Texas hold'Em Wikipedia

Texas hold em, sometimes referred To simply as hold'em, Is the most popular form Of poker, a game with Two pocket cards and five Community cards used by all Players when making combinations a Variation of the so-called poker

After the introduction of hold'Em and its spread across Texas in, the game appeared In Las Vegas.

The game was brought to Las Vegas by such famous Players in Texas players like Doyle Brunson, Amarillo slim and Pretzell Addington. Addington said that he first Saw how hold'em was Played in the late s. In those days, the game Was not yet called Texas Hold'em, but simply hold'em. For several years, the game Was only available at a Single casino in Vegas, the Golden Nugget Casino. Hold'em casino Casino Holdem Poker is a series of Poker games against casinos based On Texas hold'em. A common feature of these Games is that the player And dealer are dealt two Pocket cards each, and a Total of five cards are Placed on the table. The goal of the games Is to collect the largest Poker hand of cards using Your cards and community cards.

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