The world's best post about the red line. Part. how to raise the red line, increase your winnings without showdown

The red line myth is a mystery for many people

Let's start by defining the red line, what it is, and why everyone is talking about itThe red line (in Holdem Manager) is nothing more than a chart of Non-Showdown Wins, that is, the money you won without a showdown. It is enabled in the Graphs menu as shown in the figure below. Before I go into all the trouble, I'll say a few more words about the red line and the General hysteria around it. It all started about two years ago, when suddenly on The twoplustwo forum people started asking the question 'what is it and what is it eaten with'. Then a serious debate broke out on the topic of red lines and how they generally reflect the player's level. And as is usually the case in the poker community, all the answers were divided into three groups: the General consensus was that the red line directly reflects the skill of the player, because to win without a showdown you need to be able to bluff where you need to and make big folds (and this cannot be done effectively without using mining, - approx. Once they hear that a positive red line schedule will make them gods of the game, many young Padawans begin to do absolutely ugly things with the zeal worthy of the best representatives of the lemming family, coming up with no less ugly reasons and excuses, referring to the opinions of others like them on the forums. I'll probably start from a long way off, and after I tell you everything and show you about the red line, I'll give you some tips on how to improve it and what kind of poker you need to play in order for it to go up. And you will decide for yourself whether you are ready for it or not. The red line (Non-Showdown Wins or Won Without Showdown) is the sum of all the money that you lost by investing in the pot, but not reaching the showdown.

Example: you made a -bet with o preflop and received a -bet from your opponent.

You they discarded their cards, thus not reaching the showdown and losing the size of their bet. Or you make a counter bet on the flop, check the turn, and fall on the river bet - we also put it in the liability of our red line. Did you bet the flop and turn, but get a raise on the turn and fold your cards? Minus for the red line. Did you check raise on the flop and win the pot? And here, please write it down on your account - you won the money without opening, the red line goes up. Thus, the less you lose in situations where your opponent rarely discards his cards (for example, counter bet on the flop against fish), and the more often you use situations where your opponent is more likely to give you the pot (check raise on dry boards like K), the higher your red line. The essence of this indicator is that it is contrasted with the Showdown Wins line, that is, statistics showing how much you have already won at the showdown.

At the same time, there is no mystery here

Both of these charts add up to your win or loss. So, we have turned on the red line, and we can see that something is wrong with it.

Not only do we lose for, hands, but the red line is down - does that mean we have to go to the dump? The first thing you should be aware of is that this red line also includes situations when you were in the blinds.

Is it important? Let's take a look. We had -$, in Non-ShowDown Wins. We will exclude from the statistics all cases when we were on the small and big blinds Oh, really? It turns out that our test subject plays a very, very good plus when he is not in the blinds and does not lose these mandatory bets in most cases! The red line just soars up. Now it seems to me that many supporters of the red line are starting to lose their heads and they are already reaching out to their Holdem Manager to prove to everyone that I drew this graph in photoshop. But let's not get hysterical and slap ourselves on the shoulder, saying that " everything, the riddle is solved, it's time to retire." In fact, no-otherwise I would limit myself to just these two graphs. Let's dig deeper. We have already decided that if we are not in the blinds, then our red line becomes directly representative. What happens on the blinds themselves? Obviously, if we are sitting in the big blind with o and someone else opens CO, then we fold our blind. Thus, Holdem Manger believes that we lose money without a showdown.

Let's keep this in mind for now and move on to another question.

How do we play when we are in the blinds, but still decide to enter the game (via raise, call, or bet)? Let's apply the 'VPIP True' filter only to SB and BB positions, so now we'll only look at situations when we invested money in the blinds ourselves, and not just lost our money with garbage: Do you still consider yourself an outcast with your negative red line? I hasten to disappoint you - perhaps this is true, but we will already talk about this in the second part of the article. In the meantime, let's take a look at the information we already have is available: What does it mean? That in the vast majority of cases, our red line goes down due to natural causes - the blinds that we place every round, and at the same time throw out our cards. If you still don't understand where the money is coming from on the red line, let me demonstrate that in Other words, following the age-old rule of tight and standard poker, you absolutely correctly play few hands without a position. Why poker is not worth playing without a position has already been described and covered in countless articles and notes, so we will not dwell on it here. But the fact remains that if you fold a lot of hands in the blinds, your red line will inevitably go down. This is an absolutely natural consequence of your strategy. And all you can do in most cases is limit your losses on the blinds. Indeed, all your attempts to bring the red line up - this is the desire to level the cost of the game. How much is it we'll talk about variance or not later. But right now, I really ask you: don't take this as a guide to action, don't be lemmings. The number of hands played does not mean quality, it is a banal consequence of a simple and easy-to-learn tight strategy game! In just a few lines, you'll see why you can continue to fold in the blinds and still see your red line grow before your eyes. Well, in the second part of this article, I will develop this topic. Since this is the case, I'll give you a moral about the importance of the blinds. A very good statistical indicator is this thread on the TwoPlusTwo forum. After playing a little bit with the statistics, I came up with this result: the Weighted win rate for such statistics is approximately. ptbb - that is, the average win rate of today's regular, which does not exceed its limit very much. If you take a closer look, you can see that our loss on the blinds is about bb, or. In other words, to recapture this disadvantage, we spend all our winrate in UTG, MP and part of the winrate in CO, and make money (in fact) only when we are in the dealer's position. Why exactly this way, and not from the other end? Simply because being in the position you have the most opportunities to make this winrate, for quite obvious reasons. This is a word about the importance of the dealer's position in poker But we digress a little. What was the point of this analysis? Yes, to the fact that even minor changes in your game on the blinds can lead to a huge result in terms of your profit. What does this have to do with the red line? The most direct one. Remember what I told you to keep in mind when we fold in the big blind and the Holdem Manager counts it as a loss in the red line? What if our mathematical expectation of playing this hand is higher than what we lose? Then our red line will not be affected (or it will suffer, but not so much). Several of the axioms: What does this mean? If if you translate it into regular Russian, you will get the following: open your statistics in Holdem Manger and see with what hands and in what situations you lose on the blinds. Eliminate these hands from your range and you will see your red line rise and winrate rise along with it. That is: if it is not profitable for us to play s in the big blind position, then from now on we will only fold with them and be happy that we have lost only one blind and our red line will sink less (and maybe the blue line, if we go to showdown with this hand so often). Let's take an example of this. Here are the statistics of the SAME nl-NL player in the blinds: it is Obvious that he loses slightly more than the average for -max games, so it is worth looking at what brings him the biggest loss.

Let's start with a situation where our hero is a preflop caller.

To do this, we need to determine with which types of hands he calls pre-flop and loses. To start, select the following filter: display only the SB and BB positions, and only when the hero made a preflop call: in Total, our hero made a call in the blinds times and won about $. Sparsely populated. You can correct this, and to do this, let's see with which hands he lost the most. Oddly enough, the picture is as follows: Two big losses with AJ and AQ come from rather stupid bluffs, but there is no excuse for the rest: what range hero doing As, As, KTo, QJo, To, s, ATo, Ao, o, o, etc, if he obviously plays them regularly and is clearly not able to play them (it would be allowed to play them in the big blind against a raise from the small blind, but they still need to be able to play!). Just remove these hands from the statistics and get this: Who says money doesn't grow on trees? And the win without shoudan, our favorite red line, increased more than times from $ to $ (not shown in the picture - too late turned on). That is, everything that I said above is fully confirmed in practice - Yes, we have started to discount some hands and losing our blinds, but we used to lose even more with them. And thus, without leaving the box office, we increased our Non-Showdown Wins in just one specific situation by times compared to the previous indicator.

You can do the same thing with your bet score - look at the appropriate filter, draw conclusions, open the calculator, calculate what range you need to have (if it is balanced) and exclude unnecessary hands.

By the way, our test subject with bets was doing well and it was difficult to wish for anything more there, so I decided not to post these statistics. In the same way, you can analyze the limit pots that you play from the blinds and the effectiveness of your barrels on the flop, turn, or river - in short, the scope for improvement is endless and we will talk about it again in one of our training videos (both about limit pots and statistics in Holdem Manager). I think we should finish this for today. Well, the most interesting thing is how to raise it I'll leave your postflop red line for the second part. The first Russian winner of the European poker tour (EPT) tournament, winner of the world series of poker (WSOP-) bracelet. He has been a professional online poker player for seven years and during this time he has not had a single negative month. PokerStars has announced a super action to celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of three-player Spin Go tournaments. Now poker fans can enjoy tournaments that cost just half a dollar and you can win a million dollars! Developed by canadian game theory specialists from the University of Alberta, the algorithm cannot yet absolutely guarantee to beat a person in each game, since the layout of cards is random, but in a long match, the computer will always take up.

PokerStrategy poker School, official Website in Russian

The resource quickly gained popularity Among German users

One of the best places To learn strategy is the PokerStrategy poker school

The largest poker training portal Provides a wide range of Services for beginners and experienced Players – interactive courses, a Forum, and theoretical materials.

