Is it Possible to Play poker In

At the same time, in The bars of St

Found on the Internet an Interesting, or rather even controversial Article, on the topic of Playing poker in public places Cafes, restaurantsOn July, changes in the Legislation came into force, which Provide for a ban on Conducting and organizing gambling on The territory of the Russian Federation, except for the four Zones defined by law. Young people gather in a Cafe or pub, where they Are given a poker set With cards and chips. As a rule, this is Either free or inexpensive: the Pub will still earn its Own money on drinks and Snacks that are ordered during The game. In normal terms, gambling is prohibited. The correspondent of" SPb Courier " Spoke with representatives of several Well-known pubs in The city. Everywhere they said that they Either never did this, or "Stopped" as soon as the Law came out. "Why did you stop? After all, almost always they Don't play for money, And in any case, the Institution does not earn anything On this." - "And you try to Prove it to the Prosecutor'S office " Alas, the owner Of the establishment is lying. The reporter himself had been Playing poker at the joint Less than a month before The interview. And if you played, then You broke it. Or not? To clarify the situation with The legality of poker, we Called lawyer Dmitry Chernokaltsev, a Member of the North-West Law center. He said that our legislation Is not quite consistent. All it depends on whether The game is included in The all-Russian register of sports. Poker was removed from this Register by the Ministry of Sports in July, shortly after The ban on gambling. According to the fourth article Of the gambling law, gambling Is a risk - based agreement To win. And it doesn't matter If it's a monetary Agreement or not. Poker is a gambling game. Thus, bars that give out Sets for this game to Visitors can be brought to Administrative responsibility. Fine-from to thousand rubles. But it is theoretically possible To play: the article prohibiting This was removed from the code. It turns out that the Person providing the opportunity to Play poker is guilty, but The player is not. At the same time, for Example, chess and even Billiards Are sports games.

In Billiards, you can even Organize tournaments with solid winnings And membership fees, and this Will be quite legal.

Petersburg, there is the following phenomenon

"But it is theoretically Possible to play: the article Prohibiting this was removed from The code.

It turns out that the Provider the poker player is Guilty, but the player is not.'- it is interesting that In Russia, almost everything, in Principle, can be done, but There is always this strange PostScript-theoretically, as Far as I remember, a long time Ago, when the legal ban Came into force, Nastya Mona Again, as far as I Remember, a lawyer by training Explained how this law interprets The concept of 'gambling'. That post probably got lost Somewhere, so I just looked At the law 'gambling is A risk - based agreement on Winning, concluded by two or More participants in such an Agreement between themselves or with The gambling organizer according to The rules established by the Gambling organizer'. 'winnings - money or other Property, including property rights, to Be paid or transferred to The gambling participant upon the Occurrence of the gambling result Provided for by the rules Established by the gambling organizer.' In other words, a Game is considered gambling if There is also a risk Involved at the same time, And monetary or property gains. Otherwise, the game is not Considered gambling and therefore is Not prohibited. For example, clickbait poker is Not a gambling game, because, Despite the risk, there is No winning in it clickbaits, IMHO, are neither 'money', nor 'Other property', nor 'property rights'. Billiards or chess for real Money are also not gambling Games, as there is no Risk in these games, although There is a material gain. There is always a risk Of losing by misfortune, the Probability depends on the type Of game. For example, if you put A master of sports and An average Amateur to play In the nine to one Victory, then it is unlikely That the MC will have More than chance of winning In one particular game. Sorry, at the end of My comment, I slightly reduced The accuracy of the wording. Instead of 'there is no Risk in these games', it Should have been written more Precisely and legally: 'these games Are not based on risk'. In my city, under the Guise of the Sochi Olympics, They repaired a kilometer of Asphalt pavement in lanes wide For, - this is not crime.

And an intellectual game with Incomplete information, which requires a Lot of work and abilities To succeed, is a crime, Because, you see, we put Old ladies shoes on their Legal pension.

In my city, under the Guise of the Sochi Olympics, They repaired a kilometer of Asphalt pavement in lanes wide For,-this is not a crime. And an intellectual game with Incomplete information, which requires a Lot of work and abilities To succeed, is a crime, Because, you see, we put Old ladies shoes on their Legal pension. The Sochi Olympics are the Country's biggest gamble of The decade.

The second one is "gambling Zones".

"Who spits the most" Is a game played by Those who forbid us to Play poker. In short, exchange rubles, if Anyone happens to have them, For real money.

There are less than months Left before the global disgrace.

How to choose a poker room in to play for real money

Some minor ones small things can play an important role

The abundance of poker sites makes it difficult for beginners and experienced poker players to choose a place to playEnticing advertising promises lucrative bonuses, large tournaments, which in fact does not always turn out to be true.

Detailed instructions will explain which poker room to choose in - find out about the best bonus offers, the highest rakeback, and the real reputation of online establishments.

Rooms differ in game conditions, the range of tables and tournaments, and offer various conditions for financial settlements. When choosing a site, you need to take into account many criteria, which will allow you to choose the optimal room in all parameters. Popularity is a significant criterion that allows you to give an overall rating to the site.

If a place is visited by a lot of users - it deserves attention.

Some popular rooms are not suitable for players from the Russian Federation - the main traffic is made up of Asian poker players, and suitable conditions are not created for citizens of the former Soviet Union. Rating in of the popularity of rooms hosting Russian-speaking players according to PokerScout data (average values in active users playing at the same time): data on cash tables are Given. Additional traffic is generated by tournaments.

According to statistics, there are always more tournament players than cash players.

It is necessary to take attendance into account in order to assess the likelihood of attractive game conditions and the likelihood of encountering a shortage of opponents. A rake Commission is charged from the played pots, tournament fees, and rooms. In popular poker rooms, it is approximately equal - - at cash tables, - in online casinos. An important role is played by the loyalty program-the return of part of the rake for an active game. The VIP system in establishments differs in terms of profitability - it is recommended to choose a poker room based on the conditions of rewards for active play. The choice of a poker room for playing for real money should be made taking into account the gaming preferences. It is necessary that the site allows you to comfortably play the types of poker that the poker player prefers. Popular hold'em is offered by all online rooms. Other disciplines are not as accessible. Some rooms support certain types of poker, but there is an acute shortage of opponents at the tables. The most important choice factor is the fulfillment of financial obligations. An establishment that does not withdraw winnings is not worth paying attention to! Players use a rating to assess their reputation - it includes additional parameters (bonus amounts, rakeback, and payment systems). Additionally, study the reviews of real users. Game platforms differ in functionality, convenience, and system requirements. Choose the best one the poker client allows testing - you can install the software of several rooms, play for comparison. Pay attention to important features for earning money - support for trackers, multi-table game.

When choosing a room, you need to evaluate the game traffic

Out of dozens of establishments in our rating, there are rooms that are suitable for Russian-speaking users. It remains to choose a poker room or several - many poker players alternate the game in different rooms. Brief reviews will allow you to find out the features, advantages, and disadvantages. The restaurant was created for players of the post-Soviet space-it is aimed at residents of the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. It has an impeccable reputation and favorable earning conditions. Regularly holds major online and offline Championships. In regular tournaments, the player draws a total guarantee of billion rubles per year. The legendary online casino is the largest poker community. Includes additional products: PokerStars TV, Live, casino, sports betting. Organizes live events around the world, allowing you to qualify for offline events Championships in online satellites. On a regular basis performs live series in the gambling zones of Russia. It ranks second in popularity after PokerStars. It is focused on tournament players-it conducts large offline and online series. Allows you to play the starting days of offline events in an online format. It is rapidly developing, integrating exclusive features and unique game features. The popularity of poker is variable-it increases during the selection period for the WSOP, major online Championships. It is focused on cash poker - the tournament range is limited. A weak playing field allows you to earn good money at cash tables by playing strategy. Conducts official online satellites to the World series of Poker events, being an exclusive sponsor. The Russian-language flagship of the IPoker network. A great choice for beginners - stylish design, simple design, only the necessary functions and settings.

It is aimed at recreational visitors - the playing field is weak and allows you to win thanks to luck, using simple strategies.

The only institution in the GGNetwork network focused on players of the former Soviet Union. The innovation room has a different approach to organizing promotions and loyalty programs. Modern software is rich in exclusive features-it is integrated with social networks, allows you to collect and analyze statistics, replacing auxiliary poker programs. Online rooms encourage new players to register and make their first Deposit, giving them a deferred cash bonus. To turn it into real money, the bonus balance must be wagered. When paying for rake, the poker player receives points - after earning a certain number of points, he receives a part of the funds from the bonus balance to the cash account.

Deposit bonus - a type of rakeback.

Playing after registration, the poker player receives an additional rakeback, while participating in the General loyalty program. Playing after making the first Deposit is the most profitable period in terms of earning money on rakeback. VIP-system, according to which is credited with rakeback and cashback, may differ in the benefits in different rooms. It is difficult for an inexperienced player to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a loyalty program.

Learn more about the features of earning rakeback in online rooms.

Detailed instructions will help you understand why it is important and how experienced poker players earn money from it.

Limit hold'Em or No limit Hold'em?

And only a few are Equally successful in these two types

Experts say that no-limit Hold'em NL and fixed-Bet hold'em FL, or Limit hold'em, have as Many differences as, for example, Hockey and footballNo wonder the vast majority Of professionals prefer either No Limit Holdem or Fixed Limit Holdem.

