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Fool is an online application With a colorful design, a Clear interface and simple rulesThanks to this game, you Can find out the relationship With fortune, join the world Of excitement and drive, discover The attraction of risk and fun. The famous card game, the Principles of which are known To every fan of gambling Entertainment, is presented in the Most convenient format. Now there is no need To search for partners in The game for a long Time: just install the app On your mobile device. Fool online - this is access To drive and risk, the Opportunity to compete for victory And first place in the leaderboard. The main task is to Get rid of all the Cards before your opponents, winning Thanks to dexterity and luck. Different modes will help you Organize a card tournament in Which you can easily prove Your superiority.

Poker terms And concepts In Russian

They say: forewarned means armed

Knowledge of poker terminology allows You not only to fully Control the game process, but Also to comfortably exchange information Between its participants or third-Party observersYou will agree that it Is much easier to explain Something to your interlocutor if He already knows the terms Of poker and poker slang.

They won't need to Hear you define a concept First to be able to Understand the problem you've proposed.

This will save a lot Of time and nerves, and Especially for those who are Used to quickly solve all issues. The dictionary of poker terms Is not just a reference Book for many novice poker players. It's the same in Our case: if you know The symbols in poker, then You can prevent the consequences Or take into account their Impact on the game. In the long run, this Is extremely important for those Who are going to make Poker their main activity. The dictionary of poker also Covers poker jargon, as it Is an integral part of The official terminology. This is due to the Fact that poker is an American game, and all the Terms were translated from American Or English. The dictionary of poker terms Is divided into several parts To make it easier for You to search for information later. This way you can easily Find the right words in Poker, knowing which category they Belong to. Hand – a set of Several cards depending on the Type of poker that form Your combination. Rake – the percentage that The poker room receives in Each hand from players, the Institution's earnings. Bankroll – the player's Capital, all the money in The poker room account.

It is optimal to have - Buy-ins to maintain a Safety margin over a long distance.

If you are a tight Player, it is recommended that You sit at the table With at least - buy-ins. Buy-in is big blinds BB in no-limit NL Texas hold'em. This is also the name Of the fee for participation In the tournament. Tournament – a poker game For symbolic chips with certain Conditions in terms of time Or size of bets. Nuts-candy or the most Powerful of all possible combinations, Which can not be beaten On the at this stage. Kicker – the second pocket Card, which is sometimes used To determine the winner if Players have the same combinations In their hands. Top kicker – the strongest Kicker there can be. This is either the card With the highest value on The Board or an ACE. Overpair – a pair of Two identical pocket cards that Are older than the strongest Card on the table.

Set – three cards, but Two of them are yours.

This combination is much stronger And more dangerous if not The most dangerous on a Dry Board than trips.

Position – the position where The player is located relative To the dealer the one Who deals the cards. Two blinds small and then Big, early UTG, medium MP And late LP positions are Placed clockwise after it. Earlyposition or underthegun UTG - they Also say under the gun – up to players immediately Behind the big blind. It is considered the most Unfavorable position on the preflop, Sometimes the expression "player out Of position"is used. ReRaise re-raise or Threebet Tribet – this is the Second increase made by the user.

You can sometimes see the Designation in the form of A -bet.

As a rule, the minimum Value for a game is Buy-ins or BB

Very rare, but it also Happens to be -bet and -bet.

All-in All-inor Push Push or all-in-a Bet of the entire stack, All the money that you Have at the table.

Limp – entering the game With a pre-flop stake. Players who do this are Called limpers. It can mean that the Bettor is loose or a Monster hand when someone wants To play a slowplay. Slowplay – showing a weak Hand in all possible ways: No big raises until the Last rounds of trading or Even a showdown, most often A call or minimum bet Is used. You need to be extremely Careful with the reception if You do not have NATs On your hands.

Draw – try to improve A weak hand to a Winning combination.

This can be a flush Or straight draw, when one Card is missing before the Full combination is folded.

Drawing dead-draw dead, this Is when a player, for Example, tries to reach the Flash, gets it, but loses, Because the opponent has collected A full house. Bluff bluff - making a bet With a deliberately weak hand, Hoping that the opponent will fold.- a method of stealing The blinds when raising from The last position. Regardless of the strength of The attacker's hand, when The blinds are folded, this Player takes the pot. Tight – a style of Play in which exceptionally strong Card combinations or powerful draw Hands are played with a High chance of winning. Tilt – loss of control Over the situation due to A series of failures. This can cause a hand To start playing out of Its usual style and, as A result, lead to an Even worse situation. Heads Up heads up – A game of two people, Even such tables are called "With your head up". Sometimes the term can be Applied to two players who Have remained on showdown at -Max tables.

Poker support Service: all Communication methods

The maximum processing time for An application is days

To solve any gaming problems In our room, please contact The poker support service for helpWe work hours a day And days a week without Breaks and weekends. You can communicate with your Support team in one of Four ways: a Universal communication Method that is suitable for Solving most problems.

If you encounter difficulties, but They may take a few Days to resolve, please contact Us at one of two Mailboxes: on average, the request Is processed within - days, but If the problem is complex, It may take a little Longer to resolve it.

You can't directly influence The speed of getting a Response, but you can make It easier to review your application. comfortable for the caliper employee: We will try to help You as quickly as possible. However, if you have a Problem that prevents you from Playing, you can also use A faster way to contact The poker support service. A hotline is available for You all day long, handling Urgent requests from players. You can check the current Phone number directly in the Client – in the online Help window.

Different numbers are provided for Different countries

The call is charged according To your carrier's tariffs. You can save money on A call using Skype. Through this program, a minute Of conversation will cost only Euro cents. On our official website, as Well as in the client, You can write to support Via an online chat. How to do it: the Operator will connect to the Conversation within a few minutes. This method of communication is Suitable for solving urgent gaming Issues related, for example, to Account hacking, bugs in the Client, delay in calculating the Deposit, etc.

Please note that online chat Is not always available available.

If this is the case, Use a different communication method Or look for the necessary Information in the help section. You can try to solve Your problem yourself, especially if It concerns General game moments. To avoid waiting for a Response from the support service, Try searching for the necessary Information in the "Online help" section. Here you will find answers To all common user questions: You can get To this Section through the official website Of poker. The link to it is Located at the bottom of The main page.