The school attracts newcomers no Deposit bonuses and the opportunity To learn the basics of Poker strategy for free. The site was founded by German poker player Dominik Kofert As a forum for sharing Players experience. Dominic was joined by a Professional chess player, Matthias Valls, Who put poker in the Same category as games where Success depends on skill. Matthias brought to pokerstartegy users Interested in chess and MMORPG games. The forum gradually turned into A poker school with a Large theoretical base on strategy. In, the site added English And Russian interfaces – the Number of registrations approached million. In, the site was acquired By Playtech, the Creator of The IPoker network. The policy of Playtech aimed At promoting IPoker network rooms Has limited the opportunities of Players who prefer other popular rooms. By, the number of students Reached million, making the resource The largest poker network in The world. the best school in the world. Free registration requires you to Provide your email address, username, And password. Additionally, you are invited to Subscribe to the newsletter of Stock announcements. You need to confirm the Mailbox address by clicking on The link in the welcome email. Identity verification is necessary for Players who use free features, Participate in promotions – receiving Start-up capital, purchasing poker Software with discounts, etc. the official PokerStrategy website guarantees The security of personal data – scans are not available To third parties and are Used only for identity verification. Verification is necessary to prevent Re-receiving no Deposit.

Training courses are available in The "Strategy" section free and Shareware text materials are available.

For registered users, PokerStrategy offers Free training in the basics Of poker and strategy without Any additional conditions. As you study the courses, You will see on the Right on the side of The page, a menu with Sections that includes additional training Materials: the depth of theory Study for each course is Displayed as a percentage. Free courses allow you to Learn the basics of strategy And start playing successfully at Micro and low-stakes tables. To advance through the limits And improve the strategy, you Will need to complete in-Depth training on materials divided By access to VIP-levels. An alternative method of teaching Is video lessons. The user is allowed to Select a suitable video using A filter – by VIP Status, discipline, and level of training. Video training sessions from pokerstartegy Are conducted in real time – the coach plays at The table in the online Poker room and comments on The actions, the coach's Mistakes are visible to the audience. The PokerStrategy poker school restricts Access to some courses and Training articles based on the User's VIP level. Readers can purchase VIP status For money. The school's trainers provide Paid individual and group training sessions. Ads about prices, duration, and Other conditions are posted on The PokerStrategy forum. The cost of courses reaches Hundreds of dollars, hourly payment Is possible. Training is conducted by professional Players in the user's language. PokerStrategy provides registered players with A start-up capital – A free bankroll for playing On poker sites and bookmakers Recommended by the school. The amount of capital depends On current promotions-up to. Some offers require a minimum Deposit. After passing the test, the Bankroll is credited to the Account in the online room Within two days. To use the no Deposit Bonus restricted: To pass the Test successfully, learn the rules Of poker and the basics Of deep stack strategy-the Questions are based on these courses. Some of the questions are Made up as examples-it Is suggested to make the Right decision with specific pocket Cards and bet sizes. Visual materials contained in the Courses allow you to quickly Find the correct answer – Download them in advance and Keep them handy. You can download sample questions To prepare for the test. Items change regularly – questions May differ.

Access to most services is Granted without verification

Examples will help you understand The structure of questions and Practice finding answers using tables And strategy diagrams.

Remember: it is better to Pass the test yourself knowledge Of poker theory and the Ability to use it in Practice is the basis of A successful game.

If you don't know The strategy, you will quickly Lose your initial capital, you Won't be able to Build a poker bankroll for Free, and you won't Get any useful practical experience.

Official site of PokerStrategy the Largest provider of poker software, Providing the best third-party And proprietary support programs.

Paid software is provided on The developer's terms, but The cost is reduced as Part of regular promotions. An alternative way to get A licensed app is to Fulfill the terms of promotions That provide discounts or free access. Free training software from PokerStrategy Can be downloaded and used Without registration at the school. The hold'em Equity calculator Allows you to analyze the Probability of winning against specific Cards and starting hand ranges. In the training mode, pre-Installed tests are offered – The user can independently configure The spectra by creating their Own tasks. An easy-to-use But Functional equity calculator for Omaha poker.

Calculates Equity against individual maps And spectra.

The software is designed for Manually entering data about the Player's and opponents cards. Automatic scoring during the game Is not supported. It is forbidden to use The calculator when the poker Client is open. A collection of training lectures For tournament poker players.

ICM Trainer Light teaches you How to play successfully in The late stages of events, Which requires switching to push-Fold tactics.

Access to a new lecture Is opened after successfully mastering The material of the previous Lesson-it is checked by testing. ICM Trainer Light analog added Using the ICM calculator.

The program is not allowed To be used when the Game client is open in Most rooms.

Attention: when using any poker Apps, please check the rules Of the online rooms for Lists of allowed and prohibited Auxiliary programs. The PokerStrategy school has the Largest poker forum in the World with branches in several Languages, including Russian. The loyalty program includes seven VIP statuses, which differ in The breadth of access to Training materials and provide various privileges. Features of the principles of School work are shown in The PokerStrategy video review. The video is in English, But the schematic presentation of Information allows you to understand How the poker portal works.

You can translate videos to Russian subtitles using The YouTube translator.

It is recommended that the Poker school be considered not As a source of free Capital, but as an opportunity To learn and improve your strategy.

Rate the offers in the Promotions section.

Users can get no Deposit Bonus directly from the poker Room.

Full house, Street, or flash. What

Which country was the first To play poker is unknown

The game is over years Old! Despite its advanced age, the Popularity of poker never waned-On the contrary, it only Grew with the advent of Poker games.If we reject the idea Of Chinese roots, poker probably Appeared in Europe in the XIV-XVI Centuries, but only In the XIX century it Gained modern features and global popularity

Even in the Renaissance XIV-XVI centuries, card games appeared That partly resemble poker-the Spanish "Primiero" and the French "La prima".

Already by the th century, There were more than games With similar rules, combinations, number Of cards, and bidding structure. A big contribution to the Popularity of the game was Made by Americans. green traveled to Mississippi and Got acquainted with the game With unusual rules: in his Memoirs, he called it "the Deceiver's hand", or poker.

Where did this name come From, it is clear exactly: The traveler himself called the Game low and unworthy of A gentleman, because victory depended On the art of bluffing.

Beginners may think that poker Is a game with primitive Rules, but this is only At first glance, otherwise interest In it would have long Since disappeared.

Many explain the amusement of This game in the psychological Clash of players.

The bluff confirms this perfectly.

The tradition of bluffing dates Back to and is quite An important element of the game. A bluff is a technique That creates the illusion that You have a stronger card Than you actually have. An attempt to "fool" an Opponent is not punished in Any way on the contrary, In the hands of experienced Players, this technique will legally Help you earn extra money Out of the blue. American traveler D. green described the rules of The game in detail in His memoirs-suddenly both the Book and the game became Very popular.

Some even consider it a Modified Chinese Mahjong

How did the continent get Caught up in poker fever? In America, the settlement of Colonies was actively going on, And along with colonization, the Fame of the new card Game spread. As with the story about The chicken and egg, it Is not known what appeared In the Americans before-the Spirit of competition and sober Calculation or still poker. George Washington and Jonathan Lincoln Were passionate fans.

The American way of life With cowboys and saloons is Harmoniously intertwined with an unusual Game and a brutal reality That has become a source Of exciting westerns about the Wild West.

Poker has a rich history, Full of legends that resemble The plots of westerns.

The story of wild bill From Texas, who lived on A ranch, became very popular Among fans of the game. Wild bill was called the First poker player to become A living legend due to His dishonest methods. Card sharper for a long Time he remained unpunished, but The day came when bill'S fraud could not stand His rival Jack McCall, who Decided to put an end To the skilled cheater once And for all. In, McColl, unable to contain His anger due to unfair Techniques, shot Wild bill right During the game. At that moment, poor bill Was holding a combination of Two black eights and two Aces – which has been Called the "dead man's Hand" ever since. So some combinations were named In honor of the memorable stories. officially presented the game to The court of the famous Queen Victoria. Since then, poker has captured The hearts of the aristocrats Of England, and then the Whole world of Europe. The status of "unworthy of Gentlemen" was never "sewn" to Poker on the contrary, privileged Circles highly appreciated the game, Because to play well, you Need a set of outstanding Skills! The rules of poker are Quite simple. The goal is to collect The most winning combination of Your own cards and the Cards on the table to Win your opponents bets. After each lap distribution of Cards is carried out trading - Raising rates. With all the simplicity of The rules, it is quite Difficult to win, and the Game is quite intelligent. The task is almost impossible For untrained beginners: you need To calculate the probability of Certain cards appearing on the Table and predict the combinations Of your opponents. A bluff is often used In the trading process to Convince others to give up. The best methods of winning Are considered to be the Mathematical calculation of probabilities and Psychological manipulation. This is how the game Combines primitive rules and high Intellectual performance! For these reasons, poker is "Entered" by some and not Understood by others, and the Game, although very popular, does Not become popular, which only Fuels the interest of new Generations in it. It should be noted that, Although today poker is not Assigned the status of a Sports card game, it is Not prohibited to play and Participate in gambling in the Country and is not legally prosecuted. In addition to the classic Ways to win-bluffing, all-In or "all-in" - there Are also psychological ways that Go beyond poker etiquette. Slowroll is a technique used By experienced players who want To throw their opponents off balance. It is used when the Situation is tense to the Limit: the player, confident of His victory, delays time as Much as possible and slowly Turns over his cards. The only goal is to Take out your opponent. And it usually works!.

Libratus Beat professional Poker players

The catalog is divided into Two parts

New gambling club opened its Doors on eotot Thursday, and After the weekend the tournament Starts with a prize bonus Hour ago New gambling club Opened its doors on eotot Thursday, and after the weekend The tournament starts with a Prize bonus hour ago New Gambling club opened its doors On eotot Thursday, and after The weekend the tournament starts With a prize bonus hour Ago Catalog of gambling-related Infotainment resources and online casinos In RussianThe catalog contains only selected Resources with high-quality content.

