All world Champions of Poker: full

In poker, as in other Sports games, there are Championships In which the best player Is determinedWinners don't just win Millions of dollars in prize Money and become world-renowned Representatives of the discipline: world Poker Champions become idols that Other players look up to. Unfortunately, no official world Championships Are currently being held. But their role is played By tournament series, the winners Of which become unofficial holders Of the championship title.

The WSOP has been held Annually since in Las Vegas, The capital of the gambling world.

This series consists of more Than tournaments in all major Types of poker and is Held for several months. The best poker players take Part in these tournaments, and The winner of each tournament Wins in addition to the Prize money.As you can see, the List of WSOPMainEvent winners is Dominated by Americans. This is due to the Fact that for many years Poker it was most widely Played in the United States And at one time was A national game. But after, the geographical popularity Of poker expanded significantly due To the emergence of online poker. In addition to the wsopmainevent Winners, the winner of the WSOP Player of the year Title is also recognized worldwide. This title has been awarded Since to those players who Managed to score the highest Amount of points at the End of the World Series Of the year.

Points are awarded for getting Into the prizes of tournaments In the series.

Thus, the more often a Player won prizes, the higher His prize-winning position, the More points, the greater the Chance to become the player Of the year. Johnny moss by vote, Doyle Brunson, STU Ungar, johnny Chen – years each. it is one of the Most well-known analytical resources About poker. Our authors are active players With many years of experience Who explain in an accessible Way how to successfully play For real money in plus.

Download game Poker

Your opponents don't know Your cards

Welcome to our mobile poker Club! Here you will find cool Offline games of classic poker Texas hold'em pokerLearn the rules of poker And visit poker rooms all Over the world! - No network access? Not a problem. Play offline poker anytime, anywhere, Because even without the Internet, Games are always available! - Our card deck generator Has been tested on millions Of hands. "Absolutely a newbie? You'll love it in Our app. There's no limit to Your turn, so think as Much as you want. You can also skip watching The game until the end, But go straight to the Next one to gain experience As soon as possible. Our poker game will give You the opportunity to find Out your real level. Who are you? Beginner or professional? Even if you know the Rules of poker, it won'T be enough to win.

So it all depends on Your skill and luck

You will have to adapt To each opponent and hone Your skills. Realistic animations and unique game Rooms are made specifically for You to get the coolest Emotions from playing poker offline.

Even if you run out Of all your chips, you Will have the opportunity to Get free ones.

Just try downloading poker and Check it out for yourself. Win cups of all the Capitals of the world. But remember that this requires A lot of patience and You need to know the Poker rules. Even experienced professionals can hardly Get the entire set of trophies. After all, tournament poker is Not easy to play. So, good luck! She's for you it Will come in handy.

BC support Service, bookmaker Hotline

This is one of the Youngest bookmakers in Russia

Disputes and problems with the Bookmaker's website can spoil The nerves of playersTo quickly solve such problems, There is a customer support service.

url betting company has recently Been operating on the Russian market.

The company started accepting legal Bets online in the summer of. She collaborates with CAPICOM and A part of the Union "The First self-regulatory organization Of bookmakers". There are two ways to Find the contacts of the Bookmaker's support service. In one of the lower Blocks, between the "About" and "Mobile apps" columns, you will Find up-to-date contacts. Secondly, the company also has A separate a page with Contacts that is located on The same main page and Is called "Contacts". The "Contacts" page contains more Complete information that will help Customers get an answer to Any question they are interested in.

First, just scroll through the Main page to the end

So, you can contact the Administration of the bookmaker's Office, ask a question and Report a problem at the Following addresses: support service Operators Will help customers and those Who are just about to Become them, understand the rules, Solve technical problems with the Site or account. To ensure that your communication With technical support is prompt And productive, do not forget To keep the documents and Identification data that you provided During registration at hand. In addition, on the "Contacts" Page, you will find a Link to the "Frequently asked Questions" section, where url specialists Have already answered the most Common questions about working with An account, registration, etc.

Thus, the technical support service Of url gives you the Opportunity to address several questions Or problems at once in Various ways.

Operators respond quickly and provide Comprehensive explanations. In General, the impressions of Their work are positive. We hope that our instructions Will help you.

The update Is a Welcome bonus In GGPokerOk

Starting from June, Ggpokerok offers A first Deposit bonus

GGPokerOk met the summer of Not only with a Grand Total guarantee in June promotions And technical software updates, but Also with an updated first Deposit bonus for new usersAt the same time, the Maximum possible bonus amount cannot Exceed the $ mark. Previously, GGPokerOk provided new users With a one-time bonus Of thousand dollars for registration, Which did not require a Deposit to the in-game account. However, this bonus required special Activation and further wagering. With the arrival of summer, The poker room refused a One-time fixed bonus and Provided poker players with the Opportunity to receive an additional Of the amount of the First Deposit to the in-Game account. In addition to the maximum Amount limit, the updated bonus For the first Deposit in The ggnetwork network rooms must Be wagered within days from The date of its receipt.

