Poker Mira For PC, Android and IPhone bonus VK

The prize pool of the Race is, there are prize places

Poker Mira is an actively Developing poker room is convenient To the client not only For PC but also for Mobile platforms Android and iOSFor registering with the NAPOKER Promo code, all new players Receive a no Deposit bonus Of the First are credited To the account within hours From the moment of registration, The rest in installments, for Every RP. Poker MIRA turns years Old To celebrate this holiday, the Room holds a Birthday Knockout Tournament with a guaranteed prize Pool of the Tournament will Be held in a bounty Format, so in addition to Guaranteed prize pool you will Receive additional rewards for the "Heads" Of your opponents From February to, our website holds Its own private rake race, Only for players registered with The bonus code NAPOKER.

You play – we pay For each completed task You get

All details are available on Our website: Poker MIRA announces The "Quest" promotion in a New format.

If you complete several tasks Consecutively, the bonus will be increased. On January, Poker Mira will Host a Christmas tournament with A $, guarantee. There are buy-ins for The tournament, but our players Can qualify completely free of Charge, in a private satellite From Na-Poker. The satellite Freeroll will take Place on January th at: Moscow Time, details can be Found here: Good news for Poker MIRA players, starting from Monday of next week December, The room administration will significantly Reduce the withdrawal time Now Cashouts of up to will Be withdrawn within a day. And the amounts are higher In just a few days, More precise information about the Cashout dates will be published On the room's website On Monday.

Libratus program Won more Than

No-limit Texas hold'em Was played at the tournament

The Libratus program developed by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States has won a Twenty-day poker tournament, writes New Scientistmillion worth of chips. According to the developers, the Algorithm trained for more than Million core hours, during which It analyzed its own weaknesses Of the game and mistakes Made by the opponent.

Libratus played, hands and won Over $

A University spokesperson pointed out That it was a David Versus Goliath battle, and our Libratus threw the stone accurately. At the same time, the Developers will not receive any Money for the victory of Their David, and the prize Pool, which amounted to thousand Dollars, will be divided between Live players.

How to Play poker: Rules for Beginners

Poker is a card game That differs from other card Games in themes, that here You play only for yourself, That is, not in a Team or a pairAlso, the main difference from Most gambling games is that You do not play against A gambling establishment, but against The same players as yourself. Naturally, this significantly increases your Chances of winning. There are also some types Of poker where you can Play against the casino, but We will not talk about Such options, as in most Cases, they are losing in advance. We have already repeatedly talked About the rules of the Game of poker in various Versions, so there is no Point in returning to this question. Let's just remind you That the rules are as Simple and accessible as possible, And you can learn them In just a few minutes. But mastering all the nuances, Tactics and strategies will take You a huge amount, not Only in the form of Practice, but also in theory. You can usually learn to Play poker in cardrooms, at Home, and on the Internet. The most popular versions of The game are SevenCardStud, TexasHold Em, FiveCardStud, OmahaHigh Low, OmahaHigh Razz. Nowadays, poker occupies a special Place of honor, primarily due To the fact that it Is possible to play online Without leaving your home or workplace. How to play poker correctly Is not particularly difficult to Learn, and you have to Improve your game throughout your life. This is a great opportunity To play without leaving your Home, in a comfortable and Cozy home environment. We have already talked about The most popular and high-Quality poker rooms, which are Worth paying attention to, due To a large number of Positive factors. Also often referred to as Offline poker, especially after the Introduction of online poker rooms. In fact, this is a Poker game in a cardroom Or casino, a little less Often in a poker club. Playing offline is much slower When compared to online poker. When playing live, the psychology Of poker is extremely important, Since you see your opponent, And he sees you and Is well versed in psychology The player can easily see Through your position quickly, paying Attention to your behavior.

All the most significant poker Events of the WSOP, EPT, And WPT are held live.

Perhaps this is due to The fact that the psychology And behavioral component plays a Very significant role. Professionals know very well how To win at poker by Exploiting the weakness of their Opponents.

