PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha

This tool is based on our Hold'em Equilab

With her you will be able to calculate equity not only against individual hands, but also against spectra - now such calculations will become much easier for youPokerStrategy Equilab Omaha will help you take your game to the next level - if used correctly, software can become a powerful weapon. Note: Although this tool is a great addition to the Omaha player's Arsenal, please note that it requires a good level of knowledge of Omaha and equity calculations. You can also refer to help in the Help menu-syntax Documentation with examples. The main window allows you to calculate equity using various filters. To calculate equity, you need to enter the corresponding hands or spectra for two or more players. Once you set the appropriate filters, click Evaluate, and the equity percentages will appear next to each player's hand or spectrum. You can also calculate equity on the flop, turn, and river. In addition to calculating the equity of one hand against another, PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha can calculate your equity against spectra as well. Other similar tools are not yet able to do this, which makes our software even more valuable.

This is a separate program for analyzing equity in Omaha

You just need to click on the " button, and then open the range selection menu.

A separate window opens (see the image below), and you can select a set of preset spectra.

By clicking on the information button next to your hand in the main window, you will go to the range Explorer, where all the combinations that make up the specified spectrum will be displayed. The equity chart opens in a separate window and visually presents your equity. The information will be converted to a graph to help you understand your equity relative to the spectrum.

Just specify the cards for each hand and you will get a detailed analysis of their equity against each other.

In addition, you will also be able to evaluate the playability of your hand in the multi-slot. Another important feature of PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha is counting outs on the flop. Obviously, that this function lets you see how many outs our hand has on the flop.

You just need to set your hand on the flop.

Once you do this, you will know the number of outs per flush or straight, including outs per nut flush straight. You will also be able to see your equity against spectra and the probability for a straight draw on the flop. We want to know your opinion about our new software, so we are waiting for your feedback or possible questions. Have you already tested the program? Are you going to use it? Have you ever had any problems working with it? Share your thoughts in a special section of our forum.

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