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a ready-made database, which Also requires funds

Strategy and performance of each Poker player's game can Be expressed in the form Of statistical indicatorsThey can reflect the range Of hands played, the frequency Of making certain decisions in Certain situations, the profitability of The game, the activity and Results of participation in tournament Events, etc. An experienced player can use Such valuable data to make A decision in bidding with A specific opponent. You can help find out Information about your opponents by Using poker statistics sites that Provide them for free or On a paid basis. Professional poker players use special Programs that can collect and Process statistics about their opponents In real time while playing In poker rooms. However, not all users can Use specialized SOFTWARE, as it Is paid and the license Cost can reach$. In addition, to collect information About the opponent you met At the table for the First time, you need to Track a lot of hands With his participation or purchase A new card. However, there are sites for Statistics of poker players, whose Services are much cheaper. They constantly collect statistics on Tournament and cash players and Can provide them at any time. The poker statistics website Poker Pro Labs is a multi-Functional resource offering a wide Range of services to poker players. The most interesting tools are Ready-made calculator, HUD, etc. However, players can also find Out static data about their Opponents using browser-based services, Some of which are provided Free of charge. For example, you can get Information about the statistics of A tournament player, choose the Most profitable table in the Poker room. The advantage of the online Poker player statistics site Poker Pro Labs is that it Provides one of the most Comprehensive statistical databases in the World on poker players. However, most of the features Are only available as paid apps. However, the user is given A choice of subscription types, So they can use the License option that suits their Budget capabilities. Many statistics sites offer paid Services, but OfficialPokerRankings is a Completely free service. Moreover, it works quite legally And poker rooms do not Complain about it. The fact is that it Collects public statistics on tournament Players, the results of all Events that take place in Different poker rooms. The data obtained is systematized, And separate statistics are allocated For each player. By specifying the user's Poker room and game nickname, You can find out their Profit, ROI, General results and For each specific MTT or CIS tournament. First of all, the data Allows you to assess the Level of the opponent's Game and understand who is Playing against You. Each player can also evaluate Their own results, which allows Them to analyze their success In tournament events and find Out whether the game strategy Needs to be changed or Whether it is quite successful. Original statistical service HighstakesDB collects Data on cash players who Prefer high limits, starting from$. At any time and absolutely Free of charge, you can Find out the characteristics of Your opponent whether he is A successful poker player or A negative one. Of course, such data will Not tell You the best Solution in trading, but do Not underestimate them. Using the features of HighstakesDB, You can choose the most Profitable poker tables, avoiding those Where experienced opponents sit and Choosing places where there are More negative opponents. Sharkscope, a poker statistics website, Provides a wide range of services. It allows you to use Free features, but you will Get a limited number of Searches per day and only A fraction of the basic Statistics on competitors. Paid subscriptions, which cost from$ To $, allow you to use The full functionality.

In addition, the service provides, For a fee, a special Application that allows you to View indicators in real-time Game mode right at the Computer screen.

The SharkScope website monitors most Poker rooms, including those that Operate in enclaves or have Recently opened. This allows you to use Its features for almost any Online user who plays for Real money. If you decide to take Up poker seriously and start Making money on it, you Just need to learn how To use statistics in the game.

Statistical data will help You Make optimal decisions in specific Situations, find the most profitable Tables to play and earn More income from online poker.

Poker books Game Wiki

This book will focus exclusively On the seven-card Razz

This book is written by A well – known and Respected professional poker player, Bob Ciaffone, a former resident of California, Nevada and Texas, who Moved to his home state Of Michigan inHis main source of income Is playing his favorite type Of poker – Omaha poker With a Bank limit Omaha PL. He has a wealth of Experience playing both limit and Pot limit poker, playing low, Medium and high stakes. Language: Russian. In an accessible and fun Way, the authors analyze the Features of the poker game.

Not only the many variations Of oasis poker versus casino, But also the most common Variants of club poker: Texas Hold'em, stud poker, draw Poker, Omaha, which is played Between a huge number of People around the world.

Mathematically verified strategy allows you To avoid many mistakes in The game.

Recommended for all players playing The High-Low variety

Improve your class. Mistakes are expensive! Doyle Brunson's book the Super System is called the Bible or old Testament of poker. Doyle Brunson is a two-Time world champion, the world'S strongest no-limit Texas Hold'em player, and the Owner of ten WSOP bracelets. The book was written about Years ago, so many of The games described in this Book are not so popular today. But, one way or another, In the pages of the Book" Super System", the author Reveals many professional secrets, especially For no-limit Texas hold'em. Razz is the same seven-Card stud, but where the Lowest combination wins.

In the past, there was Also six-card stud lowball, Which was also called Razz, But today this game is Almost completely extinct.

Sklansky combined the theory of This complex game with the Analysis of live hands.

In the theoretical part, he Analyzes the game in detail On all streets, describes the Main strategies. Sklansky addresses the problem of Starting hands, which is so Difficult for novice players. After all, in stud, the Strength of the starting hand Is not constant, as in Hold'em, but depends more On the cards issued, and Not on the hand itself. Sklansky bases his strategy on Mathematically positive solutions. This makes his advice relevant Even now. After all, mathematics cannot change Over time! But still, the game has Become more aggressive in our Time, and this should not Be forgotten. In this book, David Sklansky Describes the General theory and Concepts of the game of Poker, describes in detail and Analyzes the situations in the game.All of them are described Types of poker games from Five-card to Texas hold'em. From our point of view, This is the book that Every poker player should start Their education with. The author himself, analyzing certain Ideas in other books, for Example, in Texas Holdem for Advanced players, says more than Once: this concept is given In more detail in my Book "poker Theory". Tournament poker for advanced players Is another great book from David Sklansky. Tournament poker for advanced players Discusses different aspects of tournament Strategy and survival for all Forms of poker. This book contains the basic Concepts of tournament play, such As 'holes', changing the pace Of the game, playing with Small large stacks, contracts, and Many others.

If you plan to participate In tournaments, then these ideas Will help you become a winner.

A popular poker book in Its time all over the World, it was written in Primarily for those who do Not play for fun but Want to become a real professional. The book analyzes in sufficient Detail different sides of the Game on many examples. The book is intended for Players in limit poker, playing At medium and high stakes, Many of the techniques described In the book may not Work at low limits, where Players are often not afraid To lose their money. We can say that this Is the best book on No-limit hold'em at High limits, but not for beginners.