Poker download For Android From the Official website In Russian

You'll need to download The VPN client first

poker for android is not Inferior to its desktop counterpart, But unfortunately you will not Be able to download it In the usual way through The Google play online store Due to the fact that Real money games are prohibited thereTherefore, searching for the latest Version of poker for Android On Google play is stupidly Useless: to download poker for Android, you need to go To the site mirror. Due to the blocking of Roskomnadzor, this is not easy To do, but it is possible. The Turbo VPN app, which Can be found in the Same Google Play store, is ideal. To connect to a VPN Network, just click on the Button with the image of A carrot, the only condition Is: before doing this, you Need to disconnect from Wi-Fi, otherwise the extension won'T work: After you can Easily download poker for Android From the official website in Any of the browsers installed On your phone. To do this, click on The menu button on the Main page: when it opens, Scroll down to Mobile version. In this section you can Download poker for Android free: Then on the new page You will need to ignore The warning and download the File apk on poker smartphone: If the phone has never Installed a third party application, When you try to install The client POPs up a Message saying that the device Is locked the installation of App from unknown sources. To unlock this feature, go To settings: you will Only Need to register. We recommend that you do This on your computer, as The no Deposit bonus may Pass you by when registering For the mobile version.

Play in high resolution is Incredibly convenient and cool

We also recommend downloading poker On your Samsung tablet or iPad. In addition to the above, There are also lots of Ways to download from androidapp. For example, you can scan The QR code poker on The official website: to do This, you need to install A QR code scanner on Your phone. Absolutely anyone will do, for Example, a QR code downloaded From the first link in Google Play. After installation, you need to Launch the scanner and point The camera at the computer Screen: it is Important that The phone has a good Enough camera, otherwise the app Will not be able to Understand the code. After decoding, you will receive A download link. However, to follow it, you Will still need to install A VPN client: an Attentive Reader will notice that you Can download the poker client For Android not only using A QR code, but also Via SMS messages. Unfortunately this method does not Work on the territory of Russia: But you can get The download link by email. To do this, just enter Your email address in a Special field on the site: To play your favorite poker For Android in Russian, you Need to change the default Language English to great and mighty. But many players get confused Not knowing what to do Before entering the lobby by Clicking on a specially trained Button: Poker on android has Two modes: play for real Money and play for fun.

You can switch between them In the lobby room: To Play poker on Android for Real money, you need to Top up your account.

You can do this directly Through the new version of The client by clicking on The cash register button: After That, a new tab opens In the mobile browser, where You need to choose the Appropriate Deposit method: Poker apk Can be easily found on Torrent, but this is highly undesirable.

First of all, the latest Version will definitely not be Found there. Secondly, downloading poker mobile on Android from unreliable sources like Torrent trackers or pda is Simply not safe, as the Client may be hacked and Infected with a dangerous virus. And why all these dances With a tambourine when poker Can be downloaded to Android Via the mirror, just by Clicking on the link. Can't log in to Your favorite room? First, let's define a Circle reasons why poker Android Doesn't work: After that, You just need to wait Until the phone evaluates and Calculates the size of the Data, and then click on The Clear cache button: you Can also delete the data completely. This method is worth trying If the previous one didn'T help.

The scheme of actions is The same, only this time You need to click on The Delete data button:.

Piastrix at Orka casino: Deposits and

Withdrawal of funds is possible Only within this system

Payment system Pastrix allows you To replenish and withdraw funds From the gaming account within A short timeThis is a safe and Convenient option that allows you To quickly make a Deposit To your online casino account And withdraw your winnings just As quickly. Piastrix is an electronic wallet Designed for storing currency in Electronic form and performing payment Operations, in particular money transfers, Adding funds to your gaming Account, and paying for Internet Services and goods. Here you can simultaneously work With three types of currency: Rubles, dollars, and euros. If you didn't pass Your identity verification, there are Limits and restrictions on the Wallet's functionality. To create a Piastrix wallet, You need to perform a Few basic steps on the Official website: you can Use The wallet immediately after registrations. You can complete verification in The profile settings section.

One of the most safe Is Pastrix

After going to "Profile", the Required data is filled in, Scans of personal documents of Good quality are sent completed Passport pages: first, second, registration. Orka online casino works with Various popular payment systems. Replenishment with Piastrix is possible If you have a personal Account in This system. The gambler needs to: The System accepts dollars, euros, and rubles.

Money is credited to the Account almost immediately after the Transaction is completed.

If there is a delay, We recommend contacting the support service.

Payments of up to, rubles Per month in this system Do not need to be verified.

This also applies to other Similar payment instruments.

If you need to spend Large amounts of money through The Piastrix e-wallet, verification Is a prerequisite.

The withdrawal of money from Piastrix – the procedure is Similar to the process deposits.

You don't need to Be verified to spend small amounts. The withdrawal time is minimal. If there are delays, please Contact the technical support service.

