Is it Possible to Play poker In

At the same time, in The bars of St

Found on the Internet an Interesting, or rather even controversial Article, on the topic of Playing poker in public places Cafes, restaurantsOn July, changes in the Legislation came into force, which Provide for a ban on Conducting and organizing gambling on The territory of the Russian Federation, except for the four Zones defined by law. Young people gather in a Cafe or pub, where they Are given a poker set With cards and chips. As a rule, this is Either free or inexpensive: the Pub will still earn its Own money on drinks and Snacks that are ordered during The game. In normal terms, gambling is prohibited. The correspondent of" SPb Courier " Spoke with representatives of several Well-known pubs in The city. Everywhere they said that they Either never did this, or "Stopped" as soon as the Law came out. "Why did you stop? After all, almost always they Don't play for money, And in any case, the Institution does not earn anything On this." - "And you try to Prove it to the Prosecutor'S office " Alas, the owner Of the establishment is lying. The reporter himself had been Playing poker at the joint Less than a month before The interview. And if you played, then You broke it. Or not? To clarify the situation with The legality of poker, we Called lawyer Dmitry Chernokaltsev, a Member of the North-West Law center. He said that our legislation Is not quite consistent. All it depends on whether The game is included in The all-Russian register of sports. Poker was removed from this Register by the Ministry of Sports in July, shortly after The ban on gambling. According to the fourth article Of the gambling law, gambling Is a risk - based agreement To win. And it doesn't matter If it's a monetary Agreement or not. Poker is a gambling game. Thus, bars that give out Sets for this game to Visitors can be brought to Administrative responsibility. Fine-from to thousand rubles. But it is theoretically possible To play: the article prohibiting This was removed from the code. It turns out that the Person providing the opportunity to Play poker is guilty, but The player is not. At the same time, for Example, chess and even Billiards Are sports games.

In Billiards, you can even Organize tournaments with solid winnings And membership fees, and this Will be quite legal.

Petersburg, there is the following phenomenon

"But it is theoretically Possible to play: the article Prohibiting this was removed from The code.

It turns out that the Provider the poker player is Guilty, but the player is not.'- it is interesting that In Russia, almost everything, in Principle, can be done, but There is always this strange PostScript-theoretically, as Far as I remember, a long time Ago, when the legal ban Came into force, Nastya Mona Again, as far as I Remember, a lawyer by training Explained how this law interprets The concept of 'gambling'. That post probably got lost Somewhere, so I just looked At the law 'gambling is A risk - based agreement on Winning, concluded by two or More participants in such an Agreement between themselves or with The gambling organizer according to The rules established by the Gambling organizer'. 'winnings - money or other Property, including property rights, to Be paid or transferred to The gambling participant upon the Occurrence of the gambling result Provided for by the rules Established by the gambling organizer.' In other words, a Game is considered gambling if There is also a risk Involved at the same time, And monetary or property gains. Otherwise, the game is not Considered gambling and therefore is Not prohibited. For example, clickbait poker is Not a gambling game, because, Despite the risk, there is No winning in it clickbaits, IMHO, are neither 'money', nor 'Other property', nor 'property rights'. Billiards or chess for real Money are also not gambling Games, as there is no Risk in these games, although There is a material gain. There is always a risk Of losing by misfortune, the Probability depends on the type Of game. For example, if you put A master of sports and An average Amateur to play In the nine to one Victory, then it is unlikely That the MC will have More than chance of winning In one particular game. Sorry, at the end of My comment, I slightly reduced The accuracy of the wording. Instead of 'there is no Risk in these games', it Should have been written more Precisely and legally: 'these games Are not based on risk'. In my city, under the Guise of the Sochi Olympics, They repaired a kilometer of Asphalt pavement in lanes wide For, - this is not crime.

And an intellectual game with Incomplete information, which requires a Lot of work and abilities To succeed, is a crime, Because, you see, we put Old ladies shoes on their Legal pension.

In my city, under the Guise of the Sochi Olympics, They repaired a kilometer of Asphalt pavement in lanes wide For,-this is not a crime. And an intellectual game with Incomplete information, which requires a Lot of work and abilities To succeed, is a crime, Because, you see, we put Old ladies shoes on their Legal pension. The Sochi Olympics are the Country's biggest gamble of The decade.

The second one is "gambling Zones".

"Who spits the most" Is a game played by Those who forbid us to Play poker. In short, exchange rubles, if Anyone happens to have them, For real money.

There are less than months Left before the global disgrace.

Can I Play mobile Poker on My computer?

MobilePokerClub is The first and Currently the only poker room That has been developed specifically For playing on mobile devicesAnd today this poker room Remains the only one that Offers the opportunity to play Poker online not only from Smartphones and tablets running Android And iOS, but also from Phones with Java support! At the same time, this Game room is cross-platform, Meaning you can easily play With your friend at the Same table, even if one Of You is sitting on An Android tablet, and the Other is online from your iPhone. And the clients of this Room are so convenient that You can perform any operations Through them, starting from making A Deposit and playing poker And ending with withdrawing the Money you won. However, a natural question arises: Is it possible to play Mobile poker club on a computer?. And at all, is there A desktop version of the Client designed specifically for personal Computers, as is done in Other poker rooms? Let's get this straight, Because in all other rooms For players, there is a Separate version of the client For desktop computers, and a Separate version of the client For phones and tablets. But MobilePokerClub is a poker Room that was originally different From the others! And it was originally conceived As a platform for playing Poker from phones and tablets! And that is why this Room has not yet developed A version of the client For personal computers! We contacted the technical support Of this room to find Out if you can download MobilePokerClub to your computer so That you can play it Not from your phone or Tablet, but, for example, from Your home or workplace in The office? We were told that the Game client for desktop computers Was not developed in this Poker room due to the Fact that most players here Play from mobile devices, and That the poker room and It will continue to adhere To this policy to develop Mobile poker. It turns out that you Can't play on MobilePokerClub From a desktop computer? As it is not so! The developers have created a Web-based version of their Poker room, which can be Accessed from any device and browser. In order to do this, You don't even need To download anything to your computer. All you need to do Is just go to the Official website of Mobile Poker Club and click on the Main page Play poker. After that, a new window Will open in front of You with the display of The game lobby of this room. Note only that playing from A desktop computer on MobilePokerClub Is not very convenient, since The browser still can not Process all actions as quickly As the game client does. In addition, on the territory Of the Russian Federation, the Official website of MobilePokerClub is Very often blocked by Roskomnadzor, Which means that You will Not have access to your Account in this room. It turns out that the Optimal the solution for playing On MobilePokerClub is to download And install Their client on Your tablet or phone, because It will always work, even If Roskomnadzor completely blocks the Official site of this room In Russia.

How to Play daily Free roulette At Poker, And what You

This way, they can slightly Increase their minimum bankroll

The Poker room has a Special permanent promotion called Poker Roulette

According to its terms, users Of the room can spin A special wheel every day And win a random prize.

It is worth noting that For novice players, this is A great opportunity to constantly Participate in new tournaments where Real money is played. It is important to note That prizes can be awarded Within days after the user Has played roulette. By the way, the most Likely wins are BLAST and Freeroll tickets and various introductory satellites. By the way, so that They are not canceled, you Need to have time to Apply them within weeks after They fell out. Players can get new spins Of this roulette every day Immediately after switching to the Game client. At the same time, Poker Gives you the opportunity to Take advantage of one free Spin of this roulette. By the way, in total, This wheel can be scrolled Twice in one day, if The user first logs in Via a computer client, and Then from a mobile device. Thus, the player gets another Extra chance to get a Good gift. At the same time, the Versions for mobile devices and For computers do not have Many differences, so it will Be quite easy to understand here. One more important note: this Roulette game cannot be played From IP addresses located in Russia. Russian players simply do not See the banner on their Mobile device, and the corresponding Window will not be launched In the computer version. As a rule, in this Roulette, players most often receive Tickets for special freerolls, which Are held in the following Format: superturbo, and therefore there Are not so many opportunities To win at the expense Of their real skills. We can say that winning A really large amount here Is equal to the opportunity To draw a jackpot in The lottery. But at the same time, Players can constantly receive small Prizes, if they often come Across good starting cards, and They manage to sit out Their opponents correctly.

