The world's best post about the red line. Part. how to raise the red line, increase your winnings without showdown

The red line myth is a mystery for many people

Let's start by defining the red line, what it is, and why everyone is talking about itThe red line (in Holdem Manager) is nothing more than a chart of Non-Showdown Wins, that is, the money you won without a showdown. It is enabled in the Graphs menu as shown in the figure below. Before I go into all the trouble, I'll say a few more words about the red line and the General hysteria around it. It all started about two years ago, when suddenly on The twoplustwo forum people started asking the question 'what is it and what is it eaten with'. Then a serious debate broke out on the topic of red lines and how they generally reflect the player's level. And as is usually the case in the poker community, all the answers were divided into three groups: the General consensus was that the red line directly reflects the skill of the player, because to win without a showdown you need to be able to bluff where you need to and make big folds (and this cannot be done effectively without using mining, - approx. Once they hear that a positive red line schedule will make them gods of the game, many young Padawans begin to do absolutely ugly things with the zeal worthy of the best representatives of the lemming family, coming up with no less ugly reasons and excuses, referring to the opinions of others like them on the forums. I'll probably start from a long way off, and after I tell you everything and show you about the red line, I'll give you some tips on how to improve it and what kind of poker you need to play in order for it to go up. And you will decide for yourself whether you are ready for it or not. The red line (Non-Showdown Wins or Won Without Showdown) is the sum of all the money that you lost by investing in the pot, but not reaching the showdown.

Example: you made a -bet with o preflop and received a -bet from your opponent.

You they discarded their cards, thus not reaching the showdown and losing the size of their bet. Or you make a counter bet on the flop, check the turn, and fall on the river bet - we also put it in the liability of our red line. Did you bet the flop and turn, but get a raise on the turn and fold your cards? Minus for the red line. Did you check raise on the flop and win the pot? And here, please write it down on your account - you won the money without opening, the red line goes up. Thus, the less you lose in situations where your opponent rarely discards his cards (for example, counter bet on the flop against fish), and the more often you use situations where your opponent is more likely to give you the pot (check raise on dry boards like K), the higher your red line. The essence of this indicator is that it is contrasted with the Showdown Wins line, that is, statistics showing how much you have already won at the showdown.

At the same time, there is no mystery here

Both of these charts add up to your win or loss. So, we have turned on the red line, and we can see that something is wrong with it.

Not only do we lose for, hands, but the red line is down - does that mean we have to go to the dump? The first thing you should be aware of is that this red line also includes situations when you were in the blinds.

Is it important? Let's take a look. We had -$, in Non-ShowDown Wins. We will exclude from the statistics all cases when we were on the small and big blinds Oh, really? It turns out that our test subject plays a very, very good plus when he is not in the blinds and does not lose these mandatory bets in most cases! The red line just soars up. Now it seems to me that many supporters of the red line are starting to lose their heads and they are already reaching out to their Holdem Manager to prove to everyone that I drew this graph in photoshop. But let's not get hysterical and slap ourselves on the shoulder, saying that " everything, the riddle is solved, it's time to retire." In fact, no-otherwise I would limit myself to just these two graphs. Let's dig deeper. We have already decided that if we are not in the blinds, then our red line becomes directly representative. What happens on the blinds themselves? Obviously, if we are sitting in the big blind with o and someone else opens CO, then we fold our blind. Thus, Holdem Manger believes that we lose money without a showdown.

Let's keep this in mind for now and move on to another question.

How do we play when we are in the blinds, but still decide to enter the game (via raise, call, or bet)? Let's apply the 'VPIP True' filter only to SB and BB positions, so now we'll only look at situations when we invested money in the blinds ourselves, and not just lost our money with garbage: Do you still consider yourself an outcast with your negative red line? I hasten to disappoint you - perhaps this is true, but we will already talk about this in the second part of the article. In the meantime, let's take a look at the information we already have is available: What does it mean? That in the vast majority of cases, our red line goes down due to natural causes - the blinds that we place every round, and at the same time throw out our cards. If you still don't understand where the money is coming from on the red line, let me demonstrate that in Other words, following the age-old rule of tight and standard poker, you absolutely correctly play few hands without a position. Why poker is not worth playing without a position has already been described and covered in countless articles and notes, so we will not dwell on it here. But the fact remains that if you fold a lot of hands in the blinds, your red line will inevitably go down. This is an absolutely natural consequence of your strategy. And all you can do in most cases is limit your losses on the blinds. Indeed, all your attempts to bring the red line up - this is the desire to level the cost of the game. How much is it we'll talk about variance or not later. But right now, I really ask you: don't take this as a guide to action, don't be lemmings. The number of hands played does not mean quality, it is a banal consequence of a simple and easy-to-learn tight strategy game! In just a few lines, you'll see why you can continue to fold in the blinds and still see your red line grow before your eyes. Well, in the second part of this article, I will develop this topic. Since this is the case, I'll give you a moral about the importance of the blinds. A very good statistical indicator is this thread on the TwoPlusTwo forum. After playing a little bit with the statistics, I came up with this result: the Weighted win rate for such statistics is approximately. ptbb - that is, the average win rate of today's regular, which does not exceed its limit very much. If you take a closer look, you can see that our loss on the blinds is about bb, or. In other words, to recapture this disadvantage, we spend all our winrate in UTG, MP and part of the winrate in CO, and make money (in fact) only when we are in the dealer's position. Why exactly this way, and not from the other end? Simply because being in the position you have the most opportunities to make this winrate, for quite obvious reasons. This is a word about the importance of the dealer's position in poker But we digress a little. What was the point of this analysis? Yes, to the fact that even minor changes in your game on the blinds can lead to a huge result in terms of your profit. What does this have to do with the red line? The most direct one. Remember what I told you to keep in mind when we fold in the big blind and the Holdem Manager counts it as a loss in the red line? What if our mathematical expectation of playing this hand is higher than what we lose? Then our red line will not be affected (or it will suffer, but not so much). Several of the axioms: What does this mean? If if you translate it into regular Russian, you will get the following: open your statistics in Holdem Manger and see with what hands and in what situations you lose on the blinds. Eliminate these hands from your range and you will see your red line rise and winrate rise along with it. That is: if it is not profitable for us to play s in the big blind position, then from now on we will only fold with them and be happy that we have lost only one blind and our red line will sink less (and maybe the blue line, if we go to showdown with this hand so often). Let's take an example of this. Here are the statistics of the SAME nl-NL player in the blinds: it is Obvious that he loses slightly more than the average for -max games, so it is worth looking at what brings him the biggest loss.

Let's start with a situation where our hero is a preflop caller.

To do this, we need to determine with which types of hands he calls pre-flop and loses. To start, select the following filter: display only the SB and BB positions, and only when the hero made a preflop call: in Total, our hero made a call in the blinds times and won about $. Sparsely populated. You can correct this, and to do this, let's see with which hands he lost the most. Oddly enough, the picture is as follows: Two big losses with AJ and AQ come from rather stupid bluffs, but there is no excuse for the rest: what range hero doing As, As, KTo, QJo, To, s, ATo, Ao, o, o, etc, if he obviously plays them regularly and is clearly not able to play them (it would be allowed to play them in the big blind against a raise from the small blind, but they still need to be able to play!). Just remove these hands from the statistics and get this: Who says money doesn't grow on trees? And the win without shoudan, our favorite red line, increased more than times from $ to $ (not shown in the picture - too late turned on). That is, everything that I said above is fully confirmed in practice - Yes, we have started to discount some hands and losing our blinds, but we used to lose even more with them. And thus, without leaving the box office, we increased our Non-Showdown Wins in just one specific situation by times compared to the previous indicator.

You can do the same thing with your bet score - look at the appropriate filter, draw conclusions, open the calculator, calculate what range you need to have (if it is balanced) and exclude unnecessary hands.

By the way, our test subject with bets was doing well and it was difficult to wish for anything more there, so I decided not to post these statistics. In the same way, you can analyze the limit pots that you play from the blinds and the effectiveness of your barrels on the flop, turn, or river - in short, the scope for improvement is endless and we will talk about it again in one of our training videos (both about limit pots and statistics in Holdem Manager). I think we should finish this for today. Well, the most interesting thing is how to raise it I'll leave your postflop red line for the second part. The first Russian winner of the European poker tour (EPT) tournament, winner of the world series of poker (WSOP-) bracelet. He has been a professional online poker player for seven years and during this time he has not had a single negative month. PokerStars has announced a super action to celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of three-player Spin Go tournaments. Now poker fans can enjoy tournaments that cost just half a dollar and you can win a million dollars! Developed by canadian game theory specialists from the University of Alberta, the algorithm cannot yet absolutely guarantee to beat a person in each game, since the layout of cards is random, but in a long match, the computer will always take up.