The first section features trusted Online casinos that work with Russian electronic payment systems.

The second part of the Catalog contains information and familiarization Sites with gambling in demo Modes.

What are The best Poker books

I liked Sklansky's book Poker Theory

Harrington on hold'em in Volumes is a very good Kiniga I advise you to Read there you will learn A lot and it is Written clearly! The book is easy to Read! thank you to the writers Who released this book! I'm happy with this Book! I advise everyone to read It! From the entire list of Books, I read Brunson, and I reread Sklansky's poker Theory from time to time And always find new nuancesNow I'll take up Other books. It is absolutely necessary for A modern poker player to Study poker books, and especially For a beginner. This essential element of knowledge, If of course you need Success! It should read "Theory of Poker" by David Sklansky! I like to play cash Games most of all. I've read a lot Of literature. Since I'm just starting To master the game, it'S just right for me, Everything is chewed up to The smallest detail.

I strongly advise you to Read it

Here we will talk about The General theory of the Game and concepts in poker, Applicable to almost any of Its varieties.

I agree that Harrington has A lot of tips for Beginners and improving the game.

However, it is necessary to Take into account modern realities, As they play much more Aggressively now and it is Not always effective to resist Aggression using the Harrington system.

Harrington's books regular viewings Of major world series practice, Practice, practice that's the Secret to success!.

Poker Mira - Download PokerMira For real Money or For

It is equal to the Deposit amount, but cannot exceed $

A small number of players But rapidly growing and evolving Poker room poker Mira provides Services of online gambling inThe online room is independent Of poker networks and is Owned by Limesco Limited. Its focus on Russian-speaking Players has been relatively recent, And it has focused on Providing high-quality services to Poker players from the former Soviet Union. Many users prefer to play Online at Poker Mira, despite The fact that the poker Room is not very popular, Much inferior to the largest Rooms in terms of the Number of players.

However, it has its own Advantages that are appreciated by Players who choose this place To play for real money And continue to play.

Players who have registered in The poker room and added Funds to their account for The first time will automatically Receive a welcome bonus. This bonus is credited to The account not immediately, but In the order of wagering, For which a month is allocated. You can win back the Bonus in part or in Full as follows: Example: a Player made a Deposit of $ And a week later scored VPP points. At the same time, $ was Immediately credited to his account, And the balance of the Bonus that will need to Be wagered was $. After gaining more VPP points A week later, the poker Player received another $. So, by the end of The month, he won back $ Of the $ bonus, so $ will "Burn out", since the period Allotted for wagering is exhausted. To win back the bonus For a month, you need To play more actively, increase The number of tables when Playing simultaneously and the duration Of the game session. In addition to cash as A bonus, newcomers also receive Additional gifts in the form Of tickets to tournaments: if You go to the official Poker Mira website, you will Immediately notice the stylish design And user-friendly, thoughtful interface.

The site has all the Necessary functionality – you can Log in to the page, Top up your account, open The browser version of the Poker app, or download a Program from Poker Mira to Install on your computer or Mobile phone.

You can download the PokerMira Program, which is quite simple In terms of functionality and Graphics quality, for free from The poker room's website. The software has the most Necessary functions for a comfortable Game, a friendly and intuitive interface. The following features are available To the player who has Installed this application: the Poker Client is technically not demanding On the characteristics of the Computer and operating system. It works only on computers Running the Windows operating system. If you want to download And play PokerMira from your Phone, use the mobile version Of the Program for the Android OS and IOS. You can download it from The poker room's website Directly to your phone by Scanning the QR code from The monitor screen. You can also install the App for Apple mobile devices Through the AppStore software catalog. Before installing the mobile version Of the poker app, it Is recommended that you register On the Poker Mira website, Which provides special functionality for This purpose. Later, the username and password From the created profile will Be useful for authorization in The poker client. The official Poker Mira website Allows you to play without Installing a poker app. To do this, the poker Room has developed a browser-Based version of the client, Which you can log in To by logging in to The site. You can use it to Play similar games, add funds To your account, and withdraw funds.

Freerolls feature cash prize pools Of up to $

Perhaps a significant drawback of The poker room is that Almost at any time only Tables with micro and low Limits are played in it.

Players who prefer large bets Can rarely find suitable playing Tables here.

The situation is similar with Tournaments – only events with Low buy-ins gain the Minimum number of participants. Although in General, the poker Room supports the following types Of games and bet sizes: In addition to classic types Of poker, you can play Such exotic disciplines as Americana And -Card Drow at Poker Mira.

However, tables with these games Rarely gather participants, since most Players simply do not know How to play them yet, Do not know the rules And strategy.

Fans of the free game Can be happy – at World Poker, freerolls are held Regularly-daily and always collect The minimum number of participants. Some of them have limited Access, while others allow absolutely All players to register. The poker room hosts many Regular promotions, many of which Are quite interesting! You need to register and Download PokerMira for free to Take part in the following Promotions: "Bad Beat Jackpot" not Afraid to lose with with A combination from Full house And higher, since the loser Gets the largest share of The cumulative jackpot, other participants In the hand also do Not remain without rewards. "Lucky hand" it doesn'T matter if you have Reached the showdown or won The hand – with a Combination of Four of Kings And higher, you will receive A bonus of up to $. Premium $ Freeroll – free tournaments For holders of VIP statuses "Bronze", "Silver" and above, held Twice a month. Poker Mira players can also Take part in other promotions That regularly start in the Poker room-timed to coincide With holidays and major live events. Poker players who prefer small Bets can play online at Poker Mira comfortably, as there Are plenty of micro-limit Opponents there. Fans of large limits are Advised to look for another Poker room, as they will Not find suitable playing tables In this online room. I registered for on the Advice of a good friend – he told me that They give no Deposit of dollars. Well, the hat is still There, of course you'll Never get it. at first, d thought for A Long time about which Room to start the game in. I chose Between ggpoker and Pokerstars.

After reviewing the reviews, I Chose a room from the GG network.

In General everything is simple I'm a beginner.

Poker House Freerolls: passwords And

Finding good freerolls in is Very difficult

If you want to play Tournament poker absolutely for free And are currently looking for Codes for Pokerdom freerolls, then This article is just for youThe poker room offers no-Fee tournaments where cash rewards Or tickets to other tournaments With real prize money are awarded. Freerolls are free tournaments where You don't need to Pay a buy-in to Participate, but with a guaranteed Prize pool. In Pokerdom, no-fee tournaments Are held quite often-several Times a day. Although Pokerdom is the most Popular Russian poker room, sometimes The maximum number of players Is not immediately available, so You can often register even A few minutes before the Game starts. The prize pool can be Different they are held as Games for everyone both with A guarantee of several tens Of dollars, and closed tournaments With passwords, where quite large Amounts are played. In freerolls, you can level Up your game and hone Your skills for free, this Will be a good experience For every new player. To participate in the game Without a fee, you only Need to register a game Account and download the Pokerdom client. You can find out the Schedule and register for the Tournament in the lobby of The poker room. It's easy to get Access to it download software For your computer or phone, Or log in to the Room via a browser. Many Poker House freerolls require A password or ticket at The entrance. Closed games are more popular, As they usually have a Higher prize pool, and due To selection, fewer players gather At the tables, which increases The chances of winning.

Private free tournaments are considered The best option, which is Significantly different from the series Available to everyone.

If you play in a Private series of games, then You will have a little Bit of strength competitors, which Means that you are more Likely to receive a reward. This is because it is More profitable for Rumas to Offer a promotion on the First Deposit than to conduct Such games. Every month, Pokerdom draws about, Rubles excluding freerolls with a Guarantee in the form of Tournament money. Choose a Pokerdome and play Poker for real money without Any investment. Most of the free Pokerdom Tournaments are held in the "Freebie" format.

Freebie tournaments are free to enter

But paid rebuys and add-Ons are also available. The free-buy format kills Two birds with one stone: The poker room has to Pay less guarantee out of Its own pocket due to Rebays and add-ons and Sometimes the guarantee can be Completely broken. And thanks to this, players Get the opportunity to re-Enter and increase the chance Of winning. At first glance, it may Seem that drawing, rubles every Month is a negative decision For a long distance.  But: Many players advise You to make a Deposit, Rather than playing freerolls.

In these tournaments, as a Rule, the structure is fast In a daily multi-freebie, The levels are minutes long, And the starting stack is bb.

Therefore, the skill here goes To the second place, luck Plays too big a role. Freerolls are more likely needed For beginners to learn the Game, start understanding the game Dynamics, and remember combinations. To take them seriously is To waste your time irrationally.

The winning strategy in any Freeroll is to play in The opposite style of your opponents.

If your opponents push all-Ins on any two wait For the card.

If your opponents are stuck Waiting for the minimum payouts, Try to steal the blinds. But in any case, it Is almost impossible to win Without luck.

Most Freeroll hands end pre-Flop and the ability to Win a triple or quadruple All-in is crucial for Future victory.

