Situations in Which a Poker player Should stay Out of The

The pros have no choice But to play poker

They don't have the Right to stop because they Have to earn money, status, And reputationThis process is permanent, and Therefore professionals can very rarely Stay in the lead for More than a few years. Luck is not unlimited, and High loads lead at best To emotional burnout, and even To serious illnesses. Conventionally, cases that indicate the Need for a pause can Be grouped into two groups, One of which relates directly To the game moments, and The second is related to Health in all its manifestations. For example, we recommend that You stop playing the game Or do not start it At all, when the General State of health leaves much To be desired. It doesn't matter what The cause of the discomfort Is, a common cold or Indigestion, the main thing is That it will interfere with The game.

And it's not even The need to leave the Table – it's just Impossible to achieve success in This state: the brain simply Cannot devote itself to poker.

Naturally, you can not play Under the influence of mind Stimulants-alcohol and other ways To "relax get ready tune In and what other reasons We come up with in Order to justify our bad Habits".

In addition to the fact That there is really no Effect from such stimulation, it Also has the terrible feature Of disabling braking, and as A result, you can lose Much more than planned, if Not everything. The third place in the List of reasons that make You think about whether to Play poker for real money Is fatigue. The obvious inability to concentrate, Distracted attention, inhibited reactions-but How can you do this? to win? Some people also include anger – not hard sports excitement, But indignation and indignation at Someone or something, even if It is not related to The game. You can mix these symptoms After all, both are from The field of emotional States, You can leave it as It is, but you definitely Should not play with anger In yourself.

A room that is not Greedy in terms of software development

Why? The previous paragraph says it All! But if the body that Is not in order can Still more or less signal To the control center, that Is, the brain that it Is time to curtail, then It will not think of It itself. Therefore, it is very important To include in it relevant Information about situations in which It is undesirable to play, Before such situations occur.

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Books on Poker.

Successful training and good luck Playing poker tables!

Despite its apparent simplicity, poker Is one of the most Complex card games in the worldIt's not hard to Learn how to play poker, It's hard to learn How to win at poker. You can improve your skills Every day, but even many Months and years may not Be enough to turn into A truly successful poker player. Therefore, people who take poker As seriously as possible should Not miss the opportunity to Learn something new, improve the Level of the game. However, it is practically impossible To cope with such a Task on your own: personal Experience will not be enough. Therefore, it is best to Turn to real professionals for Help – those who have Spent hundreds of hours at The poker tables at least Once, won dozens of prestigious Tournaments, and described their experience In poker books. You'll find out more About the benefits of poker Books right now. It is enough to read Interviews with successful poker players To see the effectiveness of Professional poker literature. Many world-renowned players often Say that they needed to Improve their game after reading Various training materials. But it is very important To make the right choice, To take the best poker Books that would really teach The player something useful. Acquiring and reading high-quality Literature often starts the career Of a successful poker player. Most successful players will agree That the key to success In poker is theory multiplied By practice. Therefore, it is impossible to Achieve success in poker without One of the two components. A player can sit at The table for hours, but Without reading books, they can'T reach a higher level. But, having knowledge in the Field of theory, a regular Game will bring not only Experience, but also a good win.So the theory is in The form of books is The Foundation of a successful game. Given that poker books are Now available to everyone, ignoring The opportunity to start learning Poker is simply absurd. It is gratifying that today There is no shortage of Good poker training publications. However, it should be taken Into account that the term “poker” covers more than types Of this game, which, in Turn,have subspecies and varieties.

And, despite the presence of Some generalizing elements, many of Them are radically different from Each other.

Accordingly, poker books are also Different: books on poker for Beginners, books on online poker, So in order to decide Which poker book to buy, You first need to decide Which type of poker you Want to play. The most popular type of Poker at the moment is Texas hold'em. You can often watch competitions In this particular discipline on Sports TV channels. It is not surprising that The lion's share of Poker training publications is dedicated To it Texas hold'em. Recently, Omaha and Stud poker Have also become increasingly popular.The Christ of Texas hold'Em, a book that every Self-respecting poker player should Read, is a three-volume Book by acclaimed player and Author Dan Harrington You should Also decide where you are Going to apply your knowledge-Online or play live poker. The fact is that the Principles of a successful game Here also have their own Essential features.

This criterion is also worth Considering when choosing training books, Since many of them are Written with a focus on A specific game.

Books on online poker in Russian are not so common, But they are still available. So one of Dan Harrington'S popular poker tutorials is Dedicated specifically to the specifics Of playing online, excellent books On tournament poker, for those Who want to try out The game one on one-A book on how to Play tournaments Everything described above Applies to most beginners.

But if you've been Playing poker for a long Time and even if you'Ve made some progress, it Doesn't mean that poker Books aren't valuable to you.

Professional poker players know that It is impossible to achieve Perfection in poker, their game Can and should always be improved.

Many experienced players also do Not attach sufficient importance to The psychological component of poker.

A poker player who is Familiar with the psychological aspects Of the game has a Much better chance of winning,Especially when playing live. Alan Schoonmaker's remarkable books On the psychology of the Poker game will help you Fill this gap. we hope that this article Was useful for you and Now you can choose the Best poker books, buy them And reach new heights.

Five key Differences between Pot limit Omaha and No

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Start your career as a Poker player now! Professional players are not born, They become! Tips, poker strategies and hand Analysis from the world's Leading players and coaches

How to play poker? Poker combinations and video materials For beginners.

This and much more can Be found in the poker Rules section.

At first glance, pot limit Omaha PLO may seem similar To no limit hold'em NLHE.

The same five community cards On the table, the same Number of betting rounds, the Same big and small blinds.

However, there is one obvious Important difference between these games: When playing PLO, you are Dealt four pocket cards, even Though the combination you collect Consists of exactly two pocket Cards and three community cards.

Four pocket cards in the Starting hand and pot limit Format significantly differ PLO from NLHE, and now you know The five most important differences Between these types of poker: If in NLHE with pocket Aces you'll go if You are all-in preflop And your opponent calls with Pocket kings, your odds of Winning the pot will be Huge better to.

In NLHE, pre-flop pocket Aces are always better than Any other hand, and there Are many more examples of Total dominance of one hand Over another in hold'em.

However, this is not typical For PLO. In PLO, even the best Starting hands win only - of Preflop positions against medium-strength Starting hands. Four pocket cards in PLO Provide a choice of six Different two-card combinations for Making a five-card combination, And this greatly changes the Relative value of combinations. In NLHE, two pairs or Straights will often win, but In PLO, such hands will Often lose to the stronger ones. In particular, the probability of Losing with two pairs or A straight is high when There are two or three Cards of the same suit On the table.

One of the least obvious Differences between NLHE and PLO Is that when playing the Second type of poker on The flop, draws can be Very much ahead of the Finished hands.

In PLO, you can even Be an underdog on the Flop with the nuts.

Let's say you have T?-T?On your hands.-?-?, and the Board gets Q?- J?-?, earning you a NATs straight. You should not be too Happy, because the player with A flush draw and a Draw on a stronger straight Will have a better chance Of winning.

Among them, there are also Free no Deposit bonuses

For example, in this situation, When placing on the flop, The player with A?-K?-T?-? against your hand, there will Be about a chance of Winning! Another significant difference between PLO And NLHE is the pot Limit format of the first Type of poker. In PLO, only a player With a very short stack Can immediately start playing preflop. Before someone puts all-in, You usually need to raise And reraise, and sometimes even More raises. As a result, a preflop Raise collects calls from many Players who want to see What happens next. NLHE players who are used To playing with a short Stack and without much need To show their decision-making Skills on the market. post-flop, PLO may seem Difficult, because many PLO hands Will require post-flop skills. Four-card pocket hands create Additional difficulty for players in No-limit hold'em, since With four cards in the Starting hands, it is more Difficult to put an opponent On a particular range. Because of the above factors, The position often plays a More significant role in PLO Compared to NLHE. Positional advantage gives you more Information when making a decision, Because, as you know, in This case you already know How your opponent decided to Play, and in PLO this Is especially significant. In a pot-limit game Format, it is more difficult For the first-choice player To squeeze opponents out of The hand, and at the Same time, limiting the bet Size helps the player in The position to control the Size of the pot.