Deposits are made at $ for Every $ rake

However, this bonus cannot be Wagered at the tables in The format of fast poker. The main distinguishing feature of The updated bonus is the Possibility of a much larger Rakeback against of the previous bonus. Until the bonus is wagered, The poker player cannot withdraw Funds from the account, in Which case the bonus is Burned out. The refusal of the management Of the GGNetwork network from A fixed bonus for registering In poker rooms is quite Understandable, such a bonus is Almost nowhere to be found today.

The updated bonus is designed To encourage the player to Make the first Deposit to The account for as large An amount as possible to Get a larger bonus, and Also does not require any Special activation.

In addition, the updated bonus For the first Deposit to Your account is not related To it is a simple Process of registering a new Player in the poker room And provides them with a Convenient opportunity to choose their Own time to top up Their account. It is worth mentioning that For ggpokerok newcomers, in addition To the first Deposit bonus, There is also a $ no Deposit bonus and a "Honeymoon" Promotion, which become available to Poker players immediately after registering In the room.

What are The most Important indicators Of poker

Basic indicators of poker statistics

For a novice poker player Trying to get out of The micro-limits, especially in MTT, there is no point In using the full range Of available Holdem Manager statsFirst, sorting through information on The game table will be Distracting, and secondly, often the Stats from the first levels Of the game will be Mixed with the stats from The later ones and give Us incorrect information. Therefore, the most important stats For us are VPIP, PFR, -Bet, AF, and WSD.

The average VPIP value is, Ranging from

money voluntarily invested in the Pot - the percentage of hands Where you made an unintentional Bet preflop to the total Number of hands. In other words, all your Calls and raises are included Here, but the check in The big blind or the Fold in the small blind Is not included. In principle, this value will Be quite close to that Given by flop seen rooms, Several percent lower. Perhaps this is the most Important feature that allows you To divide players into loose Tight ones. When giving statistics on an Opponent, VPIP is usually written first. You can consider this indicator If you have statistics for About - hands. For a more or less Accurate value, or more hands Are desirable.By the way! tips for improving your thinking And results in pokerpfr-Preflop Raise - preflop raise - the percentage Of hands where you raised Preflop the answer to someone Else's raise is not Counted, reraise is counted. The second most important characteristic, And usually the second one Is also written, allows you To divide players into passive Aggressive ones.

-Bet-the situation when A player reraises a raise -Aggression Factor-the aggression factor Is a numerical expression of The player's aggressiveness, calculated As of bets of raises Of calls.

The aggression factor can be Calculated separately in each round Of the game, but the General aggression factor is usually used. This is probably the third Most important feature that allows You to evaluate the aggressiveness Of a player after the preflop. Usually, the AF values of An adequate flop player are, The turn is, and the River is. For acceptable AF accuracy on Individual streets, have at least - hands. WSD - Went to ShowDown - income Before showdown - percentage of hands In which the player watched The flop and reached the showdown. Another important one this feature Allows you to evaluate the Opponent's looseness tightness after preflop. The average value is, the Range is.

Preferably or more hands in Order to consider this indicator.Also read on Topflop: What To play-cash or tournaments.

All variants Of card Combinations in Poker table For beginners

Before considering poker combinations, you Should consider the division of Poker into separate disciplinesFor example, such varieties as -Card draw poker, -card draw, Classic hold'em and Omaha Are played with classic "hi-Combinations". In addition to them, the Omaha hi-lo, Razz hi-Lo and stud hi-lo Disciplines play so-called "Junior Low combinations". Badugi should be highlighted separately – this type of poker Differs not only in the Rules, but also in the Current combinations. Used in most modern poker Disciplines, knowledge of these combinations Is the Foundation of the Basics for any poker player. Combinations are placed in order Of decreasing hand strength: A Separate type is the so-Called "Royal flush", which consists Of suited cards from to A. the Royal Flush is considered The strongest poker combination, which Can not be interrupted by anything.

Low Junior card combinations in Poker are used in hi-Lo disciplines, such as Omaha Hi-lo, Stud hi-lo, And Razz, where only minor Hands are used.

Some rules for making combinations Should be taken into account: -Low, known to many as The "wheel", is a combination Of five to ACE Junior straight. If several participants have identical Combinations, then they share the winnings. -low-consists of any Cards that cannot form a Combination, and at the same Time with a face value Of no more than six. If members have or more Combinations the Bank will take The younger player with the Second card if the second Card are the same, checked The third, fourth, etc. -lo – as you Can already guess the logic Is five cards which do Not form a combination with Value of no higher than.