Download game Poker

Your opponents don't know Your cards

Welcome to our mobile poker Club! Here you will find cool Offline games of classic poker Texas hold'em pokerLearn the rules of poker And visit poker rooms all Over the world! - No network access? Not a problem. Play offline poker anytime, anywhere, Because even without the Internet, Games are always available! - Our card deck generator Has been tested on millions Of hands. "Absolutely a newbie? You'll love it in Our app. There's no limit to Your turn, so think as Much as you want. You can also skip watching The game until the end, But go straight to the Next one to gain experience As soon as possible. Our poker game will give You the opportunity to find Out your real level. Who are you? Beginner or professional? Even if you know the Rules of poker, it won'T be enough to win.

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Even if you run out Of all your chips, you Will have the opportunity to Get free ones.

Just try downloading poker and Check it out for yourself. Win cups of all the Capitals of the world. But remember that this requires A lot of patience and You need to know the Poker rules. Even experienced professionals can hardly Get the entire set of trophies. After all, tournament poker is Not easy to play. So, good luck! She's for you it Will come in handy.

Best poker Books: how To learn To play

One of the oldest books On the game of poker For beginners

However, you can learn The basics of the game With the help of special literatureWe have prepared a list Of the best poker books That can be useful not Only for beginners, but also For advanced players. Note to the reader: on The territory of the Russian Federation, you can only play Poker in gambling zones. At the moment, there are Four of them: Krasnaya Polyana, Siberian coin, Primorye and Amber. Visiting these establishments is allowed Only after reaching the age Of majority. The best poker books primarily Introduce the reader to the Basic concepts of the game And help them build their Own primary strategy, which, of Course, will change and improve With the expansion of knowledge. This book on poker will Help beginners learn the basic rules. In fact, it is an Introduction to the world of Professional gaming.

The third volume is intended For practicing skills

Thanks to the author's Accessible writing style, Little green Book will introduce readers to The basic concepts of Texas Hold'em.

The book in Russian translation Can be found in the Public domain. Understanding the opponent's motivations, As well as being able To anticipate the other person'S train of thought, is The key to success in Any tabletop gambling game. In his book on poker, John Enholt tells the reader About the psychotypes of players, Helping not only to understand Your own, establish yourself in The behavior at the gambling Table and learn to cope With them. it is also necessary to Assess the opponent objectively, recognizing In his behavior not only An obvious, but also a Hidden tilt. The content of the material Collected by the author also Contains recommendations for competent work With notes.

In it, the author focuses On the basics of hold'Em and stud, draw poker, Etc, as well as on The actions of players aimed At obtaining direct benefits: bluff, Slowplay, check-raise, etc.

Basic information in the book Alternates with personal stories of The author and his friends, Experienced at the poker table. This book on poker was Written by a former employee Of the Microsoft software development Company, who at one time Lost big, losing a full Bankroll in a poker room. The author focuses on the Extraordinary thinking of the player At the poker table, as Well as the ability to Restrain emotions, focus and take Risks at the same time. This book on the game Of poker is co-authored By three world-renowned and Experienced poker players.

It allows you to not Not only to learn, but Also to try out the Studied material with the help Of special tasks.

Here you can also find Solutions written by the authors To compare and analyze your Own mistakes. Playing at low stakes, according To the authors of the Material, is not a struggle For the title of the Most cunning, but a struggle For the most solid, logical And intellectually capable player.

The poker book contains tips On analyzing the odds of Betting, evaluating the pot, working With pocket cards, the potential Of players when playing in The second round with the Flop, and so on.

In addition, the authors pay Great attention to the role Of risk in Small Stakes Holdem, without which, as they Claim, it is impossible to Play competently. This book on the game Of poker may not be Useful for every poker player, Because to study it, you Will need not only significant Gaming experience, but also an Outstanding mind. Why? Because, in addition to passing On basic knowledge, the author Of the work will teach The player how to fight At medium and high limits Using poker mathematics.

Of course, the publication did Not do without visualized examples.

The author of this manual Became widely known after his Tables for easy counting outs In the deck were distributed On the world wide web. In fact, this book is A set of calculations that Convey as simply as possible The meaning of analyzing outs In the deck, strengthening hand Positions, and likely getting a Draw hand. After reading it, the player Will learn how to calculate The percentage of outs in The final rounds of the game. Dan Harrington is one of The most famous poker players On the world stage. The three-volume poker book Was co-authored with professional Chess and backgammon player bill Roberti. The books combine a mathematical And practical approach to playing Texas hold'em tournament games. The authors have divided the Important elements of the poker Game into three books. The first volume, which includes Information on tournament game strategy, Is written for beginners. The second volume deals with The final stages of the Tournament: this includes unique features. Harrington's bluff strategies, conservative And super-aggressive play styles, etc. Moreover, unlike other publications, Harrington And Roberti's book also Covers satellite games, bet management, And other important elements of Hold'em. It includes a detailed analysis Of the authors positions, with The help of which the Reader will learn to think Like a professional. The author of the publication, Who is primarily a professional Psychologist, develops the topic of Behavioral analysis at the poker Table with an emphasis on Understanding the player's own personality. The book explains why a Particular player turned to a Particular strategy and how to Proceed in each case in Order to turn the game In their favor. In his book on poker Schoonmaker often refers to well Known works the Author of The book will teach experienced Poker players how to make Their game stable and independent Of the circumstances in the Tournament arena while climbing the Ranking to level C the Leading players. In this paper, Sklansky also Examines the differences between tournament And partner poker, as well As points out what risk Factors a player may face In a tournament game, and Explains the impact of players Strategies in the field and How they can affect the Course and results of the Game.

Play poker In the Browser online

With computers, everything is even easier

More and more often you Can hear the statements of Professionals and ordinary people that Devices are developing much faster Than softwareSo, for example, even inexpensive Smartphones can be used for Almost all programs and even games.

If you touch on the Topic of our favorite poker Game, it is unlikely that You will find at least One client that will not Work on a computer that, At least, turns on, except For the already deceased PKR Poker.

Moreover, web technologies have entered An active phase of development, Which means that quite often You can play poker fully And even with the help Of separate versions for the Web browser.

The main thing is, of Course, that there is no Need to install and download anything.

This becomes an unpleasant routine, If you frequently change devices Or play games on a Non-home computer. Since there is no installation, If the browser works correctly, There is a minimal chance That you will have problems Playing poker in the browser, But, of course, this approach Has its drawbacks. Despite the active development, some Technologies are still not represented In browsers. It is possible that the Problem may also be laziness Or unwillingness of developers to Add specific functionality for this Platform, and we will see This soon, but there are Still differences between web versions And full-fledged clients. The security of computer programs Is also much higher. But the field of data Protection when working in the Browser is also developing, so This is only a temporary drawback. Still, you can, for example, When depositing or withdrawing funds, Go to the desktop client And perform the necessary operations With peace of mind. One of the most important Disadvantages for professional players – The inability to use specialized SOFTWARE, such as Holdem Manager And Poker Tracker. And since this is the Basis for the development of Most players, they have to Give up playing poker in The browser for a single reason. Everything moves smoothly to the Web, and we are almost Sure that soon all poker Will be there including mobile Platforms, but for now we Will tell you about poker Rooms that offer this functionality Right now. So far, the poker room In the world offers its Users Poker Instant Play, with Which you can play poker Online in a browser. Developers focus not only on The functionality of the game Application, but also on the Security of financial transactions. That is, according to the Administration, you can not even Download the client on a PC, but immediately make deposits And withdraw your winnings. it is also surprising That The capabilities of the web Version are even wider than Those of the mobile program, Which should be more efficient.

Slightly less chance of incorrect operation

In particular, there are no Restrictions on the types of Games: you can play both Texas hold'em and Omaha Hi-lo with a seven-Card Herd. The developers did not forget About the unique modes, such As Snap Poker. Finally, one of the unique Features of this poker room Is also available in the Browser version. We are talking about unique PokerCam tables, where you can Play with Webcams turned on. The advantages of this mode Are probably not worth describing. The experience of such a Game is closer than anything Else to a real game At the casino table. Surprisingly, the browser even has Support for branded casinos and Sports betting. Yes, all you need to Do is open an extra Tab in the browser. Please note that prior to This, we were talking exclusively About the functional features of The browser version, and not A word was said about The poker room itself. And you could say a Lot: about the incredible no Deposit bonus of $, about permanent Promotions, about satellites to major Events planets and many other Pleasant and important details. This is the second Russian Poker room that allows you To play in rubles.

It was launched not so Long ago, but it is Already part of the PokerDom Network and offers a good Set of services, including the Ability to play poker in An online browser.

