Responsible play Ggpokerok poker Online

Upon request from the account Holder, we can close the Account for any period of Time, but not less than Days, including lifetime blocking, and During this period access to The account for any reasonit will not be possible. In case of a request Without specifying a deadline, it Will be set by the Support service and equal to The minimum. You can at any time Close your account in accordance With our policy of self-Exclusion in the framework of Responsible gaming it is necessary To contact our support by E-mail Request for account Closure is executed when the Processing treatment. After the self-exclusion period Expires, your account will be Unblocked automatically.

All requests to reactivate your Account are reviewed by the Support Service.

Accounts that have been closed As part of our self-Exclusion policy cannot be opened For any reason before the Self-exclusion period expires. If you have asked us To permanently close your account, It cannot be reactivated for Any reason. If a request for blocking Is made more than times In days, the account will Be blocked by the support Service for a month. We will make all reasonable Efforts to ensure compliance with Our self-exclusion policy in The following cases: as part Of a responsible game. However, you agree that we Will not be responsible in Any way if you continue To Deposit funds in your Game balance and play poker Using additional accounts that were Not previously announced, or if You open a new account With virtually the same personal Registration data, even if they Are entered in the registration Form in a different way.

You will lose the right To all future games, bonus Funds and data entered in Any offers.

We will not be able To restore them if you Reactivate your account after the Self-exclusion period expires.

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