Reviews of Erotic poker games. Online shopping And reviews Of erotic

Before buying, compare prices for Erotic liquor poker, read real Customer reviews, and get acquainted With the technical specificationsOrder erotic liquor poker online With delivery in Russia: items Marked Plus are available with Faster delivery and improved return conditions. On aliexpress, erotic liquor poker Products are always available in A large assortment: both reliable Global brands and promising young Ones are represented on The site. Before buying, compare prices for Erotic liquor poker, read real Customer reviews, and get acquainted With the technical specifications. Order erotic liquor poker online With delivery in Russia: items Marked Plus are available with Faster delivery and improved return conditions. On aliexpress, erotic liquor poker Products are always available in A large assortment: both reliable Global brands and promising young Ones are represented on The Site.

Libratus artificial Intelligence system Has won Another big

An artificial intelligence system developed At the University of Carnegie Malone has won another big Victory over humans in the Game of pokerIn total, artificial intelligence held Games with six of the Most famous players for five Days, playing thousand rounds and Winning, us dollars in the Form of virtual chips, according To DailyTechInfo. The tournament, which involved an Artificial intelligence system, was held In Hainan, China, and the Last game of this tournament Was held on April. The opponent of the artificial Intelligence system was a Chinese Team called Team Dragons. At the head of this Team was Alan Du, a Shanghai-based entrepreneur who won The World Series of Poker Prize bracelet. The Chinese tournament featured an Artificial intelligence program called Lengpudashi, Which is a new and Improved version of the Libratus Program developed at Carnegie Malone University, and which recently beat Four leading American players in Texas hold'em without restrictions A type of poker during A -day tournament held in January this year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In conclusion, it should be Noted that the poker tournament With the Lengpudashi AI project Was organized by Kai-Fu Lee, a graduate and former Professor at Carnegie Malone University. This person has worked in Senior positions in such famous Companies as Apple, Microsoft and Google, and now he is The founder and head of Sinovation Ventures, a company that Has a huge impact on Everything that happens in the Chinese Internet sector.

SmartHand-poker player statistics

StarsHelper, Caption, MagicSeat, etc

The service is compatible with all additional programs that simplify the game of pokerMore than stats that you can customize along with your location.

You can view statistics even for any given day.

All the stats were calculated with the help of professional poker players and support programs. The calculation formulas are absolutely accurate. Data is read for each hand.

You get accurate information about your opponent's game strategy.

The All-in EV indicator is also particularly important.

SmartHand works as fast as possible, given that we store many times more information than other services.

Define: shortage or surplus? Easy!The statistics page shows the all-In EV indicator for all disciplines.

Convenient search filters and the ability to set its own permanent filters for each new breakdown. The schedule of games.

Account personalization, like a HUD

It is designed in such a way that when a particular section is approached, additional data is loaded and the step between the hands decreases. Universal HUD for everyone! The ability to customize the stat display positions and choose which stats you are interested in. Statistics of poker players in popular poker rooms. Beat the opponents you are interested in and get all the statistics of their game in click! There are no limits or restrictions here. The most popular rooms are always at hand. Once you start using the SmartHand service, you will no longer have to download mining on a daily basis and store it on your computer. You can easily identify unknown fish, as well as use your HUD in the game against regulars. The service is developed in collaboration with professional poker players, and the interface is as close as possible to the convenient, well-known HandNote And Holdem Manager. Poker player statistics will always help you make decisions the right solutions at the tables, and the SmartHelper extension and auxiliary programs like StarsHelper, Caption will simplify the work with the service as much as possible.

Programs for-List of Allowed and

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular

Due to their high popularity, Developers create a lot of Software for PokerStars and other Poker rooms to make it Easier to play online battles And help you earn moneyThe poker room has defined That some helper programs can Be used. But there are also programs That give the person who Uses them an obvious advantage.

Therefore, there is a list Of allowed PokerStars programs and Many prohibited PokerStars programs.

Why was it so decided? There are programs aimed at Improving the game. This can be achieved by Reading a useful book or Gaining gaming experience.

Poker Stars treats such software differently

But there are players who Do not learn, but create Teams that play on team tactics.

The poker room cannot allow Players to be cheated, as This is a blow to Its reputation.

The security service of Poker Stars has determined that there Are poker programs that are Close to the concept of fraud. All such software is considered Prohibited by PokerStars. This also applies to resold databases.

After all, those who have Such a database know everything About players with whom they Have never played before.

These poker programs are strictly Prohibited at PokerStars.