The second time you can Play from: to: Moscow time

If we talk more specifically About this tournament, then the Key features here are as Follows: it Should be understood That, unlike standard tournaments, here You need to focus not On the final, but on The smallest prizes. When a player has no More than BB left, they Should proceed to push-fold. This way, the player will Either go all-in all The time or fold. At the same time, you Need to evaluate your current Stack and positions here. Due to the fact that The prize area here is Really wide, you can actually Win from to cents on These freerolls all the time. This means that if you Get Freeroll passes within a Month and if you use All of them, you can Take at least the smallest Prize every third time. As a result, you can Earn from. dollars per month.

If you manage to collect Prizes in half of all Games, which will help a Certain skill and luck, you Can, accordingly, earn more on These freerolls.

Based on the results of This review, we can say That this roulette is most Reminiscent of the classic lottery, As there are quite a Lot of players and a Very fast structure. It is almost impossible to Really win here with the Help of your professional skills. And yet, if you get Used to it, you will Be able to take at Least cents each time. By the way, this promotion Works perfectly together with another Bonus from Eights for registering A new account, so you Can increase your initial bankroll Without replenishing your account at all. This site is not owned By Holdings PLC, but is For informational purposes only. The site was not created For the purpose of encouraging People to play poker on The Internet.

money, it is not an Organizer of games on the Internet, advertising gambling services.This resource only provides information, But the exact description of The promotion and bonuses can Be found on the official website.

All information and design on The site is subject to And protected by copyright law. Quoting and copying information from The site is allowed only With the placement of an Active link. The content is intended for Adult users only.

How to Download Pokerdom correctly? Download Pokerdom For free

Fans liked it for its Ease of use and reliability

Pokerdom was established in In, A team of young and Ambitious peopleThe room immediately began to Position itself as a quality product. Today, the resource occupies high Positions in the rating of The best. And many other useful things. There is also constantly updated News from the world of Poker, where you will learn The results of the latest Major games, get acquainted with Famous poker players and their tips. The section with frequently asked Questions after downloading will be Interesting for every beginner. There you will find a Detailed description of all the Main steps on the way To the start of the game. There is a description of Creating an account, activating it, Making the first money on The Deposit, withdrawal conditions, incentive System, and so on. The interface is also designed For inexperienced fans, so there Should be no difficulties. But still it is much More convenient to play and Download the client online poker Games have appeared relatively recently. Initially, they were held in Real conditions. But at the same time, Certain conditions were required, which Were difficult for everyone to Comply with.

Over time, the creators of Online rooms have simplified the task.

Poker has become accessible to everyone. Today, you don't need To perform unnecessary actions to Play and download the client. There is no need to Find the right company, time And place – everything has Become easier. You can download the client From our group. Then you just need to Register on the site, confirm Your identity and make a Deposit. Many people are suspicious of This method of entertainment. The game is linked to Money, and no one wants To Deposit their funds to An obscure account on the site. However, Pokerdom has an official License for its activities and Guarantees the reliability and safety Of using all the functions Of the portal. To properly download Pokerdom, you Need to clear cookies, This Is an important point, so As not to pick up Viruses, it is also important Not to install the client Twice, you can download the Client from the link above. This official Pokerdom link that Leads to the main mirror Of the poker room. You can only download from This resource. As the official website banned Rosobrnadzora. And if you download pokerdom For Android, you can play From any convenient place. This way you won't Depend on your computer and browser. A great opportunity not to Miss interesting events on the portal. The developers of the Pokerdom Mobile client tried to make Their product high-quality and modern. Poker is a money game. What is the point of Participating in a gambling game If there is no risk Of losing? There is a good option - Download Pokerdom for real money. This is a program that Will allow you to use Your knowledge of poker games To win and get cash winnings. Any professional poker player can Confirm that playing with conditional Chips is only good for Starting your career. Then - only for money. In Russia, online gambling is prohibited. Therefore, you can often see This request: Pokerdom mirror download it.

This is an obvious option For those who do not Know where there is always An updated mirror from which You can quickly download the client.

But there is such a Site - a client for playing Poker is the best solution For anyone who wants to Devote as much time as Possible to this activity. How to download Pokerdom for free? Follow the link above. This will open up a World of great opportunities for you. Don't wait or look For other options.

Pokerdom was created just for You How do I download Pokerdom? Many people have this question.

But this process is quick And uncomplicated. Go to the official website, Look for the Download button And click on it. The installation file will be Delivered to your computer. After that, open it: the Installation of the program will begin. Wait for this process to finish. Now you can start playing Before installing, don't forget To clear your cookies.

This may affect the process.

If something doesn't work Out or there are difficulties, Feel free to write to us. We can always tell you The best way out of A situation.

If you download Pokerdom and Register in the room correctly - There will be no problems With getting a win and The application will work.

You can avoid installation errors By following the step-by-Step instructions exactly.

What should I keep in Mind when downloading Pokerdom? About deleting cookies.

The browser version is familiar To most players

You can do this with A quick keyboard shortcut in The browser. Proper installation and download of Pokerdom guarantees that you will Receive a no Deposit bonus From the poker room. Otherwise, the gift may not Be received. To download Pokerdom without errors, You need to remember a Few things. Compliance with the requirements of The application and the characteristics Of your device to which You download Pokerdom.

Availability of the Internet.

Do not interfere with the Installation and wait for the Full download. You can download Pokerdom not Only on portable devices, but Also on a desktop computer. This allows you to play Through a special program without Going to an Internet browser. Even if the site is Blocked, the downloaded software will Still work. Desktop computer, mobile phone and A tablet - all of these Devices support the poker client. You can download Pokerdom from The official website in a Few clicks. Go ahead and install it. This will allow you to Always have free access to The portal's games. Tired of waiting for you To get home and get On your computer to play poker? Pokerdom has solved all your problems. Download the program on your Mobile or tablet and take Part in tournaments where it Is convenient for you to Clear cookies on your computer For proper installation.

You can also do this Using a keyboard shortcut.

For more information, see our discussions. The downloaded client opens up A wide range of opportunities For the game. You will have constant access To tournaments, promotions, and the Pokerdom store. You will no longer miss Important events in the room Just because you couldn't Get to the computer in time. This is important for every Poker player: beginner or advanced.

Be with us and win More The correct download depends On your care.

Work hard and read our tips. So it is it will Help you avoid difficulties in The future. Poker tournaments have become much Closer the client from Pokerdom Can be downloaded absolutely for Free on the official website. Join a large team of Users and win large amounts Of money.

This has become even easier, As the client allows you To participate in games in Any convenient place.

You can enter the room In transport, in the Park, Or during your lunch break At work.

Nothing can prevent you from Enjoying your favorite game.

And here it is necessary To note the great merit Of the developers.

The poker program turned out To be high-quality and Pleasant to look at.

The Pokerdom client is beautifully Designed with a nice interface, User-friendly structure and extensive features. Every poker player will be happy. And the download process won'T take you long.

Roulette secrets Systems and Tactics-BNC

Among roulette lovers, there are Many tricks and tricks

Any self-respecting gamer, for Whom the main game in The casino is roulette, does Not give out his secrets To just anyoneBut there are exceptions. And now just such a Case, because when you are Confident in your abilities, then There is no need to Be greedy. Let's look at a Few secrets that can make Your life easier when playing roulette. Of course, not everyone and Not always uses any secrets, Methods and methods. It is difficult to find A gamer who constantly follows Any system. But it is impossible to Find a person who has Never used this or that Method to win at roulette. The first secret that I Would like to pay attention To, this is a method That came to the game Of Heroes from the European Classic roulette.