By in the presence of "Seven-low" wins the participant With the lowest nd card, If it matches, then compare The third, fourth, etc.

-low-eight-low is A hand of five different Cards, with a face value Not older than. when making several identical combinations, The second card is checked, If they match, the third, etc.

It is worth noting that If you participate in Omaha Hi-lo or stud hi-Lo,then "Eight hi-lo" Is the weakest possible Junior combination.

But already for Razz, this Is not a chapel, where The "Ten hi-lo" or "Lady hi-lo" may be The winner, since the construction Of such combinations is allowed By the rules of the game. Badugi is a radically different Poker discipline, the seniority of Combinations here is also unconventional And in order to master It, you need a clear Knowledge of the rules of The game and some practice. When determining the seniority of The hand, just as in ACE to five, the ACE Should be considered only the Lowest card, but the main Difference is that in Badugi, Each of the cards in The combination should be different From the rest, both in Face value and in suit. A Badugi hand consists of Cards, so it is impossible To collect a classic five-Card straight here, and a Four-card straight Does not Affect the strength of the Lined-up hand. However, you should keep in Mind that if you have Several cards of the same Suit, only one will count, And the same rule applies If you have cards with A common face value.

Titan Poker-Bonus $, download Titan Poker For free, Website

The software of the Titan Poker room has huge functionality

Do you Want to start Playing on Titan Poker? There is nothing easier, simple Registration, an incredible $ bonus, daily Freerolls, tournaments with millions of prizesTitan Poker is powered by Play Tech SOFTWARE and is Part of the iPoker network.

In terms of the number Of players, Titan Poker can Be compared to the largest Poker rooms.

Players are provided with a Large selection of gaming tables With various limits $-. The Titan Poker poker room Offers an environment suitable for Beginners and true professionals alike. There are no drawbacks in The program's graphics and interface.

Titan Poker is very user-friendly

Titan Poker software, after its Latest upgrade, it allowed you To work quite quickly and smoothly. Users are given the opportunity To play at several tables At once. The poker room Titan Poker Supports PokerAce and PokerTracker. Recently, the number of tournament Fighters on TitanPoker has grown significantly. Tournaments are regularly held with Guaranteed prize pools and a Well-designed multi-stage structure. Buy-in tournaments are regularly Held, where the role of The prize is played by Real money. Players can choose from a Fairly large number of games With a rake Value of At$. This value is slightly better Than the average.

The good news is that On max limit tables, the Rake is up to$.

In the Titan Poker room, All tables with the number Of players from to – Up to$. At tables with the number Of players from to – Up to$. At Titan Poker, the level Of players is quite low. This is due to the Constant influx of newcomers. The iPoker network conducts quite Aggressive marketing. In limit games and no-Limit Texas hold'em, you Can rarely meet weak opponents. However, in other poker rooms With similar bets, you can Get quite a tough game. The Titan Poker poker room Is suitable for all players. Excellent conditions have been created For the game. The Titan Poker poker room Has a well-deserved reputation. We wish all our players A pleasant game and good Luck! Advantages of Titan Poker: soft Games, excellent rake, prompt support Service, high game traffic, convenient Deposit withdrawal system and decent Bonuses for the st Deposit.

Poker Game: World Poker Club

Players are excited about online Poker World Poker Club! It has everything for fans Of gambling card games: a Lot of no Deposit chips, Various betsBe sure that you will Have good luck and impressive Winning amounts! You can play either holdem Or omaha, and poker events Are held every week.

The player can share their Achievements, and their main goal Is to become the king Of poker, taking the leading Position at the peak of The overall rating.

We draw Your attention to The stylishness and convenience of The modern user-friendly interface, Created specifically for smartphones and Tablets.

No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker-rules, Features

Most poker players play no-Limit hold'em, which is The most popular poker discipline In the world

In terms of the number Of players, it is even Ahead of many types of Games that are not related To sports, computer cards, etc.

Its popularity is largely due To the fact that the Participant can use their intelligence To determine the result of The distribution.

And the absence of restrictions On the maximum bet size Adds an additional share of Emotions, which attracts users who Play for a dose of adrenaline. No limit hold'em is A modification of Texas hold'Em poker that has no Limit on the maximum bet amount. Bidders can put all their Cash on the line at Any time and on any Trading street. You can play this discipline At cash tables and tournaments In any poker room. The main difference between the Discipline is the betting rules.

