Poker Video Of Course!

And continue the bluff on The next street

I like teaching at level, Because there are a lot Of different guys, everyone has A different mindset, but at The same time most of Them have a desire to Develop, ask questions, and understand The detailsIt's great to see How students look at the Same situation from different angles. It's fun to train And at the same time Expand your experience, make information More profound, and look for Different interesting approaches in delivering information.

BB can be withdrawn at The standard rate

Plus, the guys are open To new things, try, do, Try and ask questions again. Thus, they develop themselves and Encourage me to develop and Correctly structure and submit knowledge.

Thank you for being there After Learning the material, you Will learn to notice and To understand a situation where A fold with an overpair Would be justified.

This is a skill that Will allow you to save Stacks in bet pots Learning How to identify good disguised Weak hands for calling, but Good for semi-bluff raises. And you can expand the Range of payment by times And even provoke an opponent With complete garbage. How? I'll tell you in Lesson how to implement easy Lines that can increase your Bluff income by bb, compared To other regulars. Applicable on the flop and river. You're afraid to keep Betting when the -flush Board Closes, and you lose a Value street. I teach you how to Get -bb, from the middle Hands of the opponent. Find out when and who You can value bet in Flush boards in this line. Standard bets give us bb Of the opponent's stack. The correct bet size is bb. Successful slowplay will give you Under bb, but slowplay is Not worth it, you risk Earning only out of bb. How to understand who and How to slowplay-see the Lesson I Analyze the perfect Ones boards and bet sizes, So that instead of bb, You can collect bb-bb From a weak opponent and Periodically see pairs and high Aces for showdown. When and how to use A deferred bluff. To increase the income by Making a continued bet, by - Times and reduce the variance.

After a cbet bluff against A fish, medium and weak Regs play a check fold Turn without Equity.

What if you learn to Put barrels in a bluff And it brings an additional -BB, instead of check fold. Interesting? Why average regulars lose bb From the opponent's stack After a bet pot check. But there is only one Situation where a slowplay check Is more profitable than a Bluff line bet, which is Not used by most regulars. Competent barrels in a bluff. Clear guidance on which boards And positions to use. The line gives an additional -BB instead of a zero Check fold.

I'll teach you how To expand your opponent's Range by and trigger bluffs When you have a strong Hand in the bet pot.

And how to collect streets In a city with an Average overpair where zero is Reg collects only streets Playing With AQ after bet I Will Tell you a clear Line with AQ, which will Help you earn EV BB Every time at a distance. Where most of the regulars Played just fold. I will teach you how To collect a full stack From your opponent after a Bet stake and provoke them To bluff. And why one bad check Cuts the income from bb To bb I Love this line.

As easy to use as Possible and as reliable as A Swiss watch.

I recommend implementing it in The game in order to Earn more on the red Line after the beta stake, An Unsuccessful check will give A mediocre reg -bb of Fish stack, a competent donkbet Will give a top reg bb. I will teach you when And how much it is Profitable to put a donkbet In a weak opponent-a Budget and easy-to-execute Bluff that most players don'T see, giving EV -bb Each time, instead of a Zero fold. Weak players push bb to Earn -BB by moving the Bankroll with variance.

And top regs invest -bb With FE to earn -bb On the course.

Underestimated the size of players Bets, it leads to the Fact that average regs earn BB where the tops are Able to collect BB of The opponent's stack. With what to isolate fish And what bets to collect The maximum. Welcome to the elite of microlimits. How to earn BB more, Without risk, by making a Conscious value bet with the Rd pair.

Most players will play a Check on the machine and Earn BB, while the top Player will collect BB by Making a thin value bet In the same situation.

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