And if you still couldn'T find the answer you Need, please use the feedback form.

Yes, you can use any Of the four methods. Mobile software supports the client'S functionality in this direction.

Pokerdom affiliate Program, Pokerdom Friends

The program's operating principle Is as simple as possible

The founders of the PokerDom Poker room care about their Users and do everything to Ensure that they are always In the black

Another step in this direction Is the creation of the Pokerdom Friends partner program.

The affiliate program provides everyone With the opportunity to earn Extra money outside the poker table. The operating principle of the Poker room's affiliate program, Terms and conditions, how much You can earn, and user Restrictions can be found in More detail in the review. The Pokerdom affiliate program is A great way to reward Players for their activity with A cash bonus to their Personal account. You don't have to Play to earn money by Risking your money, it is Enough to invite friends and Acquaintances, encouraging them to play On the portal.

Pokerdom pays interest for inviting New players to the poker Room who will bet with Real money.

If invited users, in turn, Also attract friends to the Game, the amount of payments increases. After that, you will receive An email with an internal Link – you must click On it to link the Email address to the created profile.

The maximum number of referral Levels is five

In the personal account of The partner portal, the user Receives a promo code that Will be used by friends When registering for the Poker House or a link to Social networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram. Friends register via a link Or promo code, top up Their account with real money, And win back $ of rake. After that, a cash reward Is added to the Pokerdom Friends account, which can be Used for games in the Poker room or withdraw to Your account. To become a member of The affiliate program, you need To register. First, you create a profile In the Poker House, then You need to register on.

To do this, click the "Join" button on the main Page, enter your PokerDom username, Email address, and password.

Then click "Join the club". Registration is not completed until The email address is verified. After linking the mailbox to Your account, social media links And a promo code appear In your merchant profile, and Statistics on attracting friends are available. An active user of the Portal and a novice can Become a member of Pokerdom Friends. You can share the link With your friends and acquaintances, But this is not prohibited. It doesn't matter how The user offers to register – by advertising on their Own website, on forums, or In social networks – in Any case, they will receive A monetary reward. When placing a link on Your site, it is important To pay attention so that The room's advertising is Not displayed spam. The affiliate program keeps track Of players who clicked on The link and registered automatically. Session statistics are reflected in Your merchant profile. The more people involved, the Greater the profit – income From the affiliate program. Information related to payments for Attracting users is provided on The portal in the "Commissions" section. The referral program includes five levels. The first player is paid, Rubles or $. If this user brings another Friend, then $ or, rubles will Be credited to the account. The third level of the Program allows you to get$ Rubles, the fourth – eight Dollars rubles, and the fifth - $ Or rubles. The exchange rate is fixed, One dollar is equal to rubles. In other words, the user May not even be familiar With the friends of friends Who were later brought to The PokerDom site, but they Will still receive money for them. For payments it is essential That all clients have been verified. That is, for each player The user receives a certain Percentage, which is added up And paid twice a month. The first payment is made Before the th day and The second payment is made Before the last day of The calendar month.

It is difficult to say How much a user will Earn for attracting players, it All depends on the number Of attracted players.

The more new people sign Up via a social media Link or promo code, the Higher the revenue.

As an additional motivation, Pokerdom Often holds contests and promotions Among its partners. Affiliate program participants, who have The most registered players in The poker room, will receive Cash rewards, bonuses, modern gadgets, etc. The withdrawal method must be Specified in your merchant profile. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $.

Such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro plastic cards, Ecopayz, WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, and Neteller Systems are available.

You can't register multiaccounts In the poker room to Earn money. Service the security service strictly Monitors this. If multiaccounts are detected, the User will be permanently blocked And all profits on the Account will be confiscated. Other restrictions: it is forbidden To offer part of your Profit to customers who are Listed on the poker portal, And you can not use Email spam to attract users. So, PokerDom allows you to Earn money not only at The gaming table, but also For attracting new users. If you have any questions Regarding the work of the Partner program, please contact our Support service by sending us An email.

Real money Poker

Download and install the poker Room software easily enough

Nowadays, almost every user of The global network has heard About online pokerMore than half of them Tried their hand at virtual Tables, which were provided either By poker rooms or applications Of various social networks. The vast majority of poker Players perceive this game as Entertainment and very few, risking Their savings, open real accounts To play poker.Playing poker for real money Can cause fear only for A beginner who has no Idea about the principles of The game or the gameplay itself. Therefore, in order to open A real account and try To get some money from The game together with the Pleasure of the game, you Need to spend a little Time and effort in order To get trained in theory And practice playing for virtual Chips to get comfortable in The poker room. Playing poker for real money Has many differences from playing For fun virtual chips.

The differences are just as Significant as the difference between A pipe and an electronic Cigarette or a regular beer From a non-alcoholic one.

Having never played poker before, The difference between playing for Real money and playing with Virtual chips can be understood By traders who practiced on A demo account at the Beginning of their career.The player can become the Champion of free poker and Earn money billions of candy Wrappers, but he will only Waste his time. A very big misconception of Novice players is that they Are sure of the benefits Of a game of interest, Which is not suitable for Anything other than using the Buttons in the poker room.

Playing for real money makes You feel responsible about the game.

Rash actions disappear immediately after Each bet placed becomes real money. In a virtual money game, It is very easy to Support a bet of any Size just to see what Cards the opponent had.Only in a real-money Game, bluffing and semi-bluffing, Which are an integral part Of poker, make sense, since They are the ones that Can help you win a Rather impressive pot without having A strong combination in your Hands due to your decisive actions.

If bluffs and semi-bluffs Don't work when playing Candy wrappers, then the correct Application of these techniques in Live money games gives about Half of the winnings.