In no-limit hold'em, Your bets are limited only By the size of the Big blind BB and the Stack of money that you Took to play at the table.

You can Deposit any amount Within these limits to the Bank on any street. BB – the minimum bid. The maximum bet is your Entire stack, in addition to The blinds, there is a Concept of "big bet" BS.

On the preflop and flop, Bets and their increases are Placed in the amount of BB, and on the last Two streets in the amount Of BS.

In Fixed Limit Holdem, the Number of raises allowed on Each street has a cap limit. In most poker rooms, the Cap is equal to three, Sometimes four raises. The main differences between the Strategy no limit hold'em With small bets, no limit Hold'em one-on-one, Full tables, etc.

BB is equal to ? BS, and MB is equal To ? BB

In both No Limit Holdem And Fixed Limit Holdem, the Strength of pocket cards and Position are of great importance, But when playing limit hold'Em at micro-limits, players Are often less likely to Win the game.

they are demanding about starting Hands and position, so more Players view the flop than In no-limit E. This is due to the Lack of risk in Fixed Limit to lose the entire Stack in one hand. Moreover, many players who watch The flop without even getting An improvement are willing to Call to the turn. On the turn, the bet Doubles, so it is on This street that most players Seriously think about folding. In fixed-limit hold'em, There are often three or More players in showdown, it Is very difficult to protect Your hand, raising to "clear The field" is ineffective, and Bluffing is often impossible due To the large number of Opponents in the game. The pot often grows so Much that it gives a Positive mathematical expectation of a Call to many opponents, even With questionable buy-in hands. If you play no-limit Hold'em with a pair Of aces and your pot-Sized bet makes it unprofitable For most opponents to call, Then the opposite is true In FL. Your bet may not to Scare away competitors, and increase The pot odds and make Them stay in the game.

Therefore, in limit hold'em, Instead of knocking your opponents Out of the game with Bets, it is sometimes more Profitable not to bet at All on the early streets, But to postpone protecting your Hand until the turn.

If the pot is small, Then your bet on the Turn twice the flop bet Will often make your opponents Call unprofitable in terms of Pot odds and expectation, and They will be more willing To fold their buy-in hand. In limit Texas hold'em, Players must constantly calculate outs And pot odds. This is the basis of A winning strategy in FL Hold'em. In no-limit hold'em, It's harder to calculate The pot odds. More often, you will decide Whether to respond to your Opponent's bet or not Based on the pot's Potential odds rather than on The real odds of the pot. For calculating potential odds, the Size of your opponents stacks And understanding their style of Play are very important. Example: On the turn, you Have a NATs flush draw. There is $ in the pot, And the opponent places a Bet in the size of The Bank. Now there is $ in the Bank. The odds of improvement are, And the pot odds are. it would Seem that according To mathematics, it is not Profitable for you to buy A river card. But you and your opponent Each have stacks of $. If you get a card Of the right suit on The river, you can claim Not only the pot, but Also the entire opponent's stack. If you pay $, you can Win $! In this case, the pot'S potential odds are: ! the only Question is, will The opponent agree to answer Your or even a small Bet if there are three Cards of the same suit On the Board? Will it reset or respond? In this example, you can Only buy a river card If you are sure that Your opponent will continue to Invest in the pot. This example illustrates not only What the pot's potential Odds are, but also how Important it is in NL To understand the opponent's Psychology and read their hand.

You must anticipate your opponents Actions in advance.

To do this, you need To be able to determine The style of play of Your opponents and read them hands.

In no-limit hold'em, The size of your opponents Stacks and the size of Your stack not just the Money you put in the Pot influence your decision. In no-limit hold'em, The correct way to calculate A win or loss is Not by the number of Bbs, but by the number Of stacks won or lost.

In no limit hold'em, You can quickly lose not Only the stack, but also The entire bankroll, but No Limit Holdem is more profitable Than Fixed Limit.

In Fixed Limit Holdem, the Concept of opponent psychology is Also important, but in FL, The math of the game Is more important than the psychology. The ability to correctly calculate The pot odds and the Chances of improving your hand Guarantees you a profit over A long distance. No-limit Texas hold'em Is the most popular and Considered the main type of poker. All major events of the Most prestigious Championships are held In No-Limit hold'em. However, the strategy of tournament No-limit hold'em has Huge differences from no-limit Ring games.

Even if you reach if You want to master nl Cash games, you will need To learn how to play Tournament games almost from scratch.

Start your poker career with Fixed limits. By playing with fixed bets, You can gain relatively safe Experience, learn to understand the Psychology of your opponents and Manipulate them. After that, go to unlimited mode. If you don't feel Comfortable playing hold'em with No limits, go back to The fixed limits. Many professionals have made their Fortune playing limit hold'em. No-limit hold'em tournaments Are a completely different topic.

Ten of The biggest Players in The history Of poker

Phil Hellmuth Phil HellmuthNot a single hit parade Is complete without an -time WSOP bracelet winner.

He usually plays super tight, Expecting someone to try to Bluff him, or just give Him chips.

Like his criminal partner Chris, Lederer became a multi-millionaire Thanks to certain FTP scams, But nevertheless, he plays like A homeless man in the Early 's Andrey Volkov aka FrankyFingers.

Features of playing with stradl in Pokermaster and other Chinese rooms

This site is not a gambling platform

All information posted on the site is for informational purposes onlyStraddle is one of the few live poker techniques that didn't exist online until a couple of years ago. Therefore, many players are very vague about what studl is, why it is used, and how it affects the strategy of the game. As we know, they were created for the convenience of local players who were used to playing before offline. Therefore, many features of live poker have been transferred to these apps.

One of them was the straddle.

It is very popular in live games in Asia, right down to the most expensive ones taking place in Macau. A stradle is a bet of two big blinds placed by the player sitting at the big blind. It gives him the right to have the last word after the flop, but it is done before the cards are dealt, i.e. In offline mode, stradl has several options.

Usually, it can be placed after UTG by any player at the table, raising the bet twice more (Mississippi Straddle).

For the most part, at these tables in live casinos, stradl is purely voluntary. In some cases, the rule of doubling the bet is not used, that is, the size of the straddle is not limited by anything (Un-capped Straddle). In Pokermaster and other Asian poker apps, the pool situation is more unified. It is mandatory (made automatically) and completely coincides with the definition that is used in this document. we have given above. While in live games, the stradle is usually voluntary and used by Amateur players to buy the last word postflop, in apps, it is forced to be placed in each hand.

From the point of view of the game organizers, stradl is a convenient technique that allows you to increase the amount of action at the tables so that players do not get bored with it, and increase the amount of rake collected.

The advent of Asian poker apps has changed this situation

In Asian apps, stradl is also introduced to inflate the pot pre-flop, along with the ante, and encourage players to be more active in it post-flop. In fact, on Pokermaster, straddle is the third blind. Having a stradl at the table actually increases its current limit by two times. Therefore, it is necessary to buy for it not based on the size of the big blind, but on the stradl.  That is, you need to take a stack of at least bb with you at the table. If at regular tables the big blind position, even with a good game, is negative for many people, it is logical that when playing with a double UTG will be the most unprofitable position for you.  For her, the strategies of the game that were developed in the classic rooms for the big blind will be relevant. And given the larger size of the final, ante, and weak lineups in Asian apps, this position should be played even more aggressively. Since we already have a significant pot preflop with BB invested in it.

The role of the position increases even more at tables with profit.  Now you need to take advantage of it more actively when you are in the hand before the blinds, that is, you need to style and isolate more if there are limpers in the pot, and they are often found in applications.

Your opponents, who are tied to the pot in such cases, will be forced to play more loosely. It is advisable to use HandNote during the game, in addition to it there is support for tables with glass. If stradl were in classic poker rooms with a large number of regs, then such a game would not be profitable. But in Asian apps, due to the large number of weak ones players should not avoid such tables, but use the high level of action behind them to their advantage. Now you can find most of these tables in two applications. In Tipster Asia Poker, all tables have a stradl. At PokerMaster, about half of the tables are played with it. WorldPokerDeals will provide you with the best deals in poker Tipsterasia and PokerMaster, help with any technical and organizational issues. PokerMaster Independent high-limit Game Mobile poker room high-limit game Mobile poker room Bonus n a Rakeback n a Review poker Tipster Asia Independent Mobile poker room Mobile poker room unfortunately the deal is temporarily unavailable Review All news about playing in various rooms and closed reservations on private terms we publish in our Telegram channel. Sign up so you don't miss out on EV.

Russian poker Russian poker Play online Without registration For free

The word poker no longer Refers to a single game

It has become a whole Industry with many directions and Original games and continues to develop

This situation is not allows Players to get bored, fed Up with one game.

Every day there are opportunities To discover yourself again and again.

dynamic and quite difficult to Learn game

Its uniqueness lies in the Fact that there are enough Fans not only among Russian-Speaking players, but also among Gambling enthusiasts around the world. It is also interesting to Play Russian poker because it Has additional features, Such a Generous set of tools for Getting a pot is supplemented By very generous payout coefficients For combinations and game situations. Add to this the excitement Of casino confrontations and just The fun of the game Bring originality to the process. At first glance, it may Seem that these additions make The game difficult and difficult To understand, but the first Hands will show that this Impression is deceptive. A player who sits down In an empty box informs The dealer of their intention To play with an ante Bet a mandatory table bet. The dealer deals cards face Down to all those who Have placed a bet. To himself he also deals Cards, but one is dealt openly. This simultaneously allows you to Make assumptions about the potential Combination of the dealer, as Well as assess the chances Of the situation. The dealer game is considered To have an ACE-king combination. Then the winner is evaluated By comparing the combinations and The corresponding payout. If the dealer does not Have a game, the Decision Is made based on their Own cards and the dealer'S open card.

