Pokerdom-support Service online Chat and E-mail For requests

Calling the hotline will save You a lot of time

Supporting and generously rewarding your Players is a top priority For the Pokerdom roomFor several years now, the Room has been staffed by Highly qualified specialists, whose main Task is to help users Of the room in these situations. The fact that the support Room works at the highest Level is evidenced by numerous Reviews of real players on Forums and thematic sites. Each of us at the Beginning of our poker career Faced some difficulties when registering, Verifying, depositing or withdrawing money. In any case, any player Can chat with a poker Specialist online.

Every day, the support service Processes about requests and requests, Which may increase the waiting time.

In order not to disturb The support team, you can Find the answer yourself in The FAQ section.

Most often, players are interested In the following: Today there Are many sites with a Fraudulent bias on the Internet. They collect data, but they Have nothing to do with The room. There are only official communication Channels with experts: Below you Will learn which of the Best methods to use to Quickly resolve existing difficulties. We will also provide phone Numbers and official e-mail addresses.

If difficulties of any kind Arise, every Russian-speaking player Can immediately call the Pokerdom Hotline number.

This method is the fastest, Since the waiting time does Not exceed three minutes. The Call center is open Around the clock, so you Don't have to worry About a late call. Technical support always competently answers Your questions at any time. Support communicates in Russian, which Is convenient for finding out problems. You can contact us by Phone at the following numbers: Sometimes it takes time to Resolve the issue, because there Are not so many specialists Compared to the number of players. In addition, a progressive individual Approach is applied to each User, which requires some time. Please wait take your turn And you will be rewarded Handsomely, as the support room Does its job of the time. Belly chat on the site Is recognized as the most Reliable and convenient method for Communicating with a Pokerdom support team. This type of communication is Possible even for unregistered poker Players, so anyone who wants To make a final choice Of a platform for playing For real money can ask A question to the specialists Of the room.

Each player can contact the Support room at

If you are just starting Your poker career, when contacting Pokerdom support, you can ask Your colleagues to connect you With an online specialist who Will become your guide to The world of poker at The initial stage. Using an online chat, you Will have something like a Personal Manager who is ready To help with any difficulty. To find such a Manager, Click on the green icon With the dialog image and You are guaranteed to solve Your problems within five minutes: Click on this icon and Fill out the online request form. In the message body, you Should describe the essence of Your question as briefly as Possible, as far as erudition allows. Leave your first and last Name, and then wait for The employee within minutes. If for some reason the Connection is not established, write To your email address. After an online chat on Demand contact technical support via E-mail. This type of communication is Traditional and is usually not Used for getting a quick response. Players who contact the support Team's email address can Describe the current situation in Full detail, attach screenshots, or Record a voice message. When choosing this method, you Don't choose speed, but quality. It is advisable if you Accompany the request with identity Documents, such as a passport, Driver's license, or ID card. There are several nuances that Will allow you to quickly Get a response from specialists: Waiting for a response by Mail does not last longer Than days. Most often, your support team Will respond to you within A few hours of contacting you. Also don't don't Forget to respond to the Specialist's messages so that The correspondence history has a Tree structure. This way, a Pokerdom employee Will quickly find their way Around and provide qualified assistance. It is worth starting with The fact that this type Of communication appeared on the Site not so long ago. In February, the room officially Announced the creation of a Telegram community, using which players Will be able to receive Quick, qualified help from the Technical support team. You will find three Pokerdom Products in the app: Today, Pokerdom doesn't have an Official Vkontakte group. If you try to search, Either Google or Yandex will Not show on the official Webpage room. The only reason is that It doesn't exist. In addition, we tried to Find the group in the Social network app itself.

The search, as expected, did Not return any results.

This means that there is No Pokerdom community on the Social network.

When choosing a public profile, Be extremely careful, as there Are many fraudulent sites and Groups on the network that Aim to deceive and embezzle money.

Today we will discuss in More detail we talked about The Poker House support service And found out that the Most reliable method of communication Is live chat on the site. Online chat allows you to Solve all your questions regarding Registration or cashout within minutes. Communication with specialists via mobile Phone is also very popular Among Russian players, but sometimes You need to wait for The first available operator. Download the Pokerdom client, create An account and start earning Money.

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