Today, most countries play poker For real money banned, and Russia is one of those countries. But that doesn't mean It's impossible to try Your hand at being a Poker player. If you can't play In a casino at real Tables, then you can play Poker on the Internet without Breaking the law. The Internet is full of Sites that offer a huge Number of varieties and options For playing poker. All sites for poker enthusiasts Can be divided into specialized Poker rooms and casino or Bookmaker sites, where poker is Only a variation of the Games available there. For those who have decided To try themselves as a Poker player who is engaged In poker to earn money, Bookmakers and online casinos should Not be of any interest.When choosing a poker room To play poker for real Money, you can take into Account and sort through many Parameters, but the main one Will be financial security and The level of data protection. In order to to choose The safest poker room, you Need to pay attention to Its popularity. It so happens that the Higher the rating of the Room, the stronger the financial Security of customers is ensured And its image is maintained. However, by transferring their money To any poker room, the Player somehow risks them, which Is confirmed by the story With the Full Tilt Poker Room that happened a few Years ago.An integral criterion when choosing A poker room is the Ability to Deposit and withdraw Funds through various payment systems. Therefore, before opening an account, The player should familiarize himself With the list of payment Systems that are supported by The room and determine whether These options are suitable for him.The process of attracting new Players is greatly influenced by Various bonus offers for potential customers. They are available in every Poker room and in the Form of various incentive promotions, Including an increase in the First Deposit, unique tournaments and Loyalty programs. If you consider that the Game if the game is Played for real money, and Bonuses are added to the Poker account, then they will Never be superfluous. Once a novice player is Fully confident that they want To play poker for real Money, all they have to Do is choose a poker Room and download the poker software. Once your real account is Credited, there is no need To immediately jump into the World of poker with your head.

Even if a player has Tens of thousands of hands Of candy wrapper poker under Their belt, they are new To real money poker and Need to watch the game From the outside at the Very beginning.

His first poker table is Open to both beginners and Regulars professional players. In order for the game Of poker to bring in Addition to pleasure and earnings, You need to be able To choose the right game Strategy and opponents, while not Forgetting about money management and emotions.The Foundation for future success In your poker career is The proper use of money management. The main factor in managing Your gaming account it is A correct and balanced assessment Of their capabilities.

Of course, everyone wants to Hit a big jackpot by Taking a risk in a High-stakes game, but in Order not to have to Make a new portion of Money to your gaming account, You need to start with The minimum limits.

Playing at micro-limits will Not give the player huge Winnings, but they will be Able to gain experience and Not lose their bankroll. As soon as the player'S bankroll grows to a Certain value and self-confidence Appears, you need to move On to the next limit, And if for some reason The game does not work Out, turning into a losing Streak, you should lower the Limit.

Combination calculator Poker software and payment systems PokerStrategy Forum

According to your description, flopzilla looks optimal

(*** To learn poker and get free poker capital, you must activate JavaScript in your browserFor more information and to change the settings, check out that-i.e. when the cards are closed, it will be able to modulate the maximum number of hands and will display statistics on the poker main combinations, which combinations are most often revealed at max. Also there you can see the chances of catching different ones combinations on the flop. But the chances for some preflop hand to collect some combination from the preflop all the way to the river are not shown there.

There are ready-made tables of chances to collect a combination from preflop to river.

Perhaps there are such tables on PokerStrategy, or search for them through Google on competitors sites, you can't give links to competitors here.

There is also a free Propokertools PQL, which counts such queries and returns the result. But you need to know English there, otherwise it will take too long to understand the query language syntax.

You can also use MS Excell or any of its analogs to write sets of numbers into table cells using the C(x,y) operator and see the total probability of collecting a particular combination or several, on any street, for any conditions that you specify.

It is inexpensive and can do almost all of this

it will be able to modulate the total number of hands and display statistics on the main poker combinations, which combinations are most common) Moment -the Calculation is needed in such a form that it displays probability for each of the above combinations the fact that the distribution will end with this particular combination in PQL, you can do this. But it takes a long time to understand the syntax of how to enter the request correctly. You can also use Excel, but it takes a very long time to register a chain of calculations in Excel. Moreover, for other starting cards, you will need to re-register half of the chain - this is very inefficient. And in PQL, you learned the query language once and get results one by one, even in hundreds. If you need only one calculation for the starting cards that are shown in your picture, then you should not study them yourself. It is more profitable to pay someone to make something ready for you. Hi! Tell me pliz, who uses Equilab. It's just that I have such a problem that he considers some distributions for a sooooo long time, or is this the norm? Why does time depend at all? From the computer or from the program itself? My old man is not rich in RAM, only Gb, MB so. Sometimes it seems to me that the calculation goes on forever. Maybe this is a bug at all? This is a poker bug, Yes. A full search for a large number of combinations is very long, because there is a lot of sorting to do. It will be the same in all software versions. Therefore, if your task has too many combinations to iterate through (for example, multipot in wide spectra), then just switch the mode from full search to Monte Carlo, the latter gives only a microscopic error, but the result is immediately ready on the screen, no need to wait. Copy that, thank you very much! And please tell me, do I understand correctly that you don't have to wait until the end in Monte Carlo mode? The margin of error won't be very large if we say stop when -K games are counted? A complete bust is really superfluous.

Monte Carlo gives quite acceptable accuracy.

But about when to stop - it is necessary to conduct a couple of experiments on your own computer. Like K is almost no different from the result when you wait until the end. What do you think about the Simple Nash calculator? A good basic level calculator. And they've been giving it away for free for a long time. And the better ones are already paid, but still cheap too, HRC and ICEMizer in the first place. A good basic level calculator. And they've been giving it away for free for a long time.

And the better ones are already paid, but still cheap too, HRC and ICEMizer in the first place.

Omaha calculator, how to use, popular services

Not only beginners prefer to play Omaha, but a large number of professionals come to this discipline after several years of experience in hold'em

And the first thing they encounter is that the game has very different probabilities, odds, and outs.

Getting used to new indicators "on the go" is easy impossible, it will take years of practice and thousands of hours spent at the table. Obviously, very few people can be satisfied with such a prospect, so to solve the problem, various software programs were created that do mathematical and other calculations for the player. Most rooms on the network prohibit the use of third-party software, so as not to create an expansion of experienced players. However, no one can ban Omaha calculator - a small program for calculating the odds in the current round. Of course, it cannot replace full-featured programs, but the help can be very significant. It is recommended to use the calculator not only for "green" players, but also for experienced poker players.

The tool allows you to calculate the probability of winning with an accuracy of up to tenths of percent, as well as the probability of losing in the current round.

The programs work very simply: A simple, but at the same time very convenient to use calculator can be found on the CardPlayer website.