If the received cards have The potential of a combination That is not enough cards, The player can exchange any Number of cards from to In order to improve the situation.

You can also buy a Th card. Both options are paid and Cost ante each. In this type of poker, There is no hint of Standard linearity. Let's look at the Pool of basic features that Allow a player who wants To play Russian poker to Play in the form of An updated jackpot amount. The player places it at Any stage of the game And its victory is not Affected by the presence of The dealer's game and The combination of players. Payments for bonus rates are Set by the institution. A unique condition for poker When playing against the dealer. The player has the right To occupy up to boxes At the same time, and The game in one of Them will be in the dark. Russian poker only at first Glance seems to be a Complex and demanding subject that Requires a lot of effort To learn. After the first hands played, The player wakes up to A thorough study of all The ways to win and Break the pot.

casinos offer to play Russian Poker for free without registration On conditional chips.

Playing for real money, as Well as participating in the Events of the establishment, will Require registration and verification of Your identity. Hi! Do you want to climb The limits, but don't Know how? We have prepared for you Main tips that can help You with this! Leave your mailbox and soon You will find them there! The tips were sent to Your email address. Study them carefully so that You can upgrade to a Higher limit as soon as Possible! If you don't find Any messages in your mailbox, Please check the "Spam" folder And move it to "Important".

The rules Of poker

Terms are the basis of Any occupation or profession

In any business, it is Equally important to know the Theory and master the practiceOnline poker is no exception. Knowing how to play poker Will not only help you Feel confident at any gaming Table, but become a true Professional and win real money. After all, if the user Does not know, for example, What a "check" is, they Simply will not be able To play poker. Or rather, it can, but Not for long. "Bet", "bankroll", "raise" and Many, many other words you Will hear every now and Then at the gaming table.

Therefore, we recommend that you Learn the terminology by heart.

bet until the player has Received the cards the so-Called "blind bet". There are small and big blinds.

a tournament that you can Enter for free.

The prize is always real Money, invitation cards to other Tournaments, etc.

– an action that a Player performs when he is Sure that he has a Better combination in his hands Than in the hands of His opponents, that is, increases The previous bet. three common face-up cards, Which are placed on the Game table if after the First round of the hand There is still one card Left in the hand. more than one player.Community cards are used to Create their own combinations. This is, of course, a Tiny fraction of the entire World of poker terminology. But if you know at Least these rules clearly, you Won't get lost and You'll be able to Figure out how to play Card poker much faster.

By the way, all the Terms came from English.

Therefore, if you have perfect English, you can translate unfamiliar Words simply into Russian and Already understand on a whim What a particular term means. Poker rules imply another very Important part of knowledge-poker combinations. An important area that determines The maximum success rate of The game. If you go the simple Way and count how many Combinations a -card deck with Four suits has, you can Easily come to a quick Conclusion-more than a thousand. Of course, all of them Should not be studied and Memorized, but the main ones Are God himself ordered. a combination of five consecutive Cards of the same suit For example, king, Queen, Jack, Ten, nine. ACE in this case, it Is not the highest card.

In addition, the higher the Highest card in the combination, The stronger the player's hand.

Of course, these are not All the combinations that exist In poker.

In addition, the combinations for Texas hold'em and, for Example, Badugi will be noticeably different.

Conclusion: when sitting down at The table, you need to Clearly understand what strong combinations Exist in this particular type Of game.

You need to know them By heart a priori

Well-versed in combinations, you Can build strategies for your game. Getting your own strategy preferably A winning one is not So easy. To do this, you need Practice day after day, professional Literature, practice again and work On mistakes. We also recommend that you Watch videos of various competitions And sort out obscure places. Unlimited access. In such a game, as You know, there are no restrictions. The biggest poker tournaments are Held exactly according to the Unlimited scenario excitement, crazy cash And all that. The most popular type of Poker is Texas hold'em. For this type the game Is not yet fifty years Old which, by General gaming Standards, is a relatively short time.

However, hold'em has long Been a classic form of poker.

Next in popularity are Omaha, Stud, and Draw.

Each of them has its Own subcategories and features.

So, there are no common Deck elements in the Herd On the flop. In classic Omaha poker players Are dealt four cards, while On the Board-five cards. Baduga has a special category. Here the strongest combination of Cards – combinations of the Four lowest mismatched cards. For gourmets, there are Chinese, Caribbean and, of course, Russian poker. Each type implies a lot Of nuances.

Therefore, we recommend that you Learn the rules of poker For beginners with Texas hold'Em, and then "try out" The delights.

beginners with some effort and Training very quickly achieve good Results and start playing at A decent level. In principle, there is nothing Complicated here.

The main thing is to Remember about caution and combinations, And real money will be attached.

Play in play online poker And win!.

We're Watching poker. WPT Russia -Latest poker News - partypoker

On day, registration was still open

We want you to be The first to know all About our festivals, poker news, And exclusive awards and promotions, So let us know if You'd like us to Contact you by choosing one Of the options below: we Continue to help those who Are looking for content to watchLast week, we recommended watching The super-high roller series In Sochi. But this is not the Only event at Casino Sochi In, where there was a TV table. In January of this year, WPT Russia was held, where The final three days of The Main event were watched By TV cameras with comments By Dmitry Shakhov and Andrey budykin. The guests came near the Circus Medrano, Tamasan, Anatoly Filatov And Alexey Istomin. The list of broadcasts is Attached below: The buy-in For the tournament was, rubles. We looked at levels for An hour, during which time Three tables were changed.

The broadcast lasted more than hours

At the first stage Dmitry Yurasov started as a chip Leader, he was accompanied by Dmitry Gromov, Nikolai fall and others.

The star of the second TV table was Alexander Denisov With his non-standard movies. Alexey Istomin, Andrey Kotelnikov, Vitaly Lunkin and Vadim Lipovka played Together with him.

The final TV table allowed Us to watch the game Of Natalia Nikitina, Pavel Kovalenko And Andrey Pateychuk.

On the third day, all The players were already in The prizes. In particular, partypoker Pro Anatoly Filatov joined the game, who Went there after an online day.

In addition to Filatov, many Well – known and skilled Players-Viktor Ustimov, Vladimir Lappo, Vitaly Lunkin, Matas Tsymbolas and Others-appeared at the TV Tables during the day.

On the final day, players Came out, including partypoker Pro Anatoly Filatov. Mikhail Sokolovsky, who won a Ticket in the partypoker promotion "Get at the TV table", Also reached the fourth day. Thanks to this, he is Guaranteed to start day at The TV table, but in The end, the same ticket He won. I used it to issue A dipran. The fight on the final Day lasted more than hours. If you suddenly missed it, We will not give you Any spoilers about the winner And just wish you a Pleasant viewing.

Libratus program Won more Than

No-limit Texas hold'em Was played at the tournament

The Libratus program developed by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States has won a Twenty-day poker tournament, writes New Scientistmillion worth of chips. According to the developers, the Algorithm trained for more than Million core hours, during which It analyzed its own weaknesses Of the game and mistakes Made by the opponent.

Libratus played, hands and won Over $

A University spokesperson pointed out That it was a David Versus Goliath battle, and our Libratus threw the stone accurately. At the same time, the Developers will not receive any Money for the victory of Their David, and the prize Pool, which amounted to thousand Dollars, will be divided between Live players.

PokerStrategy website unavailable in Russia

These changes only affect users from Russia

You are seeing this page because you are trying to open the PokerStrategy website from RussiaUnfortunately, due to recent changes in the Russian legislation on gambling and affiliates, we can no longer offer our services to visitors from Russia. We hope that the law will change in the future, but currently we cannot allow users from Russia to access the PokerStrategy website and the services offered on It. Our website and services are still available to Russian-speaking users living outside of Russia.


To do this, contact the Support service for these resources

Is available on specialized resources That track the game history Of all users of the Largest poker roomTo access information about multi-Table tournaments and sit-and-Go, you need to know Your opponent's nickname. Statistics of cash players are Available only on-this site Provides its services for money, And their cost depends on The purchased package. Either you you can use The site that tracks the Game at the cash game Tables at the highest limits On the Internet there are Most popular resources where the User can find out the Statistics of their opponent: the Number of tournaments played, the Average buy-in, profit from One tournament, total income, etc. Let's introduce you to The best sites where PokerStars Player statistics are available by Nickname: Sharkscope allows unregistered users To perform only five searches Per day, and also provides Access to simplified statistics. After purchasing a subscription, the Price of which starts at$, The range of services expands. Each player can hide their Own statistics on Sharkscope, Pokerprolabs, And Officialpokerrankings sites.

The Sharkscope and Pokerprolabs sites Provide statistics not only for players.

These statistics can only be Viewed on the site whotfru

You can also view the Level of the field in A particular tournament, read the Leaderboards and much more. The service is paid, and The cost depends on the Purchased package. Sharkscope allows unregistered users to Perform only five searches per Day, and also provides access To simplified statistics. After purchasing a subscription, the Price of which starts at$, The range of services expands.