The book is divided into Two parts, the first part Contains information on how to Win at hold'em, and The second part discusses the Skills that players need to Master in order to move To a higher level of The game.

The authors of the book Do not give advice on What to do if you Have jacks in your hands And the opponent makes a Bet, they try to teach The reader to perceive the Game as it is perceived By the best players. The authors of Omaha for Champions, Tom McEvoy and T. Cloutier, are the owners of Four championship bracelets. World Series of Poker for two. clothier is the only player In the entire history who Won the WSOP championship in All Omaha sports. This book is not intended For beginners or for players Who are good at playing Other types of poker and Now want to learn how To play Omaha. Rather, it implies some initial Knowledge of Omaha on the Part of the reader. This is a book for The Omaha player who wants To improve the quality of Their game. The authors adhere to the Conversational style, as well as In their previous work 'no-Limit and Pot Limit Holdem Championship'. They tell a lot of Stories about poker hands and Well-known poker players, so You'll also have a Good time reading this book In addition to learning. The book strategy of the CIS. Expert recommendations for single-table Poker tournaments examines the strategy Of playing at all stages: Low, medium and high blinds, Choosing starting hands, playing post-Flop, styling and restyling, playing At the short table, playing Bubble, etc.

The book contains examples of Game situations with explanations on The discussed topics.

topics. Language: Russian. There is a lot of Information in the book that Has never been discussed in Books before. However, this is the kind Of material you've discussed With your poker friends many times. Obviously, the book is centered Around hand ranges, which is Really the main thing in poker.

Isn't it funny that All the other books never Focused on a really important Concept in the game? The little green book is A guide to essential thoughts That will help you improve Your game. Instead of being limited to Dry and General advice on The strategy of the game, The author explains to you The motives of his actions In the game, makes you Think about the reason for The actions of your opponents. This book is a classic Work, and anyone who seriously Decided to study the game Should have this book with them.

Anyone who reads it will Be able to improve their game.

If the question is " What Book should I read to Get a better understanding of poker?", then there is hardly Anything better than the book Is Dan Harrington's classic "Harrington on hold'em".

These are three weighty volumes In which the author shares His knowledge of tournament poker, Starting from the very basics. The first volume of the Harrington on hold'em: a Strategy game series focuses on The basic concepts of tournament Poker, such as the importance Of table position, tournament stages, And playing styles. "Harrington on hold'em. Strategy game " is intended primarily For those who are starting Their career in poker. If you liked the book "Harrington on hold'em. Volume ", then you should continue Exploring the world of tournament Poker with " Harrington on hold'em. The final phase".

Dan Harrington wrote this book For a more advanced audience, Which has already mastered the Material of the first part.

The second volume focuses on The final stage of the Tournament, where serious prize money Is played out, and mistakes Can cost many thousands of dollars. You will also learn how To act in the very Final of any tournament-heads-Up and will be able To understand the rules of The game. what are the best times To agree to share, and When is it better to Compete for the first prize? Personally, I started my introduction To Harrington with Volume. here are some problems that Refer to the theory presented In the first two volumes DL. In fact, the third part Is a quiz, not a book. It summarizes all the knowledge Gained in the first two Parts and offers a selection Of situations that happened in The real game and which Clearly demonstrate the validity of The strategy that Dan Harrington Proposed for study in his Series of books on tournament poker. You can put yourself in Harrington's shoes, and then Compare your thinking with that Of the author of the book. Harrington's two-volume book On cash games, along with Doyle Brunson's super System And David Sklansky's poker Theory, is called the Bible Of poker. The author is the most Experienced player from the United States, Dan Harrington, who has Dozens of years of battles With the best cash players In the world in Las Vegas. The book is great for Those who just starting to Learn about cash games. Starting from the very basics In the first parts, Dan Harrington gradually moves on to More and more advanced concepts, And by the end of The last part, the reader Can safely call himself an Advanced player. The book is written in Simple and engaging language, where Tedious theory is mixed with Funny stories from Dan Harrington'S rich poker career.

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Now Pinup club has more Than, slot machines for every taste

The official website of Pin Up online casino has been Operating on the Internet since And even today offers users Excellent serviceThere is also a Pin Up betting shop mode with Sports betting. Anyone can bet on their Favorite sports disciplines in the BC and raise good money. Thus, gamblers will definitely not Have any problems using an Online casino. You can place bets in Rubles, hryvnias, dollars, and euros. Paid versions of games will Not be available without registration, But there is a demo That will help you test Any devices from the catalog For free. Player reviews indicate that Pin Up bet club is one Of the most generous and Convenient for betting. Registration and login on the Official website of Pin-Up Bet casino are required in Order to get access to Paid versions of games. For example, a bookmaker will Not work at all if The player does not make A Deposit. Accordingly, it is worth registering And entering for everyone who Is serious about betting and winning. To create it is enough To make your profile here As follows: after the first Authorization, casino Pin Ap bet Users should pass verification. This is done in your Merchant profile using your business Phone number.

There is a special form For one field where you Need to enter the number.

Then a code will be Sent to it, which you Need to specify in another Field, and verification will be completed. With it, casino Pin Ap Bet users will be able To withdraw winnings from the Club much faster. If games are no longer Available on the official Pin Up site mirror, then the Site is most likely blocked. This happens quite often and Users do not have the Opportunity to use real money Games or go to a Bookmaker's office. As a rule, in such Situations, you should immediately look For a working mirror. Fortunately, regular players are sent Information about the launch of A new site by email. Everyone else needs to use Thematic resources about gambling and Casinos, or just use the Search engine to find something new.

the location of the club Pin Up.

Users can also use the Software to bypass the lock To continue playing Pin Ap Slot machines.