In addition, there are additional tools for tracking statistics, calculating outs and chances, and detailed analysis of hands already played. The software is in English, but the menu is intuitive and no one should have any problems. If you need more "advanced" software, you can use the Omaha Indicator. The software, in addition to the calculator, has other useful functions: calculating odds and outs and many other additional features. The program starts working immediately after entering the data of the starting hand, and it is absolutely not necessary to open it in a separate window, the software can be placed directly on top of the lobby room. Either side by side or at the bottom, settings allow you to control the location of the entire screen. Omaha Indicator supports about of the most popular online rooms around the world, and adapts perfectly to any of them. Another useful feature is the collection of statistics about the game of each opponent, the program analyzes their style and awards each of them specific status. Based on this knowledge, you can build a successful strategy and increase your chances of winning. It is not necessary to sit at the game table, the software is able to collect information about any competitors, "watching" them from afar. Thus, you can enter the game already having full information about each opponent. For completely inexperienced players, there is another additional feature-notification of game situations and possible actions. A professional can guess them on their own, and novice poker players can skip them, but Omaha Indicator will not allow you to do this. Therefore, you can not be afraid to miss the opportunity to collect a strong hand and break the pot. Thanks to the intuitive menu and high-quality interface, using the software is very easy and convenient. Ignorance of the English language is not an obstacle, just learn the basic poker terms and everything will fall into place.

An alternative to Omaha Indicator can be OmahaChecker from pokersmartstudio developers or omahacalculator.

Both options are as functional as each other, and you can also calculate probabilities, odds, and outs in them. There is a tool for analyzing opponents and other useful features. Omaha calculators are equally useful for both professionals and Amateurs. The former can significantly save time, while the latter can correctly assess their chances of success and avoid ridiculous mistakes. The debate over the use of Omaha calculators continues to this day. Some are of the opinion that this is unfair and leads to the degradation of the poker player as an independent player.

Others, on the contrary, are sure that thanks to such software, the learning rate increases significantly.

And after some time, the user will learn to independently determine the chances of success. In any case, everyone decides for themselves whether to use the programs or not.

GGPokerOK – a New poker Room with A generous bonus.

GGPokerOK is a new poker Room that opened in

Its founder was the Asian Gambling company Good Game NetworkShe bought up the bankrupt LotusPoker, paid off its debts In full. Such honesty and transparency quickly Attracted enthusiasts of poker in The poker room. Register for GGPokerOK according to The instructions on the Official Website, it immediately attracts the Attention of players and causes respect.

The poker room is designed To the smallest detail and Has a Russian-language localization.

This is a respected and Reputable company.

Advantages of the Ggbox interface: Easy navigation. Visitors are offered several types Of poker, tables with different Buy-ins, tournaments, "fast" tables. Navigation is familiar and intuitive. Each table is presented quite Realistically thanks to HD graphics. During the game, you can View your hand history, current Pot, and also have an Online chat. In addition to poker, the Platform will delight the seekers Of gambling entertainment with other games. For example, there are licensed Company slots and online casinos. A special feature of Ggpokerok Is the backing exchange. In other words, tournament participants Except rebuy have the opportunity To put up shares for sale.

Software development was handled by Nsus International

Thus, you can make good Money on this. You can only sell your Shares after registering for the tournament. Availability an account is a Prerequisite for those who want To play in the poker room. It consists of two stages: Registration itself and identification. You can only open your Merchant profile once. You need to perform the Following steps: Verification is carried Out through the Cashier. Players will have to send A scan or photo of Their passport to confirm their identity. At the end of the Procedure, you can request a No Deposit bonus of $ via Support, activate $ in the form Of tickets for the first Deposit. The poker room is new, But with a good reputation. The conditions here are created In such a way that Every visitor will feel comfortable. This includes beginners who have No experience playing online poker. Tables with a minimal buy-In will be a pleasure, As well as bonus support. As for the pros, they Will appreciate the selection of Players, smooth and fast payment Of money.

Poker in Kiev - the Best sports Poker tournaments In the City

Poker tournament was played at Home online

In, the Ukrainian authorities legalized Tournament poker, recognizing that it Is not just a gambling Game, it is also an Intellectual gameSince then, Kiev has begun To regain its laurels as The CIS poker capital.

No meetings have been held Over the past year due To the pandemic.

A Freeroll is not always A tournament for everyone

Let's hope that soon Life will boil over and We will be able to Meet the players face to Face again. In the meantime, he will Tell newcomers what these events Are like in General. Here is a list of Establishments and events that have Been certified by the USPF Ukrainian sports poker Federation. In addition, there are many Unofficial places in Kiev that Also play poker. But they are not controlled By the USPF, so such Clubs are illegal. Online poker tournament – you Can play from anywhere of The world. Moreover, you can get a Ticket for free if you Collect bonuses in the poker Room or as a gift For a Deposit. When choosing a poker room, Pay attention to what tournaments There are, what is the Limit, types of games, and So on. Beginners, of course, are most Interested in free poker tournaments. A Freeroll is a tournament Without an entry fee, although It is worth noting that The terms no fee and Free do not always mean The same thing. In such tournaments, the prize Pool is created not at The expense of players bets, But at the expense of The Freeroll organizers mainly for Advertising purposes. Participants of the contest can Win not only money, but Also a variety of prizes, As well as tickets to Major poker tournaments then they Are called satelits freeroll.

In some tournaments of this Type, only invited persons can participate.

Various poker rooms with freerolls Have special requirements, for example, You will need to top Up your Deposit to the Minimum amount or dial on The site a certain number Of points also for money. Sometimes the money won in A tournament cannot be immediately Cashed out – it must Be used on the poker Site for further games. But still, most large operators Meet their customers halfway, without Setting any restrictions on winning. Free tournaments are very popular And have a number of Advantages, especially for beginners. They do not require any Monetary contributions and teach patience, One of the most important Qualities of poker players. Experienced players are skeptical about freerolls. They claim that they can'T feel the real spirit Of poker in such competitions, And they consider freerolls a Good entertainment for those who Want to kill time. Of course, the level of Free tournaments is much lower Than the level of cash Games, and bluffing practically does Not play any role.

