The right strategy for playing poker at MTT tournaments for beginners

First, the growing ones will steadily devour your stack

A distinctive feature of multi-table MTTs, known as Multi-Table Tournament, is a large number of participants, of which only a few become owners of solid cash prizesThe strategy of playing poker in tournaments requires the player to know a large number of tactics and skills quickly adapt to the changing situation at the table. Unlike a cash game, where you can exchange your chips for money and leave the table at any time, here you need to at least live through the bubble stage to at least recoup your participation in the competition. In a sense, all participants in the tournament initially play all-in, because having lost the stack in the early stages of the competition, the loser will not be able to buy chips and continue the game (with the exception of rebiners, where this is provided for by the rules). The first thing to keep in mind is that the blinds increase over time.

In the early stages of the competition, they are usually small and all players are not too afraid for their stack.

But if you think that you can just make it to the prize table, then you are mistaken. Second, more aggressive players will simply push you out of the competition with their raises, which you will soon not be able to respond to.

Time in the tournament is playing against you, so refer to the choice of starting hands to be played should be more democratic, and tactics should be used more actively, even aggressively.

At an early stage, the strategy of MTT poker tournaments is a bit similar to the strategy of cash games, since your goal is to form a good stack. It will allow you to feel comfortable in the next stages, when weak players will be eliminated, and the stakes will increase. As a rule, at this stage you are confronted by a large number of frankly weak players. As the blinds increase, you need to slightly reduce the range of hands played, and play strong cards more aggressively. The key moment in MTT is when you are separated from the prize table by only a couple of three, or even just one player. This stage of the tournament is called bubble (from the English bubble bubble).

Which will help you strengthen your position in the game

Most players tend to be cautious at this stage, which you can use with success, especially if you come to this stage with a large stack.

The aggressive strategy here is the most justified one.

Since it allows you to take a large number of pots almost without a struggle, forcing careful opponents to fold their cards so as not to lose the whole strategy of playing poker at tournaments at the final table includes another component psychology. You need to pay much more attention to your opponents tactics.

You have to play against other players, and not just play this or that MTT in poker can fairly be called a game of survival, so many professionals recommend using aggressive techniques.

If you are used to playing a tight game, being cautious and prefer to call other people's raises, you should try your hand at the cash table. On the other hand, tournaments provide an opportunity to test your own skills, read opponents, perform complex deceptive maneuvers and strategy. Here you will get a real taste of the battle, and the cash prize will be a nice addition to the recognition of your professionalism.

In recent years, the poker industry the industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

With the spread of the Internet around the world, the thirst for easy money online, like a gold rush, captured the minds.

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