To find out what you Can and can't use On Poker Stars, we created A list of allowed PokerStars programs. The programs for PokerStars that Are included in the list Are carefully checked by expert services. You can use:Programs for getting Hints on odds, or programs That give you hints on odds. recommendations for drawing the initial Hand with Programs that store Information about the hands in Which the player directly participated Macros designed to configure the Interface and control.The full list of allowed Programs is large – you Can use programs. There is a lot of Good software on the list, Like everyone's favorite Holdem Manager. It is forbidden to use Applications that play without a Person or reduce the need For their participation in the game. For example, auto-folders. There are programs on the PokerStars prohibited software list. The list is also available On the poker room's Website.

Casino poker Rules how To beat The establishment? Tips for

Consider the most famous varieties

Poker is one of the Few games of chance where Success depends not only on Luck and strategy, but also On the psychology of your opponentsEach game is unique and Interesting, and the huge popularity Has led to the fact That large-scale series of Tournaments with large prize pools Are regularly held. To beat a casino in Poker, it is not enough Just to learn the rules. You need to understand your Opponents actions, master basic strategies, And know which one to Use in a given situation.

The game has been known For more than years, and Has acquired many versions over The course of its existence.

It has an optimal ratio General and hidden information

Some occur only in a Single copy, while others are Widely distributed. This makes the game dynamic And interesting. Combined with simple rules, this Feature makes hold'em the Most popular type of poker. The croupier deals two hidden Cards to each player, then Puts three more open cards On the table. Trades are held in turn: Participants place bets, respond to Their opponents bets equalize, raise. or they throw off their hands. Then the dealer distributes another Community card, and the bidding Process continues. Similarly, the last circle passes. After that, players who did Not save open combinations, and The dealer sums up the results. Beginners and poker players with Limited deposits should choose limit Hold'em with small bets. In such versions, there is Less risk of losing money Under the pressure of competitors. The rules for different types Of poker may vary slightly.

For example, Omaha is very Close to Texas hold'em.

The game's course and Conditions are similar: the Main Difference from hold'em is That Omaha has four pocket Cards, not two, accordingly, the Probability of winning combinations is higher. Sometimes the rules of playing Poker in a casino are Significantly different from the classic ones. For example, in the Chinese Variety, there is no Board Or bidding. Before each participant there are Boxes for card combinations: at The beginning of the game, The dealer deals cards each, Which must be distributed among The boxes. You can't change their Location later. After the players get more In total, all the cells On the table are filled. When everyone has finished playing, Points are calculated and compared Depending on the specific combinations. It is important to observe Seniority so that the stronger Ones are at the bottom. Otherwise, you will have to Give points to each opponent. Sometimes it is allowed for Combinations to have equal strength. For a long time before Hold'em, the most popular Version was Stud. In this variant, the dealer Initially distributes cards to everyone: Open, closed. Bidding starts with the weakest hand.

This takes into account the Face value of an open Card if several people have The same card value.

if it matches, look at The suit in descending order Of strength: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. After each round, the dealer Deals one card in the Open, the second and subsequent Trades are started by the Player with the strongest hand. The last card is issued Closed, after a showdown, combinations Are opened, and the winner Is determined. There are four, five, and Seven-card varieties.

In addition, the herd has Special subspecies: hi-lo, in Which the older and younger Combinations win, Razz, where only The younger one wins.

Another common version is draw poker. It has simple rules: participants Receive cards each, bidding takes Place, and then everyone can Replace the starting hand in Whole or in part.

The exchange takes place in A closed game for the Croupier and opponents, followed by A second round of trading, The results are summed up.

The rules of poker in Online casinos and real establishments May coincide with different versions Of the game or even Have exclusive modifications, but most Often it is classic Texas Hold'em. Let's take a closer Look at the order of Distribution, the value of combinations, Payouts, and special conditions in This variety. There can be from two To nine players and a Croupier at the table. Two people sitting to the Dealer's left place blind Bets: the first one in Half size Small blind, the Second in full size Big blind.

When the bets are accepted, The standard deck is dealt: Players who have reached the Showdown open their pocket cards The dealer determines the combinations With the Board.

If there are several of Them, it is considered the Most significant one. The table shows all possible Combinations from strong to weak Hold'em suits do not Affect precedence. In approximately of games after A showdown, two or more Players have completely identical combinations Of different suits. In this case, there are Several possible outcomes: according to Some casino poker rules, everyone Must place equal bets Ante Before the hand is played. The ante is usually - of The big blind. Another special type of bet Is the straddle.