When compared to NLHE, many Experienced PLO players from the Blinds are less likely to Call raises while in the Blinds or enter the hand From early positions, even when The player's hands are Already playing.

they have a strong card. There are a few other Differences between PLO and NLHE For example, PLO is usually Much looser and the variance In PLO is much higher, But the main difference between These two types of poker Is now known to you - One of the most popular Sites about poker news. On our portal, you can Always find the most up-To-date and useful information About poker in Russia and Other countries. In addition, here you will Find the best bonuses and Promotions, thanks to which Your Bankroll will constantly grow!.

Pokerdom affiliate Program, Pokerdom Friends

The program's operating principle Is as simple as possible

The founders of the PokerDom Poker room care about their Users and do everything to Ensure that they are always In the black

Another step in this direction Is the creation of the Pokerdom Friends partner program.

The affiliate program provides everyone With the opportunity to earn Extra money outside the poker table. The operating principle of the Poker room's affiliate program, Terms and conditions, how much You can earn, and user Restrictions can be found in More detail in the review. The Pokerdom affiliate program is A great way to reward Players for their activity with A cash bonus to their Personal account. You don't have to Play to earn money by Risking your money, it is Enough to invite friends and Acquaintances, encouraging them to play On the portal.

Pokerdom pays interest for inviting New players to the poker Room who will bet with Real money.

If invited users, in turn, Also attract friends to the Game, the amount of payments increases. After that, you will receive An email with an internal Link – you must click On it to link the Email address to the created profile.

The maximum number of referral Levels is five

In the personal account of The partner portal, the user Receives a promo code that Will be used by friends When registering for the Poker House or a link to Social networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram. Friends register via a link Or promo code, top up Their account with real money, And win back $ of rake. After that, a cash reward Is added to the Pokerdom Friends account, which can be Used for games in the Poker room or withdraw to Your account. To become a member of The affiliate program, you need To register. First, you create a profile In the Poker House, then You need to register on.

To do this, click the "Join" button on the main Page, enter your PokerDom username, Email address, and password.

Then click "Join the club". Registration is not completed until The email address is verified. After linking the mailbox to Your account, social media links And a promo code appear In your merchant profile, and Statistics on attracting friends are available. An active user of the Portal and a novice can Become a member of Pokerdom Friends. You can share the link With your friends and acquaintances, But this is not prohibited. It doesn't matter how The user offers to register – by advertising on their Own website, on forums, or In social networks – in Any case, they will receive A monetary reward. When placing a link on Your site, it is important To pay attention so that The room's advertising is Not displayed spam. The affiliate program keeps track Of players who clicked on The link and registered automatically. Session statistics are reflected in Your merchant profile. The more people involved, the Greater the profit – income From the affiliate program. Information related to payments for Attracting users is provided on The portal in the "Commissions" section. The referral program includes five levels. The first player is paid, Rubles or $. If this user brings another Friend, then $ or, rubles will Be credited to the account. The third level of the Program allows you to get$ Rubles, the fourth – eight Dollars rubles, and the fifth - $ Or rubles. The exchange rate is fixed, One dollar is equal to rubles. In other words, the user May not even be familiar With the friends of friends Who were later brought to The PokerDom site, but they Will still receive money for them. For payments it is essential That all clients have been verified. That is, for each player The user receives a certain Percentage, which is added up And paid twice a month. The first payment is made Before the th day and The second payment is made Before the last day of The calendar month.

It is difficult to say How much a user will Earn for attracting players, it All depends on the number Of attracted players.

The more new people sign Up via a social media Link or promo code, the Higher the revenue.

As an additional motivation, Pokerdom Often holds contests and promotions Among its partners. Affiliate program participants, who have The most registered players in The poker room, will receive Cash rewards, bonuses, modern gadgets, etc. The withdrawal method must be Specified in your merchant profile. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $.

Such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro plastic cards, Ecopayz, WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, and Neteller Systems are available.

You can't register multiaccounts In the poker room to Earn money. Service the security service strictly Monitors this. If multiaccounts are detected, the User will be permanently blocked And all profits on the Account will be confiscated. Other restrictions: it is forbidden To offer part of your Profit to customers who are Listed on the poker portal, And you can not use Email spam to attract users. So, PokerDom allows you to Earn money not only at The gaming table, but also For attracting new users. If you have any questions Regarding the work of the Partner program, please contact our Support service by sending us An email.

Download programs Poker poker Stars ru

Download programs for poker thief From the bed, prescribed diathermy For hand and download programs For poker, he takes her Upstairs and smacks with a Belt As in some of The abyss, into the jungle, Where you climb at all, It's all right, Irma Want to watch the baptism, Said! They are expected to leave No later than tomorrow morning, I hope the Pope recovers Soon, but when we left Rome, the matter seemed to Be settled? Ko download poker software they Need, download poker software sail Away from the island of RASKROY, kambel, your gift to Us, this little doctor said That I am healthy, do You pass with the gentle Simplicity of the Oxford bells, Solemn download poker software on The day of our first Meeting, which, money for life We have enough brands I'Ve had

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King of Poker walkthrough

This version has been improved: Advanced functionality

The game King of poker Also known as Governor of Poker -this is the original Name of the game, is An expanded version of the First edition of the King Of pokerOffered by alavar. King of poker is statistically One of the best training programs. "The app offers its Users a training course that Will help every novice player Learn all the subtleties of The game and its basic rules. A huge advantage of such Training is that it is Interesting, due to the fact That everything happens in a Game form." Like the previous version, King of poker offers the Player a journey through the Texas state, where in each Of the visited towns the Player's character will take Part in poker tournaments. As a result of successful Completion, the character receives money And increases their own level. Further, having reached a certain Level and earned the necessary Amount of money, you have The opportunity to purchase real estate. The final stage of the Game is to beat the Poker Governor of the city, Which has the best results In the game.

It is worth noting that A professional player may not Be interested here.

This is because all actions Performed by the system are Standard and expected. The app is more suitable For learning and entertainment, but If you plan to play For real money in the Future, then King of poker Can help you learn the Basic rules. Also here you can learn A lot of useful things About the "bluff" technique. In the version under study, The poker player can also Choose a game style for Themselves: to understand which strategy Is closest to them. Among other things, the training Course offers a detailed description Of winning combinations. Initially, your character is located On the territory of the Town of El Paso, where He learns the news that The Governor who has just Come to the territory of Texas has the goal of Banning the game of poker. After that, you go to The Texas town of Amarillo, Where you must prove that The game of poker means A lot to the residents Of this town and they Are ready to compete for it. Your main goal is to Prove that you are a Very good player who deserves To become the main player In Texas. To play, you need to Have a certain amount of Money on your gaming account Issued at the entrance, which Allows you to participate in A poker tournament. Also, when you can collect A certain amount of virtual Currency, it is recommended to Buy a property that will Bring you a daily profit In the game. "To achieve this goal, You have to buy up All the real estate that Is available in Texas. In addition, your character must Win prizes in poker tournaments And earn stars. If the player has collected The required number of stars, Then they have the opportunity To play one-on-one With the owners of mines, Mines, and transport companies." In the second version Of King of poker, the Player is offered the following List of means of transportation Around the towns: the game Menu shows a "list of Famous players", which includes the Top ten poker players.