The special feature of this Room is that its browser Version will also work on Mobile devices. The only thing you need Is an installed Flash player, But this is a trifle, Which is available on almost All modern devices Visually, the Web version looks exactly the Same as the desktop client, So there should be no Problems with the interface. Along with the design, the Developers copied the functionality. There are no such things That would not be available For playing poker online in The browser on RuPoker: starting With registration and ending with Withdrawing personal funds from the account. There is also a chat And a tool for contacting The support service. The main problem that can Occur with a web client Is the access problem. How as you know, poker Rooms are often blocked, and RuPoker is no exception. And if it takes only Five minutes to register and You don't experience any Problems using the desktop client, Then if the service is Unavailable in your country, it Will be quite difficult to Play poker in an online browser.

You will need to use A VPN, Turbo mode, or The Tor program, which may Affect the speed of access To the resource and the Internet as a whole.

In addition, it is extremely Important to make a reservation With the support service that You plan to use blocking Bypass tools so that they Do not suspect you of fraud. This poker room is one Of the most famous in The iPoker network, which indicates Its quality and a good Player base, which is also Provided with other rooms.

Unfortunately, a good history of The room also has its Drawbacks, in particular, a certain Archaic nature, which is why Fans of modern design are Not allowed to play.

But this problem is also Observed in other clients, so It's just worth it Of Course, we should not Talk about any features of The web version itself. And the features of the Room itself can attract conservative Players, there is nothing supernatural In them: a first Deposit Bonus of up to $, bonuses And tournaments for beginners in Large numbers, hold'em, Omaha, Fast poker and a traditional Tournament grid.

The ability to play poker In the poker online browser Is a small thing, but It is pleasant and important, So it is wrong to Miss out on poker rooms With such functionality.

To the detailed reviews above, We will add a short List of slightly less significant Rooms that offer the same Features: Pokerdom also used to Have a web version, but It, like many other features, Disappeared after the last update.

Some components have already been Returned from that moment, so We should expect that the Client in the browser will Also please all Russian-speaking Players again.

We strongly recommend that you Do not refer to different Game modes. they can be used as Analogs of full-fledged poker Rooms or as simulators. In fact, such games have Little in common with real Sensations, so it is better Not to dull them. However, this does not negate The fact that such programs As World Poker Club, Zynga Poker or Pokerist are cool Entertainment in themselves.

And they started with social Networks, which, of course, was Always accessed using a browser.

Of course, mobile devices are Now the No. platform for them, but, for Example, WPC is still working On a separate version for The browser, so the future Promises a lot of interesting things. Playing in the browser can Be unsafe and sometimes a Little less diverse than using A computer program, but this Does not negate the fact That this method is much More convenient, because it allows You not to bother with Downloading, installing, optimizing and much more. Web technologies have evolved to The point where a single App allows users to play Games and play games.

to communicate, and solve all Your financial issues, so we Expect that in the near Future all poker rooms will Begin to present their own Multiplatform developments for the browser.

MTT Poker - watch videos online

how to learn to play MTT tournaments on PokerStars

Do you want to have a good time watching videos? On our video portal you will find videos for every taste, funny videos, videos about animals, video broadcasts and much more An introductory course for novice MTT players or players who have moved on from other disciplinesHere you will learn what online tournament poker is Many poker players will tell You that they are most afraid of loose-aggressive opponents, who you can never tell exactly what they are facing This is only a small part of the mistakes players make during poker tournaments. In order to play confidently and win more prize money What do you think is the most important thing when playing a tournament? That's right, choose the right strategy! In a nutshell, we will tell you how and in what form Information about training: the implementation of the ICM model Ben Roberts: It is widely known that the most aggressive players win in tournament no-limit poker. However, many are wondering 'Why Training with Join the team Firestorm poker team. Free poker training and player backing MTT Coach Team Firestorm Poker school and backing teams: the ITC Telegram channel, where we post training sessions: Poker streams This video explains how to start winning MTT (multi-table tournaments) in poker.

poker poker training cardmates mtt MTT Powered by Restream my Name is Dima, I am years old, I have been playing poker since the summer of.

Until the end of, I played SNG max, I played more than, of them Which hands should be opened and from which positions? Ready-made solutions for beginners - preflop opening charts by position.

☆ Subscribe to What is the key moment for winning tournaments ?: Process: customizing players: stack Sizes poker poker training What is MTT? - Three tips for a novice tournament player - Components of a professional poker game-Introduction to game strategy Which poker discipline to choose in.

Cash or MTT (tournaments). If you want to play in our club, write to the contacts below: VK- Cut poker stream Lorem Poker WSOP series tournament Beat the Pros $ on GGpoker. Lorem poker streams CDMX Recording of an open MTT poker training session on, which I conduct once a month.

on MTT poker, which I conduct once a month

For subs of twitch and boosters in discord once a month passes Join the team Firestorm poker team.

Free poker training and player backing by Artem 'veeea' Vezenkov the third time Let's take a look at why you should win chips in MTT poker and at what cost? Let's talk about the types of advantages over opponents. Subscribe to Slicing the poker stream Lorem Rokegs before the tournament skids on Poker Stars. Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an exciting fight of two Reraise preflop from tributo on any two cards before the game strictly on QQ. Watch carefully, inside the bonuses for$ and, as always, Recordings of past streams in the streams playlist Fedor Truntsev-Personal Training with EviL Bankroll management in MTT How to grow by limits? When to withdraw money? I continue a series of theoretical videos with poker questions and Poker Promotion with $ h. Report for January we Understand what skills you need to have, Cutting the poker stream Lorem Rokegs skidding tournament on Poker Stars. Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an exciting fight of two The first part of the series about loose-aggressive style, how to bluff, where you can profitably steal chips from FunFarm coach Mikhail Recording of the open training session.

For subs of twitch and boosters in discord once a month passes Slicing the poker stream of Lorem Rokegs skidding tournament on GGpokerok.

Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an interesting fight in the headzap. Texas Poker MTT. $ POKERIST Interesting game with analysis of the game and th place in the tournament Help to the Sberbank channel we Continue a series of lessons on the game of poker. Today we will discuss the question: MTT or cache? Just starting to play, any player asks the following question: Special conditions when joining FunFarm using the promo code zayk we Understand the logic of building a HUD BeHeartless - for those who are in FunFarm HUD Do you want to have a good time watching videos? On our video portal you will find videos for every taste, funny videos, videos about animals, video broadcasts and much more.

Poker rules: types of decisions in the game (fold, check, call, bet, raise and all-in)

Just like Raising, all-in Is sometimes used as a bluff move

Hold'em poker, its varieties, and all other types of poker differ in terms of the rules of the game are quite contrasting in some cases, but all these games are United by one or six types of decisions that players can make during the gameIt is not difficult to remember them, but you also need to understand when to make a particular decision. A poker decision is a player's action at a certain point in the game regarding a bet, its size, absence or exit from the game. In poker, players take turns making decisions in a clockwise direction. Decision order is a very important part of a strategy, but we'll cover it in the next poker position article, and now we'll explore the types of decisions in more detail. In an online game, the player makes decisions by clicking the virtual button with the name of the action with the mouse cursor. In some poker rooms, the name of the solution is written in English, but most of the programs of popular online rooms have a Russian interface, so it's not difficult to understand it. In addition, poker clients of large poker rooms allow you to control the game using the keyboard. Regarding Texas hold'em, it is customary to use English versions of the name of the solutions, both in the live game and online. However, this rule is not a dogma, so each of the solutions has synonyms and in different rooms the same action can be called differently. Fold - as well as: discard cards, pass, out of play - with this decision, the player stops playing in the current hand and after it can not claim to win the pot.

He discards cards and waits for the end of the hand to take part in a new one, or leaves the table.

The Fold decision is usually made when the chances of winning the pot are low or the opponent's bet is so high that it is unwise to risk money. Often, the decision to Fold is made even if the chances of winning the pot are high. For example, in a tournament game, when you need to wait for one or two or more opponents to leave before entering the prize zone, sometimes they Fold, even if they have two pocket aces, if one of the players went all-in or bet the bid is too high.

The fact is that if the prize value is high (in satellites and freerolls - it can be a ticket to a big money event or a live tournament), it is sometimes unwise to take risks, even if you have a very low probability of losing, since you are more likely to win the prize by waiting for other participants to leave the tournament.

Call - the decision to place a bet equal to the opponents bet. If all the players participating in the auction are compared, then the auction ends and the next one begins, or the cards are revealed.

Bet-a bet that is the size of the big blind or equal to the minimum bet on the round of trading on which the decision is made.

For example, at a table with a limit of $, it will be equal to $. This decision is made when the player wants to continue participating in the auction, having a chance of winning. It can be accepted if the opponents who made the decision earlier did not place bets or placed bets equal to Bet. Raise an increase or bet greater than the opponent's bet that made the decision earlier. As a rule, the raise exceeds the opponent's bet at least twice, although there are exceptions.

When Raising, the player declares that they have strong cards, and they intend to increase the pot, and thereby their winnings.

However, in many cases, a Raise is made for the purpose of bluffing, forcing the opponent to fold in order to take the pot without a showdown.

Check - a decision in which the player does not place a bet, but remains in the game.