To download GG Poker VN v. APK Mod

With easy-to-play but Difficult skill characteristics requiring perseverance And high technology, the game Always gives players an exciting Moment at every last minute.GG Poker VN has been Developed by a highly qualified Technical team, giving players the Most amazing experience.With many types of games And tournaments ranging from attractive, Major events to unique rewards, Believes G

Poker VN will be a Spiritual food essential for all players.Download the game and enjoy Hours of fun right along GG Poker VN!.

Poker statistics Online, sites Poker stats

It takes some time to Notice the trends in the game

Do I need to do Poker statistics? Why record keeping for a Game of cards? For many,there is nothing More boring than graphs, tables, And other dreary math

But any serious poker Pro Will say that they are Constantly working with statistical tables And charts, making a lot Of money with their help.

After all, statistical accounting in Poker is very important and In order to succeed, it Is necessary. You don't have to Deal with the painstaking accounting Of the results of each hand.You can easily entrust this To special software for collecting statistics.

But regularly record how much Money was won and lost, How much was deposited to The account and withdrawn from The poker room – this Point is mandatory and you Need to carefully monitor such things.

Your notebook should contain information About everything that seemed important At the time of winning A big pot or Vice Versa, when you got into trouble. You need to record information About what limits were played, How long the session lasted, And how many players were At the game table.

But you can't lie To yourself to make your Statistics work

What is the most important Thing for keeping online poker statistics? Careful monitoring of your bankroll. You need to be clear About how much you have Spent and where you have Spent it, how much money Is being spent in poker Rooms, where you have succeeded And where you have failed.If there are several accounts, Then it's very easy To get confused. But the statistical notebook will Allow you to track everything carefully. If you play at multiple Limits, then you need to Keep separate control of the Game at each level. This will allow you to Better understand what is happening And you will be able To follow trends in development, Noticing errors in time, if any. Do not think that the Collected statistics will give an Instant return. This is not true. If you try to keep Records for several months, you Will be able to find patterns. Having accumulated a certain amount Of information, you can draw Far-reaching correct conclusions, understand When to play better and More conveniently, and how to Achieve regular success. Accurate statistics can be a Big help in improving your game. Any serious Pro will confidently Tell you that, according to Their notes, they can even Remember those sessions that they Played a very long time ago. Your statistics should reflect only The actual state of Affairs With the game and then, If there are problems, you Can notice them in time And adjust your game. Do not forget about the Use of assistants. These ARE software and poker Statistics sites. The use of such assistants For the collection of statistics Allows us to simplify the Accumulation of your database. Very good programs for recording Played hands are distributed online. One of them is Poker Tracker. It is used by many Players, so you should also Use this app.

Hacking Texas Poker. Cheat on Chips.

Now it has become a Real reality

- this is a great Opportunity to plunge into the World incredible excitement and card Playing skillsProbably, every avid gambler at Least once dreamed of unlimited Access to chips or game currency. Everything is extremely simple! First, download the installation file. Next, you will need to Run a program that will Perform the entire procedure offline.

The main task of development Is to qualitatively edit the Game code that is responsible For a certain parameter in The entertainment application.

hacking Texas Poker will give You chips and effectively blocks The appearance of advertising clips That are very annoying during The game. Development from the KamaGames Studio Has learned quite high-quality And popular in the gaming environment.

it is a card application On the Android platform

The app is designed for Real poker lovers. The player will have to Show all his skills that He has. You will be able to Meet in a card battle With millions of other players From different parts of the world. World rational thought and boundless Excitement is completely open to you. Gain a lot of experience, Train your patience and tactical skills. Meet new friends will be Guaranteed! Use guru tips and win tournaments. Hacking Texas Poker is an Application that will provide you With a stock of chips. Now you don't need To spend a huge amount Of time pumping up your Profile and accumulating a decent Amount of money. Everything has become much more Accessible to you. For example, the restriction on Major tournaments will be lifted For your personal account. You will get a real Opportunity to share the cards And table with the best gamers. New combinations, high stakes, General Recognition, clever tactics, challenging opponents. All this is now at Your disposal. Feel free to practice new Strategies of playing the game And carefully play for a raise. You will be able to Take pride of place in The overall rating table. Players at the table will Like your profile and be Wary applies to your promotion During the card placement process. Use your bluff rationally and Be successful! Universal hacking blocks the activity Of the main server in Case the player's account Is frozen. The program is absolutely safe For your personal gadget, as It is regularly checked by Antivirus programs. I can't stand pumping Accounts, I would have collected Chips for a year. I didn't know how To hack Texas Poker, so Thank you. Hold on, poker players!.

Can I Download a Mobile poker Club to My

The room client was developed Back in by Afina Interactive

Mobile poker club is a Poker room that focuses mainly On mobile devicesWorks on almost all operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone And even Java phone versions exist. Currently, more than million users Are registered in the room, More than a thousand tournaments Are held every day, and About thousand players participate in The game every day. Such indicators raise the Mobile Poker club to the th Place in the world ranking Of poker rooms, which is A good indicator, given that There are thousands of such resources. Although the mobile poker club Is focused on mobile devices, You can also play on A personal computer. Which is even more convenient In contrast to the game On the phone, because you Do not need to download And install the client. The only thing is that Before you sit down at The table, you will have To go through a quick Registration of your account. Mobile poker club on your Computer has a very simple And easy-to-use interface.

You can start the game Immediately on the site

In the upper-left corner Are the main buttons - "my Club" and "lobby". The first button takes you To your account in the Poker room or to the Registration field, if you haven'T created an account yet. The second button opens the lobby. There are two options to Choose from: "quick start" and "List". In the first option, you Can simply set the basic Table search settings, the type Of game, and you will Be put at a random table. In the second window, you Will see a table with Cash tables and tournaments.

You can also find the Game in a simplified way By using search filters.

The games available are no-Limit Texas hold'em and Pot limit Omaha. For beginners, there are regular Freerolls with a prize pool From $ to $. So on the site it Is quite possible to promote From scratch.

And those who want to Play immediately for serious money Will receive a Deposit bonus Of up to $.

To attract more users, the Mobile poker club has launched A loyalty program that applies To all users of the Poker room. Most of the bonuses are Awarded to players who have Chosen this room as the Place of their permanent game. But it is worth saying That it concerns only playing For real money. If if you play freerolls Or choose tables with conditional Chips, then no changes will occur. The loyalty program is based On the accrual of special Bonuses so-called Mobile Player Points. Cash tables earn bonus points For every dollar of rake. Bonus points are distributed evenly Among the players at the table. For example, if there are Poker players at the table, The pot in the hand Was $, of which the room Takes cents as a rake. This means that this table Is awarded MPR point, which Is divided among all players Each player will receive.