Cardmates is not a gambling Company and does not provide Gambling services to its visitors.

The portal is for informational Purposes only.

We study Poker terminology, Using

In this part, we will Continue to do so

So, in the first part, We started to learn different Poker terminology, using the example Of stats in XMthis action is similar to Bet, except that it only Counts those bets that occurred In situations where there was An opening raise and after That, there was one or More more calls before the Player made bet. this is the player's Action when he simply equalizes Someone else's bet in The unopened pot, instead of Opening with a raise or folding.

bet range can be calculated As follows: Total PFR multiplied By bet.

It should be noted that Most situations with bet include Late positions and PFR and Bet will be higher than The total, namely in late positions. Aggression the percentage can change From zero to one hundred, And is based on aggressive Actions on each street.

All because I did out Of aggressive actions

So if I put down The turn and river but Check on the flop, my Aggression percentage will be. this stat shows: when you Check, someone Bet and then You raise. Here you need to remember That it is calculated as The number of check-raises Divided by the number of Situations where a check-raise Was possible, and not the Number of check-raises divided By the number of streets viewed. I think these terms will Be enough for the second Part and in my next Article, I will finally analyze All the stats for XM And I hope this information Will help beginners quickly understand Not only the poker terminology, But also the statistics that The hold'em Manager provides Us with. All this, of course, is Great, but it would really Be much cooler if, in Addition to translating terms, explanations Were given on the numerical Values of stats and their Practical implementation.

All that, of course, it'S great, but it would Really be much cooler if, In addition to translating terms, Explanations were given on the Numerical values of stats and Their practical implementation.

Does this mean I have To teach people how to Play poker? I don't think I Have such a high level Of play to teach others. In this series of articles, I wanted to decipher the Terms that are used by The coach in the Waters Or on forums. And already how to use Stats HMM, and in what Situations it is right to Do, it's not for Me to tell Well, if, Dear author, you decided to Reprint the English-Russian dictionary, Then, probably, you should be Able to do it correctly. Request to the author. We have a tag - 'poker For beginners'. Can you also add it To your posts? It is quite possible that The guys will find this Useful.

Poker player Statistics - statistics Sites for Free

There can be hundreds of Parameters that are included in it

The opponent's behavior in The game is an important Source of informationObserving your opponents at the Poker table allows you to Determine their level of play, Trading style, and range of Hands played. All this makes it possible To read with great accuracy Opponents – to predict the Strength of their hands by actions. Poker player statistics allow you To get this information without Wasting time and effort on observations. Your own statistics make it Possible to analyze your game And identify shortcomings. When playing an active game, Especially at several tables, even An experienced poker player can'T keep a close eye On all the opponents in Order to make their own Assumptions based on observations. However, he can use the Stats of a poker player, Thanks to which he will Be able to read even The opponent whom he meets For the first time at The table! Poker player statistics are a Series of indicators of the Quality and characteristics of their game. However, for effective use of Stats, sometimes it is enough To know - indicators. For example, how often the Opponent enters the game with A raise, what percentage of Hands he plays, in what Percentage of hands he reaches The showdown, how many blinds He wins per hands. Of course, during the game, Do not you just need To look at the statistics Of poker players to form A certain opinion about your opponent. For example, the VPIP indicator, Which shows the percentage of Hands a player enters into Bidding, can tell us about The opponent's style of play. If it is too high And exceeds, the opponent plays Loosely and enters the bidding Process with a wide range Of pocket cards. On the contrary, a player With a VPIP of less Than prefers a cautious game, And if he entered the Auction, it means that he Has strong pocket cards. Of course, a poker player'S stats can't be Calculated manually. To do this, you will Need special software. Modern programs can replace the Observation of competitors. You play – they observe And calculate statistical indicators.

It is only numbers that You need to be able To analyze

This is convenient, but in Any case, it will take A long time to gather An extensive database for a Lot of opponents and a Large number of hands, since Statistics are more accurate the More it takes into account The number of hands.

For example, Poker Stars is Played daily by more than, People at the same time.

You may not meet the Same opponent every day, but Every day you will come Across new-unfamiliar players on Whom you have not yet Collected stats. It turns out that you Need statistics of Poker Stars Players collected on thousands of users. And you can get it! Thrifty poker players can get Statistics on their opponents for free. We are talking about a Ready-made database, because this Will save time, since it May take a very long Time for the program to Collect stats for all potential opponents. There are two ways to Get free data: Keep in Mind that some of your Opponents can also use statistics Programs and ready-made databases. And even if you haven'T met a specific player, They may have complete information About the specifics of Your game. If you don't have Time to collect the database And exchange data, you can Buy a ready-made statistical database. Professional poker players regard this As a profitable investment, which Will later bring profit. There are special services that Sell stat databases, and the Buyer can choose what data He needs, and if desired, Receive updates by subscription. So, you can choose a Database based on the following Indicators: It's convenient! For example, a player who Prefers medium limits does not Need to pay for a Database that contains information about Opponents who play at micro-Limits or in another poker room. The most reputable poker services That sell statistics are Pokertableratings, Sharkscope, and Pokerprolabs. Thanks to the auxiliary poker Programs, you can see your Opponents stats in real time During the game! Databases and subscriptions for their Updates can cost several tens To thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the Seller, the quality of the Database, and its volume. Poker player stats can give A poker player a huge advantage. Of course, without the skill Use it, analyze indicators, it Will not be of practical Value! I registered for on the Advice of a good friend – he told me that They give no Deposit of dollars. Well, a hat, of course, But you'll never get It there. at first, d thought for A Long time about which Room to start the game in. I chose Between ggpoker and Pokerstars. After reviewing the reviews, I Chose a room from the GG network. In General everything is simple I'm a beginner.

OFF: who Plays poker?

while the truth is played On the phone and repacker

Recently discovered this game

to be honest, I went Into the rules and tricks Of the game for quite A long time and probably Didn't go all the Way, but I like the game.

I wonder if there are Any poker players among the adinesnegs? There are many different poker Options, but it is most Interesting to play in komapaniya, Under cognac, with small bets. I really prefer a preference Myself and just used points Without money. Now it is very rare, But still sometimes it turns Out to get together for A green cloth about years Ago I lived in Chelyabinsk. I got addicted to Video Poker slot machines there.

I sit and play once, And I get a straight flash.

the bid is not weak. I think, well, everything was lucky. He could have won at Least two Grand. I click play without resetting cards. I'm afraid to mark The cards, because there won'T be a straight or Flash anymore. I call the girl, an Employee of this 'institution'. I say this and that, The prize is shining well, But it is hanging. She says, like, it happens, Hangs up - you need to knock. and he taps the buttons.

Almost every night we played In the Dorm

Here I have one card, And he changes the cards. In the end, I didn'T win anything. nope, but for me it Was originally a divorce. I just know that no Slot machine will play at A loss. of course, you can hit The jackpot, but the probability Of this very low price. so I will never sit Down to play with a Slot machine. this is not interesting and correct. In Los Vegas, there are Special Commission checks and other Rubbish for slot machines. And we have no control Here dokustim play players. the first half of the bet. the third, fourth, fifth, sixth Supports, then it's the Turn of the first - if It supports CALL, then the Flop is laid out? three years ago, on January, I was returning home in The morning at am, and I went to the club, I wanted to drink beer. well, I sat down a Couple of times knocked and Won thousand.

all subsequent players either acceptcall, Raiseraise or reraise, or fold.

If during a round of Trades, one putsbet, and there Are only answerscall, then the Bidding ends. and how many times can I raise it? those. increased the fourth, passed the Circle increased the third, etc. how many times can they Increase it? There was also an encounter With a real casino.

on my daughter's DR, I spent the whole night Eating in a tavern with Friends, already at night there Were three thousand people in Carmen, I stopped by on The way to a real casino.

I left in the morning With thousand rubles. I was playing some regular Poker game. Remember squall alcohol, Chota there All casino vacurg I was Hanging out with. in short, I put a Bet of bucks and another Bonus and I got a square. I won and starhawke still The game was from the dealer. as far as I know, There are options when to Infinity or until the chips Run out:-. and so, usually if two People trade a raise-reraise-call. then there is no point, Reraise or call, or put Up an all-Inn. First of all, I would Like you to remember how You learned about online poker. I am constantly haunted by This type of dialogue: Well, Basically everything. Next, questions begin about where To read the rules and How to withdraw money. Similarly, hundreds of people learn From acquaintances that someone is 'Easy'.'chopping the cabbage. And it went down the chain. This is how I learned About poker. You probably learned about poker In the same way. And we thought, why not? "Morpheus lied to us, Trinity! He lured us all here! Tell us, you Morpheus then Tell us the truth, we Would shoved a red pill In your censored mouth! x f Matrix I really Don't want to become The owner of the red Pill in censorship, but the Words of Morpheus are very Useful here - 'everything that surrounds You is a lie'. But I can't do Anything about it. Almost everything that you read On the Internet, hear someone'S stories-this is only A few percent of the Truth, from what really happens In the poker career of The narrator author.'Yesterday I won $ K in Cash in hours', 'I dragged Top in that tournament won$ K, easily beat the field'. About how many people lost The day before yesterday, or What ROI in the second Case and how much it Really is $ hour is naturally silent. Everyone wants to be a Hero, and no one wants To be considered a loser Weakling, etc. Not many people are able To talk about their failures As loudly as about their Victories, this is typical of All people. That is why in all Reports for the month, there Are always an order of Magnitude more positive statistics than Negative or zero. That's why it seems That everyone who sits down At the card table begins To tear everyone to the "British flag", and makes a Fortune in a short time. For this reason, almost everyone Who starts playing is initially misinformed. The successes of units are The failures of hundreds and Hundreds of people. You quickly run through the Preflop tables, find yourself thinking That it's all difficult To remember, and in General It's not clear yet Why, think that you still Need to print it out, Print it out, and rather Start looking for something that Is really about "real poker". Of course nice to see From the statistics how much They have won to know What money really count, to Go to the forum high Lakeram and see how playing PRO, because You are soon To play there, it is Better to be aware of.

