Poker table Positions: what They

This is all true, but Not quite

Position in poker is something That is often underestimated by Many poker beginnersAccording to novice players, it Doesn't make any difference Which seat you sit at The table, but what cards The dealer has dealt you Is more important. Because often it is the Position that determines the winner Of the hand, and the Player who knows how to Use his position correctly, in The end, will be much More successful than the one Who ignores it. Your position in poker determines Which cards you can use To enter the hand and How You should behave during The hand itself.

The statistics of many professionals Tell us that they are Much more likely to win Hands while in position, and Much more likely to lose When playing out of position.

But what does it mean To play in a position ? This means that you will Have the very last word In trading, after all your Competitors have said it.

This will give You a Certain advantage over them, since By talking about the latter, You already have a rough Idea of the strength of Your opponents hands and know What bets they have placed.

Conversely, if You are out Of position and say your Word first, you can never Tell in advance how your Opponents will respond to it. Thus, the position in poker Is an additional source of Information about the strength of The opponents hands, which cannot Be ignored. For example, You are in A late position and you Were dealt a matching AK Pre-flop. All the players before you Only put the blinds, and You, accordingly, made a -bet, Showing the strength of your hand. Let's say there are Only two people left in The hand with You.

The flop opened, all mismatched

Both of your opponents before You check. What to do? In this case, it makes Sense to place a continuation Bet, since, most likely, Your Opponents do not have anything In their hands. Even if you place a Relatively small bet, in the Amount of the pot, you Will already force your opponents To fold.

And they'll do it Even if they know You'Re bluffing if they can'T beat Your bluff.

This is one of those Examples where it is the Position that has an impact On winning the hand.

So, let's take a Look at the example of A poker table, what are The poker positions, and which Of them are the best Worst in the hand? The best position in poker Is the button.

It is also sometimes called A dealer or a button.

Why? Because this is the only Position that is indicated by A special dealer chip, which Moves with each new hand In a circle. The person sitting on the Button position is the last To say their word in The trade, so this is The most profitable position that Allows you to enter the Hands with the widest starting Range of hands.

There is a cut-off Position near the dealer, which Is indicated by the letters CO in our picture.

This position is also a Late position, and it is Also one of the most Convenient in poker. This is followed by the Middle positions. In our example, there are Three of them, and they Are called MP, MP, and MP, respectively. Accordingly, the shorter the table, That is, the fewer players There will be, the fewer Players in the middle positions Will be. Early positions are those that Are among the first to Say the word in trading.

They are called utgs, and Are also numbered with numbers UTG, UTG, etc.

Some of the most unprofitable Positions at the poker table. By the way, the very Name of this positions are Deciphered quite interestingly, which means Under the gun in translation. Only the places where players Place their blinds will be Worse than these positions. These positions on our website Are designated as SB Small Blind and BB Big Blind.

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