Unlike ante, it is voluntary.

How as a rule, it Is announced by the person Sitting to the left of The blinds before the hand.

It is equal to twice The big blind, and it Is also done blindly. The next subtlety is the All in bet. Rather, it is a special Case when the player did Not have enough chips to Call, and he went all in. In this case, an additional Pot is created in proportion To the amount wagered. In case of winning, the Participant can only claim it. Poker has become so popular That it can be considered Not only gambling, but also Sports entertainment. Tournaments are regularly held in Offline and online modes, in Which participants compete in skill, And not just try to Break the Bank.

Events are held in different Formats, have a number of Categories, the most famous single Table and multi table.

Despite the names, both tournaments Can have a different number Of tables.

The main difference is the Launch conditions for the event.

They are held by pre-Registration and start when enough Players gather.

They are usually designed for Small groups of up to People, but the tournament can Be played on multiple tables Called Multi SnG.

The main advantages of single-Table competitions are speed and Low competition. They start at a pre-Announced time, usually accommodating from Tens to thousands of poker players. The more participants there are In such events, the bigger The prize pool and the More aggressive the game style. MTTs take longer hours or Even days. Rake is included in the Tournament fee, paid immediately upon registration. Its size is specified in The event structure, generally in The range of. For example, participation costs$: The rake will be$, and The remaining amount will go To the prize pool. As a rule, the more Expensive the tournament, the lower The casino Commission. Knowledge of the rules plus The right strategy is a Big part of success in poker.

Let us review the basic Details that should be remembered By all the players.

Often, beginners focus only on Their own hands, without taking Into account the place at The table. However, this is an important Factor that affects the the Chances of winning directly depend On it. Middle and late places are The most favorable-the majority Has already made a decision, And you can evaluate the Chances of winning.

About the last one in Turn they say "plays in Position".

This means that he knows The actions of all opponents And has the most valuable information. This is the most profitable place. When used correctly, bluffing helps You win often and a lot.

The point is to convince Your opponents that you have A strong hand by making Them pass.

It is important to distinguish A competent bluff, which is Not appropriate in every situation, From the strategy of so-Called maniacs. Beginners should not use this Technique until they have learned The basic rules and appropriate situations.

Keep in mind: Bluffing in Poker involves risk, especially if There are many tight players At the table, who are Always trying to reach the Showdown with strong cards.

Another drawback is that after Several failures, experienced poker players Quickly recognize the bluffer and Change their strategy.

Less risky to use semi-bluff.

When there is no ready Combination on hand, but there Are good chances to collect It before the river. In this case, a raise Is appropriate for two reasons At once: to provoke the Opponent to fold or to Win the pot if the Desired combination falls out on The Board.

In addition, this style will Cause less suspicion among opponents.

Experienced poker players know that The participants at the tables Change, but the basic lines Of behavior remain common to all. Knowing your opponents types helps You anticipate their actions and Exploit their weaknesses without being bluffed. It is considered easy to Learn and effective for both Beginners and professionals. To play tight aggressively, you Need: in Addition to simplicity And efficiency, this style has Another advantage if you create The image of a tight Player, you can successfully bluff. The disadvantage of the strategy Is predictability, which is sure To be used by loose Poker players. This style is difficult to Perform, requires experience and care, So it is not suitable For beginners. Point it consists in: a Poker player needs constant concentration To follow the behavior of Opponents, so the loose style Quickly tires. In addition, there is a High probability of losing money If one of the players Reaches a showdown. Such a strategy is considered Rather ambiguous, but if properly Executed, it can bring huge gains. You will not be able To beat an online casino In poker using a loose strategy. It is better to choose The previous option.

Analysis of Poker tracker

Be sure to use this In the game against such players

Allows you to display the Game statistics of all opponents At the game tables in Online modeLet's look at the Most important characteristics that are Displayed by default in front Of each of the players At the table, which literally Translates from English as "money Voluntarily invested in the Bank". In simple terms, this is The number of hands as A percentage in which the Player made a bet before The flop, compared to the Total number of hands. For example, as a General Rule, the higher your opponents Score, the more hands they Play, and the worse their performance. Good players usually have.

You should always understand that A player with a small VPIP only enters the game With premium hands.

Such players often need to Be attacked preflop, taking their Blinds, but if they are In the game, then you Need to have a real Combination to win if there Are players with a high VPIP at the table, then You can also increase the Range of your starting hands For the game.

