Roulette secrets Systems and Tactics-BNC

Among roulette lovers, there are Many tricks and tricks

Any self-respecting gamer, for Whom the main game in The casino is roulette, does Not give out his secrets To just anyoneBut there are exceptions. And now just such a Case, because when you are Confident in your abilities, then There is no need to Be greedy. Let's look at a Few secrets that can make Your life easier when playing roulette. Of course, not everyone and Not always uses any secrets, Methods and methods. It is difficult to find A gamer who constantly follows Any system. But it is impossible to Find a person who has Never used this or that Method to win at roulette. The first secret that I Would like to pay attention To, this is a method That came to the game Of Heroes from the European Classic roulette.

Its essence is that you Need to put alternately, in Accordance with certain rules, then On red, then on black.

For example, we bet on Red, and if we win, We switch to black.

And so on, until the Maximum bid limit is reached

If you lose, double your bet. This method is very popular Due to its simplicity, but It is impossible to win Much in it. It is suitable for those Who really do not like To lose and agree to Play for a long time And painfully, just not to lose.

For them, roulette doesn't Always reveal secrets.

You can learn more about This system on the following Page: For those who like To count and know how To calculate options, there is The following secret called "mirror". This is where you can Really try your hand. It is worth listing the Numbers that have mirrors attached To them.

These are, - and two "flip" Numbers: - and.

They are easy to remember And just as easy to Use for your own enrichment. The rule for using inverted Numbers is: as soon as You see that a number With a mirror has fallen Out, you start betting on Its pair from the tenth Bet to the twentieth. Next, we are waiting for The following. Many people start to catch The mirror immediately, but this Is already how they like it. Looking for system numbers. For example, you get and Then in an hour. you will Definitely get, or In the next hour. You need to put it. Or you get, and in Any sequence, but in a Row, immediately wait for. Look for patterns, be careful-Roulette does not reveal its Secrets to everyone, but only To the persistent. Here you need to notice The jumps of dozens, colors Or columns.

As soon as you see That they have started to Jump, in any case do Not bet on the previous one.

For example, if you get The third dozen, bet on Or, or both at once. It's the same with speakers. With flowers, you need to Do a little differently. If they alternate, place the Next bet on the opposite color. If several times in a Row - times falls out the Same one, you need to Bet on it.

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