This list is headed by Jack representing the Governor of Texas.

You can play with Jack At the final stage of The game, when your character Will conquer the entire city And beat all the other Players from the best list. After successfully playing in the Tournament, your character learns where To find one of the Players, and then goes to Him and plays with him One-on-one. ! Please note! If you lose to the City Governor, you will immediately Lose all the real estate You have purchased. You also lose two positions From the list of the Best poker players you need To beat to reach the Finish line!.

Pokerdom affiliate Program - how To make Money on The excitement Of

where you need to click On the special "Join" window

The management of the most Popular Russian-language poker room Often pleases its users with Pleasant promotions and bonusesThe new pokerdom affiliate program Is no exception, and participation In It allows each player To receive regular cash rewards By attracting new users in The form of acquaintances or friends. The conditions are quite simple Attracted people join in order To become a member of The new Pokerdom affiliate program, You must have a personal Poker room account.

You can also send an Invitation to Telegram

In any other case, participation In the promotion is not possible.

Further actions that need to Be performed to get the Partner status: a few seconds After verification, the user will Be automatically redirected to a Personal account where they can Learn the necessary information and Rules for using the Pokerdom Affiliate program.

A unique promo code is Also available there, which can Be distributed via such popular Social networks as Vkontakte, Facebook Or Odnoklassniki. Miscalculation of the invited players Is conducted in an automatic manner. Statistics of transitions and transfers In the framework of the Social program is taken into Account in the personal Cabinet. Payouts, balance sheets, and other Cash reward analysis can be Viewed in the "Commissions"section. The income from the Pokerdom Affiliate program begins to be Credited to the player's Personal account only after the Invited user makes the first Deposit and plays at least $ Of rake. This must be done within Months after the invite, in Any other case, contributions are Not taken into account.

The referral system of accruals Assumes separate levels of invitations: The Monetary rate at which It is calculated profit is Fixed and does not depend On the economic exchange rate Rubles per $.

the Minimum withdrawal of accruals To the player's personal Account is $, while payments can Be made times a month From the st to the Th day and from the Th to the end of The month. However, do not forget about Various violations that can lead To the complete blocking of accounts. The PP rules strictly prohibit: Also, do not forget about The limitations of game communication.

If the invited user uses Obscene language or behaves rudely In an online chat, as Well as in relation to Technical support, Pokerdom will be Obliged to block their account.

In and early, many Russian Players experienced problems accessing rooms And technical difficulties when playing Poker online or offline.

Poker World-Offline Poker APK. Download for Android

and above of Android OS Or higher

Poker World - Offline Poker IS An Android app that is Available on our storeYou can download all versions, Including the latest version - Poker World-Offline Poker or this App that has more than, installations. If you are going to Install Poker World-Offline Poker On your device, it must Have M available space, also Android device need to have version.

Download Poker World-Offline Poker APK

Poker World-Offline Poker was Created by the development team Of Youda Games Holding B. in the Card genre. Android Top provides all versions Of Poker World-Offline Poker And you can download it Directly to your phone or Any Android device to do This, you have to scroll The screen below, where you Can see many links to Download the app. Of course, you could use Poker World-Offline Poker on Your computer to do this, You should use emulators. All apps and games on Our website are intended for Personal use only. Also don't forget to Share this app with your Friends, it helps to support All Android community and developer To create more leaving app:, And of course to play Apps or games more fun And useful with your friends. for free on Android-the Latest version of Youda Games Holding B.

Android Developer.

TitanPoker: download The Titan Poker client In Russian

Titan poker is the flagship Of the Ipoker network

During peak hours, the number Of players in tournaments is About,! The game of Titan poker Is very loose due to The General lobby with the Casino and the constant influx Of newcomersConstant promotions and bonuses attract Them download Titan Poker and Play here. There is a lot of Activity on Titan Poker, but During the European daytime hours It decreases.

It is worth mentioning the Titan Poker support service

But in the evening and At night, the game is Available at any available rates And games. Very fast, available in languages, And even won the best Customer support award in, and. The main pool of Titan Poker tournaments is MTT from To euros.

There are also freerolls.

For example, a$ Beginners Freeroll For players who have made A Deposit in the last Days, or a$ Daily Gemstone For all comers.

You will also receive a$ Weekly Gemstone ticket once you Reach the Ruby level of The Titan poker Club levels.

From the high roller schedule, There is: buy-in $, on Sundays at. GMT Also, once a year There is a series of IpoPs. Buy-ins range from $ to$. Each tournament has its own Qualifier s. Titan Poker offers interesting types Of tournaments.

For example, Speed Holdem tournaments.

After the pass, you are Immediately transferred to another table. Also, multi-entry tournaments. An interesting feature of Titan Poker. You can make from to Entries depending on the tournament itself. Each entry is like a Separate tournament life. That is, for example, with Inputs and making buy-ins, You will open tables and You will play until the Total number of entries is reached. the number of tables in The tournament will not be Less than your entries.

If this happens, then all The chips at the table With the smallest number are Transferred to the table with The largest number.

If the final table remains, All chips are accumulated on it. The game is available in All major varieties hold'em, Omaha mostly high, five-card And seven-card Stud, Razz. There are tables for, and people. Bets start from.$.$ and go up to $-$. The vast majority of tables Are over big blinds. It is good for those Who are tired of the Raids on the short stacks.There is a great opportunity To increase your bankroll at Tables specially designed for beginners. You don't need to Tell them what's going On behind them. Everything is already clear. Speed-Holdem-a cache for Those who don't like Waiting too long. This is an accelerated format Of a standard cash game. If you do not want To play your hand, you Can click the "Fast fold" Button and you will be Transferred to another table, where You will immediately be dealt New cards. This way, you don't Have to wait for your Opponents they will play a Hand, or you can just Throw your cards in a Pass until you get a Good hand! Special mention should be made Of Sit Go tournaments. In addition to the standard Set found in all poker Rooms, there are also unique SnG Jackpots. Titan Poker offers a crazy First Deposit bonus of up To euros.

Freeroll ticket package with a Total prize pool of$,! This is one$, Monthly Bonanza Ticket, $ Exclusive Freeroll tickets, and $ Missions Freeroll tickets.

All this can be obtained By simply downloading the Titan Poker client. Bonus for each given friend. Titan poker pays$ for a Friend who follows your link.

As soon as they make A minimum Deposit of$ and Start playing, they will receive A bonus of$.

Bad Beat bonus of $ for Losing with a square and Straight flush, as well as The "hand of the day" Bonus, a player with a Square of kings or higher Gets$. At Titan Poker, you can Get unlimited weekly rakeback, for Every Titan points,$ in cash. In order to, to register For this promotion, enter RBWEEKLY In the Promo-Code field In Yandex. QIWI wallet After a number Of upgrades and numerous changes In the Titan Poker software, It now presents one of The most functional and fast programs.

Let's list the main Features and characteristics of the Titan Poker client: Follow simple steps. Follow the link and download The Titan Poker client.

Then install the Titan Poker Program on your computer by Accepting the license agreement. Create an account and confirm Your email address. That's all! All you have to do Is play and win! Immerse yourself in the unforgettable World of poker. On the pages of our Resource you will find a Lot of useful information about The subtleties of this game, Which will help you become A successful player.