Download the Russian version of Harington volumes, well, Sklansky, they Still give out for free, You can read it.

And inspired by all this, Sit down to play $nl. Is this really what it Takes to beat $nl? Is it really important to You, how do high stakers Play, and what does grandpa Harington think about his opponent'S range in a$, tournament At the final table? Or will knowing which winrate Is' normal at nl help You avoid making your first Deposit? I don't think so. Set real short-term goals For yourself and spend all Your "working" time taking small Steps towards achieving it. Of course, it's interesting To see who raised how Much there last month:, but Only in their free time And only to develop sports Anger at themselves If someone Has achieved it, why can'T I? OK, you've figured out What's really important to You right now. Read articles on basic strategies, Preflop tables at your fingertips. Sat down to destroy.

We played for a few Hours and won something cool.

We lost the next day What we won yesterday, thought That we weren't ready, And finished playing. The next day, we lost The Deposit and decided that It was time to sort Out the errors. How so? The strategy is there, the Preflop table is there. Why minus sign? You write to the forum, Where you immediately get when You read the answers to The questions that interest You, And very often the answers Contradict each other, You understand That you are completely confused. You ask your friends and Acquaintances and they put forward A few more different opinions. How to live??? Who should I trust??? The first steps in poker Are some of the simplest. In most cases, there is Enough common sense to understand Why it is necessary to Do so and not otherwise. Yes, preflop tables and strategies Can help You in some Ways, but if you don'T understand why you need To enter the game with AK and throw passes to Raise, you probably don't Have a future in poker. To think that the fact That You will do everything As in the book, or As someone said on the Forum-you guarantee yourself a Victory, is extremely naive. Your head is the only Guarantee that success awaits you At the end of the Road, not turning it on And not forcing it to Work from the very beginning Is the path to bankruptcy. If you need to stake Your opponent's n$ bet In order to get to The showdown, and you're Not thinking about the percentage Of hands you might have Right now you beat your Opponent, but the fact that You can spend n$ to Go to a movie or Restaurant with your half, and Your opponent CAN have nuts -Most likely You lose money. Max Katz wrote a lot About this. There's no point in Rewriting it, you've probably Read it. BR is a tool for Making money. The higher the BR, the More likely it is That You will be able to Earn more money. You should not be afraid To flip the coin on Your bet limit, if there Is a profit-you must act. This is not so easy To realize, but until this Happens, You will be underperforming losing. Damn, he played more than Me at this limit, and He's now covered with A hell of a streak, To be sure, I'll Play another K hands, you Never know. If you are guided by The results of others when Choosing a limit for playing, Most likely You will lose Money, or "trample" on the spot. Your poker career has nothing To do with the success Failure of other people. Everyone has their own path. In poker, there is a Short-term luck effect, and Therefore, it is possible that A person who plays much Worse than You can easily Pass those limits where coolers, Moving and a long game Of are waiting for you. For similar reasons, it doesn'T make sense for you To sit at a limit That You've 'outgrown' if A player of your level, In your opinion, grabs a Streak just takes out part Of the Shot, and doesn'T continue on the way up. Your poker career, as well As your life, is entirely Your business, and you should Act according to your feelings And nothing else. Naturally, there are a hundred Other reasons why you lose: These are both bots that See your cards, and the RNG twisted against You, which Always gives 'this stupid bitch Moron' a second pair on The river, and so on. But that's a different Story altogether. Yes, I'm not saying That this is the rule. I won bucks and it'S random, the probability of This is or Hz. I stupidly played the fool. because at that time I Didn't know how to Play poker. and even now, not really. so you can win them At least every day. win at full poker at. Moscow time draw ue however For this hundred willing You Need to immediately decide whether You are playing cash or tournaments. If you want to play Tournaments, play freerolls, participation is Free, there is a chance To cut down some grannies Yes. But almost everywhere you need To have a Deposit with Real money. Then you can participate in The tournament a tournament for Money, but to withdraw the Prize, you need to have A real Deposit. These tournaments are called freerolls. at one time, we played Redstar poker freerolls with each other.

Once out of - I won A night tournament and got The coveted$ to my account, Which I then, of course, Unwound in the same place, In paid games.

freerolls, like all tournaments up To, are more like roulette And a waste of time, Since they will not pay Off corny, although you can Try to learn the basics, But there are quite a Lot of players who play Stupidly for luck, and there Is very little real poker I played a lot on Playmani, I thought it made Some sense, in fact, the Game is quite seriously different From the smallest ones for Those who are starting out, I would recommend not focusing On tournaments, although of course If the goal is to Have fun, then you can Start with tournaments. I've never played poker. Here in BJ I went To the casino when it Was there. Gamblers did not, I was Interested to watch the players. I played for money, never Lost, and in fact it Can not be called a game. I went to an online Casino like this - after a Real casino, I just want To throw up: you can See the Scam with the Naked eye. There are pros in Russia, And not so many of them. Personally, I know five people, Of course I won't Voice them. These people do not drink, Do not smoke, they think It seems better than a computer. another question is that there Are poker online and poker Real, in the first more Emphasis in Ter.Ver, in the second case, The analysis of opponents immediately Notice that I do not Play online, well, except that I dabbled a little, IMHO, Playing without seeing people is Not poker, it is more Associated with slot machines, but In real life it is A pleasure, and here you Can not necessarily play for Big money play and a Penny for whist, ugh: for A chip, while the chip May not be a generally Accepted set, it is just Convenient and nothing more, and So accumulated old coins were Used, where the coin value Is associated with the bet Unit, or matches are generally Used as chips.

Play poker In the Browser or

You can play this type Of poker in your browser window

For playing poker, all well-Known and popular poker rooms Provide players with special programs That make the game as Safe and convenient as possibleSome players, paradoxically enough, cannot Play poker because of this, Because for them the installation Of a poker client is unacceptable. At the same time, the Reasons can be completely different: From the incompatibility of the Poker client with operating system Linux, etc. until the player does not Want other computer users superiors, Work colleagues, parents, spouse to Know about the game for money.

The graphics in this game Are somewhat weaker

Poker without downloading software to Your computer, or as it Is otherwise called poker in The browser, is an excellent Alternative for people who can Not or do not want To use the program for The game. You don't need to Download the poker client to Your computer. A number of functions for Setting up tables are also missing. In General, playing through a Browser is no different from Playing through a poker client. To access your account, the Player uses a unique username And password.

The game itself is played With live people playing through A browser or an installed program.

First of all, you can Try playing in the poker Poker room. Here every registered user from Russia is completely free to Play $ of real money is provided. You should be aware that The security features of playing A game through a browser Are significantly inferior to those Of a poker client. Therefore, when choosing a poker Room for such a game, You should give preference to The most popular and well-Known poker sites. For example, the browser version Of the game can be Found on the websites of Such giants of online poker As others. Every year, these companies spend A lot of money to Ensure the security of registration And financial data of their players. These poker rooms also guarantee Fair play.

That is, you can safely Play through the browser in Such poker rooms.

Questionable and unknown poker sites Should be treated with caution. One of the conditions to Start playing poker in the Browser is to have one Of the latest versions of The flash player. If the user's flash Player version is outdated, they Will receive a message before Starting the game that suggests Installing this browser add-on. Following the suggested instructions, the User can install the latest Version of the flash player. It usually takes from a Few seconds to two or Three minutes to update the version. At the same time, you Won't have to overload Your computer. You will only need to Restart the browser.

To start playing in this Poker room, you need to Go through a simple registration Procedure on the site.

After that, the user will Be able to use the Browser version of the client, Using the username and password Specified during registration. The functionality for the browser-Based game on the poker Website can be found by Clicking the "Play online" link On the main page of The poker room. You can also start the Game by taking a longer Route: the "Start" tab in The "poker without downloading" section. the flash client can be Accessed from the main page By going to the "what Does Titan Poker offer you?"section. There you need to click The "Poker in browser" link. Games without registration are nowhere To be found. Therefore, first you need to Open the flash version of The program in the browser Window, then go through a One-time registration in it, Creating an account and an invoice. Playing poker through the browser, You can play both on A personal computer and laptop, As well as on modern smartphones. Poker without downloading for playing On the road, on vacation, Or on a business trip Can be a great alternative To playing a regular game Through the program. In other words, you can Play poker on your mobile Device and never part with Your favorite entertainment.

The largest poker operator announced In its official blog the Introduction of a new feature Called Seat Me, designed to Protect ordinary players from professionals.

The European poker tour EPT Festival will be the largest Offline event of its kind Ever held in Prague.