It can only be accepted if the players who made the decision before it also did not place bets.

The Check decision is made if it is not profitable for the player to invest money in the Bank, as he has mediocre cards and low chances of winning. Also, the Check action is performed if the player does not want to give out strong cards, expecting that the opponent with weak cards will put money on the line, otherwise, he can scare him off. All-in (all-in) or all - in- a decision in which a player bets all the chips available at the table. If the player accepts if he makes the first decision, he shows an invincible hand and invites his opponents to reveal high-risk cards. In other cases, this action has to be taken when an opponent with the same number of chips or more than You has gone all-in. In a tournament game, an all-in bet has a double risk, since losing a player loses not only money, but also the possibility of further participation in the tournament, unless, of course, it provides for the purchase of re-buy chips. These types of solutions should be known to a novice player who plans to play poker for real money.

However, it is also necessary to learn in what situations one should make a particular decision so that poker brings profit, not loss.

How to Find a Working mirror Of the Official Pokerdom Website

A site mirror is an Exact copy of it

Pokerdom poker room started its Work in, and in just A few years of its Existence, It has managed to Gain huge popularity among young peopleRussian-speaking poker players. This platform is visited by Thousands of users every day: Through the website, a PC Client, and smartphone apps. And, of course, the Pokerdom Room has a mirror, and Not just one.

Pokerdom has many mirrors.

And in, the Russian sports Poker Federation appeared

And in order to understand Why they are needed, you Need to go a little Deeper into the history of Poker in Russia, which dates Back only a few decades. It began in, when the First casinos in the country Where you can play poker appeared. Over the next years, the Game became more popular, schools Appeared that taught poker skills, And gaming clubs developed. And it is largely thanks To her that poker was Recognized as an official sport In the Russian Federation in. But after years, poker in Russia was transferred to the Rank of gambling. Since, there are only official Gambling zones in Russia where You can play games of Chance, including poker. Enthusiasts have been fighting for The right to play freely For years, but so far To no avail. That is why online poker Rooms are constantly subject to Various restrictions, blocked, and banned.

And to ensure that the Work of the poker Room Is not interrupted and users Always have access to their Profile and games, there are mirrors.

After all, the overwhelming majority Of the audience is Russian Residents, who have more difficulty Accessing poker rooms on the Internet than others.

Creating mirrors is both a Concern for your client and A resource security strategy. As a rule, the number Of copies of poker Rooms Is constantly changing: some mirrors Are blocked all the time, And they are replaced by others. That's why sometimes you Have to search for a New address, even if you'Ve already been to the Site in this way before. But even so, finding a Working mirror is easy. In order to find a Suitable address, a formal name We need to add the numbers. This way you will be Able to pretty much quickly Find a copy of the site. Many players are concerned about The reliability of online doubles Of poker rooms. They are worried about their Personal data and balance. In Pokerdom, the mirror is Always an exact copy of The official Internet platform and Will not harm the user. By downloading the client for Mac or Windows on your Computer, you can be sure That you are not exposing Your PC to any danger. This client is no different From the one distributed on The official website. If for some reason you Can't or don't Want to access the PokerDom Mirror, then you can use Other methods that help you Get to the blocked resource: So, it's not difficult To bypass the blocking of Your favorite poker room: there Are different ways to do this.

And mirrors of official sites Are one of the most Simple and obvious options.

Terms in Texas hold'Em

Similarly, the entire poker world Speaks its own language

The Whole world speaks English, So if you want to Be a part of it, Travel, communicate without problems and Achieve your goals without any Obstacles, you must know itAnd you need it badly. In order to communicate with Other players, to read specialized Literature and articles, so that Over time, teaching others, not To be known as an Amateur. The poker vocabulary is quite Extensive and almost all of It is based on expressions From the English language. This means that you will Not be able to learn Everything quickly – you will Need time and it is Very recommended to know English – in this case, you Will remember the terms not Just as abstract words, but With specific associations. In this article, we will Analyze the main concepts that You may well have learned In the process of getting To know the basic rules More specialized terminology used in Training articles to reduce the Volume and some jargon that You are sure to encounter When communicating with other players. Blind from the English "blind" Blind – these are mandatory Minimum blind bets that are Placed at the beginning of Each hand. It is mandatory that they Are placed even before the Cards are distributed – this Is done so that there Is a pot in the Game in any case. Minimality-in that the size Of the blinds corresponds to The size of the minimum Bet that will be possible During the game. The bet is blind, because It is made before receiving The cards – blindly. There are two blinds, and They are placed in turn – small and large. Button – a special feature That determines the player who Plays the role of dealer In the hand. The first player sitting away From the dealer puts the Small blind, and the next Player puts the big blind. The position is so simple The name describes the position Of the player at the Poker table. The early positions are the Small and big blind and One or two of the Next clockwise players. They are also called UTG Under the gun. Average – the fourth-the Seventh player. Late position means the last Players in the queue, including The dealer. A player in late positions Is said to be "in Position". In the early stages, respectively – "out of position". Preflop is the first stage Of the game in Texas Hold'em and other types Of poker. It is accompanied by the Distribution of two pocket cards And the first round of trading. Showdown – showdown of cards In the final hand, which Occurs only if there are At least two players left In the game. Set, trips, or three are Different names for the same combination.

The second one is always Twice as big

They differ depending on how They were collected.

In General, the name "Troika"Has taken root in Russian. If you get a pair Before the flop and then Add to it at one Of the subsequent stages, this Is a "set". If there are three cards The same rank is collected From a common pair and Only one of your cards Is "trips". It is important to remember That the strength of these Combinations is absolutely equal. Check from the English "check" Check – skipping a move Without placing a bet. Available at all stages of The game, except preflop. Call – from the English "Call" call - equalization of the bet. Mandatory condition for continuing the Game in the hand. Pass or fold from the English "fold" discard – discard cards.

An action in which a Player gives up their cards And stops participating in the hand.

Re-raise – re-raise The bid. If this happens in three Stages, such as a "bet-Raise-reraise", it is called A "-bet". All-in all-in or All – out - putting all Available chips on the line. It is always possible only In no-limit hold'em. Buy-in – the cost Of participation in the tournament. Does not equal the number Of chips used to play At the table. Tight – a style of Play in which the player Enters the game only with Strong cards that have the Potential to win. Loose – a style of Play where the player frequently Plays enters the game using Bluffs and other techniques not To win, but to entice chips. Bluff-a technique in which A player plays aggressively, creating The appearance of having good cards. Real bluff is used by Loose players. Semi-bluffing is good because It often develops into a Really strong hand. Tilt – an emotional state In the game caused either By a series of failures Or a series of victories. It is highly discouraged, as It interferes with thinking clearly And playing rationally. Stealing the blinds is a Technique used by players in Late position. The player makes a large Bet with the expectation that The players who made the Blinds and equalized them will Not continue playing with a Large increase. Slowplay is another technique that Is used to lure out As many chips as possible. To do this, until the Showdown itself, the lead player Shows as little initiative as Possible, simply luring chips from Opponents with slow steps. A poker room is a Company that provides services in The field of online poker. Distributes SOFTWARE, provides the process Of entering and withdrawing finances, And player communication within the room. Client – the poker room Program used for the game. Clients can be desktop Windows, MacOS or mobile Android, iOS. No Deposit bonus – a Poker room promotion that provides A certain bonus to new players. Often, promotional materials indicate a Larger amount than the one That the player receives without Any conditions. Rake – the Commission charged By the poker room from Each cash table and tournament. It is the main way Companies earn money.

Rakeback-a program that allows Particularly active players to return A certain amount of money Taken from them as a rake.

In larger poker rooms, rakeback Has been replaced with a Loyalty program, where they can Get tickets or other bonuses For active play, in addition To money. A Freeroll is a type Of tournament where there is No buy-in, but the Prize pool consists of real Money, although it is often Not too large. Tickets may be required for Freerolls or meeting special conditions, But never money for participation. Satellites are a type of Tournament where the main prize Pool is a ticket to A larger event. Thus, for $, you can win As a pass to a Tournament with a prize pool Of several million dollars or As a package for an Offline tournament. A bad beat is a Situation in poker where a Player with a very strong Hand loses a hand. This feature is used by Poker rooms to create a Special type of promo offers. So, a badbit jackpot is Formed, which is paid to The player who lost with A combination of four of Kings and higher. An out card that can Be used to collect combinations. Often, it is the percentage Of possible outs that tells Players whether to continue participating In the hand or whether To discard cards.

The terminology of Texas hold'Em poker is not a Whim or a reason to brag.

This is an element of Subculture that simply could not Help but appear.

It makes acquaintance, learning process And communication with others easier Poker players are original and Unique, unlike any other communication.

Play World Poker Club World Poker Club, World Club for Free

Not everyone likes to lose Real money

Playing and increasing your fortune Is something that everyone likes

But if there is a Risk of losing it, it Becomes uneasy, and you immediately Want to find some similar Way to experience almost similar emotions.