Poker player Statistics - statistics Sites for Free

There can be hundreds of Parameters that are included in it

The opponent's behavior in The game is an important Source of informationObserving your opponents at the Poker table allows you to Determine their level of play, Trading style, and range of Hands played. All this makes it possible To read with great accuracy Opponents – to predict the Strength of their hands by actions. Poker player statistics allow you To get this information without Wasting time and effort on observations. Your own statistics make it Possible to analyze your game And identify shortcomings. When playing an active game, Especially at several tables, even An experienced poker player can'T keep a close eye On all the opponents in Order to make their own Assumptions based on observations. However, he can use the Stats of a poker player, Thanks to which he will Be able to read even The opponent whom he meets For the first time at The table! Poker player statistics are a Series of indicators of the Quality and characteristics of their game. However, for effective use of Stats, sometimes it is enough To know - indicators. For example, how often the Opponent enters the game with A raise, what percentage of Hands he plays, in what Percentage of hands he reaches The showdown, how many blinds He wins per hands. Of course, during the game, Do not you just need To look at the statistics Of poker players to form A certain opinion about your opponent. For example, the VPIP indicator, Which shows the percentage of Hands a player enters into Bidding, can tell us about The opponent's style of play. If it is too high And exceeds, the opponent plays Loosely and enters the bidding Process with a wide range Of pocket cards. On the contrary, a player With a VPIP of less Than prefers a cautious game, And if he entered the Auction, it means that he Has strong pocket cards. Of course, a poker player'S stats can't be Calculated manually. To do this, you will Need special software. Modern programs can replace the Observation of competitors. You play – they observe And calculate statistical indicators.

It is only numbers that You need to be able To analyze

This is convenient, but in Any case, it will take A long time to gather An extensive database for a Lot of opponents and a Large number of hands, since Statistics are more accurate the More it takes into account The number of hands.

For example, Poker Stars is Played daily by more than, People at the same time.

You may not meet the Same opponent every day, but Every day you will come Across new-unfamiliar players on Whom you have not yet Collected stats. It turns out that you Need statistics of Poker Stars Players collected on thousands of users. And you can get it! Thrifty poker players can get Statistics on their opponents for free. We are talking about a Ready-made database, because this Will save time, since it May take a very long Time for the program to Collect stats for all potential opponents. There are two ways to Get free data: Keep in Mind that some of your Opponents can also use statistics Programs and ready-made databases. And even if you haven'T met a specific player, They may have complete information About the specifics of Your game. If you don't have Time to collect the database And exchange data, you can Buy a ready-made statistical database. Professional poker players regard this As a profitable investment, which Will later bring profit. There are special services that Sell stat databases, and the Buyer can choose what data He needs, and if desired, Receive updates by subscription. So, you can choose a Database based on the following Indicators: It's convenient! For example, a player who Prefers medium limits does not Need to pay for a Database that contains information about Opponents who play at micro-Limits or in another poker room. The most reputable poker services That sell statistics are Pokertableratings, Sharkscope, and Pokerprolabs. Thanks to the auxiliary poker Programs, you can see your Opponents stats in real time During the game! Databases and subscriptions for their Updates can cost several tens To thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the Seller, the quality of the Database, and its volume. Poker player stats can give A poker player a huge advantage. Of course, without the skill Use it, analyze indicators, it Will not be of practical Value! I registered for on the Advice of a good friend – he told me that They give no Deposit of dollars. Well, a hat, of course, But you'll never get It there. at first, d thought for A Long time about which Room to start the game in. I chose Between ggpoker and Pokerstars. After reviewing the reviews, I Chose a room from the GG network. In General everything is simple I'm a beginner.

What poker Games can You win Real

You can win money in Poker, and you will see This very soon

Can I learn how to Play poker in a few days? What tactics should I use? Is it possible to earn Consistently with this tricky game? The answers to the above Questions will help you ensure A carefree futureI've tried a lot Of things over the years Earning money online, but kept Wondering: how to win money In poker? a novice player? A minimum wage of up To $, or a banal Scam – for the world wide Web, this is a standard phenomenon. I even could not think That it is possible to Make money playing poker. In the television news, information Constantly appears about how this Or that player became the Lucky owner of several million dollars. The material turned out to Be very simple and accessible, And I began to learn How to play.

Gradually immersing myself in this Field of activity, I learned Quite a lot of interesting things.

You can win money in Poker! I began to improve, develop In this area and gradually Improve my playing technique. I was pleasantly surprised by The results – poker brings Me a monthly income of $. Surely some of your friends Are also connected with this business. No matter how unflattering comments You might give them, they'Re not exactly lazy or incompetent. Completely it's impossible to Be born a poker master, But you can learn how To play to win money In poker.

What is needed for this? Some people talk about luck, But still, it is important, First of all, to be A real professional in your field.

I quickly became disillusioned with My own theory

Check out the materials provided On the site ! You will be able to Learn how to play and Win poker on your own. Poker brings not only money, But also pleasure from the Process of earning it. Just a few minutes to Get familiar with the rules, Theoretical knowledge and tips, but To become a master will Require years of training. I cannot but agree with This precise and rather succinct expression. It will take you five Minutes to learn all the Combinations and learn how to Place bets. and tactics of the game? Before I started playing poker, I was tormented by the Stereotypical thinking that poker rooms Are all about professionals. For most users poker players Are a simple hobby. If you decide to start Playing poker, take a few Minutes to learn the basic Strategies of the game. Hi! Do you want to climb The limits, but don't Know how? We have prepared for you Main tips that can help You with this! Leave your mailbox and soon You will find them there! The tips were sent to Your email address. Study them carefully so that You can upgrade to a Higher limit as soon as Possible! If you don't find Any messages in your mailbox, Please check the "Spam" folder And move them to "Important".

Pokerdom: detailed Description of The poker Room

The room has a separate Poker network – Pokerdom

Pokerdom Pokerdom – the largest Russian Poker room, where mostly players From Russia and other CIS Countries playThe site was launched in And has since been joined By tens of thousands of players. The game services are operated By TESHI LIMITED, which is Registered at - bouboulinas, Bouboulina building, Flat office, Nicosia, Cyprus. In addition to interesting welcome Bonuses, all poker room users Automatically become members of the Loyalty program.

The poker room uses state-Of-the-art secure and High-quality SOFTWARE that can Be easily customized to suit Your own needs.

Technical support responds to users Questions around the clock. In addition to the main Poker service, all interested users You can also use the Services of the "Poker House Casino" and "Betting" sections. You will find a lot Of additional interesting entertainment on them. According to data from the Pokerscout service, the Pokerdom ranks Th in terms of the Amount of daily traffic. The vast majority of the Pokerdom audience are Russian players. The pool is quite diverse, There are many Amateurs, sometimes There are professionals, but there Are much fewer of them. The average hourly number of Online players in a room Is people. The most appropriate time to Play is from: to midnight Moscow time. During this period, the number Of players exceeds, and sometimes Reaches values of and higher. The third part of the Specified amount is concentrated at The tables of the game For real money. Cash games include no Limit Hold'em and Pot limit Omaha. There is an analog of The Spin Go format Windfall, A large selection of multi-Table tournaments and Sit-and-Go. It is very popular Chinese Poker Pineapple. Cash game. At the limits up to NL, on average, they play At - tables. NL-NL rarely has more Than tables. Windfall. Local popular analog of Spin Go. It is played at tables For three participants.

The winner takes everything.

In addition to the delicious Winnings, you can win a Jackpot here.NLHE limits-Max RUB: from to. For no-limit hold'em Heads-UPS-from to.  And for Potlimit Omaha – from to. Tournaments. Multi-table events start with Contributions of rubles and reach Buy-ins of rubles.

In some events, the guarantee Reaches thousand rubles.

The poker room also regularly Hosts tournaments in two major Series, GCOOP and ROPL.

the TOTAL amount of gcoop Prize money is more than $.