We also advise you to Keep in mind that professionals With strong post-flop play Can play quite loosely before The flop, depending on the Environment, and vary their preflop strategy. indicates how often a player Enters the game with a Raise before the flop.

In other words, it is The percentage of hands in Which a player raises or Reraises before the flop.

This is the second most Important indicator that shows how Aggressive a player is before The flop. The average value of this Characteristic for good players varies From If your opponents PR Is very low, then you Don't need to worry About your weak hand being boosted. Therefore, you can limp with The most speculative hands and Expect a lot of cheap Flop views, which will give You excellent potential chances in The game.

But if such a player For example, with a PR Of makes a preflop raise, You can safely fold the Vast majority of your speculative hands.

indicates that a maniac is Sitting in front of you. At the game table, it Is better to sit behind Such players that you can Discard cards in a timely Manner or make a reraise. indicates how aggressive the player Is post-flop. It shows the ratio of Bets and raises to calls i.E, how much more a Player bets and raises than They call. The indicator is calculated using The following formula percentage of Bets plus percentage of raises Percentage of calls.

Usually, the total aggression factor Is displayed, which shows the Player's aggressiveness on all Streets, but if you want, You can analyze the aggression Factor on each street: flop, Turn and river.

Adequate players have this value May vary for different streets. Good poker requires aggressive play; Good cards must be defended And bad cards must be discarded. If a player is very Aggressive postflop, then don't Be too afraid of their Bets and raises. And, conversely, with passive players Need to be careful, they Will just call with the Strongest hands.

He will have at least AK, and most likely the Older pair

Preflop aggression and postflop aggression Are two different things, so You shouldn't expect a Player to be passive or Aggressive on both counts. There are some players who Are super aggressive pre-flop, But turn into a calling Station post-flop. And on the contrary sluggish Linery can play Hyper-aggressive After the flop, if it Comes to hand. If you see an opponent With an incredibly high aggression Quotient, then you should probably Play slowplay when you collect Your hand, giving them the Opportunity to attack you on All streets.

This percentage value shows how Often the player who watches The flop reaches the showdown.

For example, a WSD value Of indicates that a given Player, after looking at the Flop, reaches the showdown every Fourth time. The average value of the Range of fluctuations of this Characteristic for adequate players, the WSD Indicator is most useful To use for the correct Use of bluffing.

It shows how much the Player resists bluffing.

Players with a low WSD Play very cautiously, and are More likely to fold on A dangerous flop unless they Have the nuts in their hands. Bluffing is particularly effective against Such players. Players with a high or Even called "Calling station" will Answer with weak cards until The end, so bluffing against Them does not make any sense. These were the four most Important stats to use to Judge your opponents performance.  These indicators are provided by The built-in tracker program And other less important indicators Of the game, which will Be described in another article.

Russian painted Poker cards, Online card Game GamesBerg

The dealer is selected automatically

Before the game starts, all Players place an initial bet anteThe minimum bet amount is Specified before the game starts. The game is divided into Game rounds ends: Then the Con is repeated depending on The number of players. If player Kon is repeated Times, if - times etc. the game to the maximum Each trick points - is dealt Cards to each grocophile the Cards are dealt the players Can enjoy card and placed Next to the remaining deck, Which is further in the Game round is not involved. Next, each player, starting to The left of the dealer, Must declare the number of Bribes that the player undertakes To take contract. If the contract is fulfilled For bribes, the player is Awarded points for each bribe. In case of a shortfall - For each non-collected bribe- points. In case of overkill - for Each trick point.

If a player declares a Contract of bribes, then the Player gets points for completing it.

Then the dealer changes clockwise

The last player in the Auction can not announce a Bid, with which the sum Of all players bids will Be equal to the number Of cards in their hands! The first move is made By the player to the Left of the dealer. The remaining players must put Cards of the same suit Clockwise, if there is no Such suit, then trump, if There is no trump, then any. The one with the older Card takes the bribe.

A special role in the Game is played by the Spades card.

It can act as either A regular card or the Highest card, but only under Certain conditions.

The player can make the First move with spades and Say 'by the largest'. All other players must put Down the largest card they Have in their hands. The one who announced the Game at the largest prices Takes the bribe. This option is available in The game interface implemented as A crown-shaped button directly On the card itself middle Part of the left edge Of the card - the player Must move the deck before The game con starts, if The card under the shifted Part of the deck turns Out to be spades, then The player's total game Points are reset to zero.

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