The official Pinap website is Available entirely in Russian

There are several options that Are absolutely safe and have Been used by gamblers for Many years. In the following table you Can find the most effective solutions. If players don't want To constantly spend time bypassing Locks, then it's best To download the mobile version For Android and iPhone. It distributes free of charge And allows you to use Pin Up casino services at Any time. This program cannot be blocked, Which is its main advantage. You can also get up To rubles as a bonus After downloading and logging in To the app for the First time. At a minimum, to collect A prize, everyone should download And try the mobile version. It works on smartphones and Tablets, and there are all The same games as on The official Pin Up website. Judging by the reviews of Players, problems on the official Pinup website are rare, but This is still the case It happens. To get help with their Solution, you should contact technical support. The staff of Pinup online Casino works x hours and Always answers the questions that Gamblers are interested in. With their help, everyone can Cope with problems when depositing Or withdrawing funds, as well As receiving bonuses. The same goes for problems With sports betting. The bookmaker's office is Stable, but sometimes players can'T enter or withdraw money From it either. The support service will definitely Help you. To get in touch with Pinup online casino employees, you Can use the hotline, online Chat, or simply write to Your email address. They respond quickly and immediately Start solving the problem without Wasting time on unnecessary dialogues. Reviews and reviews on Pinup Club say that they are Always ready to help and Technical support works just fine, So players will definitely not Be lost here. To enter the site of This online casino, the user Just needs to enter the Address of the official website In the browser bar The pinup. After that, the guest gets To the main page of The gaming club, where they Can choose the necessary options And launch slot machines. After completing registration in the Pin-Up club, players can Top up their Deposit, participate In tournaments or enjoy special Offers, receiving incentive bonuses from The casino administration. Bonus gifts are activated in Your merchant profile. In some countries, the operation Of gambling establishments is legally Restricted, so local providers block Official online casino sites. To get around such blockages, You can use alternative addresses Of online mirrors of gambling clubs. A mirror is a duplicate Domain name of an online Casino that redirects users to The official server of the Gambling club. By entering the mirror address In the browser bar, the Connection will automatically be switched To the main portal of The game room.

Painted poker Card game APK free Download for Android

Its foreign counterpart is called Up and Down

For fans Of intelligent card Games, I present the first And so far only implementation Of the Painted poker card Game with computer playersPainted poker is a game That was popular in the Vast expanses of our country In the s-s of The last century.

It is not like classic Poker, this is a trick-Taking game similar to whist, And a thousand.

I apologize if there may Be any errors during the game

Despite the fact that it Is easier than preference, the Game is interesting and gambling. Perhaps after playing with artificial Intelligence, you will gather a Group of friends and spend More than one evening with A glass of your favorite Drink while playing "painted poker". Painted poker also has a Number of other names, such As: Odessa, Russian, yard, children'S, throwback, trick-taking poker, And also very similar to The game The Joker. The main differences from the Game Joker: one Joker spades, Special games, scoring. You can read more about The game rules and features Of their implementation in the Game itself in the game Rules menu or on the Game's website.

the Game is fully functional In the free version, but If you want to support Further game development and can Afford it, you can purchase The game in the Settings menu.

The game is in no Way aimed at extorting money From players, the computer does Not have any advantages in The gameplay. The differences between the paid Version are insignificant and do Not affect the game. Differences quite a bit, or Rather just four: in addition To the honorary place in The table top, You could Be the winner of the Weekly tournament and get the Paid version of the game, The tournament is considered to Be the best games for Week total points in the party. If a player is absent For more than days, they Will no longer be shown In the best tables, and Their place will be restored After the first game. The project will continue to Develop taking into account Your Wishes,which may not be Implemented immediately,but they will Be implemented. The game will be constantly Improved, as far as you Have enough strength and time. And good luck to each Player, after all, playing cards Requires luck in addition to Experience.

Titan Poker-Official site Of the Poker room Play online

get cash prizes or entrance Tickets to larger tournaments

For the past years, Titan Poker has been one of The most respected and influential Poker rooms in Russia and Around the worldThis poker room is part Of the international iPoker network, So there are always opponents For players of any level. This poker room is focused Primarily on players from Europe, Which is why the largest Number of players at the Tables is observed here in The evening hours of European time.

Titan Poker has repeatedly received Various awards in the field Of online poker, among which The award for the best Support service issued in should Be highlighted separately.By the way, technical support Here is really quite fast Responds to any questions and Requests from players.

For communication with it, a Free phone number is available On the territory of the Company, e-mail, as well As an online chat with The operator, which can be Launched through the TitanPoker client program. For the convenience of players, Titan Poker has developed its Own game client, through which Players can access the lobby From a desktop computer, as Well as from a mobile Phone or tablet. If your phone is running Android or you have an IPhone, just go to the Official website of Titan Poker And download the app on Your phone. After that, you can immediately Log in with your username And password and start playing.

There was about$ left on The account

At the same time, if You register via our link, You will receive additional benefits, Such as a bonus on The steam Deposit, access to Various promotions and special tournaments Held exclusively among our readers.

In addition, there are special Tasks available for players in Titan Poker, which will help You complete them. Moreover, tasks can be very Different, starting from adding $ to Your account and ending with Participating in three freerolls in One day. Of course, this poker room Has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let's make a reservation Right away that it has A lot more advantages, otherwise Titan Poker simply could not Have existed for such a Long time in the online Poker market in such a Highly competitive environment.

Let's list the main Advantages and disadvantages of this Room I Haven't played On Titan for about a year. Yesterday, money X came in. What is it, I say In support? And they: And we are Your money with.Lee, because you didn't Play!. I say-how is that? It's not fair.! And they: and you give Us more money, and we Will thank you! Quite people for cattle keep! Titan DELL.! on my computer. You do everything yourself.

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Delivery and pickup in Moscow m Paveletskaya street

Buy poker accessories in Moscow in the online store SpacePOKER at a price starting from rublesShipping across Russia by a transport company from days at a cost of rubles or more. Choose other accessories and click buy to add the product to your shopping cart. Buy poker accessories in Moscow in the online store SpacePOKER at a price starting from rubles.

Or you can order poker accessories by phone

Delivery and pickup in Moscow m Paveletskaya street. Shipping across Russia by a transport company from days at a cost of rubles or more. Choose other accessories and click buy to add the product to your shopping cart.

Or you can order poker accessories by phone.

Buy poker accessories in the SpacePOKER store at a price starting from rubles. Delivery and pickup in Moscow near the.

MTT poker-poker tournament strategy by Dan Harrington

given the important condition is the size of the stack

Success in a tournament game is not so easy if you do not know the secrets of a successful strategySome newcomers can't get to the prize spots, although they can build up the stack at the beginning of the event. Usually, the problem is that the poker player plays in the same style throughout the entire event, not in the same style. Experienced players use a strategy in MTT tournaments based on the stack size, which is justified by tactical capabilities.

To reduce the number of mistakes and play more successfully in tournament events, it is recommended to study the Zone strategy of MTT poker, based on the size of the player's stack.