Its essence is that you Need to put alternately, in Accordance with certain rules, then On red, then on black.

For example, we bet on Red, and if we win, We switch to black.

And so on, until the Maximum bid limit is reached

If you lose, double your bet. This method is very popular Due to its simplicity, but It is impossible to win Much in it. It is suitable for those Who really do not like To lose and agree to Play for a long time And painfully, just not to lose.

For them, roulette doesn't Always reveal secrets.

You can learn more about This system on the following Page: For those who like To count and know how To calculate options, there is The following secret called "mirror". This is where you can Really try your hand. It is worth listing the Numbers that have mirrors attached To them.

These are, - and two "flip" Numbers: - and.

They are easy to remember And just as easy to Use for your own enrichment. The rule for using inverted Numbers is: as soon as You see that a number With a mirror has fallen Out, you start betting on Its pair from the tenth Bet to the twentieth. Next, we are waiting for The following. Many people start to catch The mirror immediately, but this Is already how they like it. Looking for system numbers. For example, you get and Then in an hour. you will Definitely get, or In the next hour. You need to put it. Or you get, and in Any sequence, but in a Row, immediately wait for. Look for patterns, be careful-Roulette does not reveal its Secrets to everyone, but only To the persistent. Here you need to notice The jumps of dozens, colors Or columns.

As soon as you see That they have started to Jump, in any case do Not bet on the previous one.

For example, if you get The third dozen, bet on Or, or both at once. It's the same with speakers. With flowers, you need to Do a little differently. If they alternate, place the Next bet on the opposite color. If several times in a Row - times falls out the Same one, you need to Bet on it.

MTT Poker - watch videos online

how to learn to play MTT tournaments on PokerStars

Do you want to have a good time watching videos? On our video portal you will find videos for every taste, funny videos, videos about animals, video broadcasts and much more An introductory course for novice MTT players or players who have moved on from other disciplinesHere you will learn what online tournament poker is Many poker players will tell You that they are most afraid of loose-aggressive opponents, who you can never tell exactly what they are facing This is only a small part of the mistakes players make during poker tournaments. In order to play confidently and win more prize money What do you think is the most important thing when playing a tournament? That's right, choose the right strategy! In a nutshell, we will tell you how and in what form Information about training: the implementation of the ICM model Ben Roberts: It is widely known that the most aggressive players win in tournament no-limit poker. However, many are wondering 'Why Training with Join the team Firestorm poker team. Free poker training and player backing MTT Coach Team Firestorm Poker school and backing teams: the ITC Telegram channel, where we post training sessions: Poker streams This video explains how to start winning MTT (multi-table tournaments) in poker.

poker poker training cardmates mtt MTT Powered by Restream my Name is Dima, I am years old, I have been playing poker since the summer of.

Until the end of, I played SNG max, I played more than, of them Which hands should be opened and from which positions? Ready-made solutions for beginners - preflop opening charts by position.

☆ Subscribe to What is the key moment for winning tournaments ?: Process: customizing players: stack Sizes poker poker training What is MTT? - Three tips for a novice tournament player - Components of a professional poker game-Introduction to game strategy Which poker discipline to choose in.

Cash or MTT (tournaments). If you want to play in our club, write to the contacts below: VK- Cut poker stream Lorem Poker WSOP series tournament Beat the Pros $ on GGpoker. Lorem poker streams CDMX Recording of an open MTT poker training session on, which I conduct once a month.

on MTT poker, which I conduct once a month

For subs of twitch and boosters in discord once a month passes Join the team Firestorm poker team.

Free poker training and player backing by Artem 'veeea' Vezenkov the third time Let's take a look at why you should win chips in MTT poker and at what cost? Let's talk about the types of advantages over opponents. Subscribe to Slicing the poker stream Lorem Rokegs before the tournament skids on Poker Stars. Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an exciting fight of two Reraise preflop from tributo on any two cards before the game strictly on QQ. Watch carefully, inside the bonuses for$ and, as always, Recordings of past streams in the streams playlist Fedor Truntsev-Personal Training with EviL Bankroll management in MTT How to grow by limits? When to withdraw money? I continue a series of theoretical videos with poker questions and Poker Promotion with $ h. Report for January we Understand what skills you need to have, Cutting the poker stream Lorem Rokegs skidding tournament on Poker Stars. Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an exciting fight of two The first part of the series about loose-aggressive style, how to bluff, where you can profitably steal chips from FunFarm coach Mikhail Recording of the open training session.

For subs of twitch and boosters in discord once a month passes Slicing the poker stream of Lorem Rokegs skidding tournament on GGpokerok.

Hands on the way to the finale, the final table and an interesting fight in the headzap. Texas Poker MTT. $ POKERIST Interesting game with analysis of the game and th place in the tournament Help to the Sberbank channel we Continue a series of lessons on the game of poker. Today we will discuss the question: MTT or cache? Just starting to play, any player asks the following question: Special conditions when joining FunFarm using the promo code zayk we Understand the logic of building a HUD BeHeartless - for those who are in FunFarm HUD Do you want to have a good time watching videos? On our video portal you will find videos for every taste, funny videos, videos about animals, video broadcasts and much more.

We play poker literature (including new items) for free in the series on Poker.Su - " Poker in Moscow»

Zachary Ellwood is a former professional poker player

"This is the best thing to read so far about the so-called tells in a live game that is, the gestures, postures, grimaces and words of opponents, which can be used to calculate their hand," writes url"Finding clues is a difficult task, so many people don't bother with it. Elwood's book the quintessence of his many years of experience-makes this process much easier. there Are many educational resources about poker math and strategy, but there are very few resources about poker tips.

By using the concepts presented in this book, professionals and advanced Amateurs alike can increase their winnings by thousands of dollars a year." in every live poker game, you can identify physical and verbal cues in the behavior of your opponents, if you know exactly what to look for.

When combined with a winning strategy, the ability to read these hints can give you a significant advantage. This book will teach you how to analyze your opponents physical gestures, facial expressions, postures, and verbal statements for clues about their hand strength. He runs a blog about poker psychology and poker tips at readingpokertells. registered and lucky to have been able to obtain this great book absolutely free of charge, and Dmitry traditionally agreed:) Moreover, we decided that one prize is good, and many prizes are much better, so we will hold a mini-series consisting of five freerolls, which will be held from Monday to Friday (February -) every day at, I must admit that a long time ago I hatched the idea of a similar points system (I call it "snowball"), when each subsequent tournament draws a little more points than in the previous one. It seems to me that the advantage of such a system is that you can be quite late for the start of the promotion, but at the same time keep the opportunity to compete for high places. There are also disadvantages, of course, but at the same time we'll see. Freerolls are the most suitable platform for experimental ratings:) After summing up the results of the promotion, the winners must send me a personal message with their email address. All books will be sent in electronic form within a few days after the promotion ends. Yes, most likely some temporary technical problems that occur in all rooms. But they are solvable anyway. If there are any problems, you can ask a question about it on the forum, or even better - write to support I know exactly what. Because you, to put it mildly, tired. I've warned you before, but I'll warn you again: one more message like that and we'll forget your name. I have no doubt that the owners of the room have no problems with withdrawal. Quibbles about the tone arise from an unwillingness to understand the essence. I just wanted to warn the players about the danger, but instead of thanking them, they accuse me of trolling, and even make claims - you see, they are bored.

C we can take you out.

Because you, to put it mildly, tired. I've warned you before, but I'll warn you again: one more message like that and we'll forget your name. Mona, please tell me, you're a kind person, and in Russian how to switch to Someone searched everything I can't find. I also overslept, or rather, I watched football and forgot, but I don't want a late regi. It was possible to register for all these tours in advance. I think football means PSG-Chelsea.