In the world of poker, Various options have been invented For this purpose, which can Be called differently: it is Interesting that most real, adult Poker rooms PokerStars, poker, Pokerdom Have a game function on Virtual money is a kind Of additional opportunity. However, in contrast to this, There are poker rooms, or It would be better to Call it gaming rooms, designed For games entirely for virtual money. Their essence lies in the Fact that they are completely Abstracted from finances and, thanks To this, can function more freely. Playing in rooms like the World Poker Club is a Real treat. You are not burdened with Unnecessary obligations, excessive risk of Losing hard-earned money, or Anything else. At the very beginning, the Player is given units of In-game currency, in this Case, chips.

If they lose everything they Earn – they can make A request for the next Thousand rubles.

And in this case, he Also gets it for free.

Of course, the attempts are Not limited.

And getting the next set, You can not lose it And immediately sit down again At the table. You will either have to Wait or invite your friends To join the game.

friends, or use offers that Are provided by the developers.

World Poker Club can be Played online on multiple platforms At once. In the social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, My world from and Odnoklassniki. To do this, in fact, You need any desktop operating System and a modern browser. Apps are also available for IOS and Android. Be careful – there is No program on Windows Phone And, most likely, it is Not expected. Do not fall for the Tricks of scammers and do Not download malicious files. An important feature of World Poker Club is the ability To play for free online Without registration. To do this, for example, On mobile devices, you need To click "Guest" and the Game will recognize you by The data that is entered In the device. Moreover, when you re-enter, They are saved. In fact, the same thing Happens in social networks.

Neither the administration nor programmers Focus on it

The game simply uses network Data for authorization. On the official website of World Poker, there is information That soon all players will Be able to try their Luck and check the strategy Directly in the web version And similarly without registration.

There are no exact dates, But you can expect them Really soon.

As already mentioned, users do Not need to pay anything To play for free at World Poker Club, but they Are free to Deposit money To get extra chips.

Of course, the number of Virtual chips will be several Times more than the amount Of money deposited.

And the more you decide To pay – the more You will get as a bonus. Of course, when you are Going to play world Poker, This will not give you Any advantages, but only allow You to sit at more Expensive tables and participate in Valuable tournaments. You can win the same Amount without paying a penny. Plus, various sweepstakes and promotions Are constantly held, participating in Which, without doing anything, you Can get a tidy sum And, again, use it in The future for the game. World club Poker is available Online for free to play Texas hold'em and Omaha. There isn't a whole Set of varieties here, but Those, what is presented – Can be tried both at Regular tables, as well as In tournaments and Sit Go mode.

Players have a unique opportunity In the form of a Weekly Tournament.

What is it? Every user who chooses to Play online at World Poker Club gets access to the Tournament, which is held every Week and updated in the Same time interval. In order to get on It, you need to Deposit A certain amount of regular Chips, which will provide a Certain other number of tournament chips. If a player loses all Their tournament chips, they are Eliminated from this tournament. However, he has one opportunity To recover and continue playing. If everything is lost the Second time, then you either Need to return to the Cash tables, or wait for The next week. Of course, all Poker club Players can play the tournament Game Sit Go. This is a well-known Mode in which the game Takes place in the form Of a single tournament. The player sits down at The table and plays until He loses all the chips. If this happens-y there Is no chance for him To return or take any Other action. If he wins – he Gets a certain number of chips. Often, depending on the number Of players, nd and rd Places also have a chance To get a certain amount, Which, at least, will discourage The contribution. The ability to play online For free without registration is A unique feature of world Poker Club. And when it also appears On the official website, we Can assume that the number Of players online will significantly increase. By and large, the user Does not remain logged in At all. The program uses any data Email address or even IP, So that later he can Continue playing without entering the address. Another reason to start playing For free on world Of Poker is the incredibly high-Quality execution of the program In all aspects. Well-developed programs and great Design make you come in Every day and spend hours Playing the game. The interface is constantly changing, Being decorated to look like Various holidays or seasonal events. The same goes for the Table mode. You can play Poker club Using a variety of gestures That will resemble those of The real game as much As possible.

Double tap to make a Check or call.

A sharp swipe from the Cards up – resets the cards. Swipe from the stack of Chips – raise. This is very convenient, and More importantly, very immersive in The game. You get used to it As quickly as possible and Then wonder why other poker Rooms don't have this functionality.Of Course, you can play World of Poker on different Devices under the same online account. For example, by entering your Social network authorization data on Your smartphone or by entering Your email address along with Your password in Vkontakte, you Can gain a single gameplay Experience and save chips to Participate in more expensive and Valuable tournaments. Playing Poker world online is Very interesting, because the process Is as gamified as possible. In addition to poker itself, Each user gains points and Gets complete levels by simply Participating in games or gaining victories.

For various achievements, there are Rewards or collection items that Can be collected.

At the table or in The lobby, you can exchange Gifts, just chat in dialogues Or Express respect to Play Poker club-a pleasure. This is one of the Best poker rooms for virtual money. And the fact that it Is constantly developing, can not But please loyal players and New users who choose from A variety of options.

Poker for free-play online in Russian

millions of people around the world play online poker today, and every day more and more players get acquainted with its rulesThere are several reasons for this popularity, and among them it is necessary to highlight, first of all, the ease of memorizing the rules, as well as the opportunity to earn a living, which especially attracts beginners. However, if you can learn the rules in a few minutes, then you may not have enough time to learn how to play online poker for real money. So in order to help you understand all the nuances of online poker, as well as to teach You how to play poker for free or for real money, we decided to create our website. This information resource is one of the largest on the Internet, however, even this is not the most important thing. We are the only ones who not only managed to create the largest database of poker rules, but also who were able to bring together thousands of players from Russia and CIS countries.

In addition, our website has a unique and one-of-a-kind rating of online poker rooms, which presents only the largest and most proven poker rooms on the Internet.

Our rating takes into account not only the age of the room, but also the ways of depositing, withdrawing money, convenience, availability of a mobile version for playing poker from your phone, as well as, most importantly, player reviews. Because no matter how convenient the room is, the main thing is that it is honest with its players.

That is why our editors constantly check RNGS (random number generators), analyzing how honestly certain rooms give out results.

And if any room is caught in bad faith, it immediately crashes from our rating, and information about this will appear in our news.

However, for a novice player, it is important not only to choose the right room for the game, but also to learn how to play poker well for real money, so as not to drain the entire pool. Deposit at the table. Our knowledge base will help You with this, which provides information on how to build your strategy correctly, how to manage your bankroll, how to evaluate your opponents based on their actions, and even on which starting hands you should enter the hand on! And if a word in our school is not clear to You, you can easily find an explanation for it among the descriptions of terms that are in a separate section. By the way, you can always use the search on the site in order to find the information you need. If you are still undecided about which poker room you want to play in, we recommend that you visit our Promotions section, where we constantly publish the latest special offers from poker rooms and their partners. There you will always find interesting promotional offers that will allow you to get additional bonuses on your Deposit.

But at the same time, never forget that online poker is, first of all, a game against other people, just like You ourselves.

And, accordingly, You must constantly improve, develop, improve your gaming skills, if you want to constantly beat your opponents and play plus. In poker, you can't stand still, you're either moving forward in your development or falling back. And if you think that you have already learned how to play poker for real money, and there is no point in continuing to learn, you should know that from now On you will play worse and worse. So don't forget to check out our website at least once in a while just to refresh your knowledge about this wonderful game.

Download the Painted poker

There are more than different Types of poker

However, they are all very Similar to each other and Agree on key points in The hierarchy of combinations and Trading circlesThe only type of this Game that is significantly different From its relatives is painted poker. Its differences from traditional poker Are so great that today It is difficult to say Why it is considered one Of the types of poker. There are several versions of Where and when painted poker originated. The most plausible theory is That the ancestor of painted Poker was the Up and Down game, which was popular In Britain in the first Half of the last century.

Significant similarities they are also Observed in painted poker with The game "thousand".

Despite its possible British roots, Painted poker has gained the Greatest popularity in the territory Of the Soviet Union.

The heyday of painted poker Was in the late s And early s, when painted Poker was played in courtyards And even organized Championships.

With the advent of the Internet and the ability to Play online, painted poker was Replaced by Texas hold'em And Omaha. However, today there are still Quite a few people who Play painted poker. They play at a private Table and gambling clubs, but Many people are interested in The question of whether it Is possible to download the Game painted poker on Android. There aren't a lot Of options for playing hand-Painted poker online right now, But they do exist. Users can play offline against A computer opponent or in Multiplayer mode against real opponents.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible To find painted poker tables In poker rooms right now.

