PokerMastera: Subject: Poker books Worth reading

Download it until you are Forced to delete it

I decided to share what I haveSome were downloaded from this Site when the library was Still there.

Russian translation of two volumes Of the book Harrington on Cash Games.

Poker players probably don't Need to introduce the author Of the book. Both volumes together consist of Parts and cover about pages.

Bestseller body Language, first published In, and then translated into Languages and sold huge copies Of the total number of Copies sold exceeded million.

This is the most popular And authoritative textbook in the World for reading the thoughts Of others by their gestures, Which affects absolutely all aspects Of any person's personal Life and professional activity.

Colleen Moshman outlined in in His book on poker, the Expert's recommendations for single-Table poker tournaments Sit-N-Go when playing over the Internet.

This book is the first Book that teaches expert play In the CIS-no-limit Hold'em tournaments for - places. We consider playing in the Low, medium and high blind Stages, choosing starting hands, playing Post-flop, stiling and restyling, Playing at the short table, Playing bubble, etc. In any case, it is Worth reading at least part Of the story of my life. Very informative. Actually, it's a classic From a Great poker player. In addition to Doyle Brunson Himself, two-time world Series Of Poker WSOP champion, winner Of several gold bracelets at The WSOP and the title Of player of the year, The book was written by: Lyle Berman-three-time winner Of gold bracelets at the WSOP, founder of the World Poker Tour World Poker Tour And player with the highest Stakes Jennifer Harman-best poker Player among the women in The history of poker, and One of the top poker Players in the world, I Hope this book will help Novice players avoid the mistakes That initially plagued me. It also contains a lot Of discussions of advanced concepts And strategies for those who Want to raise the quality Of their game to a New level. The advanced overview of Texas Hold'em includes things like Probability and ratioodds, bluff, raise, And check raise raises. Also, various deceptive tactics, such As free cheap card, slow Play slow play, and provoking A bluff or call equalization. We'll look at the Right strategies for playing the Opening cards starters preflop, flop, Turn, and river.

We will also look at The difficulties that can arise When playing online and the Differences between offline games and Online poker.

Finally, we will look at The application of these strategies Based on more than hands Actually played on various sites.

They say that it is Outdated I Don't know, Not I know.

In any case, it is Worth reading at least part Of the story of my life.

Very informative.

Actually, it's a classic From a Great poker player. I completely agree with you,Such books,such masters, cannot Become outdated,they become classics.Moreover, his second book-Super System dedicated to Limit Hold'Em - is considered the Bible For any player who is Seriously interested in poker.

They say that it is Outdated I Don't know, I don't know

Rounder's book Easy poker Math really helped.

In simple language, with very Good tips and calculation formulas.

I am sure that this Book is a good place To start for any beginner. Thanks to Medved by the Way, it was on his Recommendation that I read this work. Now I've bought myself A lot of books. The problem is that I Don't like to read On a computer. You'll go broke on A printer if you print It out.I will somehow adapt. It probably won't be Convenient on your phone either. Lots of pictures in books. There are a lot of Books about poker and about Poker,but I am sure That Lesnoy can't write Anything useful.This is because of him And there are no people Like him offline poker in The Russian Federation.If there's anything you Need to read, it's Doyle Brunson's SUPER SYSTEM. The largest poker operator announced In its official blog the Introduction of a new feature Called Seat Me, designed to Protect ordinary players from professionals. The European poker tour EPT Festival will be the largest Offline event of its kind Ever held in Prague. Its sponsor According to information From the Department of property Relations of the Krasnodar territory, The Krasnaya Polyana game zone Has its first operator. RedKings Poker application has moved To the Microgaming poker network MPN Microgaming is the largest Poker network in the world And we are very excited To join them.

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