Its sponsor According to information From the Department of property Relations of the Krasnodar territory, The Krasnaya Polyana game zone Has its first operator.

RedKings Poker application has moved To the Microgaming poker network MPN Microgaming is the largest Poker network in the world And we are very excited To join them.

The poker room Guts Poker - iPoker network

iPoker and Microgaming are two very similar networks

Guts Poker (GATS poker) is a Scandinavian poker room that started its work in as part of the respected large poker network Microgaming (MPN), which unfortunately closed in may (the closure was announced half a year before, all player balances were saved and paid)After the closure of Microgaming, Guts Poker became part of another well-known network, iPoker. Both are created by the largest developers of gambling software, leaders in the field of online slots Playtech and Microgaming, respectively. Both have many years of experience in the poker services market. To each network it included more than a dozen different brands, world-famous for their bookmaking activities.

It is noteworthy that the approach to online poker in both networks is also similar.

For their brands, this area is regarded more as a means of attracting customers, and the main activity is focused on other types of online gambling (sports betting, online casinos and slots). Due to the secondary role of online poker, the development of software for it networks pay little attention. Poker clients of both networks have undergone a major upgrade only once in many years of operation, and minor improvements have been released very, very rarely. The software for the game is conservative, heavy-handed (in view of the built-in casino), it works quite slowly and sometimes may even close due to errors. Guts Poker allows you to Deposit and withdraw funds via Visa MasterCard Bank cards and payment systems such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and others.

Unfortunately, payment systems that are popular in the CIS are not supported.

You can choose the currency of your Guts Poker account. We recommend using the one where the main deposits and cashouts will be made, to avoid losses on conversion.

But it is supported by poker trackers by default

For most of our players, this is a dollar. The game on the IPoker network is played in euros and pounds sterling. Most of the tables played are Euro tables, but pound tables are also very popular. Peak gaming traffic occurs in the evening, Western European time (plus - hours to Moscow time) and weekends. Nl Holdem cash tables are played at peak hours with microlimit tables, NL-NL tables, NL-NL tables, and NL-NL tables. The high-stakes game is regular, but there are not many tables, and they are most often collected under fish.Traffic to Omaha is - times lower. Tables up to PLO are played regularly, and above that, periodically, but often enough. There are Heads Up cache tables. Their number is unlimited, without any obstacles for balanta. You can keep no more than Windows open at the same time tables waiting for your opponent. There is no Chinese poker and, given the frequency of iPoker software updates, it doesn't look like it will ever be added. The tournament schedule is quite dense and varied.

The cost of participation in most tournaments ranges from - (- players are collected depending on the time of day).

On a regular basis, there are also more expensive tournaments with - bitcoins (they collect - registrations each). For a long time, iPoker poker rooms, in the struggle between each other, attracted players with a very high level of rakeback, reaching up to. But the situation changed dramatically in after the network introduced its own rake accrual scheme, which redistributes rakeback from professionals to fish. This provoked the departure of many regulars from the network. On the one hand, the game traffic sank significantly. On the other hand, the average level of players has also greatly decreased. Despite the negative trend of poker traffic, iPoker still has enough regular poker games at all limits. A the old-fashioned way for professionals is to connect the tables of this network in addition to their main poker rooms. Guts Poker, like all iPoker network rooms, has built-in full-fledged (including HUD output) support for Holdem Manager, PokerTracker and HandNote. Since, the iPoker network has been using a unique rake distribution scheme between players, called Source Based Rake (SBR). SBR takes into account the difference between the number of deposits and cashouts of each user. If a player withdraws more money from the poker room than he makes deposits, the system considers him a winner, if he loses less. According to the Source Based Rake scheme, up to of the winning players 'rake from each pot is credited to the losing players' account. In practice, it turns out that regulars in the iPoker network receive almost times less than the rakeback declared by the room. Negative players, according to SBR, should receive one and a half times increased rakeback, but judging by the reviews on the Internet, this is not always the case. In General, the rake distribution scheme in iPoker is perfect not transparent. If you are a winning player in this network, you are likely to lose up to half of the rakeback and cashback amounts stated in the poker room offers. In cash games in Aypoker poker rooms, the percentage of rake and its cap depend on the limit and the number of players at the table: in tournaments, the rake is of the buy-in, regardless of the entry cost (rake is also applied to rebuys and add-ons).In Sit-n-Go of the bitcoin (except superturbo in them.), in Heads Up Sit-n-Go (except superturbo in them). Players who register with Guts Poker through us receive special conditions for rakeback and bonuses that are much more favorable than the default ones. Instead of the standard VIP program, which provides cashback from to, you will receive a fixed rakeback. Rakeback payments are made by exchanging standard VIP points accumulated under The guts Poker loyalty program for cash.

When you activate our offer, you will always get the most favorable price.

the rate of conversion.

Points can be exchanged for a cash payment at the poker room's cash Desk at any time convenient for the player. rakeback is instantly credited to the user's account (accumulated points have a limited validity period, it is important not to forget to change them at least once a month or two so that they do not burn out). Please note that the iPoker network uses its own SBR rake distribution scheme (for a detailed description, see above). For winning players, the actual rake in this scheme is only half of its size, calculated based on the classic weight-contributed scheme. Attention: rakeback in Guts Poker is a rakeback calculated from the classic rake distribution scheme, it corresponds to rakeback under the SBR scheme (most iPoker rooms claim exactly a rakeback based on SBR, which allows them to double the amount of rakeback actually paid). Please note: to get a fixed rakeback in The guts Poker room, you must: link your account to our affiliate (see the registration instructions at the top of the page). For all new players, Guts Poker offers first Deposit bonuses of of the Deposit amount up to.

The bonus is awarded for days and provides an additional rakeback (paid in installments of for every rake).

After winning the initial bonus, you can regularly request reload bonuses of of the Deposit amount up to, which provide an additional rakeback (paid in installments of for every rake). Guts Poker is a relatively young poker room that started working in the well-known large poker network Microgaming, and then, after its closure in may, moved to the similar iPoker network. Along with Guts Poker, several other rooms migrated from Microgaming to IPoker. These events also served as a reason for changes in the work with Russians of some brands that already participated in it. The result of such permutations was that, that Guts Poker has become the most optimal choice of iPoker room for Russians, providing the most favorable rakeback conditions for players through special agreements with affiliates.

The King Of poker Game

A Texas hold'em version Of poker

Welcome to Texas! This southern state is famous Not only for its oil Deposits and cool morals of Its inhabitants, but also for Its famous poker tournaments, where The best of the best gatherDo you want to take Part in such a competition And win the title of King of poker? Then this game is for You! You will start from the Very basics.

The holdem course will take Place in the small Texas Town of San Saba.

Those who don't take Risks don't play poker

Then, after earning enough money To buy a horse and Cart, you can visit all The settlements in the state And fight with local players.

The global goal of the Game is to win all Competitions, buy up gambling houses And saloons, and then become The owner of an entire Entertainment Empire. Tournaments are divided into two Types: Championships with a fixed Prize pool and regular games, Where your own savings are At stake, and the stakes Can be huge. So you can change a Well-known saying. Be prepared for the fact That your opponents will bluff And deliberately mislead you. To expose the deception, you Need to monitor the behavior Of opponents, their gestures. Anyone who is nervous is Probably lying! The more wins you win, The higher your reputation will be. It also gives you a Pass to higher-level tournaments, Where the bill is already Worth thousands of dollars. By the way, you can Always change the difficulty of Card fights by starting the Game again and choosing a Different character. And remember, if the situation At the table becomes hopeless, You can always leave the Tournament and save your money. Poker is a game of Nerves, here the smartest wins. Remember the most powerful card Combinations, what a full house Is different from the flash Of the piano. Learn the art of bluffing And become the strongest player In the entire American South!.

poker mirror To bypass The lock Login

information about the poker room'S promotions and bonuses

Roskomnadzor constantly blocks the sites Of poker rooms for residents Of Russia, so many players Are forced to look for An accessible mirror of PokerSuch a site completely duplicates The content of the official Portal of Eights, but it Is located on a different Domain, so the regulatory authorities Have not been able to Calculate it for several months. Through the Poker mirror, you Can not only download the Current version of the client And register an account, but Also learn a lot of Useful information. You don't need to Try to find a link To a duplicate site through Search engines, because our portal Is a full-fledged mirror Of Eights. The working mirror of Poker Thoroughly repeats the content of The official website of the Poker room. The main difference that the Player may notice is the Changed URL address. Thanks to a different domain, The mirror administration prevents quick blocking. As a rule, it takes Roskomnadzor from to months to Find and add such a Portal to the blacklist. If you want to download The poker client via the Mirror, first you need to Make sure that the selected Resource is reliable. Each working duplicate site must Have a number of characteristics, Without which it cannot be Considered a full-fledged duplicate Of Eights. The poker working mirror is Not the only way to Bypass the lock. With the help of modern Technologies, players can access the Official website directly by changing The IP address of their device. There are a lot of Them on the Internet useful Utilities, including VPN services, anonymizer Sites, browser plugins, Tor, and others. Alternative methods to bypass blocking Can be effective, but they Greatly reduce the loading speed Of web pages and are Not always easy to use. In addition, there is always A risk of running into Scammers on the Internet who Steal users personal data under The guise of a profitable service. We recommend that you bypass The blocking of the official Website of Poker through the Mirror, because this method is Free, fast and reliable.