You can participate in tournaments For buy-ins from $ to $. ROPL guarantees winners million rubles, And you can participate in Individual competitions for an amount Starting from rubles. Client of Pokerdom is functioning perfectly. It has everything you need For a comfortable life. games without unnecessary difficulties. The software supports various languages, But you need to reboot To change the interface. First of all, please note That the service offers playing For real money and conditional chips. The second option may appeal To beginners who are just Looking at the service and Want to figure out what'S what. It's also very comfortable To play on mobile apps. Please note that you can Download Poker house for Android Or iOS on the official Website of The service. The client program contains all The necessary functionality to provide The player with full control Over their account, funds and Audio-visual components of the software. There are hotkeys, the ability To optimize the display of Cards, the option to change The avatar and animation of The hand. A very useful option is "Quick landing". Thanks to it, you do Not need to search for A suitable table in the Section for a long time. Overall PokerDom offers standard functions Of statistics about the game In the poker room. In the window of a Particular table, the statistics menu Is hidden on the "STAT" tab. Here you can see how Many hands you have played, How successful your efforts have Been, and what winnings you Have already received.

You can also view detailed Information about the ratio of Successful unsuccessful wins at each Stage of the hand preflop, Flop, turn and river, as Well as during showdowns and All-in games.

Poker House online does not Allow the use of any Third-party statistical services. If you try to connect Trackers and other auxiliary software, You may get banned from The service and lose all Your funds.

The site offers a wide Variety of poker disciplines

Pokerdom's policy focuses on The concept of "Green poker". The poker room team believes That the use of software And bots affects the quality And enjoyment of poker, as Well as violates the fairness Of the game. Like other poker rooms, some Countries have difficulties accessing the Main site. In such cases, Pokerdom uses A mirror to bypass the lock. This is a site that Fully corresponds to the official Web resource, but differs from It only the address domain name. Using the Pokerdom mirror, you Can access your favorite gambling Service in a matter of minutes.

You just need to know Its address.

For example, in Russia, the Room is constantly blocked by Roskomnadzor.

To find out the current Pokerdom mirror for entering the Site, please contact the support Service at the email address. The operator will tell you The current addresses where the Service is available. But if for some reason You can't access the PokerDom mirror of The site, Then you should use alternative methods. The most popular one is VPN. The easiest way is to Use the available extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. Deposits are accepted in the Currency that you selected during registration. Please note that dollars, euros, Rubles, and tenge are available. If you withdraw money to A Russian Bank card, you Will receive it within an hour.

When withdrawing funds to Bank Cards in other countries, the Transaction may take up to Two weeks.

Withdrawal to e-wallets takes No more than hours hours. You can withdraw your earned Money to the same system That you used when adding Funds to your account. The withdrawal limit depends on The specific payment system. For example, it is, rubles For Bank cards, and, rubles For WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. To pass verification on Pokerdom, You need to link your Phone number and fill in Personal data about yourself, as Well as upload scanned copies Of documents passport or driver'S license.

Your privacy is very important To us.

We want Your work on The Internet to be as Pleasant and useful as possible, And you can safely use The widest range of information, Tools and opportunities that the Internet offers.

On the site hosted on Our domain, including those on Subdomains hereinafter collectively referred to As the Site, there are Several buttons that open forms For data collection and feedback.

No more data is collected Anywhere else. In the forms, we can Ask for You can leave Information about your name, email, Mobile phone, Skype, or messenger Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp. We use Your data to Contact You and send you News, useful materials, and commercial offers. Your data will not be Shared with third parties, under Any circumstances. In cases related to compliance With legal requirements, we will Provide a Pokerface. This data is used to Collect information about users actions On the site in order To improve its content, improve Its functionality, and, as a Result, create high-quality content And services for users. Our employees are trained to Understand and implement these controls, And are familiar with our Privacy Notice, policies, and instructions. However, while we are committed To protecting your personal information, You should also take steps To protect it. If you change this privacy Policy, you will be able To read about these changes. if there are any changes On this page, or, in Special cases, receive a notification Via one of the communication Channels used, or in the News feed of our website Or social network group. If Anton does not respond Within minutes after the request From.

GMT, we will give you Rakeback for a month.

World Poker Club cheats for coins, chips

Free cheat codes for stickman and wheel of fortune

It turned out to hack Poker online World Poker Club, wound up with chips, respect coinsI don't need to explain that in the excitement you can squander all the chips and respect, I'd rather tell you how to get them absolutely for free and without any paid programs - just codes. ATTENTION! Read carefully how and where to enter a cheat at Poker Club in the 'cheats' and 'description' sections it is in the reviews of games and cheats! The main money in the game, the more you have, the better tables You will have.

they will be very useful better

This means that the game is more interesting and the stakes are higher, because few people can afford to play big. And of course, for coins you can buy as many respects, chips and gifts to friends and fans as you want. The second most important currency, for it you can become a croupier, the most important player in the game, without which no game will pass. Increased status, so You are in the top of the game (not to mention how easy it is to get acquainted with the female sex in this way) In the wheel, you can climb quite well on any currency. If for some reason you did not succeed from the above, put on the line of respect or coins, enter the cheat code Slok-lucky (save it and enter it before each turn) for times you hit the jackpot! Before you sit down at the table, save the code-cartsde_esw and enter it before your turn, and be sure that the win will be Yours in any case.

A Poker tournament with gold prizes. Can we repeat the November successes?:)

From December to, the Mail Mini-Game portal will host a Golden week tournament in Poker, Poker Arena and the mobile version of Poker Arena on IOS and AndroidWe will reward you with impressive gold packs that are simply created to turn into even more significant gold or chip reserves with the new portal game: one-Armed Bandit do Not lose your tone, participate in the tournament when and where it is more convenient: in Poker, Poker Arena and the mobile version of the Poker Arena game on IOS and Android. Use a single game profile in both games, and you can not only play on your computer, but also continue playing on your mobile phone, being not near the computer. Poker Arena is easy to beat even for a beginner: trixie's assistant will tell you how to play the game, and you can turn it on or off at will (the arrow in the lower-right part of the game screen).

Articles about Poker on Android from

The main division is a FISH, DONK, and a SHARK

Poker is a strategic game, And it takes a lot More than just luck to succeedKnowledge of the principles, fundamentals Of mathematics and psychology are The main factors that determine Success in the game. The main thing about playing Poker is that there are Several factors that indicate whether We are dealing with a Good player or an ordinary Amateur without knowing the basic Principles of strategy.

Fish Shark Texas hold'em Poker has different starting hand combinations.

Of course, not all card Sets are equally strong and With some of them you Have more and with some You have less chance of winning. You appreciate the Skillful use Of a poker position is One of the key aspects Of playing poker correctly. That is why at the Very beginning of the game You need to determine this position. Early, mid, late poker position If there is a group Of players sitting at the Table the rules of Texas Hold'em Are very simple, But it is difficult to Understand the correct strategy. Seniority of poker hands in Texas Holdem, our goal is To form the highest hand Of five cards. To create it, here's What users look for on Our site most often:and we Answer their questions as accurately As possible.

Download Equilab PokerStrategy equity calculator for free

The same should be done for the virtual opponent

The PokerStrategy poker school not only trains users, but also provides modern poker software, including for free! The list of useful programs that you don't have to pay for includes the Equilab PokerStrategy calculator, which absolutely every user can downloadEquilab PC application Is a multi-functional program that allows you to calculate Equity and use a scenario analyzer. In addition, the software includes a training section that allows you to check whether you are calculating Equity correctly or not. The main function of the app, which You can use immediately after opening the program, is the Equity calculator. It meets the user the interface is extremely simple in English (if you didn't set up the Russian language when installing the app), which should not be considered a disadvantage. If you study poker theory, you will understand what different buttons mean, as their names use common English terms.