It was first proposed by the legendary player and poker theorist Dan Harrington. He even wrote a book about it. The technique is easy to master and we will help You with it. In order to choose the best tactics in a tournament game, it is important to consider the capabilities of your stack. They can be determined by evaluating the ratio of available chips and the costs that the player bears when paying for mandatory bets. At the same time, one position shift round is evaluated, for which the poker player pays once for the big and small Blind and Ante for each hand, if any. For example, at a -max table, a player pays BB, MB, and Antes for one round of hands. After paying the Blinds in days for all distributions, the obligation to pay for them will return to him again.

Blinds are inherent costs that damage the stack

If the player does not compensate for them, the stack gradually decreases and the poker player loses the opportunity to use tactical techniques in trading.

By calculating the ratio of the stack and the cost of mandatory bets, a poker player can determine how many rounds his stack will last.

This indicator Harrington called the number M and put it in the basis of the Zonal strategy of MTT tournaments.

It is not difficult to calculate it - remember or save the following formula: Although the M number represents the number of rounds that a poker player can complete to pay the mandatory bets and then run out of chips, it is not used to determine this fact. According to him, Dan Harrington suggests changing the strategy of the game, since the size of the stack depends on the tactical capabilities of the player. In some theoretical sources, you may find an incorrect formula for calculating the number M! Sometimes authors forget that the size of the Ante is needed multiply by the number of players at the table. The formula given here is correct and should not cause any doubts, as it is explained by the fact that the player for one round bears the cost of Ante for each hand, and not just in one. Dan Harrington's MTT poker strategy is based on the zonal capabilities of a tournament participant. After determining the number M, the poker player can determine their tactical capabilities and choose the appropriate tactics. For example, if he has a lot of chips, he has the opportunity to use the entire Arsenal of tactics and play a wide range of hands. If you don't have enough chips, your tactics won't be effective. The number M allows you to objectively evaluate these opportunities. Dan Harrington divided the poker player's positions in the event into several zones, based on the ratio of the stack and mandatory bets: of Course, during a real game, you will encounter situations where you can forget about the zone strategy. For example, on bubble, there are often opponents who will fight until the last Moment. stall for time, and they won't waste any chips even with good cards.

You can easily take the Blinds from such opponents.

By the way, stealing the blinds can often significantly improve the player's position, especially if they also take the pot from the Ante formed by all the table participants. After studying the tournament strategy, you will only need to choose the format of events that you will specialize in. The MTT tournament overview, which can be found here, will help You do this. There you will also find links to popular poker rooms that offer the best conditions for playing and a wide range of tournaments.

Download Mobile Poker Club APK for Android for free

The game conditions are close to real

you may be interested in the fact that you can compete with the strongest players without visiting real clubs 'The poker world'The user only needs one thing-to collect the most profitable card combination in order to get a prize. No extra buttons. Raise or lower the bet depending on the cards you receive, or fold if the combination fails. You can see what you have in your hands without showing them to other players.

Your game cards are visible in the side panel

The opponent's cards are also hidden from your view. The maximum number of players that can place at the poker tables, is people. However, there are some poker tables where to users play. What is the game score of the neighboring opponent? All this can be found out by the user during a round-Robin bid. This will allow you to determine whether the opponent is influential on this site or not in order to start playing, you will need to register.

You can come up with a simple username and password, becoming a member of the gaming club, in a few minutes.

set of poker on Aliexpress-buy online at a bargain price

Before buying, compare prices for the poker set, read real customer reviews, and get acquainted with the technical specificationsOrder a poker set online with delivery in Russia: items marked Plus are available with faster delivery and improved return conditions. On Aliexpress, the poker kit is always available in a large assortment: both reliable world brands and promising young ones are represented on the site. Before buying, compare prices for the poker set, read real customer reviews, and get acquainted with the technical specifications. Order a poker set online with delivery in Russia: items marked Plus are available with faster delivery and improved return conditions. On Aliexpress, the poker kit is always available in a large assortment: both reliable world brands and promising young ones are represented on the site.

Can I Download a Mobile poker Club to My

The room client was developed Back in by Afina Interactive

Mobile poker club is a Poker room that focuses mainly On mobile devicesWorks on almost all operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone And even Java phone versions exist. Currently, more than million users Are registered in the room, More than a thousand tournaments Are held every day, and About thousand players participate in The game every day. Such indicators raise the Mobile Poker club to the th Place in the world ranking Of poker rooms, which is A good indicator, given that There are thousands of such resources. Although the mobile poker club Is focused on mobile devices, You can also play on A personal computer. Which is even more convenient In contrast to the game On the phone, because you Do not need to download And install the client. The only thing is that Before you sit down at The table, you will have To go through a quick Registration of your account. Mobile poker club on your Computer has a very simple And easy-to-use interface.

You can start the game Immediately on the site

In the upper-left corner Are the main buttons - "my Club" and "lobby". The first button takes you To your account in the Poker room or to the Registration field, if you haven'T created an account yet. The second button opens the lobby. There are two options to Choose from: "quick start" and "List". In the first option, you Can simply set the basic Table search settings, the type Of game, and you will Be put at a random table. In the second window, you Will see a table with Cash tables and tournaments.

You can also find the Game in a simplified way By using search filters.

The games available are no-Limit Texas hold'em and Pot limit Omaha. For beginners, there are regular Freerolls with a prize pool From $ to $. So on the site it Is quite possible to promote From scratch.

And those who want to Play immediately for serious money Will receive a Deposit bonus Of up to $.

To attract more users, the Mobile poker club has launched A loyalty program that applies To all users of the Poker room. Most of the bonuses are Awarded to players who have Chosen this room as the Place of their permanent game. But it is worth saying That it concerns only playing For real money. If if you play freerolls Or choose tables with conditional Chips, then no changes will occur. The loyalty program is based On the accrual of special Bonuses so-called Mobile Player Points. Cash tables earn bonus points For every dollar of rake. Bonus points are distributed evenly Among the players at the table. For example, if there are Poker players at the table, The pot in the hand Was $, of which the room Takes cents as a rake. This means that this table Is awarded MPR point, which Is divided among all players Each player will receive.

The player can get up To of the reyback maximum.