Of course, pokerdom most often Hosts hold'em freerolls. But there are also daily Omaha games: this means that Players can learn for free The basic rule of this Discipline is to use your Face-down cards and Board Cards to make a combination. In addition, Pokerdom hosts Chinese Poker freerolls every day, which Will help poker players understand How to make combinations and Spread their imagination in this Type of poker. This is one of the Most popular freerolls in the room. The tournament is held every Thursday at: Moscow time. The prize pool is, rubles, Although sometimes the room raises It in honor of holidays For example, Freebuy offered a Guarantee of, rubles on new Year's Telegram. During the game, you can Make rebuys during the first Levels, then add-on is available. Telegram Freebuy Freeroll is closed. This means that you can Only register for the game With a password. But it's easy to Get it: half an hour Before the tournament starts, the Password is published in the Poker room's telegram chat Pokerdom Group Chat. Registration opens at the same time. Pokerdom is one of the Few online poker rooms offering Open Chinese poker games poker "Pineapple". And, of course, free tournaments For this type of poker Can be found in the lobby. They are held twice a Day at: and. Late registration is available an Hour after the game starts. According to the rules, poker Players can make any number Of rebuys on the first Levels and one add-on after. The prize pool is rubles. people are eligible for prizes. Another daily tournament without a Fee: this time the game Is played in the format Of pot-limit Omaha. The game starts at. Players can make an unlimited Number of rebuys and one Add-on. The cost of any additional Purchase of chips is only ruble. Guaranteed prize pool rubles. people are eligible for prizes. You can win a ticket To an offline series at Pokerdom freerolls. Satellites on the series are Held in the Step format, Where the first tournament is Held in the freebie format. Pokerdom is hosting satellites to The offline series, held in Minsk, Sochi, Kaliningrad and the Altai. Yes, these are tournaments with A guaranteed cash prize pool. For example, in Pineapple Freebies. amounts to rubles. The money won can be Used to play cash games Or any other disciplines. The only difference is that In Instagram freebay, Viber freebay And Telegram freebay tournament money Is played.

They cannot be withdrawn and Can only be used to Pay for buy-ins in tournaments.

Yes, players can withdraw funds. But you need to pass Identity verification. The withdrawal amount is limited: From RUB $. Yes, you can play multiple Free tournaments at the same time. You can even play only freerolls. The main thing to remember Is that the rules of Poker rooms allow you to Have account per person. If the Pokerdom security service Finds that you have more Than account, the room has The right to freeze the Account and not pay out Any money.

Combination calculator Poker software and payment systems PokerStrategy Forum

According to your description, flopzilla looks optimal

(*** To learn poker and get free poker capital, you must activate JavaScript in your browserFor more information and to change the settings, check out that-i.e. when the cards are closed, it will be able to modulate the maximum number of hands and will display statistics on the poker main combinations, which combinations are most often revealed at max. Also there you can see the chances of catching different ones combinations on the flop. But the chances for some preflop hand to collect some combination from the preflop all the way to the river are not shown there.

There are ready-made tables of chances to collect a combination from preflop to river.

Perhaps there are such tables on PokerStrategy, or search for them through Google on competitors sites, you can't give links to competitors here.

There is also a free Propokertools PQL, which counts such queries and returns the result. But you need to know English there, otherwise it will take too long to understand the query language syntax.

You can also use MS Excell or any of its analogs to write sets of numbers into table cells using the C(x,y) operator and see the total probability of collecting a particular combination or several, on any street, for any conditions that you specify.

It is inexpensive and can do almost all of this

it will be able to modulate the total number of hands and display statistics on the main poker combinations, which combinations are most common) Moment -the Calculation is needed in such a form that it displays probability for each of the above combinations the fact that the distribution will end with this particular combination in PQL, you can do this. But it takes a long time to understand the syntax of how to enter the request correctly. You can also use Excel, but it takes a very long time to register a chain of calculations in Excel. Moreover, for other starting cards, you will need to re-register half of the chain - this is very inefficient. And in PQL, you learned the query language once and get results one by one, even in hundreds. If you need only one calculation for the starting cards that are shown in your picture, then you should not study them yourself. It is more profitable to pay someone to make something ready for you. Hi! Tell me pliz, who uses Equilab. It's just that I have such a problem that he considers some distributions for a sooooo long time, or is this the norm? Why does time depend at all? From the computer or from the program itself? My old man is not rich in RAM, only Gb, MB so. Sometimes it seems to me that the calculation goes on forever. Maybe this is a bug at all? This is a poker bug, Yes. A full search for a large number of combinations is very long, because there is a lot of sorting to do. It will be the same in all software versions. Therefore, if your task has too many combinations to iterate through (for example, multipot in wide spectra), then just switch the mode from full search to Monte Carlo, the latter gives only a microscopic error, but the result is immediately ready on the screen, no need to wait. Copy that, thank you very much! And please tell me, do I understand correctly that you don't have to wait until the end in Monte Carlo mode? The margin of error won't be very large if we say stop when -K games are counted? A complete bust is really superfluous.

Monte Carlo gives quite acceptable accuracy.

But about when to stop - it is necessary to conduct a couple of experiments on your own computer. Like K is almost no different from the result when you wait until the end. What do you think about the Simple Nash calculator? A good basic level calculator. And they've been giving it away for free for a long time. And the better ones are already paid, but still cheap too, HRC and ICEMizer in the first place. A good basic level calculator. And they've been giving it away for free for a long time.

And the better ones are already paid, but still cheap too, HRC and ICEMizer in the first place.

Texas hold'em poker play with a computer

To start the game, you need to click on the poker table

To play poker for free against a computer, Flash technology must be enabled in your Internet browserIf the game is not displayed, try updating your Flash player to the latest version.

Once clicked, cards are automatically dealt to all players (including you) at the table.

You start playing for the dealer, this is indicated by an orange chip ("button") with the Latin letter D. The dealer's chip moves, as well as the turn moves, are made clockwise starting from the dealer after each completed hand. The first player to the left of the dealer's chip or button is the small Blind, and the second player is the Big Blind. These players, before starting the game, make initial or forced bets, depending on the level of the blinds.

The level of current bets (blinds) can be seen in the upper-left corner under the name Level.

If the blind Level is, then the small blind puts and the big blind puts.

The player's location is always one cent down

Bets are raised every minutes. The time remaining until the next increase is counted in the upper-left corner-Next Level in. Also listed next to it is the following the level of interest rates. After the initial round of bidding starting with the player to the left of the big blind, you have options for how to continue playing after the first round of bidding, when the game remains only the players who agreed on equal bets, the dealer puts on the table cards - "the flop". The second round of bidding begins, where, if no one raised the bet, you have the opportunity to make a "Check" or check the next card without raising the bet. At the end of the second round of bidding, the dealer puts the fourth card on the table - "turn". The next round of bidding begins, at the end of which the last community card is laid out - "river". In the lower-left corner, you can see the number of points you have scored per game. There are buttons in the lower right corner.

"Play Online" allows you to try to play real poker online.

"New Game" if you click on New Game, a new game will start, points and winnings will be reset to the initial level, the bet level will also be reset to the initial level. it will return to level. "Game Help" this button will redirect you to a page with poker rules in English. As the game progresses, players controlled by the computer will lose and be eliminated from the table. If the loser turns out to be you (you lose all the chips), the game will continue between virtual players until there is only one winner left.

One of the varieties of poker "Texas hold'em" originates in the small town of Robstown, which is located in the state of Texas.

The popularity of hold'em only came in, when It was brought to Las Vegas, where the poker boom began.

Three years later, in, the first world series of poker "WSOP" was held. To get the highest combination of cards in Texas hold'em, you need to collect cards out of seven possible ones, where you can use combinations of.

List of The best Poker books For beginners And advanced Players

"The theory of poker" By David Sklansky

As you know, training in Any field plays a very Important roleAnd one of the sources Of new knowledge for players Is books on poker. In the network you can Find a huge number of Reviews of the best poker Books, various ratings, and so on. However, here you need to Understand that they will not Be accurate, since they were Compiled on the basis of The subjective opinion of the Person who collected it. At the same time, the Quality of the book and Its value can be judged By the reviews of poker players. What we will do in This article is identify the Best books on poker in Russian for both new and Advanced players. Books on poker for beginners Are intended for those who Have just started their journey, Having learned the basic concepts Of the game, combinations and rules. In such works, complex terms Are not used and all Important points are understood almost On the fingers. In his work, Sklansky raises The question of the main Aspects of the game, as Well as gives recommendations on How to apply tactics and Strategy in practice. David explains how to switch From a game to a Small one in a short Time without much loss limits For larger amounts. At the same time, the Author does not describe working Recipes and ready-made solutions For the game, but forces His readers to think and Correctly assess the situation at The table. "the Little green book" By Phil Gordon. The author analyzes the basic Concepts and rules of the Game in his work. Initially, we are talking about How to play the game On each of the trading rounds.

Almost a cult book, which Brought its author worldwide fame

After that, various strategies are Analyzed using specific examples. This book also focuses on The fact that the player'S main tool at the Table is his mind. "Supersystem," By Doyle Brunson. Another worthy representative of the Best books list. This work was released to The world in and during This time has become in Fact a classic. Brunson did not invent anything And simply described the basics Of strategy and tactics of The game. "hold'em for beginners" By ed Miller. A beginner's guide to Playing the most popular poker Discipline, Texas hold'em. The author describes the rules Of the game, and also Gives good advice on how To play it correctly. "The easy game," by Andrew Seiman.

Very interesting manual.