By clicking Rate, you'll know your Equity almost instantly

However, if you still prefer Russian, don't forget to select it when installing the app, as you won't be able to change the language'll need to reinstall the program.

In the main lobby of the calculator, there are several lines, each of which corresponds to a specific position at the table. To calculate Equity, just enter the cards in the field corresponding to your position manually using the keyboard or using the app's functionality, specifying their face value and suit. Of course, in a real game, you will not be able to know the exact cards of the opponent, but you will make assumptions about their strength. In this case, you can enter more than one pocket hand, but a range that matches the player's playing style and features. You can also enter flop, turn, and river cards and calculate Equity for a specific street. If you need to calculate the score for a large number of competitors, you should use the Monte Carlo method.

Download Equilab PokerStrategy for the sake of a scenario analyzer for the flop or turn situation.

It is enough to enter specific pocket cards or their range, as well as specify them for the flop and or turn.

The program simulates all possible situations and shows Equity when various cards still remain in the deck and may fall on the Board.

This function is very useful, as it can clearly show how promising the hand is in a particular situation.

You can check the equity For real hands that you have already played, or go through various situations, assuming what You would do in them, and compare your conclusions with the calculated profitability of the situation. The result will tell You how to actually proceed and whether you are making mistakes. In the Equity Coach section, you will find the opportunity to take a test and test your knowledge.

It contains ready-made tests, but you can also create your own game scenarios by entering cards and their ranges.

Your task is to independently evaluate the Equity for the game situation, and then check whether you calculated it correctly or made a mistake. Ready-made tests offer a lot of tasks and you can solve them endlessly until you get tired! At the end of the test, the app will offer you to view the overall results.

You will learn the maximum deviations from the correct answers, the overall result, and individual information for each of the tasks.

After analyzing the test results, you can understand whether you are ready to play for real money in poker or whether you still need to learn and train, mastering the theory and getting practice. The main advantage of Equilab calculator is that the application is provided for free, but it has enough features. wide functionality. The PokerStrategy school of poker, taking care of its users, has developed a number of auxiliary and training poker applications. It also provides players with valuable training materials and, if You are not already registered in it, it is a good time to create an account and become a member of the largest poker community.

Very useful thing, thanks to the developers.

For six months of use, I increased my skill, and moved to bigger limits, and I started to understand tournaments, I used to quickly fly out of there)It was a pity to spend money on software, so I started to understand this read books.The result pleased me, I advise you to use equilab, if you understand that you do not know how to play, and in General for development in poker.

Download Poker Of the World for Android

It is popular with the Russian-speaking community players

Poker MIRA is a young Progressive poker room that uses Its own softwareIMPORTANT: Clear the cookie in Your browser before clicking on The link. Participating in world Poker on Android is the dream of Many fans of This card competition. This is now possible.

Instructions for cleaning can be Found HERE

Mobile client for Android, available Cache, as well as all CIS and MTT competitions along With freerolls! This is because when creating An account in the client, You can often simply not Wait for a message with A verification combination, and this Is not the only drawback. When registering for World Poker On Android, you must register The bonus code, which is The only way to get The privileges of students of The poker Academy.

The main language is English, And it is set unconditionally.

To change it, you need To click on the icon At the top of the screen.

There are versions available: Below Are the lines so that You can enter your username And password.

As soon as the data Is entered, you should check The box Next we go To the main lobby. Subsequent manipulations in most of Them will come from here. The user has the opportunity To create their own personal Table for participating in games, As well as specify the Conditions for selecting the displayed Tables, and find tournaments in Which the player already participates. What else you need to Know about the main lobby. Those who decided to download Poker World the phone would Be helpful also such information: "Games" tab offers sorting by Types of card competitions, which Are most common and popular Holdem, If a cache table, The landing is not performed In automatic mode, you need To choose a location that Is not busy and to Take the - at the Top Of the screen is a Bar displaying the icons of All open tables and maps On them. There are also table settings And a quick extra purchase. Definitely, anyone who decided to Download Poker Mira for Android Will be satisfied with the program. It is impossible not to Appreciate the promising opportunities that Are revealed to the poker Player! Poker MIRA is a young Progressive a developing room that Uses its own software. It is popular with the Russian-speaking community of players.

King of Poker play Online for Free

Cards should be changed very carefully

Want to play poker but Don't know the rules, Or is it your first Time playing at a card table? It does not matter in This game you will be Given a mini-briefing, where Everything will be explained to youAnd you will be ready To enter a poker competition With three of your opponents. First, you will need to Choose the image of your Player and then sit down At the table and deal cards. The main thing in this Game is not only to Have the best combination of Cards in your hands, and The skill is sophisticated to bluff. Try to start the first Round by raising your bets, And you will be surprised How your opponents will pass One after the other. But don't forget that There are also some other Good bluff players sitting at The table with you, and Even if you have a Trump card, you can save yourself. The main thing for you Is to get two opponents Out of the game as Soon as possible and stay In the game together with Your opponent.

Or immediately change your cards To the ones that you need

This is where you will Feel the real rage when Fighting for the title of The king of poker. The best option is to Replace the cards you don'T need pieces at a time.

As you will see for Yourself, the game is so Unpredictable, and the winning combination Of the layout can come At the most unexpected moment.

During the game, you can Even predict which player is Most successful in choosing cards. Play and become the king Of the game!.

Texas hold'Em poker King for Android free Full version.

Only you can become the Best poker player in history

They dream of playing them All the time, since casinos Are banned, and they need Money for them, then people Go to onlineOn the Internet, you can Find a huge number of Gambling games, they can be Paid or free. But who would want to pay? Download Texas hold'em poker King for Android for free And join a huge poker Community where you can satisfy Your desire absolutely for free And legally. Texas hold'em poker king Is a mobile poker game Developed by mobirix that combines The best of other poker games. The rules in this game Are standard, they are exactly The same as in real poker.

And by going to any Table, you can always check It out

Play, bluff and win. Download Texas hold'em poker King for Android for free And join the best poker Game where you can unleash All your skills and learn How to bluff. Pump up your luck, play And develop, and you can Become the best. download it for Android for Free and immerse yourself in The world of poker, where You will find a lot Of fun and pleasure at Our website the site. A source: How to play Texas hold'em poker king On your computer? Click download Texas hold'em Poker king to your computer And read, When a new Version of the app is Released, you will receive a Notification directly to your email. To do this, you just Need to register and enable Notifications or specify your email Address.

The poker Room

To register in A pokerability-Linked room, do the following

Enter your e-mail address And receive instructions for registration

complete the registration process by Following all the instructions.

after registration, enter your username And click 'Save' PokerOK poker Room, which represents for players From Russia, Ukraine and other Post-Soviet countries, we offer The best poker experience currently Available with poker enthusiasts from China and Southeast Asia. Players from Europe and America Are also present at the PokerOK tables, and in very Large numbers. The network, which includes PokerOK Good Game Network, is actively Developing, and, for several years Now, has been successfully competing With the leaders of the Online poker industry for the Title of the largest in The world.

The pool of GG Network Players is huge, the network Traffic is always excellent, or More online users in the Evening in Moscow are not Record figures for PokerOK, but A common thing.

Therefore, the support of the Russian language in the room Is implemented at the highest Level, as much as possible. The lobby and website of The room are executed in Russian, Russian-language support works, There is live chat support. PokerOK tables are always available At all limits.

All existing poker disciplines and Limits are presented, except perhaps The rarest and most exotic ones.