The player can get up To of the reyback maximum.

Bonus points can later be Exchanged for goods from the Internal store or even for Real money. At the same time, the Player will receive a minimum Rakeback from. But the loyalty program is Not limited to this. Users who constantly choose to Play a Mobile poker club On their computer can get A special status. If for if the user Was able to score MPR, Then he gets the status Silver, if MPR-Gold,-Elite. Each status has its own Coefficient, which is multiplied by The number of bonus points Received by the user. So, Silver increases the bonus Points increment by. times, Gold by times and Elite by. This way you can get Even more money back.

But there are also some Restrictions that apply to statuses.

To maintain their status, players Need to earn the same Number of bonus points as They received last month. Otherwise, his status will be Lowered to the level that Corresponds to the points earned. The poker room has a Rating system for players of SnG tournaments and MTT. Rating points are awarded to Players who have won prizes In tournaments. These points are awarded according To a special formula the Prize pool for SnG tournaments Consists of rake of tournaments That participated in the promotion During the month. To calculate the size you Can get the prize pool If you add up all The rating points accrued for The month. The MTT prize pool is Calculated as follows. points equals cent. Prize payments for ranked players Occur at the end of Each month. At the same time, the Prize pool is awarded to The top players with the Highest rating. It is quite possible to Play a Mobile poker club On a computer. It's even easier than On a mobile app, because The client doesn't have To download and install on Their computer. There is a browser version. All you need to do Is register your account and You can start playing immediately.

You can find detailed reviews Of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and The latest news-all this Can be found on the Pages of our resource.

Poker rules For beginners

You can use them to Create new combinations

Poker is a popular card Game that can be played, For example, with a friend Or even in a casinoa large company. And if you are an Adventurous and adventurous person, then Be sure to find out And learn all the rules! The history of poker goes Back almost to the middle Ages, because some believe that This game is more than Years old.

Then a new trading round Is held

But the first mention of A similar game dates back To the XVI century. And it appeared in Europe, And at first it was Played in Spain, Italy and France, but the rules were Somewhat different.

There was a time when Poker was considered almost a National game in the United States.

And the name probably comes From the English "pochen", which Translates as" knock " the goal Of the poker game is To become the owner of The pot. And you can achieve this By using different actions, the Choice and sequence of which Will depend on your strategy, As well as on the Drop-down cards. Poker is not the most Difficult game, but it is Also not as simple as It may seem at first Glance, because to play it And win, you will have To follow the other players And use your knowledge of Psychology, as well as think Logically and calculate the moves In advance. And the rules of the Game for beginners will help You understand everything. In classic so-called Texas Hold'em poker, each player Is dealt two cards. And after the distribution, trading Begins, which will consist of Several rounds. The so-called dealer, i.e. the host, deals with the Distribution and collection of the Bet money or chips. And in order to encourage Everyone to play actively, he Can take bets from two Participants on his left before The start of trading. So, when all the cards Are dealt, the first round Of bidding begins. Each player evaluates their cards And, depending on their combination, Can perform the following actions: The First round of trading Ends when all players have Made equal bets that is, Equalized them or discarded their cards. If there is more than One player left in the Hand after the first round, Then three community cards flop Are placed on the table. If and after the second Round in if there are Still several people in the Hand, then another community card Is laid out on the Table, called the turn. After that, the auction starts again. If there is still more Than one player in the Game after the second round, Then the last community card Is laid out – the river. Then another final round of Trading begins. And if more than one Player claims the pot, then All participants are "revealed", that Is, they show their cards.

The winner is the one Whose combination is considered a Winning one.

There is another way to Win: make a bet that None of the players will Not be able to repeat. In this case, all participants Can simply discard their cards. So, in poker the possible Combinations they are listed in Ascending order, i.e. with the lowest and insignificant: To play poker has been Easier as a guy and Girl, should learn the most Common terms used by experienced players.

Here are some of them: Nonsense, in a word! Who wrote this article? To bet, that is, to Place a bet bet.

Raise the bet, that is, Bet more than your opponents.

Machine vs Human: artificial Intelligence beat Humans in

Lost to artificial intelligence

The Libratus Algorithm won almost $ Million after the twenty-day Brains VS Artificial Intelligence poker Tournament at the Rivers casino In PittsburghWe are already used to The fact that computer programs Can beat professional players in Checkers or chess-games in Which opponents can see each Other's hand on the Board and, in accordance with This, think through their moves For example, here. With poker, the situation is Different: players have no idea About the cards of their Opponents - artificial intelligence cannot calculate everything. Except in addition, the advantage Of a person in this Game is the presence of Intuition and, accordingly, the ability To calculate whether the opponent Is bluffing. The program started winning from People starting from the first Days of the tournament. At first, players experimented, believing That they could easily find Flaws in the program and Tried different strategies. Then they tried to play With the computer as with A person, but nothing worked. Although the live participants managed To close the gap with The program on the sixth Day of the competition, after That the program only began To play stronger. According to the participants, they Felt that they were playing Against a very strong player, And a player who knows How to bluff. Libratus from lat.

This is an improved program Called Claudico, which lost to Live poker players in a Similar tournament in.

Libratus only knew the basics Of poker. For a long time, the Algorithm played with itself and Through millions of hands, determined The winning combinations. Researchers believe that winning the Program is just the result Of hard practice. During the days of the Tournament, participants spent an average Of hours a day at The computer, then prepared for The next day, developed a Game strategy, and then went To bed. Notably, Libratus wasn't created Exclusively for playing poker. The program can assess risks When playing on the stock Exchange, think through a treatment Plan, and even conduct negotiations. This is what blog traffic For looks like by month. This is more than THREE MILLION views per month, including Not only logged in to LiveJournal, but also any views From search engines.

At the same time, about A MILLION users arrive per month.