Its main value is that Seymann does not just describe How to play at the table. The book focuses heavily on Financial and organizational issues. Seymann is sure that almost Everyone can win a hundred Bucks an hour, as long As they organize and discipline Themselves properly. "Murman on poker", Chris Murman. The author of this book On poker, a professional gambler, Provides a detailed analysis of The situations that arise at The table. The main errors are highlighted, And the reader gets good Advice on how to avoid them. "the Ingredients of poker" By Tommy Angelo. This is one of the Most valuable training manuals that Has been translated into Russian. Its author is a professional Poker player who uses various Original techniques in his classes. In his book, Angelo talks About his professional career, and Also describes five basic rules That he believes everyone should Adhere to the player. "Perfect poker", John Anholt. This book on poker is Still very recent, as it Was written in. In it, the author does Not try to impose a Particular version of the game On the reader.

And it helps him to Find his own style, which In the end should bring The desired result.

These editions will already be Quite difficult for beginners, as They are designed for advanced Poker players.

Which with the help of This literature can increase their skills. "Secrets of poker, learning How to win", Vadim markushevsky.

We can say that it Is a unique publication.

Since it was written by A Russian author in Russian. In this article, readers will Not be able to find Elementary and obvious things, as The author focuses on how To become a successful poker Player online. "Professional no-limit hold'Em game" by ed Miller. Another iconic work in Texas Hold'em.

The main focus of the Book is on the unlimited format.

The author describes the main Strategies and nuances of playing This discipline. "Treat poker like a Business," by dusty Schmidt. An interesting work in which The author tries to draw A parallel between poker and business. Schmidt believes that poker is A business. And the player's income Directly depends on his mind And ability to act in Certain situations. "Manual for building a Bankroll", Pavel Nazarevich. A publication about how to Work properly with a bankroll. The author assures his readers That if a poker player Has enough motivation, he will Be able to earn on poker. As an example, he describes His practical experience of turning Two hundred dollars into ten Thousand in a fairly short Period of time, three months. "peak performance in poker" By Travis Steffen. In this poker book, the Author raises a very relevant Issue of stress, which can Affect a player's performance. In other words, poor health, Depression, malaise, and other factors Can prevent a poker player From making money. Therefore, the author explains in Detail how choose the optimal Time to play the game Correctly without losing quality. Poker training literature is a Very important factor in becoming A poker player as a professional. Because in this process, everything Is closely connected theory and practice. Getting new knowledge from books, A poker player must fix Them at the table. At the same time, the Learning process should also be Built correctly and not try To start studying complex materials Ahead of time. You need to start with The simplest publications and gradually Move on to more complex And advanced literature in the Course of training. You can find detailed reviews Of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and The latest news-all this Can be found on the Pages of our resource.

Poker: how To start And not

You can sell your accounts For between$ and $ on the forums

This article is purely my Personal opinion, some of my Thoughts may not coincide with Yours, some things may be absurdThis article is not a Call to action, and is Not intended to be used As a guide. a guide to any actions. Many people are attracted to Poker, but what is it? Some people think that you Can make a lot of Money here, some people think That the topic is very Easy, others sleep and see Themselves as world Champions in Poker, everyone has their own Motives, their own thoughts about This, but in essence we Brew in the same swamp, In the same rooms, we Withdraw to the same payment Systems, in short, we all Have the same most common Mistakes of beginners, in the Topic, and how to gain A foothold in it and Choose your own direction. Let's probably start with The fact that many simply Ignore - you need to start With the theory. It is not enough to Know the rules of poker To make money in it. No, of course You can Even make a few successful Plums, but as many people Know, there is little luck In poker, experience is important In it, so your plums Will be nothing more than Luck, and we need it, But hope we won't Look at it. So the theory, may the Admins forgive me, but I'Ll post links here so That the newcomer pays attention To them. So, let's learn the Rules of poker, I advise You to do it here: Next, I recommend watching poker Videos. You don't need to Play yet, you just need To understand poker. While I was looking at Pokermoscow, I think it is Quite a decent resource, link: While you are reading all This, watch, register on the Forums dedicated to poker, read, Ask questions, discuss hands.

Of course, this is boring, And not at all what You dreamed of, but there Is no place without it, It is an experience, and It cannot be measured in money.

I also advise you to Find $, and make a Deposit In the poker room, or In for$, and try to Play on BR. You need to play on Your own account and with Your own money, you need To understand what the game Is, you need to learn How to win. Unlike of poker players, your Goal is not to earn A living by playing fair Poker, but you must play At least zero, otherwise what Kind of poker player are you? How, where, and through what Register - decide for yourself, while Studying the theory you will Already know where you will Make a Deposit. This will take you at Least a month, and sometimes Even three. How long? But it was productive, and Now, following my article, you'Ve worked out the theory, Played for your money, learned The terms, learned how to Calculate the pot odds, and Are ready to start carding? But again I will disappoint You, although I can congratulate You, but now there is Another dreary stage ahead. Namely, the drive-in stage.

Personally, I think it's A hemorrhoid

It is by entering, not Copying, the credit card number Into the appropriate field. A schoolboy can play poker With a credit card, but He doesn't understand how It works, and you don'T just have to understand How this fucking thing works. During the legal game you Noticed hundreds of players from Different countries, well, you are Waiting for another chore, you Want to become the best? We write out the countries That you met at the Table in the text box And knock on the seller Of Dedikov. We buy a couple of Dedics of these countries, download Them, and no, we don'T drive them in, but Look at them what Deposit Methods can they offer us? Usually, each country has something Like its own payment card. We study them, look for Options for driving in, write Out where, what, and how. Why, because you can drive Cardboard?! We will always have time To drive in cardboard, but You need to be able To make a smart Deposit, And this ensures that the Level of fraud on this Deposit is minimal, because there Are only a few such nerds. Have you studied it? Here you haven't noticed How another week has flown By, and you, dear reader, Are probably starting to hate Me and poker, but remember, We have a goal - to Earn a lot of money, And give miss universe a Mouthful, so we continue so, You have studied, go to The Deposit, try to make Deposits from these payment cards, Which, as it seemed to You, you can skardit. See the account's survivability Time, the ability to Deposit From the same payment card To different accounts, and so on. Yes, forgive me small Fuckers, But in FullTiltPoker there is Such a joke, you drive Cc Europe into the account, After Deposit Approved, the same Cc can be driven in The second account, and in The third, and in the fourth. And deposits held as long As the cc will not Run out of money. What am I talking about? And to the fact that When you buy accounts, some Sellers may do just that, Be careful.

So, dear reader, I hope You have learned to drive In some clever way, some Unique country, or even better A few, and you have Found suppliers of the material, And everything is fine with You, and you can move On to the next part.

At the moment, there is Such a crisis of European Cardboard that it is very Difficult to find good sellers.

In order to warn you, Dear reader, I will reveal A secret, sellers of good Material in of cases will Not write about it on Forums, since they also have Enough customers in private, so Shukay on friends, ask someone To give the seller's Contact, and rejoice.

Also, when you get a Sales contact, remember two things: So you've learned the Theory, you've learned how To drive, and what's next? And then we'll start Slowly choosing our direction. I'll start by well, You can choose what's More interesting for you. There are a lot of Competitors, the exhaust from one Akka is $, there is no Consistency, you depend on a Lot of people - the card Seller, Dedikov, buyer, forum, etc. And even more so, why Was it necessary to study Theory then? We decided to play poker, Not drive-in, so I Think the first option is Out of the question. You can merge it to Your own accounts, and withdraw The money to WM. Pros - it all depends on You only partly on the Sellers of the material, the Cache immediately falls on WM. Cons-SB poker room, which Will ban you for plums. I don't like to Merge myself for a simple Reason, you make a Deposit With your blood money, you Fuck for several hours merging, And in the end you Get a lock, and all The work is on the Smart side. No, not everything is so Terrible, with competent drains, locales Will rarely occur, but they Will, so I do not Consider this option, because of Excess hemorrhoids.

My favorite option, the essence Of it is so, we Play the account, and we Give it to the customer, And we get our, or Even more percent.

Cons-the Nalchik will throw it. There is a place for A Nalchik to throw money, But there are also quite Decent people in our business Who, EVEN if they lock Their accounts, will throw you A hundred or two for The material. Another minus is the account Lock, well, I think this Is not a minus, but Even a plus, since it Will indicate to you an Error, that you did something Wrong somewhere, and next time You will not make a mistake. And if you make a Mistake, then blame it only On yourself. Personally, my opinion is that This is an ideal option In our business. In General, my personal opinion, A VPN is needed in Order to sleep more peacefully.

After all, if you mess Up specifically, they will find You through a VPN, and If not, they won't Just go to Russia.

Here it is necessary not Just to be encrypted, but To show the room that We are an honest player N from the country of M, and to do this Many times a week. how can we inspire this Poker client, who almost determines The brand of our computer mouse? Can I tell you more About the technical component? Lolo Yes, who will look For you then hah do Not make me laugh if You really use something like VPN so just for the Sake of not firing the ACC and that's it, If they understand something, then Only ban in the room And all Pokerrums usually just Ban for chipdumping This is Not a thing.

Ggpokerok-information And answers To

I already have an account On Ggpokerok

Can I connect it to GipsyTeam to participate in your Tournaments and promotions? I already have an account On GgpokerokCan I connect it to GipsyTeam to participate in your Tournaments and promotions? Yes, the room offers one Of two welcome bonuses: on A Deposit of up to $ Or up to $ with tickets For spins and MTT for A Deposit of more than $. Pass verification with the security Service: fill out a profile In the client, confirm your Phone number and email, upload A photo of a valid Identity card passport, passport or ID card and provide a Scan of the registration document. it works in the same Way as in most other Rooms: you make a Deposit And get a wagerable bonus Of of the deposited amount.

