Spin Gold Tournament at GGPokerok online Casino

Spin Go Tickets are valid For days after receipt

From November: Moscow time to December: Moscow time, GGPokerok online Casino hosts a series of Daily Spin Gold tournaments for Poker fansThe entry fee starts from. No qualification is required. Any casino client who has Registered on the GGPokerok website Can become a member.

The prize pool of each Competition starts from USD and Depends on the size of The buy-in: the number Of winners is from to, Depending on the leaderboard.

To compete for a portion Of the prize pool, the User must play Spin Gold Tournaments during the day and Earn points from each blind. The number of points awarded Depends on the player's Current rank: During the entire Period of the tournament, the "Happy hours" promotion is valid.

Unused tickets cannot be cashed Out.

Every day from: to: by Moscow time, the number of Points awarded increases by. If several players have scored The same number of points By the end of the Scoring period, the first player To accumulate points will get A higher position in the leaderboard. According to the results of The competition, the participants with The best results will share The prize pool among themselves. The prize for winning the Tournament with a buy-in Of USD is credited to The main account. In other categories, the award Is given with Spin Go tickets. Tournament winnings will be credited On the first business day After the end of the Previous scoring period.

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