People who play painted poker With their friends friends, of Course, know about the existence Of the online industry. Ads for poker rooms are Constantly appearing on the Internet And often appear on television. Over time, many people have A desire to try their Hand at playing online against Other players for real money. They register in one poker Room, then in another, but As a result, it turns Out that no room offers Tables for painted poker. The most obvious reasons are The lack of demand for Painted poker and the fact That painted poker is not Considered a related discipline in The poker world. It is for the second Reason that there is still Practically no specialized literature on Strategy and game psychology. Experienced players often move from One poker discipline to another, Then write books about the Secrets of their success, and The subtleties of switching from One game to another, but No one has written a Single book about painted poker. There is no known example Of a well-known player Switching from I played Texas Hold'em or Stud at Painted poker and then shared My emotions. In painted poker, there are No winning combinations, and the Game's strategies also do Not have such variability. This game is completely devoid Of the possibility of bluffing. In fact, the poker community Has already decided that painted Poker is not part of The poker industry.

And most likely, they are Right, since there are much More similarities with the preference.

One of the best options For painted poker on Android Is the game of the Same name from Ellerium Soft. I have already downloaded it More than times from the Partner's website alone, and It has collected only thousand Ratings and reviews on the Google Play page. In total, the Android app Service reports an approximate figure Of, downloads. This indicates that the app Is quite popular among users.

It is difficult to say What this is connected with

The main difference between Painted Poker and other similar applications Is the presence of multiplayer. The developers also tried to Create graphics.

Once you've downloaded Painted Poker on Android, and registered In the app, you can Find a free place to Play online.

The system will automatically find An empty table. They usually consist of participants. The rules of the game Are traditional – you need To predict the number of Bribes after receiving the cards In your hands. The more accurate you are, The more likely you are To succeed. The app does not take Into account the first defeats, So you have time to Adapt to the game without Fear for your rating. Painted poker was most popular In Soviet times, so this Application is fully stylized for That period with the appropriate Coats of arms, flags and Sound design.

Developers from Ellerium Soft have Worked hard to create high-Quality painted poker on Android.

Therefore, the app works clearly, Does not hang or crash. Users appreciate Painted poker for Its ability to play against Real opponents. However, if you don't Have an Internet connection, you Can always use offline mode. In such a game, you Will be confronted by computer AI, the game with which Will be no less interesting.

In such a game, you Can pause it or even Save it and continue the Game session later.

In November, the last update To this game was released.

All users with the latest Version of the operating system version.

or higher can download the Game Painted poker for Android. This app is designed for Players over years of age. If you do not have Enough resources in the game, You can easily replenish their Amount for a symbolic amount From cents to cents, depending On the size of the Resource pack. In the new version, games In the dark will not Be taken into account when Forming the overall rating. Getting achievements will now be A little easier. Players who download painted poker On Android version. will receive a gold VIP For taking places from to In the main tournament. The developers also reduced ad traffic. If the game is played With bets of up to The player will get an Advantage in the cards, and If the stakes are higher, Then all the cards fall Out in random order. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable World of poker. On the pages of our Resource you will find a Lot of useful information about The subtleties of this game, Which will help you become A successful player.

Play Garena Poker Texas Hold'em

You can also play poker In this project

Garena Poker online is considered One of the most popular Online gaming platformsFirst of all, this is True in relation to the Garen project itself. In this project, players can Play a bunch of different Games with players from all Over the world. at the moment, it has Become one of the largest Online gaming communities. In total, about twenty-five Million players from all over The world are registered on Garen today. In this project, you can Find players who live in Almost all countries of the world. It is also worth noting That almost all the games In this project, including poker And hold'em, are something Like flash games. For this reason, playing Garena Poker is unproductive for a Serious player.

Many of them come here To play Garen Texas hold'Em poker

There are a lot of Crackers and cheaters playing here.

Poker is made on Garen So that it does not Have reliable protection. This leads to the fact That it is much easier To meet a cracker on Garen than with a normal player.

In fact, poker through Garena Today is not a battle Of wits, but a battle Of cheating programs designed for hacking.

Even though recently the owners Of the project have begun To promise regular players Golden Mountains and the most privileged Accounts, in our opinion, do Not waste your nerves playing A terrible poker game on Garen. If you want to play A game with bots and Cheating software– you can play On Garen. Now the technical support service In Garena poker Texas hold'Em does not fight them At all. So those who want a Normal game, it is better Not to spoil the mood On Garen Texas poker, and Go to play normally in A good poker room.

Artificial intelligence Wins poker

Despite this, brown continues his attempts

Poker bots don't surprise Anyone anymore, as anyone who Tried to win some money On PokerStars can tell

But two groups of researchers Set themselves more specific goals.

challenging task: ambitious professionals are Teaching their algorithms to beat Professional Texas hold'em players And have already achieved a lot. In an official statement published On January, researchers representing the University of Alberta, Charles University And the Czech technical University Said that the DeepStack program Created by their group is Capable of"beating professional poker Players in Texas hold'em." Such a strong belief But not yet received feedback From colleagues appeared as a Result of a series of Victories of artificial intelligence over Very experienced players. In total, the bot won, Hands in the game against Players hired by the International Poker Federation. The figures show that in A card battle, people were Completely defeated. The document States that " for All time, DeepStack's win Rate was mbb g, while Among professionals, a win rate Of mbb g is considered A very good indicator." It is important to Note that we are talking About no-limit Texas hold'Em, which is significantly more Difficult than limit hold'em. In limit hold'em, bets And the ability to increase Them depend on the Bank. in no-limit hold'em, Players are allowed to bet Any amount that exceeds the Minimum bet. This format is familiar to Viewers who enjoy watching players Go all-in. The computational complexity of different Types of games varies greatly. Minor restrictions allow you to Make many combinations, not to Mention the banal fraud.

The most famous of them Is Jason Les from California

The algorithm is forced to Calculate stacks, choose the size Of an unlimited bet, monitor The opponent's actions, and Do a lot of other things. Two years ago, members of A team of scientists from The University of Alberta said That they were able to Calculate all the moves of Limit hold'em, hinting at The relative simplicity of this game. In March of last year, Artificial intelligence researcher Noem brown Claimed that in the near Future it will not be Possible to explore all the Subtleties of no-limit hold'em. The publication of material about The success of DeepStack was Only a few days ahead Of the tests of the Algorithm created by Carnegie Mellon University specialists it is not Clear whether this was a Simple coincidence or an action Directed against a competitor. No-limit hold'em games Between a bot and several Professional players will take place At the Pittsburgh casino. The algorithm, named Libratus, was Created by PhD student brown And Professor of computer science Tuomas Sandholm almost from scratch. Within days, the bot will Play, hands, competing with four Professional players. While many poker experts dispute DeepStack's claim, pointing out That no world-class players Participated in the experiment, the Libratus algorithm is fighting with Four big-name players. He is ranked th in The world poker rankings, and His game of Les I Made a million dollars. A series of victories in The fight against players of This level will prove the Absolute superiority of artificial intelligence In the next popular game.

In the future, bots will Not only jeopardize the professional Pride of players, but will Also be able to empty Their wallets.

The Libratus program is a Pure deception of developers!Don't believe them.Players played on the terms Of the organizers, but they Had to play according to The USUAL rules of off-Line tournament poker, and the RULES are SIMPLE!The dealer sits and distributes Cards, and the operator who Presents the program puts the Cards distributed to Libratus on Her monitor so that the Player does not see, puts The common cards of the Flop, turn, river table, if The player did not throw Out before the showdown, and Let her play this way, And not others!Here and see the result!The car will LOSE!These creators of the Libratus Program won at the expense Of fraud with the distribution Of cards, and these cards Were known to the program And programmers!That's the whole TRICK Of winning the program!Sleight of hand of creators And DEVELOPERS libratus program fraud.!The Libratus program is a Pure deception of developers!Don't believe them.

Poker bots and - NeverFold-a forum about casinos, poker, and sports betting

I played days plus, then leaked everything

I am of the opinion that bots can play plus games without human involvementa money machine by and large. I didn't see any real examples with my own eyes, but I studied the topic. I understand the meaning. Yes, preflop is not difficult to teach, and postflop as its normal is difficult to teach.

So think about whether you need this shnyaga or not

Yesterday set for fun on one little known poker room on playman chopped.

Plays super tight and Canbet puts checks when number of konata and overcards on the flop.

