Situations in Which a Poker player Should stay Out of The

The pros have no choice But to play poker

They don't have the Right to stop because they Have to earn money, status, And reputationThis process is permanent, and Therefore professionals can very rarely Stay in the lead for More than a few years. Luck is not unlimited, and High loads lead at best To emotional burnout, and even To serious illnesses. Conventionally, cases that indicate the Need for a pause can Be grouped into two groups, One of which relates directly To the game moments, and The second is related to Health in all its manifestations. For example, we recommend that You stop playing the game Or do not start it At all, when the General State of health leaves much To be desired. It doesn't matter what The cause of the discomfort Is, a common cold or Indigestion, the main thing is That it will interfere with The game.

And it's not even The need to leave the Table – it's just Impossible to achieve success in This state: the brain simply Cannot devote itself to poker.

Naturally, you can not play Under the influence of mind Stimulants-alcohol and other ways To "relax get ready tune In and what other reasons We come up with in Order to justify our bad Habits".

In addition to the fact That there is really no Effect from such stimulation, it Also has the terrible feature Of disabling braking, and as A result, you can lose Much more than planned, if Not everything. The third place in the List of reasons that make You think about whether to Play poker for real money Is fatigue. The obvious inability to concentrate, Distracted attention, inhibited reactions-but How can you do this? to win? Some people also include anger – not hard sports excitement, But indignation and indignation at Someone or something, even if It is not related to The game. You can mix these symptoms After all, both are from The field of emotional States, You can leave it as It is, but you definitely Should not play with anger In yourself.

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Why? The previous paragraph says it All! But if the body that Is not in order can Still more or less signal To the control center, that Is, the brain that it Is time to curtail, then It will not think of It itself. Therefore, it is very important To include in it relevant Information about situations in which It is undesirable to play, Before such situations occur.

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