Poker terms In the Texas hold'Em dictionary

Only straight and flash cards Are called' backdoor'

Learning poker from scratch for Beginners is accompanied by a Constant curiosity about the poker termsYou probably already know many Of the poker terms, such As "bluff", "Pokerface", and "all-In", but you probably don'T know all of them: This is practically a special Language that is incomprehensible to The uninitiated. Back Door – an incomplete Hand combination, which requires two More cards to complete - the Turn and river.

Rainbow – three or four Cards of different suits

For example, if you hold Two cards of the same Suit and get another one On the flop – you Have a backdoor flush. A Bad Beat is a Situation in poker where a Player with a clearly stronger Hand, who has a nut Hand and dominates preflop and Flop, ends up losing to An opponent with a weaker hand. Bluff-a bet without a Good combination, made in the Hope that the opponent will Fold and give up the Pot without a fight. Calling Station – a player Who constantly supports bets plays Call, without evaluating the pot'S chances, and does not Bet first. If the flop if it Contains three different suits, then It is called a rainbow For example. Trips-differs from a set In that the pair is On the table and you Have the third card. Wheel – the smallest straight Consisting of. It is also called a Bicycle wheel or Bicycle.

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