Bonus points can later be Exchanged for goods from the Internal store or even for Real money. At the same time, the Player will receive a minimum Rakeback from. But the loyalty program is Not limited to this. Users who constantly choose to Play a Mobile poker club On their computer can get A special status. If for if the user Was able to score MPR, Then he gets the status Silver, if MPR-Gold,-Elite. Each status has its own Coefficient, which is multiplied by The number of bonus points Received by the user. So, Silver increases the bonus Points increment by. times, Gold by times and Elite by. This way you can get Even more money back.

But there are also some Restrictions that apply to statuses.

To maintain their status, players Need to earn the same Number of bonus points as They received last month. Otherwise, his status will be Lowered to the level that Corresponds to the points earned. The poker room has a Rating system for players of SnG tournaments and MTT. Rating points are awarded to Players who have won prizes In tournaments. These points are awarded according To a special formula the Prize pool for SnG tournaments Consists of rake of tournaments That participated in the promotion During the month. To calculate the size you Can get the prize pool If you add up all The rating points accrued for The month. The MTT prize pool is Calculated as follows. points equals cent. Prize payments for ranked players Occur at the end of Each month. At the same time, the Prize pool is awarded to The top players with the Highest rating. It is quite possible to Play a Mobile poker club On a computer. It's even easier than On a mobile app, because The client doesn't have To download and install on Their computer. There is a browser version. All you need to do Is register your account and You can start playing immediately.

You can find detailed reviews Of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and The latest news-all this Can be found on the Pages of our resource.

Ggpokerok account verification - instructions for verifying your identity - GGpokerOK-download and play poker on PokerOK,$ bonus

Fortunately, the procedure is easier on GGPokerOk

The verification procedure at GGPokerOk is standard and does not differ much from other poker rooms and online casinos

You will definitely need to verify your identity in order to play for real money, and we will tell you why how to do this, and what procedure Poker provides for its users.

Verification of a user in a poker room or on any other resource is a procedure for confirming their identity by sending a certain set of documents to the poker room. Some online casinos and poker rooms even practice video calls of the administration with the demonstration of documents on the camera. Why is verification necessary in General? There are several reasons for this: Please note that if you want to play for conditional chips in the poker room, you don't need verification on GGPokerOk. The main thing you need to keep in mind before starting the verification procedure is to make sure that none of your family members or cohabitants are playing in the same poker room. There may be cases when a second such account may be blocked without the right to restore money and personal data from the account. Make sure that you have high-quality photos or scanned copies of documents. All the documents must be up-to-date at the time of contacting the poker room administration. Without a verification procedure, you will not be able to withdraw money from your account and play for real money. In most cases, we recommend that you complete the verification procedure before making a Deposit in the poker room. This way, you can protect yourself from losing money and other problems that arise in the event of verification disputes. Please note that all documents in the GGPokerOk verification procedure are checked by the administration personally (manually). You won't be able to trick the system by submitting fake or photoshopped documents. If you are caught trying to cheat, your account will be blocked without the right to restore it.

Next, you need to send your identification documents to url

You may also be banned from creating accounts in the poker room in the future. The procedure for verifying an account on GGPokerOk, as we wrote above, is quite standard. You can complete it immediately after registering your account.Below is a step - by-step guide for verification user on GGPokerOk: This is how you will pass verification for adding funds to your account. The support service can contact you directly to get these documents, but you can do it yourself.

You need to send the following documents to Pokerok for verification: As we have already mentioned, documents are checked manually by the poker room administration.

The speed depends on their current workload, and on average, the verification procedure takes about a day.

If all goes well, you will receive an email notification about successful verification of your account in the poker room.

As a rule, verification on GGPokerOk takes up to hours. If you wait more than three days for a response, try contacting the poker room administration to clarify the status of your request. Refer to to get a complete list of available documents. Immediately describe what alternatives you can offer them, and most likely, the administration of the poker room will meet you halfway and offer suitable for both of you. Yes, if you use the GGPokerOk website, your personal data is securely protected by the poker room. The user agreement and license of the poker room provide for responsibility for handling your personal data, so that the room will not be able to transfer them anywhere or use them illegally in any way.

Poker support Service – How to Contact support

The site even has its Own community in vk

poker support team works to Solve players problems and answer Questions about playing in the Poker roomYou can apply here at Any time of the day, And they will always help you. It doesn't matter if You have been playing for Many years or are just Planning to register for Eights All players are equally important To the site, and an Individual approach is practiced to everyone. There are many ways to Contact Poker technical support, and Each of them is designed To solve its own range Of issues.

Next, we will look at All the ways to contact The support room and talk About how best to do it.

Before writing to Poker support, Make sure that there is No information about your problem In the FAQ section. To do this, open the " Online help "and look for The answer to your question there. On the site, the link To this section is located At the bottom on the Left side of the screen. In the client, you can Go to it through the "Contacts" section in the "Help" tab. You can also find a Lot of useful information in The poker room's social Media groups. Browse through the discussion threads Or write your question there.

If you have any questions About blocking, please contact us By email.

Perhaps more experienced players will Be able to help you

However, the response from the Main address will be sent faster. In the subject line, specify "Blocking" so that the Poker Technical support employee immediately understands What they will have to Deal with. If you played at the Same table with your friend And "leaked" money to him, This behavior will be considered A violation of the principles Of fair play, and your Account will be blocked. In most cases, the blockage Is temporary, and it passes In a few weeks or months. If you have received a Lifetime ban, write to the Support service and explain the situation.

Sometimes support meets users needs Even in the most critical situations.

According to the rules in A poker room, one user Can only have one account. When you create the second One, both accounts will be Blocked, and the money in The account will be frozen. If nothing is done, the Block will remain on them.

We recommend that you write To Poker support and explain The reasons for creating a Second account.

There is a small chance Of unlocking it. However, even if the administration Makes a positive decision, only One account will be banned.

Download the Painted poker

There are more than different Types of poker

However, they are all very Similar to each other and Agree on key points in The hierarchy of combinations and Trading circlesThe only type of this Game that is significantly different From its relatives is painted poker. Its differences from traditional poker Are so great that today It is difficult to say Why it is considered one Of the types of poker. There are several versions of Where and when painted poker originated. The most plausible theory is That the ancestor of painted Poker was the Up and Down game, which was popular In Britain in the first Half of the last century.

Significant similarities they are also Observed in painted poker with The game "thousand".

Despite its possible British roots, Painted poker has gained the Greatest popularity in the territory Of the Soviet Union.

The heyday of painted poker Was in the late s And early s, when painted Poker was played in courtyards And even organized Championships.