You can download the app And open a new Eights Account on our portal, because It is a full-fledged Mirror of the original resource.

In, poker ceased to be Considered one of the sports In Russia. Currently Texas hold'em is Equivalent to gambling in a Casino, so the employees of Roscomnadzor actively fighting with the Poker content on the Internet. This does not mean that Playing in online rooms violates The current legislation. Players can you can safely Deposit money to your account, Participate in the action and Withdraw money from poker rooms, All these actions are legal. The problem only occurs when You try to connect to The official Poker website directly. This domain is regularly blocked, So many players are looking For a working mirror in Their region. If you are reading this, You are already on a Working duplicate site. We do not recommend searching For other mirrors through search Engines, as this increases the Risk of running into scammers Or picking up malware. Our site has all the Necessary features and characteristics, here You can download the application For your PC or smartphone And get a no Deposit Bonus of $, find out the Latest news about Eights promotions. Many users want to clarify The principles of bypassing the Poker block, so they ask Questions about it on the Internet. To help these players find The desired information, we have Compiled a selection of useful answers. In Russia and other CIS Countries, official sites of poker Rooms are often blocked. The control body adds the Portal to the blacklist and Sends an order to the Provider, after which access to The URL is restricted.

Our portal is a full-Fledged mirror of Poker for Russia

To have free access to The functions of the official Poker portal, we suggest using Our website as a mirror. The reason lies on the Surface: Roskomnadzor actively fights against Gambling, so all sites with Gambling entertainment are blocked. Because government officials equate poker With a casino game, access To the official Eights website Is often restricted. Yes, residents of Russia can Participate in the online poker Game completely legally. using mirrors and bypassing blockages Does not violate the current Legislation in any way. It can be very difficult To find such a list, Because current sites that are Doubles of Eights are constantly changing. We recommend that you do Not waste your time on Search and use our website, Because it is the official Working mirror of Poker. It is impossible to download The mirror of Eights to Your computer, because it is A full-fledged website on The Internet and is located On a dedicated server. If you want to download The app, you can download Version for Windows, MacOS, Android And iOS by clicking the Button on the main page Of our portal. Web proxy technology is another Name for an anonymizing site. This service acts as an Intermediary between your computer and The selected URL, so the User can access blocked pages.

Roskomnadzor employees are constantly looking For working mirrors of popular Poker rooms, so no such Portal can be freely available forever.

Our website is the official Counterpart of Poker, so you Can use it to register An account, download a client, And read up-to-date news. The easiest solution is to Install the official app Download Poker to your device. The poker room client takes Up about MB on a Mobile phone and about MB On a computer. you can download the latest Version for Windows, Android and IOS on our website. This site is not owned By Holdings PLC, but is For informational purposes only. The site was not created To encourage people to play Poker for real money, it Is not an organizer of Games on the Internet, advertising Gambling services.This resource only provides information, But the exact description of The promotion and bonuses can Be found on the official website. All information and design on The site is subject to And protected by copyright law. Quoting and copying information from The site is allowed only With the placement of an Active link. The content is intended for Adult users only.

Painted poker Mobile entertainment

Find a game of interest In in the list on This Page

Download free games for Google Android OS for tablets and Phones in Russian now it'S extremely easy! Only here and only now You can download and install The latest free games for Android, Android, Android, Android, Android

and other Android versions.

In this category you will Find the best free games For Android and can easily Install them on your mobile Phone or tablet. To download games for Android Completely free of charge, without Registration, downloading a torrent and Sending SMS, we do just steps. Click on its name.

Call your friends and appreciate The charm of this game

Download the game, install it On your phone or tablet, And enjoy!Information on how to install Games on Android yourself is Also available on this page.Download, install, and play! There is a free minute, But why not in the "Painted poker". An undeservedly forgotten game has Received a second birth and Received a residence permit on The playing field of your devices. The game was popular in The s of the last Century, but it is sure To appeal to connoisseurs of Intelligent card games. It is not like classic Poker, this is a trick-Taking game similar to whist, And a thousand. iPref is a Preference specifically Designed for the Apple mobile platform. Its stylish design only emphasizes Intel If you have not Yet managed to get a More modern phone, for example, Android or iPhone, then we Suggest you turn your attention To Fun froggy the frog Again invites you to a Bright and exciting adventure. journey and this time he Must show all his strength To the Main character, a Young hacker named LAN, who Enters the super space and Acts there under the guidance Of.

Pokerdom school: Login

The level of information assimilation Is checked by testing

PokerHouse is a new poker School from Pokerdom, where beginners Will find all the necessary Information for a successful start In the world of poker, And experienced players will get Additional knowledge to improve their Skill levelPokerHouse is a free poker School where information is provided In a simple and convenient Form, and questions are answered By experienced colleagues. The learning process is based On the principle of block Courses, which include a certain Number of lessons in the Format of video or article materials. For novice players, the training Portal offers an "Express course – - an accelerated program for Those who want to quickly Learn the basics of the Card game and join the team.

the gameplay is already available today

If a beginner wants to Learn more about poker, they Are invited to take an "Introductory course" consisting of lessons: Learning at PokerHouse for players From scratch is not limited To two basic courses. Beginners are offered more in-Depth programs in certain areas Of poker: additionally, beginners are Invited to take the course "Poker psychology". From it, the player learns About why it is important To remain calm during the Game, what is the danger Of tilt and how to Quickly cope with it, how To determine the emotional state Of opponents, and much more. For experienced poker players, PokerHouse Offers two free training courses To improve their skills in Cash and tournament play. The second training course for Experienced players is called "Advanced Tournament game". The program includes MTT lessons, Which reveal the principles of Calculating equity, evaluating the range Of opponents hands, advanced game Strategies and the concept of ICM. Students of the PokerHouse poker School get bonuses for successful Completion of free programs. To receive rewards from the Player, you must pass the Proposed test at the end Of the selected course. If a new player scores The required number of points On the Introductory course test, They receive a password for A Pokerdom Freeroll from the Poker House school of poker. There are free tournaments for Students on Tuesday and Thursday At: Moscow time. For passing the introductory tournament Poker test, the player receives A ticket to the Pokerdom Special event RUB GTD, which Takes place in the room Every day at: Moscow time. If a student passes the Cash game test successfully, they Receive $ to their game account. For passing the CIS exam, There is a reward in The form of three tickets To the jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. Bonuses for testing courses for Advanced players depend on the Number of points scored. Tournament tickets and money for Betting are used as incentives. Registered users get access to The training materials. To become a student PokerHouse On the main page of The site fill out the Form: after filling out the Form, activate your account. You will receive an email From the school with a Link to the specified email Address within a minute – Click on it.

You need to confirm your Registration within three days, otherwise The created account will be Automatically deleted from the system.

To log in to the Pokerdome school, on the main Page, click on the "log In" button-located at the Top right. A form opens where you Can enter your email address And password. PokerHouse is a popular school That allows you to learn Poker from scratch for free And gradually improve your skill Level by taking additional courses. Register on the training platform Right now if you have Set your goal to become A successful player.

Poker for Real money With the Conclusion

I will answer and help everyone

If you have any questions About getting bonuses or starting Playing online poker for real Money with withdrawal, please contact Us hereindeed, PokerStars is played by Quite strong and experienced players, So a beginner here will Quickly drain their Deposit. The initial bonus really helps You understand whether poker is Yours at all or not.

poker is a cool portal For beginners

I started playing on RuPoker. Everything is very clear and Understandable on this site. For beginners, this is just A great way to start Making money playing poker. I tried playing on PokerStars, But I lost everything pretty quickly. I love playing poker. I'll try again on RuPoker, they write that it'S a good platform for For beginners. Despite the fact that the Portal positions itself as a Platform for novice players, in My opinion this is not The case. You need at least minimal Experience of the game unless, Of course, you want to Quickly lose everything and leave The site. I play only on "poker", This poker room is suitable For both beginners and experienced players. Withdrawal of funds takes a Minimum of time. I choose to Rooker because Of the possibility to play Kiwi -for me it is The most convenient best option. I took a chance for The first time on no.Bit, I spent a free Deposit quickly enough, let's See what will be next Addictive:- There are many places On the Internet where you Can play poker for real Money, but you need to Choose the sites carefully.

Poker bots-Fantasy or Reality?

For the first time about Robots in poker started talking in

Then Housewives and just lovers Of relieving tension began to Come to the game EN masseThe first bots were written To put on the stream Of victory over such players. Artificial intelligence in the mid-Noughties was just a set Of algorithms that could reach A positive win rate only Against fish. Any regular, let alone a Pro, would take them out Without a chance. You can only see your Own cards and those on The table, but not your Opponents cards. One or two hands can Be won by luck. But at a distance, the Winner will be the one Who knows how to find Out what others are holding, Bluff, improvise, and adapt to The opponent through analysis. Professional players know this perfectly. Robots could analyze variants faster Than humans, and they were Constantly improving at this.

After all, poker is a Game with incomplete information

But they had trouble making The right decisions. Bluffing, improvising, and even required Human thinking, which robots did Not possess. Although poker rooms protect themselves From bots as best they Can and ban suspicious accounts, The poker community has already For several years, I lived In anticipation that an AI "That will kill the game"Is about to be invented.

