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Red Star Poker is the Poker room of the iPoker Network

Until may, for many years It was part of another Network - Microgaming Poker NetworkThis poker room is aimed At the Russian-speaking audience Represented by citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. By the number of players, IPoker Network is confidently among The top online poker players. One of the most pleasant Bonuses from changing the network For users is the first Deposit bonus of up to. Moreover, it can be obtained Not only by those people Who actually register for the First time, but also by Owners of existing accounts. Other services attractive features of Red Star Poker are a Monthly lottery and a good rakeback. Red Star Poker this is A room with a long History and Russian-speaking roots. Over the years of its Existence, it has managed to Change several prescriptions. Starting in the Cake network, Which was later renamed Revolution, Then moved to MPN, and In may, the room settled In the iPoker network. The main advantage of this Room is its loyalty to Russian-speaking players. Red Star Poker is the Only iPoker network skin that Officially accepts players from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Currently, the average traffic value On the iPoker network ranges From, to, cash players per day. After the integration of nine Skins of the closed MPN Network, which doubled the number Of poker rooms in the IPoker Network, the traffic level Will receive a quantitative and Qualitative increase. At the expense of what? Joining the iPoker Betsson Group Network will help attract casino And sports betting enthusiasts to Poker from these storefronts.

In addition, the network it Has ambitious goals and aims To unseat GG Network, which Is now the largest poker Network, from the poker throne.

iPoker is now strong, motivated And ready to fight for The highest places in terms Of cache traffic. Let's see what we have. Here is the full range Of limits from NL to NLk. The main traffic is focused On micro-limits, where more Than three dozen tables are available. At the limits from NL To NL, you can find About - tables in the evening. There are also over a dozen. PLO tables at levels from NL to NLk. Omaha is somewhat behind hold'Em, but not critically. The limits with the highest Activity are PLO, PLO, and PLO. In General, it is worth Noting the uniform download limits In Omaha on IPoker. The amount of action is - Lower than in hold'em.

In General, such intentions are Not empty bravado

The one - on-one game Is available for almost the Entire range of cash limits, Both in hold'em and Omaha.

The iPoker network has its Own version of quick access A poker game that is Very popular with players.

The average load on the Tables during the day ranges From to users. Available limits: NL, NL, NL, NL, NL, and NL. Six Plus Holdem. The popular short deck format In the iPoker network is Represented by the following limits: NL, NL, NL, NL and NL.

The game is available almost Around the clock and at All levels.

It should be noted that The spin Go analog from IPoker does not adhere to Modern trends of Hyper-turbo Acceleration and so far offers A classic structure: levels of Three minutes, a starting stack Of BB. The average rake is about. Below is a table of The frequency of different multipliers Falling out. By default, the maximum win In Twister is, unless there Are special promotions. The buy-in grid is As follows. SnG formats are widely represented In the lobby. Here and HU, and MTSNG And even long-forgotten DoN. The minimum buy-in is Only, and the maximum is. The traffic is there, but Not too big. We recommend that you consider Red Star Poker as an Additional poker room for grinding Sit Go. With multi-table tournaments, it'S about the same story. There are some good events, But if you are used To kilopolyanam and many thousands Of guarantees, then here you Will be cramped.

However, this does not negate The fact that tournaments in Red Star and the IPoker Network can be attractive for Players with a low ABI.

From January, the iPoker network Has moved to its own System of counting the rake, Which is called Source Based Rake SBR. The calculation methodology here, as In the now-defunct MPN Network, is the same: the Calculation is made based on The success of the player And the showcase that he represents. In the end, the essence Of the system is to Make uneven rake accrual in A hand where regular and Fish occur. Rake accrual goes to the Latter at the expense of The former, that is, in This way, the network tries To help weak players reduce The rake load and get More rakeback. Rake in Red Star Poker, As in the entire network, Is not charged on hands That have not seen the flop. The average value of the Rake, as a rule, does Not exceed. The iPoker network software, and Now Red Star Poker, meets All the modern requirements of The online poker industry. Stylish and fast lobby, with Easy navigation through limits and Tables, minimalistic style of table Design allows you not to Be distracted by small things, But to focus on the game. At the same time, in The lobby you will find A lot of settings: from The four-color deck, to Chat settings, animation and sound effects. However, this is not surprising, Because the software developer is The world-famous company Playtech, Which owns the IPoker network. An important advantage of iPoker Network software is full support For tracking programs. You can easily use Holdem Manager, HandNote, or Poker Tracker While playing Red Star Poker.

An analog of StarsCaption-iPoker Tools also works here.

And that's not to Mention there are many different Moddings and layouts for IPoker software. You can play Red Star Poker directly in your browser, Or by downloading the app For Windows or Android. There is no separate poker Version for mobile devices, but The site is perfectly adapted For mobile devices. In honor of Red Star'S transition from MPN to IPoker, we advise new and Old players to pay attention To the following bonuses: in Addition, players who register with Us in the red Star Poker room with the RSP Promo code can receive up To of gross rakeback. For more detailed information, please Contact our support team. In total, during the wagering Period for the first Deposit, The rakeback will be, and After wagering this bonus, taking Into account monthly reload bonuses, It will be up to. players can also participate in The weekly Twister Races, try Their luck in the Lottery Promotion, or complete special tasks In Mission Master.

The loyalty system at Red Star Poker is quite simple.

Behind every rake generated, the Player is awarded a Status Point, which he can later Use to exchange for bonuses Or real money. The program itself consists of Two levels: Red and Star.

Red Star Poker supports a Wide range of Deposit and Cashout methods.

Both classic VISA MasterCard cards And popular e-wallets are Available here.

the room also works with Major cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, ETH.

In General, if your account Is verified and there are No problems, payments to popular Wallets are withdrawn within a Maximum of hours, but often Almost instantly. All players who have registered For RedStar Poker via our Link are eligible to receive Any programs for free from Our store. Please contact us for more details. Due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation and potential blocking By Roskomnadzor, direct links for Registration are prohibited. For instructions on registration, please Contact us in any way That is convenient for you:.

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