Preflop rules For playing Poker

bets blinds before any cards Are dealt

At the beginning of the Preflop, two players to the Dealer's left must place The required betsThe first player to the Dealer's left is called The small blind SB, i.e. small blind, and the player To the left of the Small blind is called the Big blind BB, i.e.

After each hand is drawn i.e.

four rounds and a showdown, The positions of the small And big blinds and the Dealer are shifted one place clockwise.

Cards are dealt one at A time in a clockwise direction

This is repeated throughout the Game, so that each player Has the opportunity to stay In all positions. At the beginning of each New hand, before the cards Are dealt, the big and Small blinds place the required Blind bets.

The blinds are essentially forced Bets and must remain in The pot for the duration Of the hand.

Other players must at least Bet the same amount if They want to stay in The hand draw. The amount placed by the Small and large blind is Credited to them as a Credit for a subsequent call Or raise. For example, if none of The players raise the big Blind, then they will not Raise the big blind. after the small and big Blinds have placed their bets In front of them, the Dealer shuffles the deck and Deals two cards to each Player, face down. The small blind gets the Cards first, and the dealer Gets the cards last. These cards are called closed Cards, or pocket cards. After all players have received Their pocket cards, the player To the left of the Big blind starts the betting round. Each player has the option To either call add an Amount equal to the bet To the pot, raise increase The current bet at least Twice, or pass fold abandon The hand, cards go to The end in the center Of the table The minimum Possible bet should be equal To the big blind. If players bet a large Amount, this is called a raise. In this case, the raise Becomes the new minimum bet. Players continue to place their Bets clockwise. When the move goes to The small blind, the player Can either call by adding As many chips as necessary To make the bet. make the current maximum bet Equal, or save, in which Case he leaves the game, And his chips go to The pot.

The last player in the Preflop is the big blind.

He chooses between raising, checking, And passing. If none of the players Has raised the big blind In the entire round, they Can either check they are Not required to add chips To the pot or raise Then the round continues until Each player makes a similar Bet or gives up the Hand.

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