Such an artificial intelligence, Libratus, Appeared in thanks to the Efforts of a young scientist Noam Brown from Carnegie University USA and immediately beat four Strong Texas hold'em players: Don Kim, Jason Les, Jimmy Chow and Daniel Macaulay.

The fundamental difference between Libratus And all the bots that Can be found in poker Rooms is that It does Not have a rigid program Of actions, it builds its Actions based on the rules Of the game, available information And experience of past games. That is, he learns the Game as a person-from Scratch, analyzing the games played. The journey from novice to Ranked Pro took Libratus days. If in the beginning players Caught AI on mistakes, by The end of the tournament The bot got rid of Weaknesses, began to correctly calculate Risks and even surpassed the Masters in the art of bluffing. Libratus was so successful that It was used in programs Of the US Department of defense. In particular, in modeling situations On military exercises. It seems that Libratus has Set the level and soon The poker rooms will be Flooded with invincible robot armies, Displacing humans. But don't rush to Bury the game. First, a supercomputer was used To calculate the AI's actions. As long as only scientists Have access to them, there Is nothing to be afraid of. Secondly, if a self-learning AI like Libratus becomes popular, What is stopping poker rooms From adopting a similar AI That will learn to distinguish People from bots and instantly Ban the latter? Third, you can change the Rules of poker to make Life more difficult for the AI. It won't be the Same game as we know It now. But the rules change over time. For example, we know chess As a game for two. And who now remembers that The progenitor of chess, Chaturanga, Was played by four people? Fourth, even if robots flood All poker rooms, won't There still be enough human Players who will consciously refuse Any help from AI because They love the challenge and Think it's prestigious to Win with their wits? Finally, once robots are the Future, maybe it's better To figure out how to Make money on it? With proper promotion, poker bot Competitions can be as interesting To the audience as human competitions. Especially if the robots will Acquire the personality, character, and Other traits of human nature.

Poker rules For beginners: Bets and

"Bet" the first bet After the "ante" advance bet

There are hundreds of different Types of poker with their Own special rules and combinationsOf course, you don't Need to learn the nuances Of all poker disciplines, just Read the rules of the Most common games. If you know how to Play Texas hold'em, Stud, Or Omaha, then you can Easily master other disciplines as well. This bet is placed by The player following the blinds Or the dealer. If the player does not Have confidence in the cards, He can transfer the opportunity To make a bet to Another player. "Fould" exit the game. If the player is not Interested in continuing the game, He discards all cards and Loses the right to continue The game. You can exit the game At any stage of the game. "Blind" blind a forced Bet, the rules. Blinds are made by players In the dark, before viewing Their cards.

If the player is confident In his cards, he makes A bet

These bets are placed by The first two players, who Follow the dealer in order.

The player next to the Dealer makes a small blind-The minimum blind bet.

The second participant after the Dealer makes a bet raised To the set level big blind.

"Call" the return bet.

The size of the" call " Is equal to the previous bet. When a player does "call" Means that he wants to Continue playing, but is not Going to raise the stakes. If at the last stage Of the game the last Player makes a "call", then After that there is a" Showdown " a showdown of cards.

Raise raise the bet.

A player makes a bet That is larger in value Than the previous player's bet.

At the same time, all The predecessors of the player Who made the "raise" must Put in the pot the Difference between the increased bet And their own bets.

The next players in the Circle are required to place Bets at least "raise". Reraise further increase of the bid. The player raises the bet Raised to him. When reraising, the same rules Apply to players as when raising. Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, the ex-Girlfriend of former world poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel, was sentenced Last week to. years in prison. After winning the confederations Cup Match with Uruguay, members of The Spanish national football team Invited the girls and held A party in the hotel. When the evening came to An end, the players they Found the money missing. Now, in addition to great First Deposit bonuses, we offer A $ no Deposit bonus for Playing on Titan poker from. You will find everything you Need to get the bonus On our website. Our main goal is really To win, as we only Get our Commission if you Play a lot and successfully! To improve Your game level, We offer a huge amount Of poker training materials that Are available to users who Have registered on our website And downloaded free poker.

Here you can learn the Rules of Texas hold'em Poker, learn the tactics and Strategy of playing at fixed-Limit and no-limit tables, And learn tournament techniques.

You can find all this In the poker school section.

Texas hold'Em poker For real Money download

First of all, when it Comes to card games, playing For money comes to mind

This is not surprising, since Poker was designed for this Purpose, and not just for entertainment.

Texas hold'em poker online Is played for real money By hundreds of thousands of Players around the world in Offline establishments and online poker rooms. If you have been successful At the free tables, winning Conditional chips, and are planning To move to the tables With a valuable cache, you Should learn about the differences Between this game and the Risks that will lie in Wait for You. Before downloading Texas hold'em Poker for real money, you Should: understand that poker rooms Differ not only in popularity, But also in the quality Of the terms and services They provide to their users. Therefore, when choosing a site, You should pay attention to The following characteristics of a Poker room: as a rule, Most of the disadvantages that Correspond to the listed points Apply to rooms that are Not popular among users. Due to the lack of Normal conditions, players do not Enter it to play. Poker, in which real money Is played, is on the Edge between gambling and intellectual game. What exactly it will become For the user depends only On them.

Some poker players view poker As an opportunity to try Their luck, while other players Believe that they can win Not because of luck, but Because of their own strength.

You can't argue with This, since an inexperienced player Will lose more than an Experienced poker player who has Reduced the luck factor due To a mathematically verified strategy. But even if you study, And if you are going To use the strategy successfully, You should know some of The risk factors that accompany Playing for money: These risks, Of course, are important to Take into account only for Those players who are studying Or have already mastered the strategy. Beginners who do not know The basics of strategy at All will mostly lose real Money in Texas hold'em Poker, since playing at random Is a known loss. Experienced poker players can rule Out the last two risk factors. By improving your own strategy And learning from your own And other people's mistakes, You can start playing better Than most opponents. It is also possible to Avoid dishonest poker rooms by Studying user reviews and reviews Of poker-focused portals. You can download Texas hold'Em poker for real money From the best poker rooms, But this does not guarantee That you will win. If you lose, first of All, analyze why it happened Because of simple circumstances failures, Because of making the wrong Decisions, or because your opponents Were more experienced than You.

A brief Overview of Ruma

Asian poker room GGPokerOk former Lotus Poker room

In the Yandex business Directory 'Choose the year of The Olympic games' find the Appropriate positionFor example, 'Athletes participating in The Turin Olympic games'. the result of the selection Will be displayed on the Map: photos of athletes participating In the Olympic games of The selected year and selected Regions of the Russian Federation Where these athletes were born Or live.

the result of the selection Will be displayed on the Map: the selected region and Photos of athletes participating in The Olympic games who were Born or live in this Region of the Russian Federation.

It appeared as a replacement For the eliminated Lotus And Inherited its user audience completely. Customers registered for Lotus Poker Now have access to pokerok With existing Accounts. Despite the fact that the Room has only been around For a year and a Half, with the old customer Base and the active attraction Of new users, it managed To significantly increase traffic.

Today, the main audience is Players from the post-Soviet Countries Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and The entire interface is available In Russian, as is the Site's support.

At any time of the Day, tens of thousands of Poker players with a minimum And average skill level gather here. The Asian part of gamblers Is also added to them, Which is considered very weak In terms of its level And allows more experienced poker Players to earn good money.

As a potential platform for Playing for money PokerOK official Site is almost an ideal choice.

In addition, the room offers A lot of opportunities and Bonuses for both beginners and Regulars, which we will discuss In more detail later. To attract new players, the Asian room is constantly expanding The list of rewards. Thanks to the bonus program And loyal conditions for receiving Gifts, many gamblers have finally Switched to poker Without considering Other options.

As of August, the game Room offers: the platform offers A huge amount of up To $, to top up your Gaming account.

To receive it, you will Need to keep a Deposit In the amount of $ to $, Place bets with rake wagering And receive accruals in installments Of $. Honeymoon for new customers is Another great offer, which is Valid for days from the Date of registration.

Of course, this gift will Need to be recouped

The room offers users to Complete small missions on a Daily basis, and at the End of the allotted period, Tasks will be calculated and Converted into real money. This way, players can get Up to $, which is also Not bad. There is also a special Incentive package consisting of tournament tickets. This allows beginners to take An active part in tournaments And earn substantial amounts of Money right at the start Of exploring the room. Newcomers here will definitely not Be bored. There is a huge selection Of tournaments in the poker Room, so everyone will find Something to do. The following options are available For: multi-Table. Multi-table contests that can Bring together thousands of poker players. There are several stages of MTT to win a prize At the table, and also Late registration for a great price. Tournaments with random prize money. By participating in such events, You can sometimes get several Thousand times more than you set. One of the most popular Lottery formats. Players are invited to either Go all-in or discard Their cards at the start Of trading. The format of the tournament, Where they play up to players. You do not need to Register in advance, just wait Until the required number of Players has gathered. There are also numerous freerolls And satellites available to users Of the platform. Freerolls are completely free and Can be shared or private. For the latter, you will Need to search for login passwords. Satellite tournaments are events that Offer tournament tickets rather than Dollars as winnings. Sometimes, for just a couple Of dollars, a user can Win a ticket worth $, or Even $. In General, the Asian poker Site is a very good Option for beginners and regulars. The room's management is Above all else user safety Is important, and the operation Of the room is fully Legalized at the legislative level. Trusting the room is definitely Worth it.

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