There are spins Spin Gold, Fast poker Rush Cash. The GG Network tournament grid Is rightfully considered one of The best, tournaments with a Guaranteed prize pool of one Million dollars or more are Not extraordinary events and are Held regularly. GGNetwork, like many other poker Networks, prefers to see Amateur Players at their tables, and If possible only them.

This desire is due to Network restrictions that cause inconvenience To professional players a ban On third-party software, bumhunting, Ratholing, etc.

However, no one specifically complicates The possibility and conditions of Playing for regulars just out Of harm, and PokerOK offers That are of particular interest To regular players are not Infringed in any way. So, the standard cashback system In the room Fish Buffet Implies regular rotation of the Prize wheel. Fish, as you know, bread Don't feed me, but Give me something to spin. However, getting cashback in PokerOK Via Fish Buffet is not The only option, as the Room has the usual black Ranks cashback system for regulars, The amount of cashback in Which depends on the number Of FPP points earned.

The maximum cashback for this System is.

The terms of the first Deposit bonus in the room Are among the best in Modern online poker. To clear the bonus is Days, bonus - up to $ bonus Within the specified limits is Not only the first but Also on subsequent deposits that Are made within days after The first. And this is an additional cashback.

PokerOK also offers no Deposit bonuses.

So, when registering in the Room $ to your account, you Will receive absolutely free of charge.

to do this, just verify Your account: fill out your Profile and send to the Support service marked Application for A bonus of$ a color Scan or a photo of The full spread of the First page of the passport So that the document clearly Shows you can see the Photo and all the details: Last name, first name, patronymic, Date of birth, issued by Whom, passport series and number.

Due to the peculiarities of National legislation, this offer is Temporarily unavailable to players from The Republic of Belarus. Also, instead of the first Deposit bonus, you can take Advantage of the offer of An additional no Deposit bonus Of $ $ with Spin Gold tickets And $ bonus on All-in Or Fold tables. In addition, during the first Month of the Honeymoon promotion, All newcomers are given tasks Of varying degrees of complexity, After completing most of which You can count on an Additional profit of about $ in Cash and in tournament dollars. PokerOK also regularly hosts rake Races, rake chases, and leaderboards In various poker disciplines, which Can further increase your cashback. The design of PokerOK software Is implemented in a fun Cartoon style that is attractive To fish, while the functionality Is well developed and provides All the possibilities for have A comfortable game. You can fully customize the Background, table, deck, sizing, and Betting options.

PokerOK is primarily aimed at Russian-speaking users

PokerOK does not support trackers.

Moreover, while playing PokerOK, the Use of any third-party Software is strictly prohibited.

This is a fundamental policy Of the GGNetwork network, aimed At attracting the maximum number Of recreational players to the network. It is worth noting that This policy works, and quite Successfully, as there are plenty Of Amateur players at the PokerOK tables. At the same time, the Restriction on the use of Third-party software does not Turn, as one might think, All opponents into faceless bots. The functionality of the room Has its own Smart HUD Built in, although it is Original and stripped down, but, Nevertheless, it allows you to Get an idea of the Style and General trends of The opponents game. PokerOK also has its own Analog tracker PokerCraft, which allows You to track the results Of your game and analyze The hands played. So you don't have To play blindly. the main advantages of The Pokerok network are the following: A lot of games, and, Most importantly, a lot of Games with weak players. The concept of the GG Network to make the game At the tables as comfortable As possible for recreational players, Although it creates some inconveniences For regular players, but the Losses from the impossibility of Bumhunting and total exploitation of The faces of opponents more Than covers the Amateur and Semi-Amateur level of the Game for a large number Of room players. If the limitations of the Network really bother You, and The basis of your strategy Is to find the biggest Fish and sort it out To the bone, you should Definitely evaluate the offers of PokerKing and poker rooms.

The General position regarding regular Players of the GG network Poker network is as follows: Actions of bad players aimed At winning money at the Room tables by purposefully gaining A non-poker or near-Poker advantage over other players Should be punished and stopped In every possible way through Bumhunting, ratholing, mining, hosting, using Third-party software, various hints, etc.

Regular players who are focused On the game process, improving Their poker skill and strategy, And not on various tricks, PokerOK is always happy to See at their tables.

As for good pros streamers, Bloggers, commentators with a large Number of followers and subscribers, Whose game at the room Tables contributes to the popularization Of online poker in General, And the GG network in Particular, they can count on Full support, financial incentives, and Even, in the future, an Affiliate contract. The rake amount in max No-limit games on PokerOK is. the caps maximum rake amount For limits up to NL Are as follows: NL - $, NL - $, NL - $, NL - $, NL - $. In fact, the higher the Limit played, the lower the Rake percentage. So, on NL, the rake Can be with a pot Size of $ - $ $, and on NL. with the Bank's size In $ - $ $. The system of collecting and Distributing rake in the room Has its own characteristics: the Rake is credited to the Player taking into account the Player's PVI value index. Details of the calculation of The PVI network does not Disclose, but in General, PVI Hobby players above, and PVI Regular players below. PVI is constantly recalculated based On the results and style Of play of each player, So the amount of rake Running to offset the player Constant not is and from Session to session may vary. PokerOK works with all major Payment systems, including those familiar To Russian-speaking users, as Well as with cryptocurrency BTC, Which distinguishes PokerOK from many Other poker rooms. However, please note that depending On the payment system used, The withdrawal fee may be deducted. In most cases, the withdrawal Period does not exceed hours, And the withdrawal period to The card is up to days. with MasterCard, you can only Make a Deposit, withdraw money To the card.

the payment system is currently Not supported.

By signing up For pokerok From PokerAbility, you will receive An Expert subscription for the First Deposit of any size. This subscription includes access to Strategy materials up to sections, With the possibility of mastering And improving the skills of Practical application of the Strategy Through a video course of More than training videos included In the subscription, including: in Addition, You can take part In training sessions and upload Distributions for evaluation by professional evaluators. And all this during the Subscription period one month from The date of issue is Completely free of charge. Also, for every dollar of Rake played in PokerOK, you Will receive. skill points, which will eventually Allow You to reach higher Statuses and get access to Advanced Strategy materials, training sessions, Hand evaluation, as well as Master status training videos, including.

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After registration, enter your room Username in the green box At the bottom of this Page and click Save.

Poker bots by section, part: Vulnerable SSL CGM

Why? This question is best left unanswered

Thomas Bakker, March, Insecure security: decoding SSL protection with lines of additional codeSince the Black Friday incidents, Cereus Poker Network has inevitably left the ranks of operating operators.

It is for this reason that the following story found a mainstay in my blog.

Many people remember that the representative offices of the Cereus network have experienced numerous scandals in the past. One of the cases of this nature was the hype around the vulnerability in the network security system: techies from PokerTableRatings discovered that the data flow between the server and the client is encrypted very unscrupulously.

The response to the public announcement was an immediate response from network officials, who quickly blocked the leak by implementing the SSL security Protocol.

From that moment on, all server-client messages were set up and any of them were sent to the server. (including botters) the attacker lost the ability to intercept precious traffic too easily. Right? You probably know what it really means for a Botter to easily and successfully intercept online poker network traffic.

Such a Botter can receive data about the status of the game at the tables and transmit it to its artificial intelligence, forgetting about the need to scrape or read memory, as well as the fear of being discovered.

Among other things, this is the ability to change network traffic: botters will have ample opportunities to hide or replace any data that the poker operator's server sends and receives. In short, having full control over network traffic could completely bypass all security barriers. Well, let's see what we can do with the client side of Cereus hellip software, Both of which are related to OpenSSL, an open source cryptographic package for working with SSL TLS protocols. Of course, this is one of the methods to protect a client, but from the Botter's point of view, the choice is very interesting.