Strange, I have everything displayed

At least as of yesterday 'watch football'means exactly this game. Well, PSG-Chelsea-of course, that's football. And Russian clubs in Europe are bets. I won both of them. At the end of the match, Zenit thought: 'it's Good that I didn't put an Express train, but odinars. At least I'll get a cheap rebound." It turned out that I didn't collect enough. And at PSG-H gave 'more'. Time is not suitable, Zenith started at about the same time as the final, I quickly started suits with a small start and went to watch. by the Way, is it possible to get a handhistory for the tournament in a convertible format? And then on Monday, my chiplider stack after the break was already played by the child (hosting), I want to understand and sort out with him how he put it without even getting into the point zone.

I was delayed for minutes today, on purpose it was registered in advance, and it was Packed as usual.Naya LAN, I come running and see opposite my nickname 'removed'.

there were no warnings in this regard anywhere (or did I not finish reading the rules somewhere?) for me, it somehow mixed up all the cards in every sense. Well, this is, as far as I understand, already established practice in poker: everyone who sits in a sitout (and there are of them in such a tournament) is eliminated - minutes after the start of the tournament. I really should have warned you. My apologies) of course, nothing terrible, but the previous day for an hour, or even more, I had to play HA on the table Mach, but these are the rules.

in all tournaments.

If such measures are planned against absent players, it is better to let them know in advance.

Few people like to play with empty boxes, this is understandable.

And those who are registered, but do not come to the game are not well done of course and generally radishes. Hence the conclusion - you need to pay at least something for admission. Then there will be fewer random registrations.

And so everything is OK.) Vlad, here the jamb is rather not that, what was removed without warning, but what was not removed before) In other words, this is just standard practice for poker tournaments - sitouters are removed) What do you mean, a browser? Isn't a Safari a hunt for wild animals, one of which was missing yesterday because something didn't work for him??! Please note that for st place in today's Freeroll, the winner will get points, while the leader of the table after three tournaments now has points! I remind you that according to our usual rules (but suddenly who doesn't know!) if the points are equal, the higher place is taken by the owner of more high places (first we compare the number of first places, then second places, etc.) after three tournaments, players have points, and the total number of players who took part in the promotion by this minute is ! Yes, by the way, I would like to apologize to spika for moving to the finalke in HELL resisted, it was not childish yesterday(and why not some Sunday auction).

There are suggestions for the following tournament series.

Get the same points for all days. Reduce time by levels. Extend late registration. It was very interesting. It is very difficult to play with Dobrynya. Just not Dobrynya, but some kind of villain. Thank you again for organizing this event. The leaders of the table, Starshina and VladVV, scored the same number of points- each! I had to compare their first places. And then a surprise: they both had (TWO! OUT OF A POSSIBLE FIVE!) wins in the asset. They did not have second places, third places, etc. Thus, Vladww brought victory for his th place in one of the tournaments! This is his best result, apart from winning, against the th-ranked petty Officer. You see how important it is sometimes not only to score points prizes, but also to climb as high as possible, although it would seem-well, what is the difference between th place and th in such series) And here! I liked it, but I only managed to play in three tournaments. And there is nothing terrible in Dobrynya, my dear young man, and that they are always scaring everyone? I'm certainly no Sensei, my grades ugh, but both have Pervatsch good level. I won my tournament almost without any problems, it was very profitable. I'd like that more often. Well, in the sense of maps and tournaments of all sorts of frivolous. So, a little drama happened from the th to the th place. These two prizes were claimed by three athletes who scored points each. But TID has the nd and rd place in the asset, asasas- and, and Turisme got into the points, taking only, and places. So I ended up with everything correct in the nameplate. Prize books were awarded to everyone except the petty Officer. Please report to Sergeant Monet's unit immediately and give her your e-mail address.

Statistics-Poker Wiki

The most popular ones are Hold'em Manager and Poker Tracker

Poker statistics is a key Component for a successful online Poker gameStatistics on players are collected And displayed by special programs Based on the hand histories Played earlier. Currently, there are more than Programs that allow you to Collect and process statistics on Your opponents. The cost of the licensed Version of such services: the Price usually ranges from $ - $, although There are also free options. Programs that work with statistics Usually store the processed data In SQL or Postgre databases, Which allows you to quickly Access any required statistical information For any player in the database. Proper use of poker statistics Is the main theme of Successful online poker training sessions. Almost every tactical move in Poker can be applied much More successfully, knowing the necessary Statistics for the player. So, for example, using the Fold to Contbet statistical parameter, You can definitely decide whether To continue betting against your Opponent on the flop or Play a return check and Look at the turn card For free. In total, there are more Than statistical indicators, the correct Use of which makes the Game much more profitable than A game without statistics. In General, all statistical indicators Can be divided into three Large groups: General statistics, Preflop Statistics, and Postflop statistics.

You can find out more Information about each of the Groups by going to the Corresponding page.

Poker for Real money In Russian In, play Poker online

The Representative Of The Russian Poker Tour

Today poker has become more Popular in Russia than ever Before and this is largely Due to the fact that It is the most popular Game in the world it Is online pokerHowever, for some poker players, It will still be inconvenient To place bets in dollars Or euros, because you have To calculate when making a Bet in dollars and translate In your mind how much It will be in rubles, And therefore sometimes a player May incorrectly calculate the strength Of his bet and make A mistake. There is also a solution For this, one of the Poker rooms that conducts the Game in Russian currency: the First Russian poker room. Here you can not only Have an account in rubles, But also play on tables Where bets are accepted in rubles. The site has tables where They play for euros and Dollars, but they are much Smaller than the ruble ones. The most pleasant thing is That the site is designed For players from the Russian Federation, so all promotions are Selected in such a way That it would be convenient For the player to use them.

in the currency that is Convenient for you

For example, if you win A ticket to one of The live tournaments, you can Actually get to it, because It will be located somewhere Within the CIS, and if The tournament is held in Europe or another country, then You will have to pay For it. you will have enough time To get a visa and All the other necessary documents. Today, in, online poker for Money in Russian continues to Gain popularity in Russia, especially In the most famous poker Rooms, where players gather from Different countries. Of course, bets are placed In dollars and euros on The tables, but although most Poker rooms do not offer Tables where the game is Played in real rubles, you Can still top up your Account in rubles. Poker MIRA offers you several Reliable, secure and easy ways To Deposit money into Your account. Poker MIRA maintains a high Level of security and game integrity. All information is protected by State-of-the-art encryption Technologies and automated systems to Monitor the game and ensure That the entire game is Played in the best interests Of the players. Online poker is available to Everyone, gone are the days When there were any problems With adding funds to your account. You can add funds to Your account using any available method. At the same time, you Don't worry about losing Money in the course, because Poker sites, unlike banks, do Not charge a percentage for Currency conversion.

The goal of the poker Site is to help you Get into the game as Quickly and easily as possible, So the cost of currency Conversion or transfer fees should Not be borne by the player.

Once you start playing poker With Russian money, you will Be able to quickly adapt To the game, understand your Bets well without risking more Than you need.

You have a wonderful opportunity To play online, because absolutely Anyone can play, regardless of Whether a beginner or a professional. A professional will find a Lot of game types and Modes, and a beginner will Be able to quickly learn With the help of poker Schools that many poker rooms Have, gain experience in the Game and become a real Poker shark.

