Poker statistics

Well, with the details, You Will have to deal with yourself

After playing a little poker, You start to realize that Everyone plays differently, everyone has Their own way of playingHaving developed a certain tactic And strategy of the game, You will suddenly you discover That it doesn't work With any opponents. Someone is very adept at Resisting all Your tricks and traps.

What should I do? The answer is simple: you Need to study the enemy, The features of his game.

How do I do this? In this article, I will Give you the main directions For work. To get more detailed statistics, Of course, it is better To use special programs that Give you statistics on opponents During the game in real Time, rather than using various portals. A great many similar programs Have already been created, but They remain the most popular And best: to understand what All these numbers mean, carefully Study each of the parameters. stands for 'voluntary put $ in Pot'. This figure shows how often The player invests in the Pot on the first round Of trading. Raising and calling a raise On the flop here also Taken into account. If a player in the Big Blind takes the pot Before the flop, then this Is not the case. taken into account.

"Went to Showdown", indicates With what percentage of hands The player reaches the showdown.

Use the fold flop, fold Turn, and fold river metrics To determine which round a Player discards more often than usual.

I will explain some of Them, the most important ones

The norm of the WTSD Indicator is determined based on The opponent's VPIP indicator. Obviously, the higher the VPIP, The weaker the opponent's Hands, and the lower the WTSD should be. For a standard plus player, WTSD should usually be. This indicator is most accurate After hands – - preflop raise – preflop raise. This indicator expresses the percentage Of hands where the opponent Enters the pot only by Raising preflop.

Good players have an indicator That fluctuates around.

However, if the opponent has This indicator of, then the Range of pocket hands can Start from suited.

The lower this indicator, the Stronger the hand.

aggression factor – the aggression factor.

Starting from the flop, it Counts as bet raise call. We recommend setting this indicator For each street separately, to Know what you can expect From the enemy at any Given moment. Initially, it is displayed averaged For all streets. For a good player, this Indicator is about. – - the percentage of hands Dropped on the blinds against An attempt to steal the blinds. For most players, these numbers Are, on average, in the Big blind and in the Small blind. So in this case, blind-Steeling will not work in Every third hand against the Big blind and every seventh Against the small blind. – percentage of attempts to Steal the blinds. This figure shows the aggressiveness Of opponents from late positions In relation to the blinds. For good players, it is about.

If this indicator consists of A single digit, then you Can be sure that this Is hardly blind-steeling in Its pure form, most likely There is a very strong Pocket hand.

If the score is high, Then play aggressively, rearrange. This strategy will bring you Success in most cases.

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