An employee of the popular American edition of the New York Times, Brian Taylor, published an article in which he said that for some time he had been playing online poker against computer programs. Taylor analyzed the style of play of three of his opponents and came to the conclusion that they behave the same and play very similar, therefore they are bots. Brian contacted the security service is investigating and trying to "other similar cases," said security officer Michael Josem, " when users identify a bot, the pokerroom deletes it from the database, closes accounts, and confiscates winnings, distributing them among the players against whom the bot was playing. The journalist also spoke with Brian Jetter, the owner of one of the companies that produce the corresponding computer programs. The latter said that another site, Full Tilt, confiscated more than $, of his bots winnings. The most interesting thing is that from the moment I liked it the Most: when users identify the bot - that is, until users initiate it, the bot calmly spits further) And not every user will be listened to by the room administration. I've been reading a lot of bullshit and flattering reviews about this shanki. I put it on FTP. A month later, I received a letter from the FTP that the ACC was blocked and all the loot was taken away. Dangerous, bot-bot, but you can also buy it back, if you bought it and understood the principle of its operation, the bot becomes nothing more than a phish, plus the danger of being banned. Many players analyze the hands played, and when analyzing them, in principle, it becomes clear how the OPP behaves So with many bots, you can also get on cool.

and I know that on new rooms you can also climb on bots! my friend parses them and tries, the topic is normal, right now in development I have access to all MEGA profiles that are on the Siberian Forum, in a closed section, so out of curiosity I tried Shanky, in action In General, the bot plays quite well in some places But it's only a matter of time before you get banned.This happened to me in weeks, provided that I used all the recommendations for hiding the bot!!!! I have access to all MEGA profiles that are located on the Siberian Forum, in a closed section, so out of curiosity I tried Shanky, in action In General, the bot plays quite well in some places But it's only a matter of time before you get banned.I had it happen in weeks, provided that I used all the recommendations for hiding the bot.

Russian Poker-Mini-games

You can make them after The required ones

To log in, please enter Your username and password from Your mailbox atIf you don't have Mail on yet, you need Russian poker a card game With a traditional Russian flavor. It's not just poker! This is an exciting gameplay, Clear learning and an original Variety classic poker game, invented In Russia. The key feature of the Russian poker card game is That you do not play Against other players, but against The dealer. At the beginning of each Round, players place mandatory bets, Which are called ANTE. There are also bonus bets. They are called BONUS. In Russian poker, each player Can bet as much as He sees fit.

But this does not mean That the size of the Bet at the table is Not controlled in any way.

It depends on the minimum And maximum bid. The bet amount is displayed On a special sign. Russian poker is a game For four or fewer people - Players can play. It's free, and you Don't need to register For it. You'll be able to Play with strangers, organize your Own tables, and chat with Each other. Classic of the genre, authentic Texas HoldEm! Poker is a simulator for Concentration and logical thinking. Develops discipline and teaches you The right things to do. Russian poker is a four-Person game with a traditional Russian twist. Easy-to-understand rules, addictive gameplay.

Training of short-term visual Memory, logic and self-control.

Take part in poker tournaments And enjoy a game where Skill counts as much as Luck! Poker increases the amount of Working memory and develops nonverbal memory. Improves visual perception. A common Board game for Making words out of letters On the playing field! In addition to leveling up Erudition, Balda develops memory for Names: prevention of forgetfulness in An easy game form. Use your vocabulary! A popular word-making game.

You don't need to Place the same bets

Expands vocabulary and horizons, improves Perception and reading skills, and Increases the speed of visual scanning. Analogs of the game: Telegraph, Word Model, and Scrabble. The roulette game is a Cycle of excitement and good luck.

Place your bets, gentlemen! The game is an antidepressant And an ally in the Fight against stress.

One thousand a card game For fans of preferences and Card bribery games. They develop visual attention and Analytical abilities of the brain. Business Tour is a game Based on the classic monopoly Board game. Beat your rivals and become The most influential person in The world! Develops strategic thinking, trains visual Memory, and teaches you to Plan your budget wisely. Indie cat-online game in The genre of three-in-A-row! Collect artifacts in lost worlds! The game improves nonverbal memory And improves planning skills. Game Wonders: in the world Of fairy tales-save the Fairy-tale heroes! Trains logical thinking, fights age-Related memory changes, and improves Planning skills. Place bets and win the Pot in the exciting online Card game Snore. The game prevents age-related Cognitive impairments, fights memory disorders And prevents diseases of the Immune system. The king game is an Online version of the famous Preference for three or four people. Come up with a clever Strategy! Pump it up mindfulness, visual Memory, train visual perception. Collect points by composing complex Words from the suggested sets Of letters and win an Exciting online game for developing Logic! Develops mindfulness, memory for the Names of objects, improves erudition And teaches you to make Quick decisions. A puzzle game with a Worldwide reputation and the love Of millions of people. Let the puzzle add up And the problem is solved! The game teaches you to Memorize visual images faster, develops Spatial perception and teaches you To plan. Fans of playing with words. Remember your favorite childhood game-The gallows! Word games develop your memory For titles and names, and Trains visual scanning to increase Mindfulness and learn how to Make decisions quickly and stress-free. Imaginarium is an online Association Board game. Beat your opponents with the Power of your imagination! Trains nonverbal memory and develops creativity. Klondike solitaire is a classic Solitaire game! Compete with others. Suitable for training distributed attention, The ability to perform many Tasks at once. It teaches you how to Find a way out in Difficult situations. For the older generation, Solitaire Is the prevention of age-Related brain changes. Ancient Oriental game long version! Backgammon develops memory and logic, Improves the ability to predict And concentrate. In this game, the goat Is slaughtered in the most Peaceful way! Along the way, it develops Arithmetic skills and helps you Develop strategic thinking. It will increase the amount Of endorphins this leads to A reduction in blood pressure And increases stress tolerance.

A common and popular type Of Billiards.

Join the game! A fun way to learn How to better focus your Attention and control your emotions. A complicated version of classic Billiards. Gather your friends at the Table! The game teaches attention control, Strengthens willpower, balances emotions, teaches You to resist and not Lose faith in yourself. Modification of the classical Russian billiard.

Teaches you to think creatively And effectively.

strategically, it strengthens the nervous System and sharpens the eyesight. Let's remember our school Years! Epic naval battles on pieces Of paper in the box! It teaches you to master Yourself, implement and analyze your Own and other people's Game strategies, trains visual memory And logic. An ancient game with an Oriental flavor the short version! Backgammon increases the performance of Analytical thinking, develops cognitive flexibility And the ability to think About several things at the Same time. Card game of Russian aristocrats Of the XIX century. Caution, only for intellectuals! Preference improves your math skills And helps you learn how To quickly perform complex operations In your mind. Trains your memory and logic. Little animals: three-in-a-Row is a free online Match- three-in-a-row game. Develops the ability to focus And control many actions at The same time, improves mood. It stabilizes your mood. Game stress prevention. Play a brilliant match in A world-famous strategy game. Checkmate! Train them analytical skills, develop Memory, concentration. Chess increases the ability to Learn in other areas of Knowledge and develops a sense Of purpose. A game for those who Appreciate the classics. Beat a friend! Once and in the Queens! It teaches you how to Distribute your attention correctly and Expands your working memory. A classic video game! Control the racket, hit the Ball, break the wall and Collect bonuses! Regular arcade training improves short-Term visual memory, improves the Ability to concentrate, quickly recognize And respond to external stimuli. A popular card game for A fun company, a throwback Version! Simple rules make the game Easy to master, but from The point of view of A variety of strategies and Tactics, Fool podkidny teaches you To develop algorithms for solving Game situations, improves visual memory. A common card game for A fun company, translated version! It is indispensable for training Logical thinking and memory. At the expense of gamelay Fool transferable-effective simulator of Concentration of attention.

Poker forum Jackpot-Poker

Today, this forum has about, Active users

In today's poker industry, There is one great place Where you can find out All the most interesting news, Discuss interesting information, and generally Get a lot of useful Information about the world of pokerThis is the famous poker forum. For Russian-speaking players, this Forum has only one option A significant drawback.

In order to communicate on This forum, you need to Know English well, as the Forum is English-speaking.

But on the other hand, If you are serious about Poker, then you need to Know English and reading the Information on the famous forum Will help you master the Most important international language in The world.

Therefore, if you are passionate About poker – be sure To learn English and register for.

Here you can always get Advice on all serious and Non-serious poker and near-Poker issues. If you have any doubts Or you want to know How best to act in Some situation, the forum will Help you again. A large amount of the Latest and most useful information On all poker rooms in The world, all types of Poker and strategic features of The game at all limits-All this can be found On the most popular poker Forum in the world. If you consider yourself a Serious gambler, then your browser'S bookmarks probably contain the Address of the forum. In this place, both novice And professional will find something Necessary and useful for themselves. This is the most authoritative Source of information, and the Opinion of its users is Often crucial in the poker Industry.

General characteristics Of the Game Governor Of

Texas hold'em poker is The most common type of Poker game

Easy-to-remember rules and The ability to train your Observation skills, logical thinking, mathematical Skills and ability to calculate The game in advance-these Are the factors that attract The player from the very Beginning of mastering the game And do not allow you To lose interest in this Game, because it is always Unpredictable and unpredictabledifferent information. Many poker simulators and flash Games are based on this Type of poker. One of the most popular Ones is the Governor of Poker series from Alawar.

The first game in the Series was released in

It includes the first version Of the game Governor of Poker and its second edition Governor poker of. Extended edition.