Classic poker-Rules, how And where To

But all of them are Based on one classic poker game

Play in the world has Received a lot of different Many types of poker gamesTherefore, starting to master poker, You should learn the rules Of this particular game. This is not very difficult, As so the rules of Classic poker are sufficient For. the number of cards in Classic poker is standard: from ACE to deuce. Each player is dealt cards, And then a round of Trading is held.

simple games use a deck Consisting of Seniority

Next, you can exchange several Cards to make your card Combination stronger. All card games in combination Poker are ranked by seniority. Distribution control and cards for Compliance with the rules is Conducted by a special dealer person. If you play in a Poker room located in the Casino, then they will be An employee of the institution, If a friendly company is Going to meet, then the Cards will be distributed by Players all in turn. The meaning of classic poker Is to collect the strongest Combination or force the players To discard their cards. So, you need to make Bets in such a way That your opponents can't Kill them. The pot will be awarded To the player who can Force the opponents to discard Their cards, or the player Who has collected the strongest Force. you can discard a combination Of players if you place Bets that your opponents are Afraid to kill or accept. But to do this, you Need to correctly assess the Strength of your pocket money. While trading, you can keep Your bets at the same Level or raise them according To the established rules If. there is no desire to Bet on the game, because Of the size of a Large bet, you need to Refuse further Betting. the game couldn't determine Who if the Bank receives A trade, then it is Time for a showdown. Players open their own cards And compare the card combinations Collected by the players. Whoever was able to collect The best combination will be The owner of the pot. be Sure to learn the Rules of classic poker, as All the other rules of Poker games are more or Less based on this type Of poker. And Draw poker in General Is almost identical to all The classic version of poker.

Pokerdom official Website for Real

Creating an account is a Prerequisite for all new users

However, for experienced gamblers, this Is familiar, one might say, everyday.  The account allows you To play for real money In any cash game and Take part in various competitions, Top up your account and Participate in the loyalty program In other words, a registered User has all the privileges And opportunities, while an unregistered User does notEverything brilliant is simple.

By the way, the user Account is rich in more Than one poker game, including The pokerdom bookmaker office and Casino, which opens up additional Opportunities for the gambler.

The app for gadgets has A lot of advantages, and The most important of them Are compactness and fast operation Of the software.

Before playing, pay attention to The performance of your device To play correctly on real Money: the room offers very High-quality software at a Good level, where there are All the necessary settings for The player.

Your platform doesn't really Matter – Mac, Linux, and Windows are supported, and there Are also apps for mobile And tablet devices – iOS And Android. The overall gameplay is very Pleasant, but the player can Personalize the game at any Time by changing the deck, Shirts, and themes. There is quite a lot Of functionality – the ability To automatically rebuy, waiting in Line for setting up a BB, and so on.

If you don't like Clogging up your computer or Phone with unnecessary programs, you Should pay attention to the Flash version of Pokerdom.

The browser version does not Have any significant restrictions. Here you can register, verify Your identity, make a Deposit, Download software and choose a Suitable table for the game. The design of the html Version is no different from The usual one.

of the rake is retained, Which goes to the total Prize pool

The advantages are simple, but Still very important-players can Change the design of the Lobby and tables directly in Their personal settings on the Pokerdom website, and the filters Are very simple. they allow you to quickly Find the right tables and tournaments.

The poker room has been Operating for the seventh year, Since, and throughout its operation Offers all kinds of tournaments, Cash games, tempting bonuses, as Well as instant and weekly cashback.

An increasing number of active Poker players join the room Because of the opportunity to Play in rubles, many freerolls And tournaments for real money! If you happen to be Unlucky enough to miss out On winning at a certain Table with a strong hand, Don't despair, you can Still hit the jackpot!  Choose cash tables with A special " J " symbol and Get a chance to win The Bad Beat Jackpot! The extreme prize has reached As much as four million! Everyone can be lucky, try Your luck! There are a lot of Jackpot tables in the room And bad-beat, which is A favorite of poker fans, Is also quite popular.

So, if you find yourself At a table where a Player loses a hand with A square of eights or A stronger hand, the jackpot Is divided among all participants In the hand. By in this case, the Main part of the size Is received by the bad Beat player the loser, but The winner will take of The jackpot size. At these tables.

You can not refuse to Participate in the draw, but You should keep this in mind.

The largest tournament is held On Sundays, the fee reaches, rubles.

The guarantee amount is million Rubles! Another noteworthy offer is Windfall Tournaments, which are classic jackpots In the Sit and Go format.

The entry fee varies from Ten to five thousand rubles, And the maximum multiplier is x.

! This is not all - meet A new interesting format called "Kamikaze". Here, players go all-in On each hand until the Winner is determined. The name very accurately describes The essence of what is happening. The online room has created The best conditions for comfortable Online gaming. The Pokerdom mobile client is Adapted to all modern gadgets.

Download software for you can Use your tablet or phone For free on the official Website.

Poker (Texas hold'em) Games online

Sit down at the table and play a real Texas hold'em poker game, before that, choose the difficulty of the game depending on how well you play pokerI won't describe all the rules and subtleties of poker, but if you are interested in the game, you will find a lot of articles on the Internet. The main idea is to get a better combination of cards than the opponent, or bluff the opponent to discard the cards and take all the money. Sit down at the table and play a real Texas hold'em poker game, before that, choose the difficulty of the game depending on how well you play poker. I won't describe all the rules and subtleties of poker, but if you are interested in the game, you will find a lot of articles on the Internet. The main idea is to get a better combination of cards than the opponent, or bluff the opponent to discard the cards and take all the money.

Where can I view The rating Of

Another popular service, this time In English

I rarely use it to Analyze players, when I try To give my bestSharkscope is enough for me. As for me, it is More convenient, and free searches Are enough for the eyes. Very interesting article. I thought that it was Impossible to see the rating Of players at all, but It turns out that this Is not the case. Thanks for information many hold'Em fans are interested in Where you can view the Rating of poker players. This applies both to the ROI of opponents in various Tournaments, and to the overall Statistics in the cache. In this article, we will Look at the most popular Sources of such information at The beginning of. Every grinder has situations when You need to make a Difficult decision in the hand, And there is almost no Information on the opponent.

In such cases, databases of Poker statistics that display the Rating of poker players come To the rescue.

Among them, we can mention The following: one of the Most popular poker statistics and Ratings services among Russian-speaking regs. Just go to the site, Enter the nickname of the Opponent, and the system will Automatically find it. the Service is paid – The free version has a Limit of searches per day, Which is clearly not enough. For paid tariffs, a significantly Larger number of searches and Advanced functionality are available, so Regulars who prefer to have As much information about their Competitors as possible use it Is them or use alternative services. Important: If your opponent didn'T allow you to collect Statistics, you won't be Able to view them. Similarly, if the collection is Prohibited by your room's policy. On OPR, you can view The online rating of all Poker players, get acquainted with.

There are also leaderboards for Total prize money, separate for Different rooms.

In the information on the Player, you can also see ITM, ROI, and exact data On departures. Statistics are kept not only For MTT, but also for Satellites, as well as for SNG tournaments. On the site, you can Not only view the rating Of poker players for different Operators, but also see the Results of an individual player For a selected period of time. Just find their profile and You will find all the Information about the tournaments they Have played, including buy-in, Game type, number of entries, Place taken, amount of prize Money, etc. However, it is worth noting That if you want, any Player can prohibit the collection Of statistics or request to Hide them.

relevant information.

To fully use the site'S features, you will need To go through a simple Registration procedure. After that, go to the PokerRatings tab and enter the Nickname you are interested in In the player search field.

You can choose to search For a specific room, or You can not choose – Then the system will search For the specified player in All available rooms.

An important advantage over other Services is free search without Any restrictions. Rating services are a useful Tool for any advanced regular Player playing tournaments. When there are no hands Played on an opponent, or There are too few of Them to draw reliable conclusions, And a large pot is At stake, you can quickly Search for your opponent on One or more of these sites. This will help you find Out if your opponent is A regular or a hobby Player, and in some cases, You can also figure out If your opponent is playing For the sake of getting To the final table or Just to make money.

Professionals and experienced Amateurs often Use sites with you can Also use player ratings to Make decisions in difficult hands, But also to analyze your Opponents at the bubble or At the final table, because In poker, as in any Game with incomplete information, additional Information about the opponent can Be crucial.

I rarely use it to Analyze players, when I try To give my best. Sharkscope is enough for me.

As for me, it is More convenient, and free searches Are enough for the eyes.