Google Analytics statistics for the Month of But this is nonsense. I once years ago, I Wrote a Pascal simple program - The game 'battleship'. The program was randomized and Won approximately of the time. And although absolute randomness in The computer does not exist Even now and then. even more so, the randomize Algorithm was clearly not sharpened To win in "Sea battle". It is necessary not to Play once, but to play - Years to various players against This algorithm.

Then you will see whether He won by chance or not.

Balance is a program created At Carnegie University

With weiqi aka Guo - the Same thing. It is necessary that Elohim Has organized hundreds of parties With the best and not The players, not just - times Beat the current champion. So far, everything can easily Be attributed to chance.

And it is very likely That this will be true.

the tournament lasted days. The game requires very high Nervous tension.

I think the players brains Just fused and boiled over During this time - and then It's not far from The most constructive error.

A car doesn't do that. This increases the probability of randomness. Well, the fatigue of live Players also plays a significant Role, as rightly stated below. The fact is that no One sets a goal to Write a program that will Beat everyone in poker or Go - such a program will Not bring income, even approximately Similar to the development cost. The first few tournaments will Attract spectators, and then, when It becomes obvious that she Is winning from everyone, no One will go to her matches. And only world Champions will Buy it for training, but They also have limited funds: Only the crowd has an Unlimited amount of money. On December, the new "Master" Account started playing games with Go professionals on the Tygem Go server, and on January, It moved to the FoxGo Go server. On January, DeepMind confirmed that An updated version was playing For Master and another earlier Magister account and won all Games played on each server. At the end of all Games, deepmind co-founder Demis Hassabis tweeted: "looking forward to Official full go matches later In, in collaboration with go Organizations and experts." Master played games a Day and quickly caught the Attention of many Tygem server Players with his exceptional skills.

Many have been quick to Suspect that it The AI Is a player, since there Were either no breaks between Games, or they lasted very little.

World Champions such as Ke Jie, Park Jung hwan, Yuta Yiyama, To jiaxi, mi Yuting, Shi Yue, Chen yaoe, Li Qincheng, GU Li, Chang Hao, Tang Weixin, fan Tingyu, Zhou Ruiyang, Jiang Weijie, Zhou Junxiong, Kim Jisok, Kang Dong Yoon, Park Yong Hoon, Won Sungjin Became opponents of the Master.World silver medalists: Lian Xiao, Tan Xiao, Meng tailing, Dan Yifei, Huang Yunsun, Yang dingxin, Shin Jinso, Cho Hanseung, Ahn Sungjoon. All but one of the Games were fast with three -Or -second beemis, but in The Non-Weiping game, Master Suggested increasing the beemis to One minute due to the Latter's advanced age. After winning games, Master revealed In a chat that it Is managed by Dr. Of course, it was hard For players that they did Not see the face of The artificial intelligence face and Could not guess what was On its hands from its expression. But the AI couldn't Analyze the state either players. Or was he spying on Them at cards? that's right, I wrote Above that poker is still Psychology and nerves. And nerves on the face, Including in movements and facial Expressions and in sweat.

Although on the other hand, They also play Poker on Electronic platforms for example.

And there are whole tournaments Held and it always seemed To me that poker is A psychology, that is, experienced Players look at the behavior Of opponents - that is, it Is easier for the computer To fool opponents if there Is some way to convey Emotions in this computer poker.

Is it Worth playing Poker: all

When we learn something new, We can often feel helpless

Just as you can't Guarantee that a person will Like a movie, song, or Book that you recommend, there'S no way to know If a particular person should Play pokerThey may be too much Of a gambler, not a Fan of card games or Money games, and not able To cheat and we know That there is nothing to Do in poker without this skill. But we can tell you About the things that are Characteristic of poker and, simply Put, describe this game from Different angles so that a Person can understand it. the right impression of her. And he will have to Make a choice based on A very small amount of data. It's easier here. We seem to be part Of something, but we are Completely dependent. Therefore, many people may be Interested in how difficult it Is to learn how to Play poker. Should this question be split up? The first part is simply About the skill of the game. In other words, it is Important for us to know How much time will pass From the moment you start Learning the basics of the Game before you can place Bets in the game. Yes, this will not be Enough to participate in tournaments And cool draws, but you Will already be able to Sit at the table and Participate in hands on an Equal basis with others. It will not be superfluous To have the opportunity not Just to spend this half Hour reading, but almost immediately To sit down at the table. This way you will learn About everything in practice and Instantly get answers to any Questions that arise. And one more minor hitch It can occur with combinations.

There are only of them, And they are quite simple, But it is important to Know the nuances of their Collection, as well as the Power ratio.

So for the first couple Of days, you can play By looking at the hint. But this is a small matter. So, the first part probably Pleased you.

Just half an hour later, You can sit down at The table and start.

But how long will it Take to become a professional Who can earn large sums Of money, participate in large-Scale tournaments and really claim Championship titles? As they say, it depends. Only one thing is certain. This will take you at Least six months.

Moreover, all these months should Be devoted to playing and Developing your skills If you Play for an hour a Day after work and a Little more on weekends, but In order to achieve something More, then it may well Take several years.

Although if you do not Go too deep into the Theory and move without introspection, Then even after years you May not learn anything. So if in the question Of whether it is worth Playing in if you are Worried about how difficult it Will be to learn how To play poker, the answer Is: you can sit down To the table in half An hour. Once every few months, you Will increase the limit, which Will lead to an increase In prize money. And in one moment you Will feel that you can Already take part in major tournaments. But this will be preceded By hundreds of hours of practice. If you are not ready To make such sacrifices, then Either do not play, or Do not set too ambitious Goals for yourself. It is quite possible to Perceive poker only as entertainment. People who choose poker for Entertainment don't ask if They should play it. They just try and decide For themselves whether such entertainment Is suitable for them. The question of whether it Is worth playing poker is Asked by those who set Themselves the goal of making Money on it in the future.

And the next corollary – Is it even real? Just answer: Yes, you can.

A detailed answer is much Longer, but after it you Will know almost everything you need. Of course, the biggest money Turns in live poker. Not at a local poker Club, but at events of The WSOP and WPT scale. If you can directly buy Tickets to participate in them, Then do it if you Feel that your level will Allow you to win. Otherwise, study and attend local competitions. Regardless of the scale, real Poker teaches you a lot More, no matter how you Look at it. However, if you can't Just buy tickets to such Tournaments, then you can get To them for much less Money using online poker. And in itself, it is Fraught with additional advantages. So, you can play, starting, Literally, with one cent. This, of course, applies only To cache tables.