Poker players are unlimited in The upper levels of raises, But you should keep in Mind the following rules that Must be observed in bidding: In films, Directors like to Show how the hero is Offered too much for him To bet and he has To bet a car, house And other valuables or get Into debt.

This situation contradicts the rules Of Texas no limit hold'Em, as the poker player Can only play with the Money available at the table. If a player has only $, And his opponent has bet A million, he can answer With a thousand. At the same time, he Will count on a pot Of $, and $, will be returned Back to the person who Placed the million. A raise that puts all The chips at the table On the line is called An All-in or All-In pot. With this increase, several important Rules apply: Texas no limit Hold'em is an interesting, Dynamic game. Most textbooks have been written For this type of poker, Many training videos have been Shot, and high-quality training Programs have been developed. Therefore, there is no shortage Of information and opportunities for Those who want to learn Not only the rules of This game, but also learn The strategy to play profitably.

Moscow poker kit shop-SpacePOKER

You will say: well, the chips are like chips, all the same

And we will answer: the poker chips in the set have at least main parameters that characterize their differencesFirst, the weight of the chips (gr, gr. the diameter of the chips is mm and mm. The chip material is ABS plastic or Clay. The price is also affected by the number of colors on one chip (there are two-color and three-color options). To buy poker and not lose money, pay attention to the quality of processing of poker chips on the edges - this is not a small important factor (smoothed or sharp edges, with or without burrs) The question often arises as to how many chips are due be included in the poker kit. By default, our poker sets have a face value layout based on the average statistical need for a cash game or tournament. We suggest that you follow the following rule: chips - for - people, chips - for - people, and chips for a company of - people.

So briefly about the main thing

The total stack, for example, in the five - hundredth set is. If you need to change it, just let your Manager know. In addition to the chips, the poker set includes accessories such as cloth, cards, dealer's button or button, and a shuffle machine for shuffling cards. Let's focus a bit on poker cards. Naturally, there are cheaper cards in the cheaper set. This significantly affects the quality of the poker game. But note that many people do not need good plastic cards (they are rarely played or novice players).

In the SpacePOKER online store, you can buy a poker set in Moscow with plastic or regular cards.

For professionals, we are happy to offer decent options. Other than that special attention is paid to the case itself, made of aluminum, wood or covered with leather (leatherette).

Play Garena Poker Texas Hold'em

You can also play poker In this project

Garena Poker online is considered One of the most popular Online gaming platformsFirst of all, this is True in relation to the Garen project itself. In this project, players can Play a bunch of different Games with players from all Over the world. at the moment, it has Become one of the largest Online gaming communities. In total, about twenty-five Million players from all over The world are registered on Garen today. In this project, you can Find players who live in Almost all countries of the world. It is also worth noting That almost all the games In this project, including poker And hold'em, are something Like flash games. For this reason, playing Garena Poker is unproductive for a Serious player.

Many of them come here To play Garen Texas hold'Em poker

There are a lot of Crackers and cheaters playing here.

Poker is made on Garen So that it does not Have reliable protection. This leads to the fact That it is much easier To meet a cracker on Garen than with a normal player.

In fact, poker through Garena Today is not a battle Of wits, but a battle Of cheating programs designed for hacking.

Even though recently the owners Of the project have begun To promise regular players Golden Mountains and the most privileged Accounts, in our opinion, do Not waste your nerves playing A terrible poker game on Garen. If you want to play A game with bots and Cheating software– you can play On Garen. Now the technical support service In Garena poker Texas hold'Em does not fight them At all. So those who want a Normal game, it is better Not to spoil the mood On Garen Texas poker, and Go to play normally in A good poker room.

Poker Assistant play poker on the official PokerDom website online

The site is in Russian, you can play in rubles

Poker is a great way to earn money and have a good time home away from homeYou can play in a browser or through an app running on PC, Android, or iOS. The company Poker Assistant adheres to the concept of "Green poker". In the modern world, more and more often players use special computer programs that provide an advantage. The software collects statistics on your opponents and helps you make a decision against the background of a particular hand, which is unfair to other poker players. You can't use any additional SOFTWARE on the official Pokerdom website. The platform guarantees fair competition and a bot-free game.

The Pokerdom website is managed by TESHI LIMITED

The security service constantly monitors and blocks intruders. Competition between real players who use only their knowledge, experience and skills. Customers are on an equal footing, and the result is directly determined by the poker players abilities and decisions they make. User-friendly gameplay. Popular payment tools are supported, providing fast Deposit crediting and withdrawal of funds.

High-quality software.

The developed Poker Assistant apps are fully functional and complete. Special attention is paid to the quality of graphics and table design, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a gambling club. Pokerdom is an ideal platform for beginners and professional poker players who want to have fun and earn money.

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