With the advent of the Internet and the ability to Play online, painted poker was Replaced by Texas hold'em And Omaha. However, today there are still Quite a few people who Play painted poker. They play at a private Table and gambling clubs, but Many people are interested in The question of whether it Is possible to download the Game painted poker on Android. There aren't a lot Of options for playing hand-Painted poker online right now, But they do exist. Users can play offline against A computer opponent or in Multiplayer mode against real opponents.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible To find painted poker tables In poker rooms right now.

People who play painted poker With their friends friends, of Course, know about the existence Of the online industry. Ads for poker rooms are Constantly appearing on the Internet And often appear on television. Over time, many people have A desire to try their Hand at playing online against Other players for real money. They register in one poker Room, then in another, but As a result, it turns Out that no room offers Tables for painted poker. The most obvious reasons are The lack of demand for Painted poker and the fact That painted poker is not Considered a related discipline in The poker world. It is for the second Reason that there is still Practically no specialized literature on Strategy and game psychology. Experienced players often move from One poker discipline to another, Then write books about the Secrets of their success, and The subtleties of switching from One game to another, but No one has written a Single book about painted poker. There is no known example Of a well-known player Switching from I played Texas Hold'em or Stud at Painted poker and then shared My emotions. In painted poker, there are No winning combinations, and the Game's strategies also do Not have such variability. This game is completely devoid Of the possibility of bluffing. In fact, the poker community Has already decided that painted Poker is not part of The poker industry.

And most likely, they are Right, since there are much More similarities with the preference.

One of the best options For painted poker on Android Is the game of the Same name from Ellerium Soft. I have already downloaded it More than times from the Partner's website alone, and It has collected only thousand Ratings and reviews on the Google Play page. In total, the Android app Service reports an approximate figure Of, downloads. This indicates that the app Is quite popular among users.

It is difficult to say What this is connected with

The main difference between Painted Poker and other similar applications Is the presence of multiplayer. The developers also tried to Create graphics.

Once you've downloaded Painted Poker on Android, and registered In the app, you can Find a free place to Play online.

The system will automatically find An empty table. They usually consist of participants. The rules of the game Are traditional – you need To predict the number of Bribes after receiving the cards In your hands. The more accurate you are, The more likely you are To succeed. The app does not take Into account the first defeats, So you have time to Adapt to the game without Fear for your rating. Painted poker was most popular In Soviet times, so this Application is fully stylized for That period with the appropriate Coats of arms, flags and Sound design.

Developers from Ellerium Soft have Worked hard to create high-Quality painted poker on Android.

Therefore, the app works clearly, Does not hang or crash. Users appreciate Painted poker for Its ability to play against Real opponents. However, if you don't Have an Internet connection, you Can always use offline mode. In such a game, you Will be confronted by computer AI, the game with which Will be no less interesting.

In such a game, you Can pause it or even Save it and continue the Game session later.

In November, the last update To this game was released.

All users with the latest Version of the operating system version.

or higher can download the Game Painted poker for Android. This app is designed for Players over years of age. If you do not have Enough resources in the game, You can easily replenish their Amount for a symbolic amount From cents to cents, depending On the size of the Resource pack. In the new version, games In the dark will not Be taken into account when Forming the overall rating. Getting achievements will now be A little easier. Players who download painted poker On Android version. will receive a gold VIP For taking places from to In the main tournament. The developers also reduced ad traffic. If the game is played With bets of up to The player will get an Advantage in the cards, and If the stakes are higher, Then all the cards fall Out in random order. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable World of poker. On the pages of our Resource you will find a Lot of useful information about The subtleties of this game, Which will help you become A successful player.

Win MTT by avoiding the pitfalls of poker rooms

But getting into good prizes is much more difficult

This article is more suitable for players familiar with Treasure hunter strategiesFirst of all, the game is played against the RNG of the poker room and only in the second against the players. Reaching the prizes in a major tournament is not a tricky matter. And the higher the professional level of the player, the harder it is for him to overcome the dropout zones. In this turbulence zone, aces and kings will die against garbage. But who are these players who shove with garbage and always come out winners in conflitto? Why does an adequate player suddenly start playing inadequately with a garbage hand and win? Apparently, such a player knows something that others do not know.

Play at such a sad time to give money

And this knowledge goes beyond the classical understanding of RNG. You've probably experienced an anomaly where you can no longer win a single hand after easily building up a large stack in the initial stage of a tournament. You get great hands over and over again with one drawback: they're all dead on the river.Let's call this anomaly a black mark. From the point of view of the program, you ate more than you should and were put on a diet. Twitching in this situation does not make sense, it's easier to just go offline for minutes, or if you are not sorry for the tournament fee, you can experiment with a black mark.

A sad experience is a valuable assistant in future tournaments.

You have a downswing.

In online poker, the downswing is of a programmatic nature, is not accidental. there is a super user or Rumov bot At the table. They are quite simple to calculate: the bot tears everyone up with any cards (but sooner or later it will merge), the superuser slouples, generates sophisticated traps: NATs flash full house, and so on. Just wait, wait, don't play against him. The zone of turbulence. This is your chance and your curse.

A chance for those who understand this time of garbage hands (more often suited).) To win MTT, you will have to become an inadequate player at least twice.

That is, at a certain point in the tournament, you will have to push with a garbage hand with a fairly good stack, and you will also have to discard good hands. The first zone is near the prizes. The goal of the poker room is to beat out good players, so that the prizes will mostly include the right faces or rum bots. But how can this be arranged? It's easy! Give the relegation candidates a couple of poisonous ones kings,aces, or something smaller. Therefore, this stage of the tournament is called in slang language Treasure hunters turbulence zone TOP-hands lose their power. This is a time of risk, a time of junk connectors and matching hands.

You don't have much of a chance.

But even c has a chance against aces. And if you push with a garbage hand, no one will take away your or, but aces and kings will take away this chance in the turbulence zone.

If you have completed the first round of defense of the poker room, the game returns to normal.

The next stage will be closer to the final.

You will have to take risks and go crazy again.