And the answer is very Inspiring: less than an hour

Although major poker rooms have Long been organizing extremely profitable Events, where for just $ you Can win prizes tens or Even hundreds of thousands of Times more. In fact, this is quite Simple in poker. But there are also additional Ways to increase capital, which Simply cannot be ignored to tell. There are a few things That are not immediately obvious, But you need to be Aware of before making a Final decision about whether to Play poker and make a Deposit. Of course, you will hear More than once about the Need to control your own Emotions, how difficult it really Is to play, and much more. But it doesn't hurt To be prepared for this. First, emotions can prevent you From winning. In a short-term victory, This affects your "readability", that Is, opponents easily understand from Your face, behavior, or actions What your cards or intentions are. In the long run, they Result in the ability to Make informed decisions. Secondly, these are downstreams. These are the periods of The game when you lose Most of the hands many Times in a row. The most interesting thing is That it may be a Matter of simple statistics, but You can never know for sure. Therefore, it will often happen That you will have a Decline in statistics, and this Will also affect the fact That you will play worse. It turns out a vicious circle. You can get out of It only by stopping playing, Which not everyone is able To do.

The next important point to Consider before deciding whether to Play poker is your attitude To the game.

At first, the opportunity to Earn good money just by Playing is given out to Be super-enticing.

But you need to understand That even this gets some Routine features over time.

You have to keep track Of your bankroll, come up With tactics, sometimes take forced Breaks, play at night, and Much, much more Yes, someone Does this additionally-that is, Plus some other activity, but This probably creates extra interest. If you only play poker All the time, then it Ceases to be so interesting And unique. The danger is that if You play this way, you May not love poker at all. It turns out that the Question of whether to play Poker is extremely complex, as Well as the answer to it. You should consider: If you Have responsibly considered all these Issues and are able to Solve them so, the answer To the question of whether To play poker is obvious To you.

PokerStars-the Best poker Game on Android -: Everything you

Poker is one of the Most popular card games of All time

In fact, there are many Different ways and variants of The game – play online Or offline on a personal Computer, tablet or smartphoneTherefore, today we will tell You about one equally impressive Application – PokerStars. Well, let's take a Closer look at how poker Is played on Android devices. About one million people have Installed the PokerStars online game, And It boasts hundreds of Thousands of daily active users. This game is completely free, Which means you don't Have to spend real money On the Play store. Playing in   You will Get precious opit and increase Your level, because you will Have to play not with A robot, but with real People, of which there are A lot – more than, Daily players. With so many players, You'Ll never have to wait For a seat at the table.

As soon as you launch The app, you can start Your game immediately.

Although it's even easier That way play, because you Don't need to worry About following the rules to Withdraw bonuses! Unfortunately, PokerStars also doesn't Offer a no Deposit bonus, So you won't be Able to win As with Most gambling games, you'll Get free daily bonuses, regular Promotions, and of course micro-games.

These days, you don't Have to leave your home To play poker

Just for using your Facebook Account, you will receive, bonuses. You can also win from To bonuses by playing roulette. While playing at the table, Complete tasks, and you will Also be awarded money. PokerStars is a multilingual game, And Russian is one of them. In the game, the user Has access to minimal statistics: You can see how many Hands You have had, how Many tournament wins, the maximum Amount of money, and more.

In the game, you can Change avatars, although you will Have to pay a little For them, but it's More interesting to play, isn'T it? Trust your instincts, make the Most of your knowledge, bluff, Be ruthless against your opponents And win huge prizes money.

Game rules In Russian Poker, Russian Poker in Online casinos

Russian poker is a card Game that uses a deck Of or cards

This is a classic variety That was widely used in Casinos after the collapse of The USSRThe player's opponent is Not other players, but the dealer.

Therefore, Russian poker is primarily A casino game.

The player makes a mandatory Bet ante, after which the Dealer deals himself and the Player cards each.

Russian poker is most popular In Eastern Europe

The dealer's last card Is left open. So the player sees their Cards and one of the Dealer's cards. Now the player makes a Decision about their next action: He can fold, place a Bet, replace any number of Cards, and then play a bet.

buy the sixth card.

If the player decides to Replace the cards or buy A sixth card, he pays A fee in the amount Of one bet ante. If a player makes a Bet call, they and the Dealer reveal their cards. If the dealer does not Have any poker combinations or ACE and King cards, the Player receives a win in The amount of one mandatory Bet ante, regardless of what Cards the player has. If the dealer has a Certain combination, at least ACE And King cards, then the Combinations of the player and The dealer are compared. The winner is the one Who has collected the best combination. If a player wins, then One bet the size of The ante is not paid, And at the bet rate, He gets a win according To the paytable. In the Russian poker game, You can make two combinations.

Combinations are considered double if Different cards are used to Make them, i.e.

if cards from one combination Are not included in the Other combination. The payout for the double Combination is carried out according To the paytable. For the player you can Also buy the game to The dealer and insure your Combination by paying one bet The size of the ante. If the dealer does not Have a game, then the Player is paid insurance to, Otherwise the player loses the Insurance amount. A player applies insurance if He has a combination of At least three. The maximum amount of insurance Is equal to the amount Of the expected payment for The combination in full or In half. Sometimes in Russian poker, an Additional bonus bet is introduced, Which is also called a jackpot. This bonus bet can be Placed by the player on Each new round, regardless of Whether the dealer has a Game and whether the player Has won the game. The amount of bonus rate Payments is set by gambling establishments.The standard pay table Free Russian poker online from online Casino AdameveCasino Free Russian poker Online from online casino Willing Games in Russian poker we Will disappoint, the game is Only available in online casinos, As software on a computer With the game Russian poker Is not developed.

Big Poker Poker Fesses Butt Poker - Watch porn Movie

Every year, Damien hosts a Poker game at his country House, where he invites all His close friendsBut this time he decided To spice up the game A little by asking his Visitors to place a bet On one of the most Expensive things they can own Dear user, if you have Any difficulties viewing video clips On the site, please report The problem using the form below. We also recommend that you Read the Troubleshooting information for Video playback. Read the information.

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