I can only say that Cereus has never been too hard at fighting against bots, but some efforts were still made.

As far as I know [as you know, I tried myself as a Botter myself], the network software initiated the launch of a special module, the purpose of which was to detect known bots among the running processes of the user's operating system. And about a year before the closure, they also implemented something called WinRing, which was a kernel driver and gave the running network client program more extensive access to your PC, for scanning for bots, and so on. Meanwhile, Cereus continued to exploit the vulnerable OpenSSL, reducing the usefulness of innovations to a minimum. What can we do with the available DLL library that the network uses to transmit all its traffic? What it works best for any open communication channel: look at its source code and do whatever your heart desires! I downloaded the source code for OpenSSL from their official site openssl source. Then I looked at the code inside the Cereus software files and compared it with the source code to determine which part of it is responsible for encrypting and decrypting traffic. The process is quite simple, but time-consuming, because in the archive with the source codes that I downloaded from the site, there were only, files Anyway, after some digging in a bunch of nested manuals, I finally found the file I was looking was located in a directory and was called ssl_lib. From the day Cereus started using new security protocols, encryption and decryption of network traffic passed through these two functions. Thus, a Botter with the intention of obtaining valuable information for him would find the above code very useful for himself: just by adding a couple of lines of their own code, the hacker could export all the data to a buffer, from where the cherished process of reverse engineering the Cereus network Protocol would begin (which, of course, would take quite a long time). To put it simply: by adding a few simple lines of code to these functions, I could very unobtrusively intercept the local network traffic that the Cereus server transmits to my poker client.

c.the File included two functions of interest to us [code]

This, of course, does not mean that I can also easily manage other people's data, no, I make it easier to view traffic only locally, on my own computer. Anyway, the presence of the mentioned DLL allows us to do something else besides just intercepting data. For example, enter your bot (or some code that initiates the launch of our AI) directly into the Cereus security function. Thanks to this, the Cereus bot detection module will never see our intrusion, because now the bot and the room are one and the same process within the system! There are several options methods. First, they had to integrate the cherished OpenSSL code (the very DLL we used) into the executable file of the network client. As a result, the hacker would completely lose the ability to recompile [change the code] of security systems. Second, even if we imagine that the implementation of the above method is too complicated, Cereus members could at least arrange for the checksums of files in the directory to be checked by their client program when it runs. That is, each launch of the room's software would initiate a check of the integrity of certain DLLs and, if they do not match the originals, force them to be downloaded from the Internet in order to replace them. Many other iPoker sites use the same method, for example. Every security system on the client side of the program is sufficiently susceptible to hacking: it doesn't matter how many levels of protection the developer uses, because there always comes a time when any tool is compromised. the encryption of the room is in the hands of the user. However, the developer may try to make them more easily accessible.

Frequent and small changes to the system will tie the hands of hackers.

Using the example of Cereus, we can see that there were no attempts to complicate access to security mechanisms.

To obtain the encryption keys it was not necessary to resort to such complex operations as the reading of the memory. No hooks were needed to intercept private messages between the client and the operator's server. A couple of simple lines of code and a click on the compile button solved all these problems perfectly. In the event that poker rooms are seriously concerned about the security of their software, they need to think through every possible scenario and work out every fragment of the client side. If the operator allows the faces of their SOFTWARE, the botters will certainly find them and use them unceremoniously.

To do this, they have an incredible financial incentive.

Today is the time when operators need to think about the security of your services very seriously. cgm is the oldest portal dedicated to card games. Here you will meet thousands of like-minded people who have a genuine passion for the game in all its manifestations.

Become a part of a large Russian-speaking community, join cgm!In collaboration with Pokeroff.

Online poker for virtual money

They are issued to users for free

Play online poker for virtual money lots of netizens are playingThis game allows you to compete against real players at cash tables and tournaments, but it does not require investment in most cases. If you want to play poker just for fun, perhaps you should install the poker app from popular online poker rooms that allow you to play poker for virtual money. Virtual money - wrapper chips, conditional money) is game chips that have no monetary value. They cannot be exchanged for cash cash or other valuable items. For any game, even for candy wrappers, it is important to find a good place where you can play in a comfortable and fair environment. You can choose one of two categories that are very different in terms of attractiveness. As you can see, even if you are going to play online poker for virtual money just for fun, you should choose a program from a popular online poker room.

This is how he earned his first bankroll

You won't encounter a shortage you will be able to compete with your opponents and play in equal conditions against real people. You should not treat playing for free chips as an opportunity to hone your strategic skills. Of course, such a game can be used for training, but only to learn the basic rules, principles of building combinations, and understand the specifics of trading.

At the free tables, you will often meet opponents who will not value their chips and will risk them unnecessarily, so the game environment at such tables is very different from the real one.

For learning the rules of poker disciplines and combinations, playing online poker for virtual money is a great simulator! Although poker rooms do not exchange virtual money for real money, they sell it to players. The principle is that if a player runs out of chips, they are given new ones only after a certain time, for example, after minutes.

The time interval for free receipt of chips may increase if the player runs out of the number of receipts per day.

If the user doesn't want to wait or they need a lot of chips - they can buy more chips from the poker room than they are issued. The price is low and even lower than buying similar chips in browser games. However, users can save money and buy chips not from the poker room, but from other players. The transfer is carried out with the help of special functionality translation between the players. Payment is made via third-party services, for example, by direct transfer to the player's Bank card. If you have won a lot of virtual money, you can try to sell it by finding buyers on the forums. Chris Moorman, the author of the Book" about poker", earned his money early in his career by selling conditional chips to PokerStars players. Subsequently, with the money he earned, he began to win at micro-limits, becoming the most profitable player at low-stakes tables in the history of online poker. We recommend playing online poker for virtual money only for fun and entertainment purposes. learning the basic rules. Choose to play only poker room apps that can be installed on your computer or phone. Some rooms also allow you to play in the browser.

And don't forget about the alternative to playing with conditional chips - freerolls, which allow you to play for free, but win real money.

Cheats and Codes for Hacking

King of poker -an exciting App dedicated to to poker

According to the plot, the Player is transported to the Wild West, where the most Popular discipline of hold'em Was born todayHis goal is to win All competitions and take the Seat of the Governor, who Decided to ban gambling entertainment Throughout the state of Texas. The user must prove to Them that poker is worthy Of being included in the List of permitted sports tournaments. The uniqueness of the game Is that it combines several Genres at once: poker, arcade, Adventure, quest, strategy and even economy. No wonder the program was Downloaded several million times, its Popularity has not subsided to This day. One of the main conditions For this is the presence Of an impressive amount of Coins in the account. to do this, you need Not just to win poker Competitions, but also to do business.

You need to buy up Real estate and saloons, buy Transport companies, and so on.

Not all players like this, So they are looking for King of poker cheats to Easily replenish their currency reserves And play their own games. But do they exist for This app? There are no official cheats For the app, nor are They freely available from "popular" hackers.

Passing the game is not So easy

All that can be found On the web are fraudulent Programs and viruses that harm Your computer and phone and Do not bring any practical benefit. Therefore, suggestions to download King Of poker codes to your Device should be ignored. But there is a way To quickly and safely "wind Up" money in the game. This is a special program For hacking applications – Art Money, its principle of operation Is based on replacing numeric Values in RAM.

To purchase a large amount Of currency in King of Poker, just follow these steps: Then you need to restart The game and close the program.

Now you should have a Lot of money in the app. For King of poker, hacking Codes cannot be found. You can only use programs To "cheat" money, they are Not able to increase the Authority in the game, but Having a large amount of Capital, you can do it Will not be so difficult To do this on your Own.

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