Very interesting article. I thought that it was Impossible to see the rating Of players at all, but It turns out that this Is not the case. Thank you for your information In and early, many Russian Players faced problems accessing the Rooms and technical difficulties when Playing online poker or online Poker games.

Buy a Set of games. Dice poker

We will check and reduce The cost

- plastic chips without face Value, weight of one piece, Grams-cards with a plastic Cover a convenient and inexpensive Case with a handle and A metal lock with two Keys - the game is designed For two to eight people - The set includes: chips, deck Of cards, dice, dealer's Chip, roulette, green cloth for Playing, stick stick of the croupierOur operators will contact You Within hours to confirm the Order and answer all your questions. Sometimes there are delays due To a large number of applications.

Do not worry in any Case we see the order And do not leave it Unattended We guarantee the cheapest Price for the product.

The product must be similar To ours

However, if you find the Offer more profitable than ours, Please provide a link to It in the comments when Placing an order. If the characteristics, manufacturers, or Other data differ, then such Offers cannot be considered similar. To get a discount, you Need to share a link To the product with your Friends on social networks. To do this, just click On any social media icon below. By when placing an order, Enter a link to your Social media page in the comments. We will check your recommendation And make a discount. This means that we will Compensate you in rubles for The delivery of a parcel Sent via CDEK, courier or Russian post. If the delivery amount is Higher than the discount, the Remaining part will be included In the parcel price.

Any items purchased along the Way with this product will Be sent in one package, Which means that you don'T need to pay extra For delivery.

If after the payment, at The time of assembling the Order, it turns out that One or more products will Not be available or will Be defective, then the recalculation Will take place and the Funds will be returned to The card from which the Payment was made.

How to win at poker: universal tips

Nevertheless, absolutely everyone strives for the latter

Between the moment when you know absolutely nothing about poker and the moment when you are already sitting at the table and consciously betting for about half an hourA few more "background" days, until the combinations are perfectly remembered, so that they do not need to be flattered in a separate piece of paper or phone every time. However, years separate the ability to place bets with the correct definition of the strength of the combination and the skill of a professional, able to earn good money on the game and claim titles. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Moreover, no one can guarantee you that after many,many years you will be much stronger than some time before. But you can just not think about it, but set a goal for yourself and move along the path of its implementation. So, how do you win at poker? There is a concept that is closely related to games - winrate. In simple terms, this is the number of games won, hands, sets, and just games per total number played. It is measured as a percentage and, in fact, should demonstrate the success of the player, especially in comparison with others. But that doesn't quite work with poker. Yes, there is also a concept of winrate, but it should not play a key role.

However, novice players are too actively guided by it.

Most of all this is sinned by various online poker clients, like the World Poker Club. They can't offer a real-money game, so they make up for it with the maximum number of entertainment elements, such as these statistics. One of the first tips on how to win at poker is to forget about the concept of winrate as something important to you. Focus on it only if it correlates with your goals. Otherwise, just ignore it. Now we are rehabilitating ourselves after what we said, because the previous section could have misled you. Yes, only in this element of statistics there is absolutely no place for the amount of money or chips earned, namely, they demonstrate the success of the player. You can enter games where other players don't take the initiative and put pressure on them by knocking out at least the blinds. This will increase your winrate, but will not affect your bankroll in any way. Thus, for example, at the end of the day, it turns out that they were able to pick up the Bank almost in of cases, but only its size you won't be comforted at all. But that doesn't mean you should focus solely on earning money instead of learning how to win at poker. Sometimes you will encounter situations where, with an increased risk, you will have a much higher-than-average chance of earning money. Most likely, the mathematical expectation of such a desired action will be approximately at the junction between profit and loss.You can afford to use this opportunity several times, but you can not abuse it in any way. After all, in the long run, this will still result in a minus, and all those not so significant, but stable victories will be useless. You might have hoped that this measure wouldn't be necessary in modern poker, but there's nothing you can do about it. Even the most powerful computers in terms of efficiency and simplicity still cannot surpass the most common literature. But we poker players are incredibly lucky. It just so happens that there are not so many books written on the topic, but almost all of them are worthy of attention. You don't even need to try to search and choose something suitable for yourself to start match your level. This is extremely important, because if you take on more difficult work, you will simply lose time without getting the necessary result. Of course, most books are written for beginners, so there will be no problems with this. Although there are some examples of literature from recognized theorists, such as David Sklansky. He wrote both for beginners and for real professionals who understand theory, terminology, and other things.

With the first one, it will be a little difficult because of the abundance of terminology, but you can get used to it.

Over time, you'll snap them like nuts. And later on, you'll be able to teach other players how to win at poker. Important tip! Do not skip books, even if you think that the material is too simple or you have studied it from cover to cover.

It is absolutely impossible to guess here

The special feature of poker literature is that it reflects the author's experience, which you can use as a guide. learn it, including when reading, and then use it in the game. To answer the question "how to win at poker" in this way, you could substitute almost anything for the last word, because books are a completely universal way of learning. When reading literature, instructional videos, and other sources of knowledge, many players go too far into this area, stopping playing directly.

This is also wrong.

You may know all the strategies and techniques perfectly, but you won't win a single hand if you sit down at the table. You are much more likely to learn how to win poker simply by playing than by reading and not devoting yourself to the game. Nevertheless, it is the study of game theory and the use of this knowledge in practice that will give the best result, although this is the most difficult possible way, it is Not superfluous to watch broadcasts of both major tournaments and local events. And even reviews of distributions, so invited Waters will greatly help you in improving your skills. The next point that answers the question in detail: the question of how to win at poker. For this very obvious reason, poker players primarily focus on strategy, tactics, and various techniques. Depending on the style, aggressiveness passivity is formed - that is, how much the player is inclined to make large bets or even play good hands without investing too much in the pot. The same goes for tightness looseness. Here we are talking about how often you enter the game - which cards you choose: only monsters, all pairs and connectors, or all of them. Strategy is generally a comprehensive answer to the question of how to win at poker, which we'll discuss in more detail in the next section.

The essence of this is that the game moments themselves are far from the main ones.

There are a few other things that are important to keep in mind. First of all, this is the psychology of poker. It consists of two components: the ability to control yourself and exploit your opponent it is Not for nothing that they say that in poker your main enemy is yourself. The excessive joy of a major victory or the disappointment of the defeat can undo all your knowledge and skills. This, by the way, is called tilt, and you will encounter it very, very often. Both in theory and in practice.

Many people may underestimate its significance, but we will say that if you even start learning how to counteract its effect, you will already become better than at least of all poker players, including famous professionals.

With the exploitation of opponents, everything is also very interesting. If you want to answer the question of how to win at poker as accurately as possible, you should understand that it is important not only to think about your own skills, but also to remember that you are playing against someone else.

This can and should be used.

Let's say that you are playing at a real table or online against an opponent you know very well and notice that they are not behaving as usual.

With a high degree of probability, he himself is subject to tilt at this moment.

All you have to do is use it correctly with this knowledge. Such an opponent would be worse to play your strong card, to be carried out on a bluff and so on. This is very convenient and profitable, because a good player in a lowered emotional state remains a professional, against whom you can use all the techniques and tactics, but it becomes as if disarmed, which gives you specific advantages. Bankroll management can distinguish both a subsection of personal psychology and a separate skill. As the name suggests, this is a skill for managing your health. Why is it important? Unlike your personal finances, your poker room account is very liquid. Today it may be a lot, and tomorrow it may not be at all.

If poker is your way of earning money, then you just have to have a kind of airbag.

The easiest way to do this is to clearly control the amounts you can afford to play for. But do not forget to regulate the withdrawal of funds from poker rooms.

If you suddenly win a tournament with a very large prize pool, it will be incredible the temptation to spend all that money on another infusion.

This approach is completely wrong.

There is a tilt effect here.

