, oddly enough, players Weaker than you can sometimes Get lucky. The most important thing is That you will win against Such players at a distance, Because such a "fish" is The main source of profit For most poker players. In addition, a person has Some psychological characteristics – he Takes his trips for granted, But moving causes him a Rush of bright negative emotions. First of all, you need To remember that you once Ran over someone in the Same way. You can break away from The game for minutes, spending This time, for example, on Breathing exercises. If you feel that the Tilt state is not leaving You, then the best solution Is to postpone the game For the next day. It is important to remember That the biggest losses are Made in the tilt state. In the event that you Are overtaken by this state, Just think about it. If I continue to spread My emotions now, I may Lose at least half of My bankroll in the near Future, thereby helping my opponents In the game. That is, you want to Not only give up in Advance, but also give your Money to your opponents on Your own initiative. Can such a decision be Made by a person outside Of tilt? Of course not. So answer the question – " Do you want to lose Your money?". Remember that in everyday life, You need to prepare for Almost any event. It's the same in poker. If you feel that today Is not the day to Play poker, and you are Having a hard time analyzing All the hands, it is Best to reschedule the session For another day. If you initially set yourself Up for the game, then You will notice that any Situation in the game it Will be perceived by you Absolutely adequately, and after the Session, performing hand analysis, you Will make sure that your Own actions are correct. Before starting a -hour cache Session, many professionals recommend doing A little warm-up. A warm-up session can Include both physical activity for Example, regular exercise and running The table at low limits. Without focusing on money, you Can learn not only to Make the right decisions, but Also to cope with the Emotions that overtake you after The next move. Not only when playing poker, But also in everyday life, You need to remember that It is you who must Manage emotions. If your emotions control you, Then you lose concentration and Adequate assessment of your own actions.

Remember that the ability to Control yourself will significantly improve The quality of the game, Because in this case you Will no longer make mistakes Made under the influence of tilt.

In addition, having the ability To control your own emotions, In the future you will Be able to: improve, and Soon you will be able Not only to analyze the Game of your opponents, but Also to influence their psychological State yourself. You should make it a Rule to evaluate and analyze The hands you have played After the next session. Evaluating the correctness of your Actions when playing each hand Will help you make the Right decision in the future game. Every action that allows you To improve psychologically will definitely Affect your poker skills. By and large, this situation Often occurs outside of poker. Agree that any work will Be better and better performed By someone who has more experience.

Therefore, poker is also an Area where experience is one Of the most important advantages.

And in order to gain A positive poker experience, you Need to improve yourself psychologically, Prepare for each game, control Your own emotions, analyze and Evaluate the hands you play. By following all these tips, You will be able to Permanently exclude from your psychological State such a thing as Tilt.

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