If your first Deposit was Less than $, the bonus can Be extended.

Make the second and subsequent Deposits within days of the First Deposit and increase the Bonus amount to $.

Part of the bonus you Will receive immediately, the second Is issued for completing tasks In the game All-in Or Fold. Tasks must be completed every day. If you complete all tasks, You will also receive a $ Satellite ticket to GG Masters. The 'Fish Buffet'system works On gg poker. According to the terms of The room, you can get From to depending on the Status, and Black statuses offer A fixed percentage of rakeback.

issued in installments for the First six days

To avoid double conversions, we Recommend that you choose an Account currency that is identical To your payment system for Depositing and withdrawing funds, and It is best to use Cards in rubles and hryvnias. This has been announced several times. The official opening of the Poker room is scheduled for January. By this time, a stable Payment solution must be enabled. legally, this cannot be done instantly. Whether this poker room is The equivalent of the Lotus cap? If so, what are the Approximate launch dates, what are The prize pools, whether there Will be a Cup for Top, and what format? more question, a bonus day Will be added to the Current promotion, or you can Automatically count it out, otherwise We won't win. more question, a bonus day Will be added to the Current promotion, or you can Automatically count it out, otherwise We won't win.

Whether this poker room is The equivalent of the Lotus cap? If so, what are the Approximate launch dates, what are The prize pools, whether there Will be a Cup for Top, and what format?.

Yes, the VM works both ways.

There is still a limit Of K rubles per transaction, But this will be fixed In the new solution.

GGNetwork network officially announces the Opening of a new poker Client and will assume all Financial obligations of Lotos Poker. Withdrawal in the new room Will be available immediately after User verification. It's true? This Pokerok client?. Here the link says that: GGNetwork network officially announces the Opening of new poker client And will assume all financial Obligations of Lotos Poker. Withdrawal in the new room Will be available immediately after User verification. It's true? This Pokerok client? Someone tell me. Now, if I'm interested In the GG field, why Should I play in the Room where there are some Firebrands and not clear situations With throws and closures? Today I made a DEP And immediately made a withdrawal To WebMoney. Send your documents to support In parallel. Let's see what and How, I will keep you Informed if anyone is interested, So why does Pokerok refuse To take on the financial Obligations of customers who could Not withdraw money from Lotus For more than a month And therefore the money ended Up on the site's Balance, and not in the Poker client? It may not technically be Possible to add a bonus Day to the promotion, but It is probably possible to Manually award prizes, for example, To those who have completed All tasks. Still, it was not the Fault of the players that The first day was missed. Someone tell me. Now, if I'm interested In the GG field, why Should I play in the Room where? pain in the ass and Not clear situation with thanks And closure? PokerOK has nothing to do With LotosPoker. The current poker room is A network, it is not A separate skin like LotosPoker. So since he will be The most reliable ROM network GG. So why Pokerok refuses to Take financial commitments of customers That are more than a Month could not withdraw money From Lotus and so money Was on the balance of The site, not the poker client? Because we simply don't Have this data.

LotosPoker closed suddenly and did Not provide any information about Accounts on the site.

We only had access to Information about bankrolls in the client. Today I made a DEP And immediately made a withdrawal To WebMoney. Send your documents to support In parallel. Let's see what and How, I will keep up To date, if someone is Interested, people withdraw money to WebMoney for a month the Room can not withdraw, without Knowing the reason they get An error when withdrawing, and How to decide do not Know what to do? If you prefer a four-Color deck and want to Disable animation of avatars, these Features will be available in Your profile settings. If you sign up for Poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you Will receive rake statistics, bonus Points for in-store purchases, Exclusive promotions, and extended support.

Casino,betting, Roulette, poker, And so On.

What to do? I've already lost about $ In total

I work part-time sometimesI don't have any Savings at all. I lost the money I Earned to suto. Understand that you shouldn't Play anymore. Switch to the Rolton super diet. Cry until things get better. Understand that you shouldn't Play anymore. Switch to the Rolton super diet. Cry until things get better. But in General, realizing that $ Is in the red, I Want to somehow recoup at Least at. and again and again I lose. What to do? I've already lost about $ In total.

Despite the fact that he Is studying

Despite the fact that he Is studying. I work part-time sometimes. I don't have any Savings at all. I lost the money I Earned to suto. If the topic is not A throw-in, then write To the VK in the Caption I can give a Couple of tips about ludomania And similar things, this is A serious thing, But in General, understanding that in the Minus of $, I want to Somehow recoup at least in. and again and again I lose.

After losing bucks, and obviously Not at the same time You work part-time, not Earn money, you could understand That the game is clearly Not yours.

Stop at this amount and Never play again. Consider that you just ran Away donated to the Church To the Patriarch for a yacht. But vet realizing that in The minus $, I want to Somehow recoup at least. and again and again I lose. One of the main rules Of the game is not To win back. Although of course, first of All, do not play at all.Just forget about this money And learn the lesson, don'T go there. trying to win back the OFC to borrow money from Friends until you win back You are just unlucky, you Have to believe and everything Will work out Poker against Other people not against the Casino is a sport. It is quite heavy. There is need to understand Unskill or anlak. But most of unskill. If you can not get Rid of the ludomania, then Try to bet on more Confident bets, that is, do Not bet on the victory Of Russia against Uruguay, for example. What to do? I've already lost about $ In total. Despite the fact that he Is studying. I work part-time sometimes. I don't have any Savings at all. I lost the money I Earned to suto.

the main thing is not To go into debt, and You need to bet relative To your income, if for Example I have an income Of about K per month, I allocate a budget strictly No more than K per Month for rates and other Shit, well, and accordingly there - It turns out in the End What kind of moron Still plays in a casino In the st century, I Still Understand poker, you can At least hire a Pro, They will teach you how To use programs and raise The theory.And to spin slots is To be down.Why does anyone think that You can win there? A striking example is Papich, Who loses - times in a Row in three casinos, and If he wins, then often No more than x of His initial game amount.

Pokerdom: detailed Description of The poker Room

The room has a separate Poker network – Pokerdom

Pokerdom Pokerdom – the largest Russian Poker room, where mostly players From Russia and other CIS Countries playThe site was launched in And has since been joined By tens of thousands of players. The game services are operated By TESHI LIMITED, which is Registered at - bouboulinas, Bouboulina building, Flat office, Nicosia, Cyprus. In addition to interesting welcome Bonuses, all poker room users Automatically become members of the Loyalty program.

The poker room uses state-Of-the-art secure and High-quality SOFTWARE that can Be easily customized to suit Your own needs.

Technical support responds to users Questions around the clock. In addition to the main Poker service, all interested users You can also use the Services of the "Poker House Casino" and "Betting" sections. You will find a lot Of additional interesting entertainment on them. According to data from the Pokerscout service, the Pokerdom ranks Th in terms of the Amount of daily traffic. The vast majority of the Pokerdom audience are Russian players. The pool is quite diverse, There are many Amateurs, sometimes There are professionals, but there Are much fewer of them. The average hourly number of Online players in a room Is people. The most appropriate time to Play is from: to midnight Moscow time. During this period, the number Of players exceeds, and sometimes Reaches values of and higher. The third part of the Specified amount is concentrated at The tables of the game For real money. Cash games include no Limit Hold'em and Pot limit Omaha. There is an analog of The Spin Go format Windfall, A large selection of multi-Table tournaments and Sit-and-Go. It is very popular Chinese Poker Pineapple. Cash game. At the limits up to NL, on average, they play At - tables. NL-NL rarely has more Than tables. Windfall. Local popular analog of Spin Go. It is played at tables For three participants.

The winner takes everything.

In addition to the delicious Winnings, you can win a Jackpot here.NLHE limits-Max RUB: from to. For no-limit hold'em Heads-UPS-from to.  And for Potlimit Omaha – from to. Tournaments. Multi-table events start with Contributions of rubles and reach Buy-ins of rubles.

In some events, the guarantee Reaches thousand rubles.

The poker room also regularly Hosts tournaments in two major Series, GCOOP and ROPL.

the TOTAL amount of gcoop Prize money is more than $.

You can participate in tournaments For buy-ins from $ to $. ROPL guarantees winners million rubles, And you can participate in Individual competitions for an amount Starting from rubles. Client of Pokerdom is functioning perfectly. It has everything you need For a comfortable life. games without unnecessary difficulties. The software supports various languages, But you need to reboot To change the interface. First of all, please note That the service offers playing For real money and conditional chips. The second option may appeal To beginners who are just Looking at the service and Want to figure out what'S what. It's also very comfortable To play on mobile apps. Please note that you can Download Poker house for Android Or iOS on the official Website of The service. The client program contains all The necessary functionality to provide The player with full control Over their account, funds and Audio-visual components of the software. There are hotkeys, the ability To optimize the display of Cards, the option to change The avatar and animation of The hand. A very useful option is "Quick landing". Thanks to it, you do Not need to search for A suitable table in the Section for a long time. Overall PokerDom offers standard functions Of statistics about the game In the poker room. In the window of a Particular table, the statistics menu Is hidden on the "STAT" tab. Here you can see how Many hands you have played, How successful your efforts have Been, and what winnings you Have already received.

You can also view detailed Information about the ratio of Successful unsuccessful wins at each Stage of the hand preflop, Flop, turn and river, as Well as during showdowns and All-in games.

Poker House online does not Allow the use of any Third-party statistical services. If you try to connect Trackers and other auxiliary software, You may get banned from The service and lose all Your funds.