But if you hit the final table with the middle stack, you have all the chances to reach the heads-up. Very few tournament players know how to play heads-up, do you? If you win and hit a big jackpot, make a cashout. The room will not forgive you for a big skid and will try to take away all your winnings. I just have one small question.That's how you put it right.I lost a lot of money online,and always in approximately the same way that I was talking about you're talking about.My question is this.Companies with a global reputation conduct RNG testing,give conclusions about honesty, etc. Why is it not mentioned anywhere that you are still playing with the system, no matter how you look at it?The player must understand what he is doing and what he has to fight.Why, after all, no one has ever sued the whole lake gang for talking about the integrity of the RNG.????Tell us, we have it like this-you play with the system, and of course with real people-there are no questions, play who wants to.They also made initially incorrect information, confirmed by some corporations, which then, by the way, treat people from gambling addiction,and I would say from insanity, because it's interesting to look at this whole circus after playing tournaments.But with the relocation of of your AA or KK, well, it's not just a disappointment,you can really go crazy here.I haven't played for a long time,relatively, but where were these articles before???Why all these poker schools, textbooks and all this crap, if it does not work in online poker(well, at least without understanding what you've written)The system adapts to any game,absolutely.Analyzes you like a scanner and throws you out when it needs to, knowing how you will play on a particular combination.There's no chance if you don't sit and sing odes about the correctness and power of poker star.I am ready to invite anyone from the poker star team and let them play on the computer that I specify, and let them win at least one of the tournaments.People with a global reputation, with money-they lost their conscience.What should we talk about next?What kind of honesty?when people stopped being people.Sorry,but after reading your article, I was at least surprised that online poker exists at all.The professionals themselves are not offended that with such a generally intellectual game they made,well, to put it mildly, roulette.

Origin of Poker terms Interesting facts About Poker

How to make money with poker? You can read our training Material, which analyzes popular poker Hands and describes strategiesBefore you start playing poker, You should know what rakeback Or other forms of it Are-cashback, Commission refund, etc, Because the upstream affiliate is EV. Check out the best Apple And Android poker apps from Leading poker rooms, and download Mobile versions of poker clients From major poker rooms like PokerStars, Redkings, and Betfair on Our website. Only the best poker rooms. What does the reliability and Security of your bankrolls mean To You? Our team members annually visit All the major poker forums In London, Barcelona and other Poker capitals. All poker rooms presented on Our website have long established Themselves in the gaming industry. Contacts with the leaders of The best companies help to Quickly and effectively resolve any Issues in favor of the Player.

Painted poker Online Hacking Cheats for Purchases

Painted poker online Hack will Allow you to get all Purchases in the game for freeIn order to do this, You just need to enter Our cheats for Painted poker Online in the game. Now, you don't need To download any hacking software To crack the game online, So you can put your Smartphone at risk of getting Infected with viruses. The game of Painted poker Online is very interesting, but It will become even more Interesting after all purchases become Available in it. Our Painted poker Online hack Is very easy to use, And in order to use Our cheat you do not Need to have any special training. To activate the Cheat Code, You just need to enter It into the game the Cheat itself is written below. Unlike previous versions, this Cheat Code is fully compatible with All versions of Android and IOS, including version and older. Instructions on how to hack The game Painted poker Online Can be found here below.

Pokerstars: Account hacking With embezzlement

Your password for your registered Email address

I want to tell you An interesting story about how Pokerstars security solves the problem Of stealing money from your accountdays ago, I won a Fairly large tournament with a Prize pool of more than k.

During the day, I get A notification that, that my Account was logged in with An IP address and locationCanada I immediately informed the security Service that this device was Not mine, and my account Was blocked.

According to the standard procedure, I contacted the support service To find out the problem, Since this is not the Primary case when I am Banned by starzy after major drifts.

I got an answer today: The log-in report for Your account did not record Any failed attempts to use The password, so if someone Logged in to Your account, They knew the password perfectly well. Computer fingerprint technology is used By our security team to Determine from which computer Your Account was accessed. In this case, our investigation Found that your account was Accessed from a different location That You had never logged In from before. Therefore, it is possible that Your login details have been compromised. In conclusion, we would like To inform You that we We are not responsible for The loss of funds in Your Stars account or other Funds as a result of Insufficient security measures taken by The player.

You can read the information Regarding your responsibility as an Account owner in our end User License agreement in the Following paragraphs.

To restore Your account, provide You with a new password And Stars PIN, we ask You to provide us with The following information: - a clear Copy of Your identity card, A phone number where we Can contact You, and a Convenient time to talk. As a precautionary measure, we Ask You to take the Necessary measures to protect Your computer.

My password consists of characters That only I know about

This includes, but is not Limited to, scanning your computer To prevent access to the Installation of harmful programs or Reinstalling the operating system to Make sure that there are No traces of malware left, As well as changing the Operating system settings. You may want to visit The following links, which explain How to keep your password Safe and provide more detailed Information about additional security methods: I still don't understand How the security service controls Transactions if it takes approximately Days to withdraw funds. Also, no one could know My password given the amount Of money stored in the account. well, the fact that your Password was known meant that You were just grazed regularly, Watched when there would be Decent funds on Akka passwords Are extracted from Brutus, these Are problems of your personal Security-antivirus programs, sloppy clicks On links, etc, starzy has Nothing to do with it. tokken, for example, would immediately Remove all these questions SMS Verification works only if you Have not previously logged in From the devices that you Log in from after connecting it. When logging in from a New device SMS comes time, When you re-log in From the same devices, SMS No longer comes And please Explain how it works? Well, that is, the expiration Date, it is one-time And some cartridges are bought In addition logic circuits, I XS Cho there may still Be or a time limit For use for example, it Is valid until? The token generates a -digit Password once a minute. It works simply - in the Starz personal account, you link Your ACC to the token'S serial number, enter the Usual password when logging in, Then static digits you can Not set them digits from The token screen. You don't need to Buy anything, it seems to Work until the battery runs Out, about a year but This is not accurate, many Years have passed, I don'T remember exactly now how My father died it seems To work until the battery Runs out, about a year But this is not accurate, Many years have passed, I Don't remember exactly now How my father died SMS Verification works only if you Haven't previously logged in From the devices that you Log in from after enabling it. When you log in from A new device, the text Message is received time, when Re-logging in from the Same devices, SMS is no Longer received in Belarus, our Valiant operator Velkom does not Miss Starz's SMS messages At least a year ago It was so. I talked about this with Both the PS and Welk. Along with the token in A sealed envelope comes a Sheet with one-time passwords.

If the token is lost Or the battery is dead, You can enter it.