There is no ultimate goal in poker. You just earn as much as you need. And if you suddenly get a good win, use it in real life, and do not just raise the limits at the table. It is incredibly difficult and it is the right way to work with it and learn bankroll management. Poker mathematics is the most complex discipline, but it is essential because it is the Foundation of the game itself. Here you do not need to know higher mathematics and solve equations. But knowing the theory will help a lot in making calculations in your head and understanding how poker works from the inside out. Read books by honored artists, solve problems and invent them yourself.

All this will not go away just like that.

And finally, what most of the visitors come to the article titled "how to win at poker" for is specific tips on playing at the table.

This is the most basic element of poker mathematics. The probability is a numerical value that indicates the chance that the card you need will appear on the next round or that the combination you need will still get there.

Knowing the probabilities in poker will help you understand when to take specific actions, how to play long-term, and much more.

Probability is also used in the calculation of many other elements of poker skill, so there is no way without it. Learn how to use it or memorize the simplest rules. The later you make a decision, the more freedom of action you have. You can make big bets, bluff, steal the blinds, and much more.

In the early position, even with a strong hand, sometimes you just need to reset.

Play with fewer hands. Of course, if you are closer to loose tactics, then this advice will seem wrong, but believe me, even the most loose professional is not close to a beginner who plays every other hand. By and large, the answer to the question is, how to win at poker is your personal winning story, which can be compiled after it is formed, in retrospect. By answering questions in General, we will never be able to please every player. Everyone chooses their own strategy, tactics, uses or does not use mathematics, can suffer greatly from tilt or not depend on it at all. And even if you succeed in poker from scratch, and you are asked to tell us how you did it, you can not worry and calmly tell us. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to achieve the same, which is Why here we tried to collect unique recommendations with which you will not instantly play like a professional and earn a lot of money, but you will understand how to build the learning process and gameplay in order to extract maximum efficiency from it. Even here, they won't all work for you, but by experimenting and trying out what works for you personally, you can succeed and figure out how to win at poker and become the best a player.

Best real Money poker For beginners - What to Play?

There is no such thing As easy money.

It is not clear which Type of poker is suitable For beginners, it depends more On its nature.If, as experts say, the Best option is limit hold'Em, then you need to Ask another question: Where will He play longer?, in this case, let Him play for chips! My opinion there is no Difference, because when you lose, At that moment you start Thinking! For beginners, definitely hold'emBut the limit or no Limit depends on the financial situation. Any mistake made in an Online store can result in A serious loss of money. Beginners are always lucky while Playing just like that, and As soon as money bets Start, experienced opponents immediately come Across and lose. Before you start playing for Real money, it is better To train for free for Several years.

ROI in poker: how to calculate it correctly and use it in the game

One of these indicators is is the ROI

In the course of learning new game techniques and getting deeper into poker strategy, beginners are faced with an increasing number of concepts and termsNot every beginner can immediately understand how this abbreviation stands for. In today's article, we will try to explain what ROI is in poker, as well as how to correctly calculate it and use it in the game. And so ROI in poker is an indicator that allows you to assess how successfully and profitably a poker player plays in tournament events.  Reduction stands for return on investment. Evaluate this indicator you can understand what a particular player is playing plus or minus and, accordingly, see the level of his skills. It is worth noting that ROI in poker is meant only when we talk about tournament play. In order to evaluate the advantages of playing at cash tables, you need to know the win rate of the opponent. Well, we've covered the basic concepts, and now let's try to figure out how to calculate SWARMS in poker. This indicator ultimately allows you to understand how profitable or unprofitable the outcome of the game is in relation to the funds invested in it. To evaluate all attachments, you need to take into account both buy-ins and payment of rake to the room, which is also included in the entrance fee. If you take into account both the Commission and buy-in, you can get more accurate indicators and, accordingly, objective data. To calculate SWARMS, you will need basic knowledge of mathematics and skills in working with formulas.

It looks like this: ROI (EB - EB) -) X

When calculating, we need to subtract all investments from the total amount of money won, and then divide the resulting number by the investment amount and multiply by to get a percentage indicator. That is, the formula will look something like this: ROI (EB - EB) Ebx in order to better understand this formula, you can analyze a specific example. Let's say you participated in tournaments, and the buy-in for each event was $, which means that our total EB is $.

During these ten tournaments, thanks to your skills, you managed to win a total of $.

Accordingly, to calculate the ROI in poker, you need to make the following example, now multiply by to get the percentage and we get SWARMS of, which is not even bad.

There is another formula to calculate this indicator, it is more suitable for beginners, as it is considered simpler.

Let's consider an example of calculating the swarm USING this method.

Let's say that you had to win back MTT events with a buy-in of $ $. (i.e, a five-dollar entry fee and another cents as a rake). In the results, the total amount of investment, that is, EB was bucks. But now the game was not so successful, now the opponent is bluffing, then the card does not go, the total profit was only $. Creating an example (-), now multiply by and get. But calculations alone are not enough to say something about your own game or the opponent's game, you need to analyze the results.

So what do we do with this SWARM? If we take into account the first case, our ROI is, which means that for every dollar spent on buy-ins the player gets an additional cents.

Therefore, his game makes a profit, that is, it is positive.

Now let's look at the second situation, in which we got an actual indicator of.

It means that for every dollar spent on buy-ins, we need to subtract cents. That is, the game is at a loss and is negative. However, many regulars do not think it is correct to evaluate their own gaming skills or the skills of the opponent, focusing solely on the ROI indicator in poker.

It doesn't always produce objective complete the picture, you need to take into account the limits, the player's distance, and multi-tabling.

Let's take a closer look at each item. As we already know, variance in poker (and therefore upstrike and downstroke) is an integral part of the game. That is why if we want to know the real level of the opponent's game, we need to take into account how long he plays. Distance allows us to minimize the effect of variance. That is why we can only talk about a more or less objective picture when played CIS tournaments or at least multi-table tournaments. But it's not just distance that is important when evaluating ROI in poker. We also need to take into account the limits, especially if we compare the performance of several opponents. To better understand the impact of limits, let's model the situation: One poker player likes CIS tournaments more and plays at limits of. dollars, his SWARM is, while the second poker player plays at the same single-table tournaments, but at limits of. and his SWARM shows. If we increase the distance to tables for each of the players, we find out that the first managed to earn $, and the second managed to earn $. during the same time. What does this give us? This example clearly demonstrates that a good ROI is not always a sign of a big profit.

The indicator may not be too high, but the player has enough winnings to live comfortably.

When we talk about regulars, we can't ignore the number of tables played during multitabling.

Let's say after the analysis in our game, we saw that when playing on tables, we demonstrate a higher ROI than when playing on a similar game on tables.

But this does not mean that you need to return to playing at four tables. Many beginners forget to take into account that playing at and tables takes the same time, but in the second case, the profit on a long distance will be higher than in the first. Again, a concrete example.

For tables, we win back with a swarm of, while for tables we win back with.

For one session, in the first case, we will receive $, and in the second, $. That is, again, we can see that with a lower ROI at tables, we get more profit, that is, we need to focus on playing at, not at tables. It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, as well as specify specific figures that could be considered "normal".

This is primarily due to the fact that ROI itself does not give a complete picture, and many factors need to be taken into account.

So if we are talking about single-table tournaments on low if there are no limits, then of the swarm CAN be considered optimal.

However, keep in mind that the larger the buy-in amount, the lower the ROI will become. Beginners often misjudge the indicator, because when they see an opponent's ROI of or, they think that they are almost facing Daniel Negreanu. But in fact, such a high ROI only means that the player rarely participates in tournaments and receives large winnings, or a very short distance is estimated. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the assessment of skills here. And so, we have analyzed what is ROI in poker and how to calculate it correctly. Having learned how to evaluate SWARMS, the player will be able to draw certain conclusions about the level of the opponent's game, but his comprehensive analysis involves taking into account many factors, including distance, limits and the number of tables in parallel play. Therefore, the correct assessment requires some skills and gaming experience.

Detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news - all this is for you you can find it on the pages of our resource.