The site offers a wide Variety of poker disciplines

Pokerdom's policy focuses on The concept of "Green poker". The poker room team believes That the use of software And bots affects the quality And enjoyment of poker, as Well as violates the fairness Of the game. Like other poker rooms, some Countries have difficulties accessing the Main site. In such cases, Pokerdom uses A mirror to bypass the lock. This is a site that Fully corresponds to the official Web resource, but differs from It only the address domain name. Using the Pokerdom mirror, you Can access your favorite gambling Service in a matter of minutes.

You just need to know Its address.

For example, in Russia, the Room is constantly blocked by Roskomnadzor.

To find out the current Pokerdom mirror for entering the Site, please contact the support Service at the email address. The operator will tell you The current addresses where the Service is available. But if for some reason You can't access the PokerDom mirror of The site, Then you should use alternative methods. The most popular one is VPN. The easiest way is to Use the available extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. Deposits are accepted in the Currency that you selected during registration. Please note that dollars, euros, Rubles, and tenge are available. If you withdraw money to A Russian Bank card, you Will receive it within an hour.

When withdrawing funds to Bank Cards in other countries, the Transaction may take up to Two weeks.

Withdrawal to e-wallets takes No more than hours hours. You can withdraw your earned Money to the same system That you used when adding Funds to your account. The withdrawal limit depends on The specific payment system. For example, it is, rubles For Bank cards, and, rubles For WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. To pass verification on Pokerdom, You need to link your Phone number and fill in Personal data about yourself, as Well as upload scanned copies Of documents passport or driver'S license.

Your privacy is very important To us.

We want Your work on The Internet to be as Pleasant and useful as possible, And you can safely use The widest range of information, Tools and opportunities that the Internet offers.

On the site hosted on Our domain, including those on Subdomains hereinafter collectively referred to As the Site, there are Several buttons that open forms For data collection and feedback.

No more data is collected Anywhere else. In the forms, we can Ask for You can leave Information about your name, email, Mobile phone, Skype, or messenger Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp. We use Your data to Contact You and send you News, useful materials, and commercial offers. Your data will not be Shared with third parties, under Any circumstances. In cases related to compliance With legal requirements, we will Provide a Pokerface. This data is used to Collect information about users actions On the site in order To improve its content, improve Its functionality, and, as a Result, create high-quality content And services for users. Our employees are trained to Understand and implement these controls, And are familiar with our Privacy Notice, policies, and instructions. However, while we are committed To protecting your personal information, You should also take steps To protect it. If you change this privacy Policy, you will be able To read about these changes. if there are any changes On this page, or, in Special cases, receive a notification Via one of the communication Channels used, or in the News feed of our website Or social network group. If Anton does not respond Within minutes after the request From.

GMT, we will give you Rakeback for a month.

How to Play poker On a Tablet

Most tablet computers have a Diagonal of or inches

Tablets were first introduced to The computer technology market years agoMicrosoft is considered a pioneer, However this gadget gained real Popularity about five years later, When the Tablet PC production Technology was developed by all The well-known bands of The computer industry, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Aser and others. Today, tablet computers support most Of the functions of a Desktop PC or laptop and Have become an indispensable companion When traveling, on vacation and At work. You can also play poker On your tablet for real Money in poker rooms and For virtual chips in gaming applications.

Such gadgets have full support For poker rooms

When planning to buy a Tablet for playing poker, you Should take into account some Details, since not every gadget Will be equally convenient for This purpose. First of all, you should Carefully review the catalogs, study The parameters of the offered Models, and read user reviews About the devices. It is best to give Preference to a tablet from A popular brand that has Managed to establish itself on The good side in the market. Since most manufacturers install the Android operating system on their Products, this factor can be Considered in the background. It should be remembered that Almost every poker room has An app for Android devices, So downloading poker on such A tablet will not be A problem. After selecting the brand and OS, you need to take A closer look at the Screen size. Naturally, a larger screen is Better suited for poker, so You should give preference to inches. Another factor that you need To pay attention to is The ability to connect a Mouse, since not all tablets Are equipped with a suitable connector. You can use the sensor, But there is a chance To hit the wrong key. Especially the advantages of the Mouse will be noticeable in The case of a multi-Table game.

Android is the best solution, As it is supported by All poker rooms, and the Choice of devices is very wide.

A good option would be A tablet based on the Windows operating system.

The only nuance is the Scarcity choice at a relatively High cost.

the iPad is definitely prestige And excellent quality, but other Advantages are hard to find. First of all, it is Worth noting that not all Poker rooms provide a mobile Application for Apple devices.

In addition, owners of fancy Devices may face a number Of restrictions choosing a country, Not being able to install Flash applications, which makes it Impossible to play in the browser.

Some players use the iPad To remotely access their PC, Which allows you to install The TeamViewer program, but this Method raises some doubts, since It significantly reduces the level Of security of devices. There are two ways to Download and install the poker App on your tablet: directly On your device or via Your computer. Many players prefer the second Method, because it seems faster And more convenient. To be able to play Poker on your tablet, you Must perform the following actions: Is worth please note that Access to real money poker Can only be obtained through The official website of the Selected poker room, by downloading The app or selecting a Game in the browser, if This option is offered. In official stores, there are Only game apps for conditional chips. You can't download the Real money poker app to Your tablet here. Players who choose to use A tablet device to play In a poker room should Keep in mind that re-Registration is prohibited by the Rules of all online rooms Without exception. After installing the room app, You need to log in To your account, and not Create a new one. There are cases when the User forgets their username or Password to log in to The account. In such situations, you need To contact the support service For help, and the poker Room staff will tell you How to solve the problem. Mobile poker room apps that You need to download and Install on your tablet differ In their functionality, account management, And table availability. These features are you should Keep this in mind before Downloading the client program. Not all rooms allow you To play in multi-tabling mode. Some rooms do not have A registration function in the Mobile app. When choosing a resource for Playing games from your tablet, You should first familiarize yourself With the app's features And read reviews about its Performance.

Texas hold'Em: combinations, Rules

Players draw cards each, and Then the bidding round begins

Texas hold'em is probably The most popular type of Poker among all players in The former Soviet Union at The momentThis species is very popular Poker owes its simplicity to Its rules, as well as The various variations of hands That can be collected on The table. Texas Hold em is usually Played with a full -card Deck, although it is sometimes Played with cards. not bet at all, raise The bet by making a Raise, or level up the Previous bets by making a Call. After completing the first round Of bidding, each player must Place the same number of Chips, after which another round Of bidding begins. The second round, or flop, Begins with three cards being Dealt to the center of The table. These cards are common to Everyone, and everyone present at The table can easily make Their own combination with them. After the cards are dealt, Trading is repeated according to The same rules as on The first round.

The player has the right To either check, i.e

The third round, or turn, Begins with the distribution of Another, fourth card to the Center of the table, after Which the mandatory round of Bidding takes place again. If all players do not Intend to if you do Not place any bets, they Can say a Check, after Which the trade will move On to the last round. The fourth round, or river, Begins with the last community Card being placed on the Board. And after that, each player Can independently make a combination Of cards, combining five cards On the table and their Own two. As you can see, there Are only combinations in Texas Holdem that are not so Difficult to remember. However, in order not to Get confused at first, we Recommend that you download and Print a photo of poker Combinations, in which we have Arranged them by seniority, starting From the weakest and ending With the strongest. You will definitely need this Picture, especially if you are Just starting to play.

Hacked Download Game Mobile Poker club For Android

If we get good cards, We'll win

Mobile poker club is a Mobile poker fan club that Will allow you to test Your skills in the game With real usersBefore you start, we go Through the mandatory registration and Then get to the lobby. Here you can find General Information about the current games, Such as the size of The pot, players, blinds, etc. after Reading the rules of Mobile poker, you can find A suitable table and join it.

We wait for the next Hand and, having placed a Bet, get down to business.

Here everything depends on your Skills and abilities, and, of Course, good luck. The main thing is not To delay the move, because Each participant's time is limited. One of the main features Of the poker club is The ability to play both For virtual chips and for Real money. To do this, you will Need to link your phone Number to your account.

Download Offline Poker-Tournaments [APK] v.

There is no better feeling In poker than winning a Poker tournament! This is your chanceAnd you will play offline Poker with only one goal: To become a champion!By winning tournaments, you can Join larger and more exciting Offline poker tournaments. As a result, you will Be able to try your Hand at the Grand Final Of the tournament Become the World champion of offline poker-Play offline MTT poker anywhere, Anytime on your Android device!Refine your map tactics to Match the style of your Opponents! Offline players will play better In each new League and Offline tournament!Now you can organize a Local multiplayer tournament that can Be played offline. You just need to connect To the same WiFi network Or hotspot. No need to register, just Create a game, connect and Play tournament poker!This game includes a variety Of poker options.

How to download hand history from Poker Tips news Pokerenergy

Traditionally, regular players were under attack

Last year was marked by an unpopular decision to ban players access to their hand history at Hint PokerIt wasn't just the opportunity they lost to maximize their value through the exploitation of weak players. No, even the banal analysis of their own game has become unavailable to them! The response steps of the players were: active display of displeasure with such a Party policy, as well as the transition to competitors. It is not known for certain what had the greatest impact, but soon the ability to download the hand history from the Poker tip Was added and import it into the poker tracker. The process is complete now you have a hand history Of poker Tips with all the hands you participated in. Unfortunately, there are a number of limitations that greatly reduce the usefulness of the hand loading function through My Games: the hand History of Poker Tips is compatible with Holdem Manager and PokerTracker.No additional auxiliary programs, such as converters, are needed.