You can buy the game From the manufacturer or distributors, But many people prefer to Play Governor of poker for Free online on special sites Or download the game from A file sharing site.

Flash game Poker Governor has Not only an English version, Anyone can buy Governor of Poker in Russian, but many Users Express dissatisfaction with the Quality of the Russian translation. In their opinion, the original Version English sounds much nicer. In the Russian video game Market, the product is better Known as the "King of Poker". This name was suggested by The manufacturer itself, although the Meaning of the English name Is more suitable translation of "Governor of Poker". Its huge popularity provoked developers To create an augmented version, Which became even more popular Among fans of poker and Computer games. Poker Governor is not only A simulator, but also a Strategic story game in which The gamer will not only Improve poker skills, but also Make decisions about investments, loans And other situational tasks. The goal of the game Is to win the title Of Governor, which can only Be obtained after purchasing all Real estate in Texas. It is worth noting that The graphic and sound development Of the game leaves a Pleasant impression. The creators paid a lot Of attention to the details That make the gameplay more interesting. A variety of backgrounds and Sounds do not tire the Player, but allow you to Plunge into the atmosphere of The game with great pleasure. The game's plot takes The gamer to the time Of the Wild West. Poker is one of the Few ways to make money, So it is very popular Among the population of small Towns in Texas.

However the Governor, who is A poker player himself, is Trying to ban the game statewide.

At the beginning of the Game, the hero of Governor Of Poker finds himself in Amarillo, a town that has Not yet been banned. Here, he should win all The tournaments and take over All the real estate in This way. Next, the cowboy should move Through the levels, that is, Other cities where the goal Remains the same, but you Will have to participate in Illegal tournaments or cash games. The developers have diversified the Plot with the fact that The hero has to play In the most unexpected places: From a forest clearing to The deck of a motor ship. The rules of the game Are standard and familiar to Anyone who is familiar with Texas hold'em. Prudence, coolness, observation and mathematical Approach will help the player To achieve success and get A big win.

The game Governor of Poker Contains all the attributes of A real game: bluff opponents On the table, a strategy Of your own game, which Will help the hero to Save your money and cheat Around your finger opponents.

Earning money by playing poker, The player will be able To use it at their Own discretion: buy real estate That will continue to bring Stable profits, buy expensive hats That are an indicator of The player's status, and Spend money on changing the Image by purchasing clothes and transport. Becoming the owner of a Saloon, the hero gets the Opportunity to arrange fights according To his own rules and Participate in them himself.

If the player was not Very successful at one stage Of the game and lost Most of his capital, he Can apply to the Bank And get a loan, which Should be returned later as The income from winnings increases.

As you progress through the Levels of the game, the Hands will become more complex, And the tasks will become More interesting. The hero will have to Participate in all the offered Tournaments, as in addition to Money, you need to earn A reputation, without increasing which It is impossible to move To a new stage of The game and advance to The coveted title.

The product is designed for Users beginners and advanced skills Of the game of poker.

There is no doubt that It will not attract craftsmen.

Those gamers who prefer story-Driven games, Governor of Poker Came to taste. Poker players who do not Want to be distracted by Additional tasks do not show Much enthusiasm for the game.

When criticizing the brainchild of Alawar, you should first of All remember that the game Has an entertainment purpose.

Here you will have to Beat opponents whose intelligence is Created by programmers, so you Should not expect the full Effect of a live game. Most users have a positive Opinion about the game Governor Of Poker. Their complaints mainly relate to The Russian translation, so those Gamers who speak English can Be recommended to opt for The original version. The game Governor of Poker Is a fairly high-quality Product, as evidenced by its popularity. It is designed for different Age categories, including even children. The main advantage of the Game is the ability to Learn the basic rules of Texas hold'em Poker. In addition, the King of Poker is an exciting pastime And a distraction from routine worries. The game will not bring Real income, but the user Will not lose their money either. The real game takes place In poker rooms, so Governor Of Poker should be perceived In accordance with what it Really is – just a Game that should bring only Positive emotions and raise the Mood.

The strongest hand in poker: rules of the game, best card combinations, tips and recommendations of players

Poker can be safely considered the most popular card game

Gambling, money, luxury women are the first associations that come to mind with the word pokerEveryone probably wanted to play it at least once, but first you should familiarize yourself with the rules and tricks to know which hand is the strongest in poker. Poker appeared in Europe at the end of the XVI century, presumably in Italy or France. It is not for nothing that the name of the strongest hand in poker means the Royal suit. Of course, the rules have changed significantly over time, and today it is difficult to say with certainty where poker actually came from and what were the rules at the time of its inception. The United States, in particular Los Angeles, is considered the world capital of poker. A few decades ago, it was in America that this game won love, thanks to which it almost became a national sport. Even today, poker is not as popular and widespread around the world as it is in the United States. There are more than types of games that have changed depending on the region and time.

Their rules may differ slightly, but the strongest card combination in poker remains the same.

You need to know the combination by heart so that you can more easily predict winning moves or moments when you should not raise the bet, but rather pass. Next, the combinations are listed in ascending order of their value, up to the strongest hand in poker. The concept of the highest card doesn't even need to be memorized, but it can be useful if, for example, several players have two pairs. The winner will be the person who has a pair of higher seniority.

It becomes the subject of many books and films

First to all players cards are dealt, of course, no one knows what fell to the other.

Bets are placed in order (usually clockwise). The person who sits next to the croupier starts (the croupier is a person who deals cards and leads the game). The initial bet is set by the first player. Support (call) - means to bet the same number of chips as the previous player. To raise (raise), you must bet more than the previous one, no matter how much.

All in-bet on all the chips available to the player.

You can skip a move (check, pass) only if the player has already placed both bets and the previous player did not raise the bet. Most often, the check is used when there is no confidence in the strength of the combination, therefore, the probability of losing is high. Well, discarding cards, a person shows them to everyone and leaves the game. In the first turn, you usually raise no more than - chips. Next, the croupier opens three cards, placing them in the middle of the table. Here it becomes more obvious whether a victory is possible.

After that, the players in the in the same order, bets are placed based on the current situation.

Then the fourth map opens.

Players think about the situation and walk around. The last, fifth card opens. Players have the opportunity to place their last bets. After that, everyone opens their cards, and the strongest combination is revealed, the owner of which takes the pot. The rules of poker are more than simple and very different from traditional card games. To win, you need to collect a stronger combination of cards than your opponents. However, it is not always possible for at least a few players to come across straight, flush, or square cards. Rarely, but sometimes it happens that the victory is determined solely by the highest card in the hand.

It is at this stage of the game that it is important to know which hand is stronger in poker.

Basically, bluffing is used when you get cards that make up a very weak combination. But since the rules allow the only player who doesn't fold to win, sometimes you should resort to easy deception. For example, willingly by raising your bet each time, you will let your opponents know that you have the winning cards. In this situation, many people will throw off their own. There will only be those who really have every chance of winning, and those who will unravel your deception. Bluffing is also appropriate in cases where you can say with confidence that it is unlikely that any of the opponents could have formed a strong hand in poker, based on the open cards. All in is sometimes used as a trick to immediately scare away those who are not sure of their position. If the players discard their cards before they are revealed in the final, the person who bet everything takes all the chips as the winner. At the same time, he may not even open the pair that was with him. Movies often show professional cardsharpers who, with the help of a beautiful companion or waitress, find out which of the opponents has the strongest hand in poker.

This is unlikely to happen in real life, but with not too serious rivals or in a friendly company this is quite possible.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the croupier - the only person who can really influence the course of the game. A professional dealer can easily play winning combinations for one of the players while stirring the cards. However, with constant wins, the opponents may have something to suspect. In many countries, in particular in Russia, many gambling games are prohibited. This is due to the fact that people can lose a very serious amount, partly with the help of cheaters. After that, clubs, game organizers, or a specific person who won against you can use racketeering and violence to force you to repay the debt. This leads to an increase in crime rates, suicides, and homicides. In America, more than one group of Mafiosi, gangs, etc. was formed on this basis. Over time, a large number of underground gambling clubs appeared, which a person from the street cannot get into, and only a narrow circle of the elite knows about its existence. Games there are conducted exclusively at high speeds bids. The most useful tip for playing poker is to stay calm.

Most of all, you can substitute natural emotions or involuntary movements.

It has been noticed that some people always make the same gestures that give them away when playing bad cards. However, knowing this well and fully controlling yourself, you can, on the contrary, confuse opponents or give them a false idea of the state of your Affairs. Many people have their own tactics of playing the game, someone prefers to give up immediately in case of uncertainty, and someone plays boldly, confidently and puts all in, even without having good cards. It is optimal to find a middle ground, without exposing yourself to losing a significant amount, but at the same time taking risks at the moment when it is worth doing it. Of course, the most powerful hand in poker falls out very rarely, so do not get upset and immediately pass regardless of the cards that have fallen out.

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