The most Famous and Best poker Books - TOP

You want to learn how To play, become a real master

Despite all the unfair persecution And undeserved sanctions, your interest In poker continues unabatedMoreover, the popularity of this Game is growing rapidly every day.

If earlier poker was considered A prestigious intellectual game, now It has acquired a special Attraction of the forbidden fruit.

However, it is not so Important for what reason you Succumbed to the charm of This game. You're willing to put In the effort to reach Your goal, but you don'T know where to start. There is a huge amount Of literature: reviews, articles, manuals. We decided to save you Some time and we have Selected the best poker books To help you get a Fairly complete understanding of all Aspects of the game and Get started with practical exercises. Harington's three-volume book On hold'em rightfully ranks First in the list of The best poker books. This manual has long been Considered a beginner's playbook. Written in simple and accessible Language, it covers all aspects, And numerous examples clearly illustrate The game situations that you May encounter. But why Texas hold'em? you may ask. You can also learn about This in the book.

It will take years to Study all these sources

Dan Harington, the author of This guide, is a long-Time professional poker player, owner Of two world Series of Poker bracelets, and winner of The World Poker Tour championship. It's hard to imagine A more reputable expert. In his books, you will Not find colorful turns of Speech, only specific recommendations based On personal experience. And although some of the Tips may seem a little Outdated to you when applied To modern poker, this book Is truly worthy of your attention. Roy Rounder, author of Easy Poker math, debunks the myth That playing poker requires some Special mathematical knowledge or incredibly Complex calculations. In his opinion, for a Successful game, it is enough To have an idea of Elementary arithmetic: add, subtract, divide And multiply.

This unexpected approach to poker Mathematics is embodied in a Small but very comprehensive textbook.

In just one evening, you Will learn quickly and easily The third place In our List of the best poker Books is occupied by a Publication designed for those who Already have an idea of This game and some experience. Here you won't find Specific strategies and analysis of Different game situations, but you Will be able to master The basics of poker thinking. Any player knows that sooner Or later, the game based On existing templates and ready-Made models ceases to bring results. Understanding the essence of the Game, its fundamental features this Will allow you to get Away from templates and become A real professional.

The author of the Theory, David Sklansky, is a three-Time winner, a real poker Veteran, a well-known trainer And consultant, the author of More than a dozen books On the game of poker And two training films.

In poker, the psychological aspect Is much more important than In other card games. Analyzing your opponents and yourself Plays an important role here. And although the knowledge of Psychology alone is clearly not Enough for a successful game, They will definitely not be superfluous. Alan Schoonmaker, author of the Psychology of poker, believes that Knowing yourself is just as Important as watching your opponents play. This tutorial will be equally Useful for beginners and experienced Players who want to improve Their level. Rounding out our top poker Books is another easy poker tutorial. Its author, Andrew Seidman, specializes In playing no-limit hold'Em over the Internet and Shares his experience with everyone Who is interested in online poker. The first volume the guide Is mainly dedicated to low Limits and will no doubt Be useful for beginners who Have decided. The second volume deals with More complex game situations, reveals Subtle and unusual tactics, which Makes it especially valuable for More experienced players.

No Deposit Of $ from

Fill in your personal data In Latin English

And the coolest news for Everyone who has not yet Played in the room - a Welcome no Deposit bonus no Deposit in the people in The amount of $Absolutely every new player on GGPOKEROK will receive $ for registration. What you need to do To get a no Deposit Bonus from pokerok: Log in To your gaming account after Entering your username and password. Go to the cashier. Make your first Deposit. To send the st and Nd page spread of the Passport in the mail Here Each player is given a Choice - when you Deposit $, you Can choose your bonus: this Can be a $ bonus tickets To tournaments Spin Gold quick Games, or you can choose A bonus on your Deposit Up to$ When you choose Bonus Deposit you will receive Of the cache from the First Deposit amount but not More than $ to the bonus balance.

$ will be unlocked for Every $ of net rake tournament fees.

GGPOKEROK offers to play with The most famous poker players, Namely the room's ambassadors And PRO ggnetwork sponsored Daniel" KidPoker "Negreanu, Bertrand" ElkY "grospelier, Mikhail" Mikleler "Semin, Fedor Holtz, Dan Bilzerian and others, as Well as well-known twitch And Youtube streamers like Ilya" ALOHADANCE " Korobkin.

The amount is converted to Cash during the game

Major tournament series. Every month, the room hosts Various MTT series for players Of absolutely any bankrolls, and In the event you can Get there via cheap satellites. Right now, the room hosts The WSOP Circuit Online with A total guarantee of $M. The WSOP Super Circuit Online Series starts on may and Will continue until may, it Includes events where winners will Be able to receive WSOP Circuit rings. Buy-in for the tournament Starts at $. Covid Charity tournament with a Buy-in of $, of which $ Will be donated to the Nevada Community Foundation. More recently, GG POKER has Introduced the possibility to bet On a specific player's Victory before the game starts On the final table.

The game American Poker American

American Poker and that says It all

To start playing, you need To place a bet CREDIT, Click on the arrows to Raise or lower the bet And then click the Start Game buttonSo to win you can Collect the following hands: Royal Flush, or Royal flush royal Flush "Royal mast", Straight flush, Or Straight Flush eng. four of a kind, quads "Four identical", Full house eng. full house, full boat, full House the "full boat", Flush, Or Flash eng. flush "the suit", Straight, or Straight eng. straight "the order", a Set Trips triad eng.

straight flush "suit order", Kare eng

three of a kind, set "Three identical", "set", Two pairs eng. two pairs, One pair Engl.

one pair, the Highest card Kicker English high card.

The winning amount depends on How much you are willing To bet. Straights and Flushes pay well In American video poker, the Strategy for this poker game Is as follows: give preference To internal Straights over one Or two high cards, give Preference to -card external Straights And -card Flushes over pairs, Even very valuable ones, hold Any cards in the hope Of collecting a Flash. Have fun playing American Poker.

PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha

This tool is based on our Hold'em Equilab

With her you will be able to calculate equity not only against individual hands, but also against spectra - now such calculations will become much easier for youPokerStrategy Equilab Omaha will help you take your game to the next level - if used correctly, software can become a powerful weapon. Note: Although this tool is a great addition to the Omaha player's Arsenal, please note that it requires a good level of knowledge of Omaha and equity calculations. You can also refer to help in the Help menu-syntax Documentation with examples. The main window allows you to calculate equity using various filters. To calculate equity, you need to enter the corresponding hands or spectra for two or more players. Once you set the appropriate filters, click Evaluate, and the equity percentages will appear next to each player's hand or spectrum. You can also calculate equity on the flop, turn, and river. In addition to calculating the equity of one hand against another, PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha can calculate your equity against spectra as well. Other similar tools are not yet able to do this, which makes our software even more valuable.

This is a separate program for analyzing equity in Omaha

You just need to click on the " button, and then open the range selection menu.

A separate window opens (see the image below), and you can select a set of preset spectra.

By clicking on the information button next to your hand in the main window, you will go to the range Explorer, where all the combinations that make up the specified spectrum will be displayed. The equity chart opens in a separate window and visually presents your equity. The information will be converted to a graph to help you understand your equity relative to the spectrum.

Just specify the cards for each hand and you will get a detailed analysis of their equity against each other.

In addition, you will also be able to evaluate the playability of your hand in the multi-slot. Another important feature of PokerStrategy Equilab Omaha is counting outs on the flop. Obviously, that this function lets you see how many outs our hand has on the flop.

You just need to set your hand on the flop.

Once you do this, you will know the number of outs per flush or straight, including outs per nut flush straight. You will also be able to see your equity against spectra and the probability for a straight draw on the flop. We want to know your opinion about our new software, so we are waiting for your feedback or possible questions. Have you already tested the program? Are you going to use it? Have you ever had any problems working with it? Share your thoughts in a special section of our forum.

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