Pokerdom-how To make A Deposit-Instructions

As a rule, money is Credited to the account immediately

You can top up your Account with Pokerdom from only Rubles you can Deposit money In Russian rubles, avoiding unnecessary conversionsThe room offers to make A Deposit through the most Popular payment systems without extortionate commissions. And in addition, for the First Deposit, you will receive Several profitable bonuses that will Significantly increase your bankroll. In today's article, we Will talk about how to Make a proper Deposit on Pokerdom, what payment services will Help you, as well as About the attractive bonuses that You will receive after a Successful transaction. The room cooperates with leading Payment services that allow you To make transactions in the Shortest possible time. Below we provide a list Of all the payment systems That can be used for The following purposes: they will Allow you to sit down At the gaming table faster: All financial transactions in the Room are carried out at The cash Desk on the Official website or in the client. For simplicity, the game room Allows players to save all Completed fields, so that in The event of a sudden Internet outage, the data is saved. To do this, just click The "Remember" button and your Details will be automatically entered At the next Deposit. However, if the transaction is Delayed for some reason, write To the support service at Or in the live chat On the site of the Room and a specialist will Help you. We have figured out how To top up your account, But we want to describe In detail the Deposit process For some systems that for Some reason cause some difficulties For beginners. This limit is set by Pokerdom. Below we list the limits That are set directly by Payment systems: the Best way To start playing for real Money is to get a Welcome bonus from Pokerdom up To rubles. Any newcomer who has made A Deposit of rubles or More can receive the bonus. Next, you need to activate The bonus in the client'S lobby According to the Rules of the room. you will receive of the First Deposit amount when you Get four times more points Than the bonus. Points are awarded for wagered Rake: point ruble.

You need to win back The bonus in days.

This system will allow you To get an additional rakeback. As soon as you win Back the entire amount, the Money will be instantly credited To your account.

The minimum Deposit on Pokerdom Is rubles

You can track the wagering Process in the "Bonuses"section. Yes, such a system probably exists. The game is played on Conditional chips, which does not Require players to verify and Deposit real money. This method is good for Those who are full of Doubts about the transparent policy Of the room. However, conditional money allows you To train and test some strategies. You can add funds to Your account an unlimited number Of times for free: No. According to the rules of The room, there is no Mandatory condition for making a Deposit to verify your account. This procedure is required only During cashout. However, you must confirm your Email address by clicking on The link in the email From Pokerdom immediately after registration. The room has a loyalty Program that allows you to Receive instant cash prizes, tickets To Windfall tournaments, and permanent No Deposit bonuses. Withdrawing money from the site Is just as easy as Making a Deposit. To withdraw the earned money, Open the client, log in And go to Yandex.

There, go to the "Withdrawal Of funds" section and select The appropriate system for cashout.

Enter the amount you want To withdraw and complete the transaction. The success of a cashout Operation largely depends on verification, Which is mandatory for everyone.

Programs for-List of Allowed and

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular

Due to their high popularity, Developers create a lot of Software for PokerStars and other Poker rooms to make it Easier to play online battles And help you earn moneyThe poker room has defined That some helper programs can Be used. But there are also programs That give the person who Uses them an obvious advantage.

Therefore, there is a list Of allowed PokerStars programs and Many prohibited PokerStars programs.

Why was it so decided? There are programs aimed at Improving the game. This can be achieved by Reading a useful book or Gaining gaming experience.

Poker Stars treats such software differently

But there are players who Do not learn, but create Teams that play on team tactics.

The poker room cannot allow Players to be cheated, as This is a blow to Its reputation.

The security service of Poker Stars has determined that there Are poker programs that are Close to the concept of fraud. All such software is considered Prohibited by PokerStars. This also applies to resold databases.

After all, those who have Such a database know everything About players with whom they Have never played before.

These poker programs are strictly Prohibited at PokerStars.

To find out what you Can and can't use On Poker Stars, we created A list of allowed PokerStars programs. The programs for PokerStars that Are included in the list Are carefully checked by expert services. You can use:Programs for getting Hints on odds, or programs That give you hints on odds. recommendations for drawing the initial Hand with Programs that store Information about the hands in Which the player directly participated Macros designed to configure the Interface and control.The full list of allowed Programs is large – you Can use programs. There is a lot of Good software on the list, Like everyone's favorite Holdem Manager. It is forbidden to use Applications that play without a Person or reduce the need For their participation in the game. For example, auto-folders. There are programs on the PokerStars prohibited software list. The list is also available On the poker room's Website.

Painted poker For Android-Download

Kill the orcs and capture All the gold

Become the strongest warrior, control Dragons, subdue the dark Kingdom And the knight of hellConquer worlds and win the Heart of the most beautiful Queen. For fans of intelligent card Games, I present the first And so far only implementation Of the Painted poker card Game with computer players. Painted poker is a game That was popular in the Vast expanses of our country In the s-s of The last century.

Its foreign counterpart is called Up and Down

This is not a classic Poker game, it is a Trick-taking game similar to Preference and a thousand. Despite the fact that it Is easier than preference, the Game is interesting and gambling. Perhaps after playing with artificial Intelligence, you will gather a Group of friends and spend More than one evening with A glass of your favorite Drink while playing painted poker. Painted poker also has a Number of other names, such As: Odessa, Russian, yard, children'S, throwback, trick poker, and Also very similar to the Game Joker. The main differences from the Game Joker: one Joker spades, Special games, scoring.

PokerStars-the Best poker Game on Android -: Everything you

Poker is one of the Most popular card games of All time

In fact, there are many Different ways and variants of The game – play online Or offline on a personal Computer, tablet or smartphoneTherefore, today we will tell You about one equally impressive Application – PokerStars. Well, let's take a Closer look at how poker Is played on Android devices. About one million people have Installed the PokerStars online game, And It boasts hundreds of Thousands of daily active users. This game is completely free, Which means you don't Have to spend real money On the Play store. Playing in   You will Get precious opit and increase Your level, because you will Have to play not with A robot, but with real People, of which there are A lot – more than, Daily players. With so many players, You'Ll never have to wait For a seat at the table.

As soon as you launch The app, you can start Your game immediately.

Although it's even easier That way play, because you Don't need to worry About following the rules to Withdraw bonuses! Unfortunately, PokerStars also doesn't Offer a no Deposit bonus, So you won't be Able to win As with Most gambling games, you'll Get free daily bonuses, regular Promotions, and of course micro-games.

These days, you don't Have to leave your home To play poker

Just for using your Facebook Account, you will receive, bonuses. You can also win from To bonuses by playing roulette. While playing at the table, Complete tasks, and you will Also be awarded money. PokerStars is a multilingual game, And Russian is one of them. In the game, the user Has access to minimal statistics: You can see how many Hands You have had, how Many tournament wins, the maximum Amount of money, and more.

In the game, you can Change avatars, although you will Have to pay a little For them, but it's More interesting to play, isn'T it? Trust your instincts, make the Most of your knowledge, bluff, Be ruthless against your opponents And win huge prizes money.

King of poker. Extended edition-Play online Or download For

Texas hold'em is the Most popular type of poker

The rules here are simple, The rounds are played quickly, If you are careful and Cool-headed, then you will Be lucky! First, you need to choose Who you will play for As a Texas cowboy or A beautiful lady, buy a Super-fashionable hat and study The beginner's guideBefore you put money on The card, thoroughly study all The poker combinations and techniques! When dealt, each player receives Two cards. These are his pocket cards, Which will form a combination Or hand with five community Cards, and the dealer will Put them on the table In the next rounds of The game. At the first stage, when Everyone has already received pocket Cards, but there are no Community cards on the table Yet, players place initial bets Or refuse to play if Their cards are not very good.

You can raise the bet Raise button if you already Have a successful bet on Your hands a combination.

Other players either accept it Call or return their cards To the dealer fold and Do not participate in the game.

So your combination is a Pair of nines

After that, the dealer puts Three community cards on the Table, and you see if They do not make up Any combination with your pocket cards. For example, you have a Nine and a Queen in Your hands, and in the Community cards six, nine, Jack. Her rank is not bad, At least a couple of Smaller cards triples, fives you Will definitely beat. But, on the other hand, You can not say that The victory is in your pocket. Now, if you had a Three or four of a Kind, then of course, but With a pair it is Better not to risk large sums. Of course, you can make A mysterious face and raise The bet by a hundred At once, so that your Partners will think that you Have an exceptionally good combination. This is called a bluff. If you are convincing, the Neighbors will refuse to continue Playing, and all bets will Go to you. In the end, those who Don't take risks don'T win!.

Keeper Of POKER Cards to Buy at The price Of rubles. in Krasnoyarsk.

You must first place an Order on the website or By phone

Also, according to the old Poker tradition, your cards are Inviolable to other players as Long as the card Keeper Is on themAlso, according to the old Poker tradition, your cards are Inviolable to other players as Long as the card Keeper Is on them. We make shipments quickly on The day of the order Or the next day, carefully Packaging the goods. At the same time, you Pay for the order upon Receipt after checking the contents Of the parcel, and only In some cases we charge An advance payment in the Amount of the delivery cost.

Enter your correct phone number To quickly place your order

it is performed at one Of the delivery points of The transport company indicated on The map. Our Manager will call You Back within minutes to confirm Your order and offer you The fastest and most profitable Delivery method.

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