I wrote to support that I want a token for money. They were asked to write Them a text with their Consent to debiting money from The account. The token was received days After it was sent. I paid customs clearance for The token in our country, You need to pay more Than euros for customs clearance. The starzs told them to Make a scan of the Receipt for payment of customs Duty, customs duty and postage. I sent it, and two Days later the entire amount Paid was credited to the Game account at the exchange rate. I wrote to support that I want a token for money. They were asked to write Them a text with their Consent to debiting money from The account. The token was received days After it was sent.

Paid customs clearance for the Token more than in our Country you need to pay Customs clearance in euros.

The starzs told them to Make a scan of the Receipt for payment of customs Duty, customs duty and postage. I sent it, and two Days later the entire amount Paid was credited to the Game account at the exchange rate.

If you prefer a four-Color deck and want to Disable animation of avatars, these Features will be available in Your profile settings.

If you sign up for Poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you Will receive rake statistics, bonus Points for in-store purchases, Exclusive promotions, and extended support.

Buy cheap poker sets with cards and chips in Cue

Cue (url) - Russia's first online store of billiard products from the company "cue-Port", a supplier of products of the world's leading brandsOur catalog also includes table tennis and soccer, air hockey, trampolines, sports equipment, poker products and other products for sports, entertainment and outdoor activities the set contains everything you need to play any type of poker, including a dealer's chip and a sufficient number of chips for playing. the gift looks great: with a respectable metal case, you can feel a little bit like a mafia from a Hollywood movie (url) - the first online store of billiard products in Russia from the company "q-Port", a supplier of products from leading world brands. Our catalog also includes table tennis and football, air hockey, trampolines, sports equipment, poker products and other products for sports, entertainment and outdoor activities.

Holdem Poker Vegas casino Slots

For each bet, you get Loyalty points that can be Exchanged for real moneyThe more points, the higher Your level and the bigger The bonus! For each bet, you get Loyalty points that can be Exchanged for real money. The more points, the higher Your level and the bigger The bonus!.

$, tournament On GGPOKEROK Won

For the victory, received almost $

Yesterday, the WSOP Super Circuit Super high roller tournament ended At GG POKER with a Buy-in of $, and an Impressive ten million guaranteeThe champion of the tournament And the winner of a Prize of more than $, was A Costa Rican player under The nickname. Interestingly, these numbers are a Phone number of a National Hotline the United States, which Has been helping people with A gambling addiction. Russian Artur Martirosyan and partypoker Professional team member Patrick "Babu$Hka" Leonard also scored at The final table.

Tournament on the WSOP Super Circuit promised not only extremely Solid prize money for the Winner, but also a bonus In the form of a WSOP-C gold ring.

As much as this event Had an impressive $, contribution, so Did the powerful $, guarantee. An extremely long late registration Period of minutes and the Ability to make an unlimited Number of re-entries should Have stimulated the replenishment of The prize pool. The guarantee was successfully broken, Collecting a total of entries For more than $ million. Patrick Leonard, who recently criticized This approach to the development Of online poker, took part In this tournament. Moreover, to him I managed To take second place and Top up my bankroll with $, The best result of a Player's career. Interesting fact: Patrick plays in The GG POKER room under The extremely Russian nickname "Babu$Hka". But the real representative of Russia at the final table Of this tournament was not Nick Lonarda, but Artur" AlwaysWithNuts " Martirosyan, who managed to get To seventh place on the Third attempt and earn $. however, Martirosyan did not rejoice, Pointing out that this amount Only covers his total load In MTT for Sunday alone. The winner of the event Was an unknown player from Costa Rica under the nickname. This is not a random Set of numbers, but a Very specific one.

If you add a unit To this nickname in advance, You can call the help Hotline for people suffering from Gambling addiction.

In a key heads-up Hand against Patrick Leonard, he Opened the latter's two-Pair bluff, and Patrick could Only boast of two pairs. underperforming street draws. Watch a video of the Game at the final table With commentary by Joe Stapleton And Matt Broughton English.

Official website Of Titan

The software room supports languages, Including Russian

TitanPoker is a popular poker Platform of the iPoker networkIt appeared back in. It was recognized by the Results of the survey as The best room in.

A little later, the room Received the prestigious Gambling Reader'S Choice Award.

There are a lot of Players here, but sometimes it Is very difficult to find Opponents at low limits. A lot of novice poker Players come here from the General hall of the casino.

Thanks to well-organized promotions And bonuses, you can often See a lot of new Players at TitanPoker tables who Haven't even fully learned The rules of The game yet.

The following types of poker Are available: stud, Omaha hi-Lo, -card stud, hold'em, And stud hi-lo. On average, the number of Players in this room is, But during peak hours and During major tournaments it reaches About,! The official website of Titan Poker allows you to download The Windows version or play Directly in your browser. You have a unique chance To triple your first Deposit To euros. There is no need to Enter promo codes.

Service the support team is Friendly and very fast

All you need is to Top up your account. The terms of the offer Are as follows: the number Of accumulated Titan Points depends On the amount of Commission paid. High limits and Speed poker Brings the most rake, so It is very profitable to Collect points here. There are also other attractive Offers in the room, Winter Wonder, Gladiators Race, Irish Open, Bad Beat Bonus, beginner bonus Package, invite a friend and Beginners Races. Check the parameters of your PC, they must meet the Minimum system requirements for installing The program: RAM at least MB, processor frequency from one And a half GHz, one GB of free disk space, A screen with an extension Of at least bit, Internet Speed from Kbit s, a MB video adapter, Windows XP SP or a more recent Version, flash player. The installer connects to the Remote server, downloads the necessary Files, and installs the software. A window will open for authentication. Enter login, password and click "Login". If no one else uses Your computer, check the boxes "Auto-login" and "remember password". A form for entering personal Data will appear in front Of us. Enter them, choose a currency, And come up with a password. If desired, enter the promo code. In the future, the room May require verification of your Identity, so please provide only Up-to-date information about yourself. Cash games with limits from NL to NL. You won't find any Empty Omaha, hold'em, -card Stud, or Omaha hi-lo Tables here. On WebMoney, Skrill, and other Electronic payment systems, the cashout Is processed within hours. In the derivation of funds Will be credited to the Visa Bank card - days after withdrawal.

In some cases, it may Be necessary to verify the Player's identity, so we Recommend that you complete the Verification process in advance by Sending a scan of your Passport or driver's license To the security service's Email address.

The minimum withdrawal amount is$.

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